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Angelina Jolie Arrives in Rome Ahead of Meeting Pope Francis

Angelina Jolie Arrives in Rome Ahead of Meeting Pope Francis

Angelina Jolie smiles big as she is greeted by a group of people while touching down at Ciampino Airport on Wednesday (January 7) in Rome, Italy.

The 39-year-old actress took a private jet into the country and was joined by her children (not pictured).

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Angie and her husband Brad Pitt are reportedly set to meet Pope Francis during their visit, though it is unclear if and when he is flying in for the trip.

Over the weekend, Angelina and the kids went on a shopping spree together in Las Vegas.

10+ pictures inside of Angelina Jolie arriving in Rome…

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  • Bingo

    She looks so happy.

  • Bingo

    Hmmm a golden globe (she already has) or meet the pope. Which is better?

  • bap

    If Dame Angelina meets with Pope, Porgie’s not going to be happy.

  • Bingo

    She doesn’t have one for a movie hardly anyone has seen either. lol how is Cakes box office anyway? Cinemascore? I can’t wait until the public gets to see that movie and then the backlash will start. Giggles.

  • Bingo

    How pathetic that you have to give yourself thumbs up points. Lmao

  • Gala

    Why ???

  • Gala

    Yes , le pese a quien le pese

  • Bingo

    Oscar winner, mother of six, wife, director, producer, unhcr special envoy, pilot, so much more accomplishments in her 39 year… And now she ones up the golden globes by taking a meeting with the pope. Buuuurrrrrn. Lmao

  • Gala

    Golden Globes ,of course…

  • Gala

    Please ,remember Charlie Hebdo .Stop crimes.

  • Bingo

    Oh and how did I forget One of the more important celeb events of 2014? The year she was made a DAME!!! My God To be so accomplished at the age of 39 in Hollywood wow and that minimally talented is a true gift from above. Her accomplishments are only part of what sets her apart from the rest.

  • Bingo

    Not on planet earth.

  • JPFamily
  • JPFamily



    The big news out of the 4-day Christmas weekend is the startling over-performance of director Angelina Jolie’s “Unbroken,” which nearly doubled a predicted take of around $25 million to slide into Monday with a fat $47 million. “Unbroken” boasts no big name actors and no promise of CGI spectacle, and yet in just four days the WWII drama has grossed almost as much as Ridley Scott’s “Exodus: Gods and Kings” has over three weeks: $52.5 million.

    “Exodus,” of course, enjoys the star power of Christian Bale, Joel Edgerton, Sigourney Weaver, and Ben Kingsley. Scott’s re-telling of the story of Moses the Lawgiver also promises jaw-dropping CGI spectacle. Nevertheless, “Exodus” is a financial disaster in North America, while Jolie’s second directorial effort is, per Box Office Mojo, almost certainly on its way to blockbuster status with a $130 million domestic gross.

    Box Office Mojo credits the surprise success of “Unbroken” to a marketing campaign that “emphasized the redemptive elements of the story, which likely connected with Christian moviegoers.”

    There’s no question “Unbroken” was tailored to the Faithful in a way “Exodus” wasn’t. From the trailer to the subject-matter (the inspiring true story of devout Christian WWII hero Louis Zamperini) to the publicity (interviews, etc.) the signals sent to the Christian community were unmistakable: This one’s for you. Everything in the lead up to “Unbroken” showed a respect for the Faithful and war veterans. An A- minus from CinemaScore indicates the film kept its promise to its audience.

    “Exodus,” on the other hand, reeked of a “Noah” redux: a studio and director manufacturing a sucker punch for the faithful under the assumption the Christian “rubes” will blindly show up for anything cloaked as biblical. Hollywood has now learned the hard way that that cynical ploy worked for exactly one weekend. After a spectacular opening weekend of $44 million, “Noah” went into a dive. Burned by “Noah” and smelling a similar (for good reason) set-up with “Exodus,” Scott’s film didn’t open to even $25 million.

    Contrary to what the small-minded provincials in Hollywood might think, Christians are not stupid. We know a set-up when we smell one and the price Hollywood is paying for their bigotry and bigoted assumptions totals in the tens, if not hundreds of millions — dollars that would have been made had even a grudging respect been shown for the audience.

    If you had told me 15 years ago that someday Christian moviegoers would trust Angelina Jolie more than a new Hollywood version of Moses, I would have had you certified as insane. Unlike much of Hollywood, though, Jolie has grown up. Today she is a savvy, mature, and talented player. Jolie found the perfect story to serve a starving, under-served Christian market, and now that her faith in the Faithful has paid off at the box office, she has made history as the first A-list actress who is also an A-list director.

