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'Unbroken' Officially Tops Christmas Day Box Office!

'Unbroken' Officially Tops Christmas Day Box Office!

Angelina Jolie is officially on top for the Christmas Day box office – her new directorial feature Unbroken has hit number one with $15.592 million!

The film beat out fellow newcomer Into the Woods, which was in a very close second place with $15.084 million.

The other big newcomers of the holiday were Mark Wahlberg‘s The Gambler, which debuted at number five with $5 million, and Amy AdamsBig Eyes, which came in at number twelve with $1.415 million.

Rounding out the top five were holdovers The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies at number three with $13.14 million and Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb at number four with $7.35 million.

One of the big questions this week was how The Interview would fare in limited release and it ended up grossing $1 million in 331 theaters for a per theater average of $3,142.

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  • JPFamily

    Hoping you all are having a wonderful time over the holidays, greetings to you all.

    Thank you Love the JoliePitts for your lovely shout-out, you are very thoughtful.

    I am so thrilled for the wonderful news about Unbroken – Angie, cast and crew were truly dedicated to honouring the amazing and special man that is Louie, and the movie-goers have been genuinely touched, moved and inspired by him and his message from Angie’s movie.

    That was his, and is everyone involved’s greatest wish, and what a triumph.
    Louie will be so proud, and as a fan I am very proud of Angie and all her team.

    I am off to see Unbroken for myself this evening and will report back, thanks to all the fans who have shared their thoughts too, and shazia for bringing over the great twitter feedback.

    Another interview from Unbroken promo.

    Angelina Jolie talks to Katherine Tulich about her film “Unbroken”

    Australian Film journalist Katherine Tulich talks to Angelina Jolie about the challenges of directing “Unbroken” the true life survival story of Olympian and World War II veteran, Louis Zamperini, why the actress has turned to directing and working with husband Brad Pitt on her new project “By the Sea”

  • JPFamily

    Logan Lerman Updates ‏@HolyLoganLerman 5 hrs

    Brad Pitt and Logan Lerman are featured in the January 2015 issue of Magazine!

  • KenyaSmith

    So happy for The Dame!

  • thelookoflove1365

    Very happy that Unbroken is a success. And doubly happy that trolls are the first to post but are so unhappy. hahahaa. life’s good!

  • julianne

    My husband and I will be watching it today…we went to the theater yesterday very early in themorning and was surprised that all the tickets were sold out for the day…

  • Passing Through thread…gotta bring over my post making fun of BBOQ…

    Aj Passing Through • an hour ago

    “Overperformed?” Er, that’s not the issue, Ms. Math Whiz With “2 Coleges Degrees”. The issue is that I allowed for that possibility and YOU didn’t. I said it “could”. Look up the word “could” -

    To have the possibility


  • Cheyenne

    Congratulations to Angie and a big F-U to all you butthurt trolls.

  • Tweet Angie

    Any reports about how Unbroken is doing today?

  • bermy girl

    Congratulations to Angelina and the cast of Unbroken. Great news. Confirmation that there is is”real world” outside the entertainment media, awards and critic circle. As always, cream rises to the top!

  • JPFamily

    ***Video at link***

    How to say “Ay Up Me Duck”: a lesson from Unbroken star Jack O’Connell

    After Angelina Jolie’s brave attempt at a Derby accent, her leading man shows how it’s done…

    When Unbroken director Angelina Jolie stepped onto stage at the Hollywood Film Awards last month to present a gong to Jack O’Connell, she took us all by surprise.

    After extolling the virtues of her young star, Jolie attempted the unthinkable: a Derby accent. Yup, in an effort to mimic O’Connell’s Derbyshire twang, the Oscar-winning actress stole his on-set greeting “Ay up me duck” and Hollywood was – how can we put this politely – rather bemused.

    But, you know what? Derbyshire accents are harder than you think, as we found out when we sat down for a chat with O’Connell ourselves. So he gave us a lesson. Angelina, we hope you’re taking notes…

    Jack O’Connell on his banner year in film, fake tanned lungs and working with Angelina Jolie

    2014′s been big for the former Skins actor – and things are only going to get better…

    By Craig McLean Friday 26 December 2014 at 09:55AM

    Talk about a banner year. As 2014 draws to an end, 24-year-old Derby lad Jack O’Connell is seeing it out on a high. Last month he shared an in-joke with Hollywood’s leading dame, Angelina Jolie, at the Hollywood Film Awards, when she beckoned him on stage to collect the New Hollywood gong with “ay up, me duck”. A leading role in Unbroken, the Second World War epic directed by Jolie, means that if you didn’t know O’Connell’s name at the beginning of the year, you definitely will by the end of it.

