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Jennifer Lawrence Bundles Up in the Big Apple After Chris Martin Relationship Confirmed 'Solid'

Jennifer Lawrence Bundles Up in the Big Apple After Chris Martin Relationship Confirmed 'Solid'

Jennifer Lawrence dons a comfy coat and blue jeans while heading out of a building in the Tribeca neighborhood on Friday afternoon (January 9) in New York City.

The day before, it was confirmed that the 24-year-old actress is still seeing Chris Martin “even though they are both busy.”

A source said that “the relationship is solid” and that “they see each other when they can.”

Earlier in the week, Jen was spotted chatting on the phone while stepping out of her chauffeured car into the snow in the Big Apple.

FYI: Jennifer is wearing an Iro coat.

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  • lauren


  • Mary Devlin Millar

    JJ…enough already. Enough with the Chris Martin BS (not a serious couple) and the chauffeured driven car(!) nonsense. Tell Goop/Huvane no one is buying what they are trying so desperately to sell.

  • Denise

    ‘Joy’ pre-production! Good. Anyway, its time to stop with this shame. Confirmed by who? Jennifer? Martin? Their rep’s? Absolutely NOT. Just tabloids speculations as always. People magazine tried to keep afloat this fakelationship in early november with “they are still together”..but with Mockingjay promotion nobody listened. Now, after the promotion, after the holidays..again; but this time the shot was on target. It’s clear that behind there is someone close to Martin..because Jen back to work very soon,no longer need these filth. But Martin yes, with all his marriage problems with his wife, with all the interviews of GP, who started all the ‘reconciliation’ speculations; Chris Martin do not want to get back with Gwyneth Paltrow and to make it clear, use Jennifer Lawrence and all this PR job! But now it’s all its time to stop it! And you are a parrot Just Jared.

  • millerz

    why do any of us need “proof” of them being together? if they are or not why is it any of our business? let people speculate all they want! if they’re together and solid then they’re doing a damn good job at keeping this as private as possible.

  • VanityInsecurity

    How is this confirmed if Lawrence or Martins PR people didn’t say it was.. that really isn’t a confirmation. Just more speculation imo.

  • Denise

    Speculating on the private life of someone is right? No. When the “news” are true and officially confirmed, problems. But if the alleged “news” is not confirmed by anyone, not rep, not the protagonists..without proof..why specular? Why spreading lies? The problem is with tabloids.

  • Lee

    Whatever it may be, could just be a casual relationship,nothing serious, who said there is commitment or not? What is the big deal? Ppl are not allowed to have a social life with bf’s/gf’s? Jeez…..

  • forrest gump

    alcohol is bringing her some funny times in the city.
    her hubby can”t!!

  • CiCi

    Vise versa, if they are together then you are the one who’s speculating on the private life of Jen/Chris and spreading lies all the time! Any proof they are not dating? Any proof this is a PR show-mance? It’s been almost half a year, neither side’s rep denied this relationship. But the beared pizza director guy, it girl Chung rumor, their rep denied officially! And proof you want- making out in the public and get pictured of it, maybe they don’t want to, do they have to?!

  • Ramome

    If this was a story about Willy on Duck Dynasty, I’d be really interested. I love Jen but she begs for privacy and I think she deserves it. So I have no comment.

  • Clara Tezolin

    strong because of a picture? voces joga sujo mesmo,insist on the same lie!
    he lives only stuck in gwyneth paltrow
    sources never has a name, it has several photos with gwyneth and Jennifer only a.

  • Guest

    I agree with you, the media sells much news misleading

  • Clara Tezolin

    she denied relationship with director because it involved her best friend!

    Jennifer denied the media when involved his grandmother about Chris spend Christmas in your home

    she denies things all the time just do not see who does not want!

  • Courtney

    Both are private people. Jennifer is notorious for not commenting on rumors about herself. It took months before the rumor about her and Nick Hoult being engaged was denied. Maybe this one will be cleared or confirmed later on, who knows?

