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Ariana Grande & Big Sean Did Not Split, Are Still Together

Ariana Grande & Big Sean Did Not Split, Are Still Together

Ariana Grande and Big Sean have not split, her rep confirms to

There are reports spreading around saying the couple called it quits after Christmas, but we are told that the rumors are “absolutely not true.”

Ariana‘s relationship with Sean is just one of the things that helped make 2014 one of her biggest years yet. Her sophomore album My Everything debuted at the top of the charts and her songs “Problem,” “Bang Bang,” and “Break Free” all landed in the top five of the Billboard Hot 100.

“hope i’m not too late to say this but just wanna thank you 1 more time from the bottom of my heart for making 2014 so special!! a dream. ily,” Ariana tweeted to her fans on New Year’s Day. “even tho there were some difficult moments i’m very appreciative of the love u continuously show. u make everything better :) really love u.”

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