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Madonna Gets Backlash For Using Martin Luther King Jr. & Nelson Mandela to Promote 'Rebel Heart'

Madonna Gets Backlash For Using Martin Luther King Jr. & Nelson Mandela to Promote 'Rebel Heart'

Madonna is facing some backlash after posting pics of Martin Luther Jr., Nelson Mandela, and Bob Marley on her Instagram.

The 56-year-old entertainer applied her new Rebel Heart album artwork to the three revolutionary leaders.

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Soon after Madonna posted the pics, a fan wrote, “Let me just unfollow Madonna on Instagram bc of her borderline offensive Martin Luther King Rebel Heart posts.”

Mark your calendars, Rebel Heart drops on Tuesday, March 10!

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Madonna’s use of Martin Luther King Jr., Nelson Mandela, and Bob Marley to promote her new album Rebel Heart?

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  • GFW

    So unoriginal. So desperate. So lame. So old-fashioned. So needs to stop.

  • leila

    she ought to have retired when she had just a shred of dignity left

  • Batman0829

    What do these freedom fighters/human rights activists have to do with her album? Is she comparing her deepthroating bottles and hitchhiking naked, to the sacrifices of these amazing people, because she thinks they were being “rebels” like her?

  • Alex Rider

    Madonna is the Queen. Her reference to these heroes honor them, excpet for the nasty simple minds.

  • GFW

    Her rebellions bare little resemblance on what these sacrifices these heroes went through.

  • Anastatia Bagans

    Omg these black people never SHUT UP. What’s it to you??? Jesus Christ! Serial COMPLAINERS

  • Dude

    somebody needs to tell grandma to retire.

  • suzette

    Oh yeah how dare they not shut up after white supremacists are killing their kids still after years of opression, racism and slavery. How dare they?

  • suzette

    Some white people really are disgusting and clueless. Madona’s old ass needs to go to a nursing home she is losing it.

  • http://BONNIELYNNPHOTOBLOG.COM/ the Little Distraction :D

    Forever the ” shocking diva”. Like so many media manipulators when they have a project to call attention to as if the work could not stand alone. Who knows what she meant it’s disrespectful and not required .

  • Janquil

    Bitch please!!! Soooo desperate for attention. Soooo not deserving of it. And I hear her new album totally blows.

  • Dan

    She has now explained for the stupid people of the world that she was not comparing herself to them at all, she was saying they also had a rebel heart. She was honoring them, not putting herself in the same boat.

    People are are dumb and the media really has it out for her. I guess they don’t like that a 56 year old woman can still be successful and strong.

  • Reality2Electricboogaloo

    your point would be valid if the African American “community and culture” was not killing its kids at a rate 100x that of white supremacists and police. Stop black on black violence that is the cause of 99.9% of black deaths……..AND THEN I will get concerned about the .01% killed by racists.

  • Guest

    Years of oppression, racism is the cause of black on black crimes. Everything about black culture is a set up. The smiple fact most black kids want to be entertainers, gangster and thugs instead of in other respectible professionals is a setup by white media . That lifestyle is glorified by the media to bate blacks. They have untapped minds, imagine if their minds were guided to engineering and science instead of entertainment. We would have seen so much creativity in those fields. We are all human beings, why dont we help each other instead of killing each other. Life is to short to hate.

  • Lion Queen

    i’m glad people complained, because i thought it was very disrespectful as well. She doesn’t know when to stop, she needs so much fckin attention it’s sad. i love 80′s madonna, but now she just seems desperate for any kind of attention to’s not cool anymore!!

  • Dirk_Reese-Fan

    Martin Luther King Jr was a Rebel Heart.
    Nelson Mandela was a Rebel Heart.
    Bob Marley was a Rebel Heart.
    Now Mo Is the Rebel Heart.
    So where is the problem ?
    There is no problem !
    Mo-Rebel-Heart-Power-ForeverrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrMo, yo !
    217, give me 5, makes 222, 168 !
    Highhhhhhhhh 6 !!!!!!

  • Reality2Electricboogaloo

    jay z , Sean Combs, Doctor Dre……those are all white men? Man , had me fooled the whole time. Because they are the driving force behind urban kids wanting to be entertainers….. Gang violence, and the glorification of “thug life” thru “music” all seems to be being written and performed by black guys. How this is the fault of white media is beyond me. I suppose Lebron James is just a product of “White sports Media” and really does not like playing basketball. Or is it just the negative aspects of black “culture” are the fault of the white man while positive things are not…..

    That’s a nice cop out.

    But listen I agree with you. Life is too short to hate. I help people everyday. I pay lots of taxes of which some goes to social safety nets and programs for the impoverished. I do not complain about this as I see and know its needed.

    Now there is this neighborhood across town from me. I am told not to go in there as the people will surely rob me and or worse. I doubted this and went anyway. A gentleman attempted to sell me drugs at the 2nd traffic light I stopped at. then cursed me when I politely said no. About 2 streets later a group of young boys made verbal threats. the next block a young less than teenage girl thru a rock at my car. I left the neighborhood…

    can you go get them to stop hating me….I help them……they do NOTHING for me.

  • Whiteguy

    Hey maybe my stolen guns helped a black kill a black?


  • Whiteguy

    Big bad tough marine……