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Kristen Stewart & Alicia Cargile Hold Hands on Hawaii Vacation

Kristen Stewart & Alicia Cargile Hold Hands on Hawaii Vacation

Kristen Stewart and Alicia Cargile walk hand in hand while enjoying a holiday vacation last week in Honolulu, Hawaii.

During their vacation, the 24-year-old actress and her close gal pal enjoyed the beautiful weather and threw a ball around on the beach.

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Kristen and Alicia are now back in Los Angeles after celebrating the new year in Hawaii.

Before their holiday vacation, Kristen and Alicia were inseparable in December and were seen running errands together multiple times.

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  • lauren

    i guess this is there coming out as a couple then. congrats if thats the case.

  • VanityInsecurity

    like I said.. KStew is Bi. Not a real shocker to see this.. now she really can’t deny it anymore.

  • j b

    So the rumors that surfaced back in in September of Kirsten Stewart being a lesbian (who didn’t see that one coming) is true as she sucks face with

    Alicia Cargile in that picture.

  • Emma Bauer

    Good for her if she’s serious about this, but it’s hard to know with her history. Anything as the final nail in the Robsten coffin & her to stop stalking Pattinson. No more pathetic “I love him, love him” People statements & dragging Rob through her troubled personal messes. She clearly chased him after Sanders & let’s hope she has finally moved on.

  • StraightLT

    Lol at “gal pal” when they’re kissing. If this were a guy and a girl you would have slapped the ‘ new couple’ label on them already…

  • Emma Bauer

    Afraid of what she’d get from other men. Had no problem cheating herself, but can’t stand the thought of it happening to herself. I’ll love to see the day it happens to her & how she’d react.

  • happy666

    and people will still say she’s not lesbian…

  • Andrea

    Well I guess this answers my question from a few days ago. Now all her homophobic fans need to either take a good look at themselves and what they stand for or GTFO :)

  • Jess

    I would hope you would take these photos down. She isn’t out yet. She deserves her privacy. Protect her by honoring her privacy.

  • rocknmovie

    Everybody has known for some time that Kristen and Alicia are a couple. Holding hands, the look of love, about to kiss. And they are almost always just the 2 of them, before like 18 months ago they were out and about with a group, but for some time they have been always on their own.

  • bbm

    you may stop with the “close gal pal”

  • Guest

    Still referring to this lass as her “close gal pal”, are you blind?

  • Lucy

    I’m her fan, and not homophobic at all. I’m happy for her!

  • Lucy

    I think we all can see it. Of course there will be some that think like that there are people who think that she is married with Rob and has a baby…buy the truth know is there and a lot of people see it and so far I’ve seen a lot of good comments from fans.

  • Andrea

    Lucy, I’m not saying all her fans are homophobic at all, but I have seen a lot of haters in the last few days. Not a fan of her acting personally, but good for you :)

  • Michelle

    So Kristen turned gay after a relationship with Rob and after cheating on him with her Huntsman producer? Wow what a confused person.

  • Lucy

    I’ve seen only a few. The majority of us are more than ok. Then again I’m talking about fan sites, not twitter since I don’t do twitter so I don’t know what’s going on there.

  • lee lee

    I’ve never seen her so relaxed and happy. Good for her and her “gal pal”.

  • happy666

    She looks like her idol Jodie Foster

  • Andrea

    Jess unfortunately that’s not how the media works these days. For instance, another Celeb I am a fan of has had countless untrue and private things posted about them and because they are very private and never talk about their private life, the media will just keep posting these untrue things. Its seems very likely that Kristen and Alicia are together but it is still sad there aren’t really many boundaries for media today.

  • Stephen Belcamino

    I’m convinced she is a lesbian after watching this footage of Kristen and this girl here they are MAKING out!!!

  • Lexi

    A person doesn’t “turn gay.” She’s probably bisexual, look it up. Anna Pacquin and Evan Rachel Wood have both announced that they’re bisexual, it’s not unusual.

