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'Friends' Episodes on Netflix Are Shorter Than the DVD Version

'Friends' Episodes on Netflix Are Shorter Than the DVD Version

If you’re anything like us, you’ve most likely watched a few (or more) episodes of Friends after it was added to Netflix on New Year’s Day.

Well something that people are noticing is that some of the episodes are shorter than the version on the DVDs. Many episodes on the DVDs last for 25 minutes while the Netflix episodes are just 22 minutes long.

The issue was addressed by a couple of years ago when the Blu-ray set was released and it also didn’t feature the longer episodes.

“The deleted footage was, frankly, added specifically for one home video release,” explained co-executive producer/director Kevin S. Bright. “If fans are particularly interested in additional footage, those versions are still available. But for this, we wanted something that we, the creators, felt represented the show as we always wanted it to be remembered, which is the original NBC broadcast versions.”

Netflix confirmed to Consumerist that the episodes on the streaming service are all the same length as the televised episodes.

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  • mc

    There’s sooo many complaints on the review of the show on Netflix already it’s crazy. I don’t know why it’s hard so understand that the DVDs included bonus footage. Netflix bought the rights to stream the NBC show, not the DVDs. At least it’s the original broadcast version of the show and not the syndicated ones that do actually cut a minute or so per episode for more ad time.

  • http://BONNIELYNNPHOTOBLOG.COM/ the Little Distraction :D

    Never watched it just could not relate to it

  • Joy B Angie

    Real fans enjoyed a full-size version.
    No problems.

  • doug

    Correct. These are the same that you get on the Bluray release. Please, nobody should blame Netflix for the license limitation. NBC / Originally Broadcasted Version in HD = Netflix & Bluray

    Warner Bros / Original Produced Runtime, never broadcasted but SD only = DVD

    When Friends was remastered in HD for international syndication (before TBS) from the original film (earlier seasons pre HDTV broadcast episdoes) they decided to remaster (audio as well) the “edited” version as it was broadcasted originally on NBC. These remastered versions were the final ones used for the official Bluray release.

    The episodes included the previous DVD release were actually fully produced versions before they were sent to NBC for edit.

    All episodes of Friends are generally longer than what most fans are familiar with from watching it on either NBC or now syndication which is even SHORTER.

    The confusion here is NBC edited many shows in the 90s/2000s for extra commercial time during prime time programming. NBC had the highest ratings for their Thursday Primetime but snuck in more commercial time than the competing networks. Unfortunately in those days WB had no say so when it came to what was edited before broadcast.

    There is also another situation with Season 7. NBC decided to take a break from editing and actually requested longer content to air. The Season 7 “extended” episodes were not remastered in HD even though they were originally broadcasted in full on NBC as the series ended past 8:30pm sometimes that year. The agreement after WB produced longer episodes was that NBC would edit out less of the creator’s material during the final editing stage and give a couple team members from WB a word at the table before broadcast. This also helped with contract renewals for the producers as well to keep the show going even longer. (You have to make the producers happy too, not just the talented actors :)

    Why Season 7 wasn’t remastered in HD is unknown but it has nothing to do with the people at Netflix. I am sure they were just using the same source from the HD remasters which is the same used for international syndication and Blu Ray which is the same team who decided to go with all the other edited versions.

    I don’t know anything Season 10 editing.

    I hope those at “BKC team” can someday regain control and release a proper bluray version with the true runtimes and more extras that even the DVDs didn’t have.

  • Dewayne O’Brien

    One of my fave scenes (I still have on VHS) is cut out! …from season 1 episode 19: Rachel is on all fours (in a short plaid skirt) crawling around the floor with a pillow to cushion her knees, looking for the Marcel the monkey… for a nice long moment- but on Netflix i just cuts to her standing with a pillow in her hand. I’m bummed. The first DVD I bought of season 1- this episode wouldn’t play…then later they released it again but without this awesome scene.