  • Alexanderina

    I will take going to see the Pope over the GG anyday and look at the smile on that beautiful face, does it looks like she give a darn about the GG or any awards. My girl knows what her priorities are and it is not award shows.

  • Myskina


  • JPFamily


    JANUARY 7, 2015

    I’ve been saving this review for Globes week, until the dust had settled on most other critiques. Rarely have I witnessed such shameful disregard for an artist’s work. Boy, did you screw up, critics.

    There is an art to critiquing film; one I categorized at the head of my maligning The Theory of Everything – one of 2014’s prime failures, in my humble opinion. And that is just it: it’s an opinion. Plenty of people believe the Hawking biopic to be one of the year’s best, and I cannot fault them for that. Alternately, however infrequently, a film comes along that critics are destined to denigrate — they’ve already made their mind up before the first tones of the theme music hit their ears. In fact, I’d wager most of these said scribes already had most of their coverage written before sitting down to viewUnbroken: popcorn in one hand, Quick Quotes Quill in the other. No one had to tell me that a film directed by the “World’s Most Beautiful Woman” would be rotten on the Tomato Meter; it was scripted. But – as I wear my dissenting coat of many colors with pride — I’m here to tell you the critics are wrong. Angelina Jolie is a director, she has arrived. Furthermore, anyone standing in her way is just plain jealous.

    Based on the best-selling biography of Louis Zamperini by Laura Hillenbrand, Unbroken chronicles the early life of the Torrance Tornado, specifically his collegiate running career, his appearance in the 5000-meter distance event at the 1936 Olympics, and his work as a bombardier in World War II. It is his continual adversity during the war involving a plane crash, surviving at sea for forty-seven days, and subsequently being captured as a Prisoner of War in Japan where most of the drama plays. Zamperini (Jack O’Connell) encounters a series of unfortunate events, pitting him finally against Musihiro Watanabe (Takamasa Ishihara), his antithesis, and in many ways his mirror, in war and spirit.

    Let me be clear: Unbroken is not garnering vitriol on the whole, as the reviews are mostly mixed. Either people “like” the film or they politely tear it apart for its hokey screenplay, overarching themes of the triumph of will, and for poor direction on Jolie’s part. The main critique on Jolie’s direction seems to stem from what Richard Roeper describes as “suffering from self-conscious nobility.” Critics knock the direction for not taking chances, with which I profoundly disagree. This is a very classic script based on the idea that there exist true heroes and true evil, forever pitted against each other. Yes, the script by Oscar-winning screenwriters Joel and Ethan Coen, Richard LaGravenese and William Nicholson is a by-the-numbers affair, but the first-time director chooses such innovative shots and dramatic lighting that the work is elevated to highlight the introspective and claustrophobic nature of its characters. Moreover, once you dive a bit deeper than the surface of the thing, you can see that the simplicity is a mask for a much broader story of a man suffering the loss of ideals and discovering his true purpose in life.Unbroken is a tale of rebirth and maturation, with classic religious and loyalist themes.

    Jolie focuses on the inner struggles of even the most peripheral individuals, including an unnamed Irish-American soldier who must abuse Zamperini in a sadistic punishment by the Bird. As a fellow immigrant, the war within the man — who must understand the plight of his intended target — wears on his face and movements. It’s a moment I doubt everyone will notice, but it is a testament to the great care and work the director put into this film. Jolie’s ability to garner outstanding performances by newcomers Jack O’Connell and Takamasa Ishihara is a feat matched by very few of her contemporaries.

    The make-up and production design led by Nik Dorning and Jon Hutman, respectively, are just tremendous. The cast obviously put their bodies through hell for realism, and the attention to detail for the conditions in which the characters are thrown is maliciously raw. It is one of those films that is so visceral, you feel you are walking right into history. Nonetheless, Unbroken remains a supremely optimistic film, setting it far apart than recent wartime films likeFury, the Hurt Locker, and Zero Dark Thirty. This is not to say Unbrokenis better or worse…just different, and in a currently climate of purported realism, is that not interesting?

    The religious overtones are heavy at times; although, that is not really a surprise for a film about a man who has dedicated his life to exhibiting the true principles of Christianity, and I find it refreshing. No hand needed to reach from the screen and slap you with its message – Zamperini simply is a man of God. In a scene destined for the coverbox, Louis must hoist a bar above his head after being literally beaten down and weakened. It is in this moment that he reaches his greatest triumph and strength, where he matches the anger and brutality of his captor. In that allegory, however, it is not just Wantanabe he his besting – it’s his main adversary – himself. Doubt. I am sure the depth of this scene is lost on most; many viewers will dismiss it as overly symbolic or hackneyed. Therein lies the cynical climate with which we view films.