  • Dede

    Are Chris or Goop paying you guys at Justjared? You are pushing it so hard it’s become ridiculous. Stop turn every Jen post about this clearly unconfirmed relationship. Jen was walking out of a build why put Chris on the headline? Who confirmed their relationship status, People? the one who admited they had 2 sources saying completely different things about the relationship, also the one who said their reps didn’t respond to their report and the one who never had a exclusive on the relationship? yeah, right! You are making it too obvious you are on CM/GP PR payroll here.

  • Denise

    I don’t say lies! I say that they are both single because there are NO proof that they are together ornwith someone else! It’s different. And this is the difference between me and other people who believe in this shame! What they should deny? It’s the job of their teams..they deny their PR job? Martin and Jen knows everything.

  • Joy

    What proof do you want, kissing pics? There is pics of them together. If Jennifer wanted privacy she would have denied the romance rumours and put a stop to it right away, but she hasn’t which means she is with him or she wants the PR that comes with being attached to him. She’s a celeb after all, what do you expect

  • suomi

    I am afraid these stories runs to until the either notify the gossip refuted which has not happened even even though said Jennifer UK Tabs wrong.

    Apparently no one care about this, because PR has not been annulled these allegations. I guess will take all of this, until the images from either, obvious pictures of CM and JL clearly of other infatuation / love. Then this ends and begins of new relationship with that stayed issues, especially in the case of Jennifer, and the paparazzi to run crazy about everywhere that he could get the pictures. I guess, I do not know if this is the case but my crazy feeling and that regrettable all of this that does not interfere JL because his PR does not yetat least not not annul anything. so what in this could even say. I do not invent anything, and time will tell, and this hardly takes for years: D

  • suomi

    It is for sure Jennifer pay sums of money maintain their lives private.

    Unless someone really go to gossip in order to obtain large sums of money.

    Jennifer is currently so great celebrity and the gossip magazines and paparazzi ready to do everything possible to get information about who is dating Jennifer. No matter whether it is serious or not

    how JL relationships with men / man. It’s all the money and large quantities.

  • suomi

    Looks like this to you really a big problem. Why do you care about the gossip tabloit or pictures who will not show you lovely at all. Jennifer does not care, otherwise his PR would be to repeal these now at least, when subdued pictures already an old story, and life goes on. And Jennifer have to start soon work on Joy. And just as an aside Jennifer pay sums of money for privacy

    so expect any pictures Jennifer from any man with lovely images.

    But just my opinion.

  • Denise

    I like to repeat how much the tabloids are stupid. What’s the problem? If you are all here to read all the gossip about Jennifer Lawrence means that you are interested. Let’s not be hypocrites!

  • Denise

    Omg..there is also pic of Jennifer at dinner with Hemsworth in NY..they are together? They shared a sweater; they are together? NOT. Jen was at dinner with Ws Chatam in july; they are together? NOT. There is a pic of Martin at dinner with Rihanna; they are together? NOT. Martin and Lily Allen left together a Halloween party one night; they are together? NOT. Stop with these pics or not pics please.

  • Joy

    The fact that they don’t deny it shows they are either seeing each other or want publicity. If Jennifer didn’t want people talking about her private life she would set the record straight and get more privacy as she wouldn’t be hounded as much if she wasn’t linked to someone else famous. The fact there are soo may articles about them shows its real or for promo. They don’t need promo for anything, so MAYBE they’re having some fun, We will NEVER know the truth

  • Courtney

    People magazine hasn’t exactly been reliable. It’s still a tabloid, no matter how respectable it seems to be. Jennifer doesn’t really address rumors about herself, romantic or otherwise. It took months for the engagement rumors about her and Nick Hoult to be denied. She’s also said that for every picture of her out there, there is a fake story to go with it and people make up details about her life all the time. One pic of them together doesn’t automatically mean they’re dating. You’re right–they both don’t need the PR and I doubt they would use each other for that. Maybe they’re seeing each other for now, maybe it’s a friendship that the media blew out of proportion. We’re both guessing and going with what proof we seem to have. People even admitted to having wrong sources saying that they saw her going to his house after the break-up.

  • Denise

    Who told you that they don’t need promo or PR game? Being rich and famous doesn’t mean anything. She had problems with nude leaks last summer..he had/have problems with his wife and new album promotion. PR do not look if their client needs or not..they exploit whatever gives an advantage. For example..Martin benefited from this fakelationship and also Jennifer.