    She did admit in a GQ interview a couple of years ago that she did grow up with a confused sexual identity and for a long time identified as a male, so she was always attracted to women. She said her first romantic crush was on Natalie Portman.

    She had a 3 year relationship with Michael Aragano before she even met Rob, so neither he nor Rupert have anything to do with her being with Alicia now.

  • Gabs

    Congrats to her & them for being happy & confident enough to not feel they have to hide. They were barely hiding anything before really, been kinda obvious to anyone who isn’t delusional. Better to be happy than to fake or hide something & be miserable.

  • Lexi

    They’re not blind, but it’s not polite to “out” people, you’re supposed to wait for them to make a statement, like Ellen Page did last year.

    But Kristen doesn’t seem to be hiding anything, she and Alicia have been living together for over a year, they share clothes, jewelry, cars, and have spent every holiday together for well over a year.

    A romantic NYE getaway to Hawaii is something only a couple would do, much the same as the matching tatts of their initials. She seems very happy, it would be nice for her fans to support her.

  • Gabs

    Also can we stop with the phrase gal pal, even if it’s two friends who happen to be girls, let’s not call anyone gal pals, the phrase is just the worst. Like the overuse of the word canoodling for describing couples.

  • Gabs

    Also hope this is a sign you don’t need to actually announce being gay or bi now, you just live your life & have your relationships just any other couple would do, gay or straight. Just as a straight couple don’t need to announce “oh hey I’m straight & this is my gf/bf” they just live their life openly, I hope we’ve now reached the point where gay & bi people can live their lives & have their relationships openly without having to preface it with official declarative statements.

  • Guest

    Another one follows the new trend…

  • loop

    “gal pal” is that what we call it now? lol ok

  • wintahwren

    Chuckle, happy for her….that’s more PDA then she ever showed with Rob….

  • Guest

    I know, you are right. tlc?

  • Shade

    So true. With Rob (utter showmance if you ask me), she would even shy away from his half-hearted advances and it was obvious how uncomfortable they both looked in each other’s presence.

  • JHENA17

    im so happy that KRISTEN is so happy in her paparazi photographs but KRisTen are you a lesbian now ?oh don’t be serious ,your SO AND TOO MUCH BEAUTIFUL TO BE A LESBIAN . . .


  • AllissaUnder

    I agree that it is the public figure’s personal business and that they should have the right to share it (or not) in their own way and in their own time. But these posts labeling them as “close gal pals”, drawing attention to intimacies between the two of them like hand holding or showing a photo in which it could be construed that they are kissing, is a subtle way of outing her.

    As for your hope that her fans will support her, I won’t hold my breath. The way the Twihards reacted to Robert dating a black woman was absolutely hateful and racist. I hardly expect them to be open minded about Bella dating a woman!

  • sandy

    I love how everyone just forgets that rob went after kristen while she was with michael. He did not care that she had a boyfriend and said so in interviews. Guess thats okay tho cuz its rob huh? Lets just leave her alone and wish her good luck in her life. That is what we as human beings should do. She did nothing to you.

  • Maria

    I guess that ends the speculation. No wonder she looked so aloof with Pattinson. At least she looks happier now.

  • Shade

    I never saw the Twilight movies apart from a few glimpses of the first one (it’s not for me), and it’s only now that I am starting to know about the Twilight fandom.

    I must say that I have never experienced a fandom so racist and homophobic. It’s not like Kristen hasn’t been pinging many’s gaydars, and Rob (who I don’t know much about) seems like an open-minded person as well. It’s like these fans only care about upholding their fantasies about Edward and Bella and really don’t care at all about Rob or Kristen.

  • Nina

    I still prefer these couple than fka and rob.. And least they tried to be private while rob who supossed said he doesnt want to be on magazines, its the only thing he is doing these days. Ironic huh?