    If you doubt the double standard with which this film is viewed, let me ask you this. If Unbroken had been directed by a man, even one with as much “star power” as Angelina Jolie, say George Clooney or Ryan Gosling, would you be surprised to see it on a list of this 2014’s best? If Jolie was considered a failure as an actress, or any less beautiful would we hold her to such a standard? I tell you that I held her at as high a standard of any director who dares to take my time. And she soared.

    Film Grade: B

    Direction by Ms. Jolie: A-

  • JPFamily


    BAFTAVerified account‏@BAFTA
    We spoke with @EE Rising Star nominee @JackO__C earlier today


    About the nominee

    After making his acting debut in 2005 Jack O’Connell has gone from strength to strength in his varied career. 2014 has been a distinguished year for Jack, who as well as starring in the critically acclaimed Starred Up and ’71 was recently presented with the New Hollywood Award at the Hollywood Film Awards.

    Most recently, Jack could be seen as the lead role in Angelina Jolie’s new film Unbroken, a chronicle of the life of Louis Zamperini, an Olympic runner who was taken prisoner by Japanese forces during World War II. Jack also recently starred in ’71, for which he is nominated for a British Independent Film Award. The thriller, based on the Troubles in Belfast, was screened at the Toronto, Tribeca and New York Film Festivals, and was in competition at the Berlin Film Festival.

    Earlier in 2014, Jack was seen in David Mackenzie’s Film 4-backed Starred Up, for which he was nominated in the category of Best Actor at the BAFTA Scotland Awards. At the same awards, Starred Up received the Best Feature Film Award. The gritty prison based father-son drama, in which he played young prisoner Eric opposite Rupert Friend, premiered to great acclaim at the Toronto Film Festival, and also screened at the London, Tribeca and LA Film Festivals. The role also earned Jack a British Independent Film Award nomination for Best Actor, and contributed towards his nomination for the South Bank Sky Arts Times Breakthrough Award. In the summer of 2014, Jack wrapped on Weinstein’s Tulip Fever opposite Dane DeHaan, Alicia Vikander and Holliday Grainger.

    Early in 2014 Jack also featured in the role of Calisto in 300: Rise of an Empire, the prequel to Warner Bros epic 300. In 2012 audiences saw Jack as the lead character Charlie Peaceful in Pat O’Connor’s Private Peaceful. This adaptation of Michael Morpurgo’s novel follows the rites of passage of two brothers in the early 20th century. Jack also starred as Kurtis in the thrillerTower Block alongside other British talent including Sheridan Smith and Russell Tovey; and as Adam in thriller The Liability. Jack also reprised the character he played in Skins in the new feature length film Skins Rise, charting the development of his character since the last time viewers saw him.

    2011 saw Jack star in both film and television. In The Runaway Jack starred as Eamonn in the critically acclaimed Sky drama alongside Keith Allen and Alan Cumming. In the same year he starred as Bobby Charlton in United, the BBC Two dramatisation of the 1958 Munich Air Crash. For film he played the role of Dylan in Karl Golden’s Weekender. Following the wild adventures of two friends who move from Manchester’s rave scene to the clubs of Ibiza, the film soon takes a sinister turn.

    In 2006 Jack made his film debut with the role of Pukey in the controversial and critically acclaimed British film This is England. He followed this up with role of villain Brett in James Watkins’ horror film Eden Lake, in which he appeared opposite Michael Fassbender and Kelly Reilly. In 2009 he won the role of Marky in Daniel Barber’s crime thriller Harry Brown, and later starred in TV movies Wuthering Heights and Dive, directed by Dominic Savage.

    Jack’s theatre credits include Scarborough at the Royal Court, The Spidermen, The Musicians and Just.

  • JPFamily

    PureFm Laradio

    Unbroken: Video interview with Jack O’Connell, Miyavi, Luke Treadaway & Ross Anderson
    Entertainmentie’s channel

  • JPFamily

    Film Divider ‏@FilmDivider 1 hr
    Jack O’Connell says he should start filming Terry Gilliam’s The Man Who Killed Don Quixote “soon.