    The ambitious and raw young actor has had no less than four films out in the last 12 months, catapulting him to stardom from relative obscurity. March saw the first fruits of his big-screen labour. In Starred Up he played a repeat teenage offender deemed so violent he was upgraded to adult prison. David Mackenzie’s brutal, punchy and critically acclaimed drama served notice: the young actor previously best known as jack-the-lad Cook in E4’s teen dramaSkins had matured into a blazing movie talent.

    In the same month, O’Connell was in 300: Rise of an Empire, the all-action would-be blockbuster sequel to the hit 2006 comic-book adaptation, which also starred Eva Green and Lena Headey.

    “I didn’t know what I was letting myself in for,” says the working-class kid whose no-nonsense honesty has come to define him. “Do you want to know the God’s honest truth? I did 300 ’cause I was skint. And I didn’t know where my next job was coming from. I was in a position where I couldn’t choose work. And thankfully 300 turned up.”

    Still, for this keen footballer and boxer, there were some plus points. “I mean, the stuntwork, I really had a good time with that. I enjoyed physically feeling like I was in the prime of my life.

    “However,” O’Connell grins ruefully, “the fake tanning! A spray tan every three days! I’ve got tanned lungs! I hate vanity in real life, so I really had to swallow a lot of pride… And a lot of fake tan.”

    In October, O’Connell was front- and-centre in ’71. Written by Gregory Burke and directed by newcomer Yann Demange, the taut, low-budget thriller saw O’Connell playing a young British squaddie trapped in hostile neighbourhoods in Belfast in 1971. The actor was terrific in the role, portraying the desperate soldier’s plight with wordless, frightened-rabbit intensity.

    O’Connell drew on personal experience for ’71: after his planned career as a footballer was scuppered by a knee injury, he’d considered joining the army. “All the drills and the saluting, I already had that in the bag.” Still, the production was gruelling. He recalls being in Sheffield for “four, five weeks of continuous night shoots, every night being p***-wet through. It’s the middle of winter. I was dying a death out there. I felt so ropey, the worst I’ve ever felt on a job.”

    However, “Jack’s performance knocked me out,” says playwright Burke. “There wasn’t too much dialogue to start with. But as Yann was filming he was taking more lines off Jack, saying that he liked this idea that he didn’t say too much. Because obviously in the film, as soon as the character opens his mouth his accent gives him away. Jack was OK with that – and a lot of actors wouldn’t enjoy that at all.”

    That on- and off-camera stoicism served O’Connell well in his biggest screen role yet. In Jolie’s Unbroken (released in cinemas on Boxing Day), he plays bombardier Louis Zamperini, a real-life Italian- American war hero. He crash-landed in the Pacific, was adrift in shark-infested waters for 47 days, and was then captured by Japanese forces and incarcerated in forced-labour camps for three years. “Zamp” endured unimaginable horrors, and survived them.

    To play this icon of wartime valour, O’Connell had to do a lot more than just dye his hair black (“they died my armpits as well…”). With extreme dieting, he lost one and a half stone to play the emaciated prisoner of war – but, at the same time, had to be able to convincingly portray pre-war Zamperini, who was a champion runner and competed at the Berlin Olympics.

    “Trying to sound like him was the biggest challenge,” he admits in his thick Derbyshire accent. “And thankfully I figured out before the shoot had started that I’m never gonna sound like him. But I really wanted to do the film, and do Louis, the best I could. And go Michael Sheen on him,” he says, referring to the Welsh actor who has played Tony Blair, David Frost, Kenneth Williams and Brian Clough. “He adopts people, even to the point where it’s beyond an imitation – like he did with Cloughy.”

    Given that Zamperini – for all his heroic renown – isn’t a well- known celebrity figure, it’s hard to know whether O’Connell achieves this inUnbroken. But his performance is certainly another triumph.

    Again, he doesn’t have acres of dialogue. But he conveys huge amounts of physical exertion and trauma with just a flicker of the eyes and a heave of the chest. It’s some achievement, and it vindicates Jolie’s punt on a young, unknown Brit with a stout regional accent.

    “She really fought my corner, man,” he says of the woman he calls Angie. “I guess a lesser person would have just given up. And because of that, when I was on set and really struggling, I’d promise her my best on a personal level. It kind of went beyond anything contractual. I promised her my utmost. And as a result, I got some of my finest work there.”

    Given the year Jack O’Connell’s had, there’s probably even finer to come.

  • Anon2

    Bless my family member’s heart for giving this flu or cold…whatever, so I won’t be seeing ‘Unbroken’ yet….but fingers crossed for more great numbers. Congrats to Angelina and the cast and crew of ‘Unbroken’! Louis probably has that mischievous grin on his face in heaven. :)

  • joam

    ty jj ;)

  • shazia35

    ROTFLMAO Sasha stone is foaming like a mad dog LOL All the posters are bitch slaping her coudnt have happened to a better woman, keep screaming in the ocean sasha stone

  • shazia35

    Darian Van Dusen ‏@darian_vandusen 12m12 minutes ago
    Just saw the movie Unbroken and it made me get goosebumps at least 10 times. Such a sad story, but an amazing movie nonetheless.

