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Jeremy Renner's Wife Sonni Pacheco Speaks Out About Divorce

Jeremy Renner's Wife Sonni Pacheco Speaks Out About Divorce

Sonni Pacheco has broken her silence after filing for divorce from her husband of 10 months, Jeremy Renner.

The Canadian model told the Daily Mail that “everything is fine, yep.”

When asked if she thought the divorce would settle and resolve quickly, Sonni said, “Yep.”

The divorce documents, filed earlier this month, cite irreconcilable differences as the reason for the split. Sonni is demanding that Jeremy return her “stolen” passport, birth certificate, and social security card. Apparently, a prenup is in place, but Sonni claims it would be invalid because of “fraud.”

She also wants spousal support and custody of their 1-year-old daughter, Ava, and wants Jeremy to pay her rent and moving expenses.

Jeremy and Sonni didn’t reveal their marriage until September of this year.

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  • Gary

    five words counts as speaking out?

  • Guest

    The gay rumours aren’t helping him either. Either way, I’m really not surprised by this, at all.

  • Dreamr OKelly

    money grubbing biotch

  • politicallyincorrect

    Wait until the Clooney equivalent….boyfriend in tow….

  • politicallyincorrect


  • Jay

    Poor woman, no one told her. They will try and spin anything/everything into a story.

  • FormerLamark

    “spousal support, child custody (money source for 17 years), to pay her rent and moving…” Oh, stupid old men chasing much younger prostitutes! Never learned each other’s mistakes?

  • Good2Know

    Lol. This was his way of trying to kill those gay rumors. Or maybe Marvel’s, since before he joined The Avengers and what not, he had no problem staying quiet and what not. Apparently Marvel wanted to squash all the talk by having him marry and what not. Oh well. Poor Jeremy. At least he can be with his boyfriend now (not a jab at him; I really am being sincere).

  • Dude

    When you get a Hollywood beard to make you seem straight even though you’re gay (probably cause you need to be branded as a manly action star) it makes sense his publicist would hold all her documents like SS security card, etc. The marriage is considered fraud cause it was probably a bearding deal. Looks like they didn’t pay her enough to shut her up. Cue damage control.

  • Dude

    Rande Gerber anyone?

  • Daniel West

    She wants to throw away the prenup she signed so she can get at his Millions! She Wants to STEAL His Hard Earned Money!!! She’s just a Lazy, Do Nothing, Money Whore!!!

  • ell

    Idk if I believe the bearding rumours at all. It’s just way too messy? It seems more like they were together and it got really sour… I can’t see why it would get like this if they weren’t actually involved and she was just some fake wife?

  • M P

    I am glad to see how much Jeremy Renner loves his child and wish that this divorce will notbe a war. I hope this divorce is resolved in a fair and equitable matter. However, superstar family law attorney Jeffery Leving has noted throughout his illustrious career, and especially when representing famous clients like Renner, that Courts are biased against men by relying on outdated gender stereotypes. That is why attorney Leving has fought for equality for parents all across the country, particularly fathers, because this helps ensure the best interests of the children will always be protected. I know such success will continue through the New Year!

  • alex

    sorry,but jeremy are gay?are you sure?

  • Sencho

    And whatnot.

  • Looking Forward

    I don’t think so, she is citing fraud. I’d say he must have been caught in a compromising situation – maybe with his boyfriend.

  • Looking Forward

    you are gay right?

  • Stephen Belcamino

    here is video proof via youtube that he is indeed gay

  • Daniel West

    You Definitely are Retarded! And my girlfriend thinks you’re an IDIOT!!!

  • Violet

    Best response, LOL!!

  • Looking Forward

    yeah and this is coming from a douche who believes this woman wants to steal Renners money. Although I guess you did keep your hands out of your pockets long enough to write your comment. Must have been hard on you.

  • HBICkellz

    The delusion. Marvel could give 2 fucks about his personal life. He is not the star of the Marvel Universe. Downey and the three Chris’ are.

  • HBICkellz

    Yes henny, you better bring out those RUMORS as receipts. Bless your investigative reporting.

  • HBICkellz

    A lot of thirsty gays swear he’s a closet case. They also swear he was the subject of an old Blind Item where he was in a bar with a young lady boy in Thailand.

  • Supper

    Jeremy Renner, you pound that hoe, now you gotta cough up that dough.

  • solargeknowles


    But he’s a mess anyways. His career never really took off after The Hurt Locker. He doesn’t really have much charisma or a great sense of humor. I mean everything he said at this years comic con was cringeworthy.

  • E.a. Solinas

    Your hand thinks he’s an idiot?

  • E.a. Solinas

    Yeah, you’re not a “star” of the Marvelverse if you don’t have your own movie.

  • Sil

    He held her passport, ss card and birth certificate so she couldn’t take the baby and run back to Canada. Duh…

  • Daniel West

    Boy, you really are Incredibly STUPID! This Money Whore wants the court to throw away the prenup so she can get his Millions that he earned through acting. That’s the Only Reason to ask the court to cancel the prenup.

  • Daniel West

    You are just as STUPID as Looking Forward!

  • anon

    Yep, that is Sonni as “Looking Forward” she loves to troll herself and gets real combative with the truth about herself.

  • anon

    He is far from gay, He was in a year relationship with Jes Macallan whom he took everywhere in public. Sonni is just jealous and starting gay rumors.