  • Lexi

    Sure you do. Funny, since he went to London with Tahliah they haven’t been papped at all. Even though fans have seen them out shopping and in restaurants almost daily. But in LA and Miami where there are hundreds of paps, of course they were photographed.

    What are they supposed to do? Live underground? Grow up and stop whining because Rob is happy with someone besides KStew.

    He’s not the one selling himself to Marie Claire, making excuses about “not being able to help who I fall in love with,” the way Kristen has.

    And she was papped daily with Alicia when she was in LA. How private was that? Looks like she had the paps on speed dial in December, there are literally thousands of pics of her and Alicia on JJ, not so many of Rob and Tahliah, so take your double standard and shove it.

  • Lexi

    You need to get a sense of humor. Rob was joking back then, and was actually good friends with Michael, who was on the Twilight set all the time back then.

    Proposing was something he did with all girls back then, it was a joke. On ET, he showed Shaun Robinson his cell phone, which had a message from a girl about them getting married on Friday. The video of this is still on youtube.

    And of course he joked about it in interviews, he thought it was funny, he wasn’t serious. He’s not responsible for insane fans who created a epic romance that didn’t reflect reality.

  • Lexi

    You were never a fan of Rob’s and trust me, he wants nothing to do with racist azzholes like you.

    Rob has nothing to do with Kristen’s preference for women. She cheated on him and treated him like dirt. You should be grateful he has never said a bad word about her. He could still end her career with one interview.

    All he has to do is talk about how she lied to his face, daily, for the week between when the pics of her with Rupert were taken and when they were published.

    She let him be blindsided by those 50 pics because she’s a lying coward who never thought she’d get caught. So just learn how to be grateful and stop spreading hate about a man who has DONE NOTHING WRONG.

  • niesey2927

    Bitch bye with all capitalized words and less than proper use of the English language. Neither Rob nor Kristen are aware of your existence. Stay in school and focus on being productive instead of dreaming about someone who gives less than 2 phucks about you and your “we” when there is no we just you…

  • beara

    I always thought something was up between these “gal pals”…

  • wizkhaleesi

    the g in lgbt stands for gal pal

  • Deb Nin

    Rob should have run from her a long time ago. even ruperv the “the pig” probably is having a header because he destroyed his matrimony for someone who was not worth it. maybe that was the reason that she was a quickie to him.

  • Nina

    I guess i hit a nerve! From what i read in past comments you’ve been here all day.. But just to make it clear… I dont have any problem with fka just that if she o he doesnt want attention a) dont go to public places so often b) dont turn around to the cameras.. And with the marie claire thing i dont understand you, doesnt everyone wanted her to come out and now that she did, you get mad..ok whatever peace out.

  • Deb Nin

    well said!

  • Sylviated

    I think Kristen looks very stunning here with her natural looks and make up free, showing the fact that she is naturally beautiful. And she looks happier than ever, who cares what people said about her, she is just having great time with a close friend, i think its very normal to hold hands with girlfriends, its too bad she’s a public figure and become a speculation. One more thingi cant help to compare, the fact of seeing previous pictures of fka twigs comparing to kristen on the beach, i would say kristen is 1000 times more attractive.


    alicia will turn famous overnight. congrats!

  • Betty Bucket

    The gays want equality, but they still want celebs to make a big deal of “coming out”. Well guess what? She’s already out. She doesn’t have to make a magazine cover to make a point.

  • Emma Bauer

    She wasn’t married & he did have a crush on her. Turns out the crush was on someone who was all lies & was never a good partner to him. Then when she was caught cheating with her married man she begged publicly for Rob back. Say what you want, but he couldn’t get over her cheating & ended it. She’s now turned to Alicia. I think she prefers men, but awfully risky with the wanderers out there. Seems she wouldn’t be able to handle that. Might even enjoy this bi phase to insult Rob again like her psychotic fans like to do. They all just want Rob back with her, such a joke.