    French interview translated

    Jack O’Connell: “Angelina Jolie has changed my way of looking at life”

    The fate of Louis Zamperini (1917-2014) resembles a fiction invented by the twisted mind of a Hollywood screenwriter, but the tests described Angelina Jolie in Invinciblehave arrived at the old Running champion became a pilot for World War II! Lost at sea and prisoner of the Japanese, this badass escaped with amazing courage. To embody this great man, the director chose English Jack O’Connell , 24, discovered in the series ” Skins “and recently seen in ’71 Yann Demange and fists against the walls of David MacKenzie. 20 Minutes l met him …

    What was the most difficult for you during filming?
    I was hungry all the time. It was impossible to play as a prisoner of war by appearing in shape. I was exhausted all the time. Each move cost me, but it was obscene to complain against the privations suffered by the real Louis Zamperini.

    You will have made this film?
    Angelina Jolie has changed my way of looking at life and acting. She demonstrated an iron discipline and a remarkable desire without abusing his authority. This is an authentic leader who exudes a natural charisma. She is an example for an actor like a director.

    Have you met Louis Zamperini?
    I would not have seen me play its role without his consent. He was incredibly generous. I am proud to think that he approved what he saw the film before his death last July. I would not have supported disappoint. His support was decisive although I think he really lived worse than what we show.

    Did you feel close to him?
    Like him, I did some stupid things when I was a kid. Cinema calmed me by teaching me to manage my energy. I do not pretend to have the same strength of character than him. It really was an exceptional man who has survived in extreme conditions.

    How do you see your future?
    Work, work and more work! I finally have the chance to be recognized as an actor and I intend to enjoy it. I just finished Tulip Fever , a film in costume with Christoph Waltz and I should soon be touring with Terry Gilliam for his Don Quixote which he just restart production.

  • Bingo

    Yes, and how in the world did I forget the fact that she had the biggest hits of the year with Maleficent 750 + and Her unbroken is third for Xmas openings. My goodness if only Sony had hired her as a director. Such is life, Sony. You win some you lose some.

  • JPFamily

    Cassaundra Sloan ‏@CassaundraSloan 29m

    Unbroken was breathtaking. What an absolute masterpiece from Angelina Jolie.

    Himanshi Choudhry ‏@MissHimanshiC 2 hrs

    Also, saw Angelina Jolie’s #Unbroken
    What a Film!! Truly inspiring in every way possible. What a Story!

    Adam Soliman ‏@AdamSoliman 59 mins

    Angelina Jolie needs to direct more movies. Unbroken was truly an great movie, built off an amazing story #BestOf2014

    Adam Buss ‏@adamlloydbuss 1 hr

    People of Derby and Film lovers everywhere join me in voting for one of the UK’s brightest talents @JackO__C

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  • ali7

    Guys ignore the trollers they are loosing it today more than ever

  • Myskina

    ok jaja

  • anustin

    Lovin the ocean!! Bwahahahaha. High tide!

  • Anon2

    I adore Pope Francis…what a honor if Brad and Angelina got to meet the Pope. They seem to think alike about all of humanity. So exciting.

  • Bingo

    So us atheists can’t appreciate the change Pope Francis is trying to create? We have to hate all religious people even the sane ones.

  • anustin

    Whoa………scream… the top of the world!!!

  • Bingo

    They made what is important in Hollywood $$$ . $$$$ = power dahling.

    Neener I don’t have to thumb my own posts up like you do. Votes from others = power voting for yourself = pathetic

  • Bingo

    Even if she is she won’t have to if China comes through. Later this month the movie will be released on the main land.

  • anustin

    Ya know…..dunno what will happen if The urinated MAniston can not get the OSCAR nom…s Jolie fault!!! Bahahaha

  • bap

    You are so jealous! What Dame Angelina has is Power!

  • Bingo

    I think she is on tamaflu if you catch my drift.

  • anustin

    I mean… She’s wasting her chin…..heheh

  • Laughing

    You can’t be any stupider.

  • Laughing

    Oh, you must be jealous. Loon logic.

  • Bingo

    Okie dokie, Tammy.

  • bap

    You would not be talking bad about Dame Angelina if you were not envious.

  • anustin

    In every promotion of the urinated MAniston huvane is behind….hehehehe

  • Bingo

    You must be high on that tamiflu.

  • Laughing

    Stop projecting. It’s not healthy.

  • bap

    You can’t handle the truth!

  • Bingo

    It’s tamsin. Angie makes her lose her mind. Every knew accomplishment sends Tammy over the edge more and more. Duh.

  • Laughing

    Dame Subway to you.

  • Laughing

    Only you would think this was an accomplishment.

  • bap

    You are so right!

  • Bingo

    Only you would get mad about it.

  • anustin

    MAniston paid Tabacko for nom….hehehehe sad of her soul!

  • bap

    Dame Angelina is ringing in the New Year with another Great Accomplishment!