  • anon

    Sonni – shut up! Everyone knows your kicking up rumors because he would not take you out in public. Your nothing but a Escort and Stripper that is well known in VC.

  • anon

    Set the record straight? See Sonni on twitter, as an Adult Entertainer, #sonnipacheco or sonnipacheco fans that has pictures of her. What a scammer she was. He was only banging her. One picture has her at her 25th birthday without Renner. 3 months later she gets pregnant while hired for a weekend at MGM in Vegas. Check out those pictures. Sonni the Adult Entertainer stripper-escort, not fit to be a mother

  • Looking Forward

    haha – nope, but I do wish I was in sunny LA – it’s snowing here in Nova Scotia.

  • Looking Forward

    we have heard the gay rumors for years. My oldest brother was a closet gay until he was in his 40′s. Was married and had 3 kids and then realized it wasn’t a sin to be gay and to come out. The only sin was the fact that his ex wife and children had to deal with his lack of self. Albeit we would never not want those kids to be born, but they are the only good that came from my brother not being true to himself.

  • Looking Forward

    where is VC?

  • Looking Forward

    Daniel West in disguise. LOL

  • Rachel Stamps

    he doesn’t come out of the closet, b/c he’s not in it.
    think about it people. If there was speculation that you were gay would
    you do all the things Renner’s done to add fuel to that speculation???
    Live with a guy bestie for years ( which comes in handy if you’re broke
    or have pets that need to be looked after if you are on location), go to
    gay bars w/friends? I’ve done it and I’m not gay. Often they have
    better, cheaper drinks, better music and sometimes you have friends that
    are more comfortable there. Tom Cruise wouldn’t be caught dead living
    with another man from time to time. Travolta??? Why wait until this
    year to get married??? Why not have a fake marriage straight after the
    “Hurt Locker”? Pacheco is using the “fraud” bit b/c that’s what her
    attorney told her to say to see if Renner runs scared and give her more
    money. Take some time, think about this all logically. Personally I
    hope he continues to not give a damn about what people think of him.
    Take care of the kid, though.

  • anagram

    you know what is funny about the gay postings? he’s that gay that he would purposefully choose to hire and use an allegedly known escort stripper (see @sonnipachecofan on twitter) to carry the embryo of his child? you mean there were no other available female wombs on the planet that were/are verifiably drug and std free?

    he may very well be bi but no one straight or gay would choose this type of female to carry and deliver such an important project when there are so many other better, more secure options, including adoption.

    this unfortunate situation is very simple. A female con artist saw an opportunity to use a celeb wealthy man to garnish a free 18 yr paid life by using the oldest trick in the book – oops i’m pregnant.

    the error was on his part to not send her packing from August 2012.
    it’s admirable that he wanted his child – very admirable – but the second major error was marrying this con artist – prenup or not.

    the alleged “fraud” on her part is related to the section specific to the prenup —- not for the basis to terminate the marriage. that validates – she was ALL about the money – not the child, not the man – just the money. if she was such a “mother” concerned for her child (and not herself), this exclusive and all tabloid articles – would never have happened. she would have done her business with her child in the forefront of her actions – quietly and amicably. but nope! gotta get that 15 mins of fame and all the money she can squeeze…

    and if her “fraud” is about him being bi or gay, why not just stay in it for the duration of 18 yrs, live separate sexual lives and bob’s your uncle. but then …. she wouldn’t have that 15 min’s of fame with her name plastered all over the internet.

  • GFW

    I don’t think he’s gay. He might have ‘gone there’ since going Hollywood but he just didn’t double up or thought he had feelings for her, and then he didn’t. Now he’s got to pay the piper, I mean, the Canadian ‘model’ for being blinded by the light.

  • Daniel West

    Sonni, that’s someone else you Money Whore! As an escort, or legalized Prostitute, all you do is EXTORT Money from men. Get a Real Job Loser!!!

  • Daniel West

    Sonni, you are Nothing But an Embarrassment to all Canadians and Women in general. Your Reputation in Canada, as well as the US, is a Total Shame and Disgrace!

  • Looking Forward


  • Looking Forward

    you just need to chill out. Must be pmsing.

  • Belinda J

    When the Hurt Locker came
    out he was in a 4 or 5 year relationship with a perfectly suitable woman. He
    could easily have married her or showed her off for awhile, instead he broke it
    off. If he was just after a beard and a baby now I am sure his reps could have
    found him a suitable candidate, only a fool would choose this woman. From
    photos and gossip sites it seems they were hooking up during a year or so when he
    was working all over the world and rarely got home. I don’t know if he was
    paying her as an escort or she was a booty call, but I am 100% sure he had no
    intention of having a baby with her or marrying her, you only have to look at
    the photos and interviews during the pregnancy to know how unhappy he was about
    the whole thing. Since the birth he seems to have been very happy so either he
    convinced himself they could work things out for the sake of the baby or they
    came to an arrangement which gave him some level of custody. So gay? I don’t
    think so. Bi? Possibly.

  • anon

    Sonni – your an idiot! Stupid, useless, ugly druggie. Your so done, stick a fork in your horse face body.

  • anon

    YEP! that is where you will be back in BC without a cent. Go Renner!

  • anon

    Sonni ripped of a john in Langley for 2 grand while he slept. Great reputation back there. Wish this site posted pictures.