  • shazia35

    lilli ‏@lillipaknis 20m20 minutes ago
    usually I have at least one critical comment to make after seeing a movie but Unbroken was strictly amazing

  • shazia35

    Marissa Cote ‏@Blondie_Riss 4m4 minutes ago
    I just saw #Unbroken. I should have brought tissues. It’s fantastic. #forgiveness @UnbrokenFilm

  • shazia35

    britney cothren ‏@britneycothren 16h16 hours agoHuntsville, AL
    Just saw Unbroken… WOW. Louie Zamperini is an incredible man. Angelina is a great storyteller. God works all things together for good…

  • shazia35

    Hanan Bilal ‏@hananbilal1 3h3 hours ago
    I watched the movie Unbroken with my daughter. What a reminder of keeping the faith, working hard and the sacrifices of #veterans #Pow

  • shazia35

    HLOXO ‏@Harley_Jamess 4h4 hours ago
    Unbroken was great , hits harder when your great grandad was a POW in Japan who then was part of forced labour for the Burma railway

  • shazia35

    Blake Jackson ‏@blake_jackson96 4h4 hours ago
    “Unbroken” is an absolutely incredible movie that should be seen by everyone. Unbelievable what POW’S then and now are put through. #Respect

  • Zoee

    artificial success, pls i need to link of that Box office list , i have read the REVIEWS and there are not good enough

  • shazia35

    Samantha Offenback ‏@saaaamxo 37m37 minutes ago
    Just saw Unbroken. Great movie. It was an honor seeing it in a theater with so many veterans.

  • bap

    Great question?

  • Shar16

    Didn’t HB2 only make $14+ million over it’s 3-day weekend? And to think it only took Unbroken 1 day to beat those numbers, hahaha!

  • bap

    Thank you again for all the great comments you are posting for the fans!

  • bap

    I just came from seeing unbroken for the 2nd time. The theatre was filled to capacity and they were crying.

  • bap

    I just came from seeing unbroken for the 2nd time. The theatre was filled to capacity and they were crying.

  • bap

    A lot of jealousy out there regarding Dame Angelina. She laid the smack down on her critics.

  • bap

    Do you have any information how Unbroken is doing today?

  • shazia35

    Hillenbrand: Angelina did a “magical job” with “Unbroken”
    DECEMBER 26, 2014, 10:01 AM|
    In an interview airing Sunday on “Face the Nation,” author Laura Hillenbrand tells host Bob Schieffer her impressions of the movie “Unbroken”, which is based on her best-selling book.

  • SunnyBae

    Says who? You shouldn’t let the critics tell you if something is good enough. Unbroken is successful because the general public doesn’t trust critics.

  • bap

    Question: How much did cost Disney to make Into the Woods? A lot of big stars in the movie.

  • plez
  • Jo Degani

    Soo happy for Angie & everyone involved with this film. She continues to amaze us. Is there anything this woman can’ t do? Sucks to be haters !!

  • bap

    Thank you! To break even 100 million?

  • Constance

    Congratulate the lady, she did an excellent job.

  • plez

    I lol when she wrote that critics like her did not have time enough to give her opinion of Unbroken before it opened 12/25. WTF is she talking about. She and some of her fellow pundits have been bad mouthing Unbroken most of December.

  • dalovelee

    BAM! LOL @ the haters and especially and double LOL LOL @ those two moron Sony execs.

  • Zoee

    I have been looking for that box office list, i can´t find it and i actually read many review that says the Films it is a regular movie that cold be better and its not , and I am not kidding pls post the LINK here so i see on which box office list she is and according to whom ?

  • bap

    Plez I want Unbroken to win the box office.

  • Zoee

    but where is that LINK , i want to see that BOX OFFICE LIST I CAN´T FIND IT NO KIDDING PLS PUT IT HERE

  • bap

    Jo the haters and pretenders cannot stand her success. She is a woman also.

  • Constance
  • bap

    You have these women who claim to be feminist who did not even come to Dame Angelina’s defense with Sony leaks. Hypocrites and vipers.

  • Constance
  • bap

    The power of the Dame!

  • Constance

    Thanks, I’ve been trying to explain that but end up no one listens to me…LOL

  • villedeville

    No comment from Rope of Silicon. Usually they’re on top of movie grosses and have a weekly prediction of the 3-day weekend grosses every Friday morning. When Maleficent was coming out, Rope of Silicon predicted the movie will bomb and will be very lucky to make $200 million. The movie made about $757 million internationally.

  • Constance

    Well, it makes her look even more awesome to stand alone and win. But she did have support from some people.

  • snakeskin

    I had to laugh at that. I think she has seriously lost it.