  • suomi

    Of course I’m interested. I am a fan of Jennifer and her work. One of the best actors and actresses

    on the planet like Johnny Depp. But you are denies everything though. Even if you do not evidence any more than gossip tabloit. So you write the same way here, as the gossip tabloit: D it is a lot of fun. Sorry. Jennifer is able to hide their privacy, as much when he wants to. Jennifer money to pay for privacy. And although both busy, it does not prevent the meet / flung or whatever it is sometimes. Hollywood fully these highly busy people and still be able to date your people in in hiding. FACT. For you would be suitable for the journalist’s job, which / who deny these the gossip, and without any real evidence.

    Yeah, I know that you have examined maps in CM resides and what color port, and you’re very clear about of everything times of the day all the way down. Who where and when. Excellent work.

    pravo, and I personally do not want that they are a couple, but I am inclined to accept the things is anything that I would die if they flung. No one has killed anyone. And I do really not an fan of CM never

  • Name

    Whenever there’s a lot of stories about a relationship, it usually means it’s fake. That points to something other than a real relationship is going on, the PR is to promote or hide something else. Ever since the beginning, everyone involved in this (Lawrence, Martin, Paltrow) has had a reason for this “relationship” to be in the tabs. Before it was more for Paltrow and Lawrence, now it seems to be Martin.

    Lawrence herself said according to tabs, she’s been engaged and pregnant a few times. If she had her PR team deny every single story about her, that’s all they’d do. So they’ve decided to ignore almost all of them, and only comment when they feel it’s absolutely necessary. The engagement to Hoult and her “dating” Polsky come to mind, as well as moving in with and being pregnant by Martin.

    Interesting the denial of the engagement didn’t even happen for months after the story last Dec., but around the time we now know they broke up. That could be why they decided to deny that specific engagement rumor and not prior ones. As for Polsky, that rumor involved her friend/personal asst. Justine, so she had that one shot down quickly. With the Martin-related moving in and pregnant, they were just so outrageous they had to do something. Especially since “Mockingjay” press was in the near future.

  • Name
  • Name

    When (not if) Lawrence doesn’t show up to the Golden Globes tonight, the tabs will likely say it was because she didn’t want to run into Paltrow and have an “awkward” or “confrontational” scene.

    But why would it be? According to the tabs, Paltrow and Lawrence are *friends*. In the last few months, they’ve written how Paltrow’s supposedly ok with Martin “dating” Lawrence, has given Lawrence advice when the nudes were leaked, even had her over for a little chat. So why would there be problems seeing each other now?

    Once again, tabs will contradict their own stories, just to get rags sold and website clicks. They know the avg. person reading their tripe won’t remember what they’ve written before about this “showmance”, or know Lawrence is doing pre-production work on “Joy”. She’s been in NYC, and may be going to Boston soon (if she’s not there already). They’ll just know she wasn’t at GG’s, and believe whatever the tabs write.

  • Name

    I’m busy and sick for a few days, and I come back to this story!

    So who’s “confirmed” this? JJ? People? At the bottom of People’s own story on them, it says the reps haven’t confirmed it. I guess that means we’re supposed to believe a mysterious “source” again, just like we were supposed to about all the other stories of them being “together” for the last few months.

    Looking at the tabs, the latest stories are how Lawrence is the one who’s come back to Martin, and is having to “come to terms” with the situation between him and Paltrow. Now I saw a tab’s story that said Martin “chooses” Lawrence over Paltrow. They all have a common theme-HE’S the one in *control* of the “relationship”, not only with Lawrence, but Paltrow as well. HE’S deciding to be “with” Lawrence and not give in to Paltrow’s “reconcilation”.

    The “break up” made it look like Lawrence was in control and made the decision to end it. Paltrow’s been talking about “reconciliation”. Now these stories show Martin flexing his muscles and making the decisions. Those kind of stories and this one point to Martin’s PR behind them.

    (I posted this before, but it was bumped farther down. Decided to repost it here in the common thread area.)

