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'Undercover Boss' Bikinis Sports Bar Episode Outrages Fans Over Sexist Content

'Undercover Boss' Bikinis Sports Bar Episode Outrages Fans Over Sexist Content

The latest episode of Undercover Boss has caused quite a controversy among viewers based on the content.

The episode featured a company called Bikinis Sports Bar and Grill, where all the waitresses and bartenders are required to wear a bikini top and jean shorts. The CEO Doug Guller even trademarked the term “breastaurant” and says the company’s four values are booze, food, sports, and sex.

In the first segment, Doug shadowed a bartender who was wearing a t-shirt during her shift. When asked why she wasn’t wearing a bikini, she said she didn’t feel comfortable wearing it on television. She also confided in him (while he was undercover) that this position is a temporary one as she is a logistics expert who worked at a company that went bankrupt. She is looking for a new job, but is bartending at the moment to support herself. She was ultimately fired at the end for not wearing her bikini top and lacking passion for the company.

In another segment, Doug shadowed one of the waitresses. Throughout the shift, the waitress constantly was on her phone and would walk away from customers when she would get a call. She revealed that she has been working for the company for three years and has been fired four to five times already for showing up to work late as she doesn’t like her bosses. She also said at one point that she would like to get bigger boobs to fill out her bikini. Ultimately at the end she was rewarded with a promotion and the promise that if she doesn’t get caught with her phone for six months, the CEO will pay for her breast augmentation.

Fans are outraged that the company would reward an employee who wasn’t up to par by giving her a boob job of all things, but would fire an employee who felt uncomfortable having her body exploited on television.

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  • Joolz


  • MallyV

    Are you serious!?!? That boss is freaking horrible and disgusting!

  • Legendary Trolly

    I watched this episode and I didnt know if I was the only one who noticed how off this boss was

  • shoes4life

    I agree with the firing of Jessica for two main points. 1. She did not wear the company required uniform. Even though I totally understood why she wouldn’t want to wear it on tv due to her not wanting future employers judging her. However, they would judge her more for not adhering to company policy. That made her look bad to potential employers not noble. A doctor can’t tell the hosital he’s not going to wear scrubs during surgery. He would most likely be fired immediately for not following company policy. 2. She did over serve the guy. She should have paid more attention. The bar, her employer, could be sued if this guy was to kill himself or someone else when he gets behind the wheel.

    If you’re planning to leave a job, keep it to yourself. You never know who knows who and may go back and tell then you lose your money before you’re ready to leave.

    I don’t believe the CEO should have fired her on tv. That was BAD! He could have made a statement about his observation on Jessica and said that they had mutually agreed to part ways.

    He was an ass to offer the ho in making a boob job when she just like Jessica did not give a d@mn about her job. i couldn’t believe that girl sat there with a club dress and thigh high stockings showing to her employer. No respect.

  • Living in a box
  • eternalozzie

    you do realize this is all staged and part of a script ??? she knew ahead of time she was being fired … all this outrage is keeping people talking about this “reality” show … which will boost ratings next week … why is it no one in this country knows anything about marketing? answer: because we are too busy watching reality TV.

  • Shirley Campbell

    Glad to see the 2 servers who had the sense to walk out of the “breasturant”. This CEO obviously has such an inflated ego he actually thinks he is doing these young women a favor working there. Doesn’t this fool know they are there for the money and that’s it. Who would want to parade around in a bikini top serving drinks and food for any other reason. These young women may think they will meet their future husband there but I doubt many want to stay in that type of business. And rewarding a so-so employee with a boob job if she shapes up in 6 months, what a lecher. Didn’t it occur to him to offer educational support for these women. Of course not. He is a 40 year loser/ hustler making money while he can. I am glad his restaurants are suffering . I did not see a single female customer in any of the locations on the Undercover Boss program. Take a trip to Hooters , there are women customers there and the girls are wearing more that a colored bra.

  • Max Bin

    I have watched most of these and I was like WTF with this episode.

  • Jack

    This guy is a douche

  • Michael Kosak

    The bartender who was fired did have one problem that I saw- she thought it would be ok to continue serving a guy who was seriously intoxicated. That said, the boss is a sleazeball- this is just slightly higher TV than “Ow, my balls” (see the movie “Idiocracy if you don’t know the reference)

  • magic man

    I dont see the problem here. If you get a job at a restaurant with Bikini in the name, you should expect to wear a bikini and if you dont expect to be fired

  • Doug Hughes

    IDIOT….scripted or not…It was the worst PR move since the BP oil spill.

  • eternalozzie

    thank you for being an example of my point :)

  • Mo

    I just finished watching the episodes, guess it’s a repeat, but this CEO, it’s a joke, very low morals, no standards and how unprofessional can he be to actually fire an employee on national tv, that’s humiliating, I hope she sues his as for pain and suffering, where the hell is this girl going to be able to find a job that doesn’t label her for what he did….out of all the episodes I have watched this one really should not have been aired…..

  • Jonnika Benjamin

    Totally disturbing. I wanted to hire that girl who got fired and kick her boss in the nuts right along with the idiots who aired this insulting episode.

  • Jonnika Benjamin


  • Jeff

    Everyone one of the employees should of walked off the job after learning how and why there coworker was fired on the spot. This boss needs his jaw wired shut. A completely spineless pitiful douche bag jerk-off wimp.