  • Courtney

    Except with this “reconciliation” news, there hasn’t been as much coverage on it (either that or I’m not up to date on the actual amount of stories that have come out). Remember with the initial wave of their “relationship” coverage, there were stories about them every week. I may be wrong, but there’s been relatively little on them other than the dinner date pic and them getting back together. What do you think?

  • Name

    You’ve missed how many tabs have jumped on People’s story and have re-run it! Then you have some taking JJ’s “confirmation” of their “relationship” and re-running that. Plus some have taken stuff from the last few months, mashed it together, and made a *new* story by adding the dinner “date”.

    Besides, what are they supposed to do when it’s clear Lawrence has been in NYC for the last week? The tabs can’t say they’re secretly meeting somewhere. Even if they had tried to say Lawrence and Martin spent NYE (although some are with the wrong dinner date) and NYD together, there’s pics on social media plus eyewitness pics/reports of her being with friends and him up in the mountains for a few days after the dinner pic. They also can’t run stories about any possible meeting of Lawrence and Paltrow at GG’s tonight because she’s not going. So what are they going to write?

    As much as the tabs stretch the truth to the breaking point and beyond, they also are smart enough not to go too far over the line and get caught so easily. They might even realize by now that people are fed up with hearing about Lawrence and Martin, so they can’t push this as hard or people won’t be interested to click on their stories.

    Right now, Lawrence is in NYC or Boston working, Martin is in LA doing whatever. The only thing working hard are the tabs with stories of them being back “together”, how Lawrence has had to “come to terms” with his relationship with Paltrow/kids, and he “chooses” Lawrence over Paltrow. They’re taking nothing and making something out of it AGAIN! Plus whoever is feeding the little they have, it doesn’t look like her PR talking, but his.

  • Courtney

    Okay, I see now. I hope you feel better, by the way. Hopefully this will stay that way while she’s over in Boston working on Joy. You know he could have had the time to visit her in New York this past week, but he didn’t. JJ just ran an article on Chris’s appearance at the Help Haiti gala last night: “Chris Martin attends Help Haiti gala sans Jennifer Lawrence.” And someone on Twitter posted something about his attending the gala last night and she asked “Where’s JLaw?” It’s annoying how every move either one of them makes, they link them together. That might be coverage in itself. And yes, I can see how people are getting annoyed with all of the BS that People and other tabs are shoving down their throats.

  • Denise

    Do you know if Jen is still in NYC or went to Boston? Anyway, Martin was at the charity event last night, but in the afternoon was at the dentist with his wife and daughter. Again..he is more with his wife that someone else. As always the tabs are contradicted by facts!

  • Name

    The one thing that’s different now than before is that instead of Martin reported as being the one flying to see her, going to her functions, etc., it’s now Martin somewhere and Lawrence isn’t there to be “with” HIM. Aside from the concerts, she was never reported going out of her way to be “with” him. I don’t count the reported *visits* to his house with no proof, other than the “pap walk” visit to “apologize”.

    Those stories of her having to “come to terms” with his relationship with Paltrow/kids make it sound like HE’S in *control* of the “relationship” now, not Lawrence. When it was reported she was the one who decided to “break up” and him looking bad in the tabs, SHE was the one in *control*. Before that, he was the one bending over backwards to be with her, trying to *win* her over, etc., and then immediately afterwards, trying to *win* her back. Now the roles have been reversed. That’s Martin’s PR, not her’s.

  • Name

    I read somewhere that she may have flown to Boston this weekend. If that’s true, she might be going to help in pre-production with scouting locations and other aspects.

    There’s a LOT to learn when it comes to being a movie producer. She’s definitely taking on a HUGE responsibility, especially at a relatively young age. She said she’s already doing work for “Glass Castle”, but there’s a more to it than talking with people on the phone more, like she said she’s done. It’s very smart of her to learn as much as possible now regarding “Joy”, because she won’t be around to learn it from “X-Men”. The filming date for “Glass Castle” may hinge on how quickly she learns and has everything ready.

    Considering she will be busy filming “Joy” soon, then go immediately after that into “X-Men” filming until sometime in Aug., then start “Mockingjay” press in Nov., that doesn’t leave much time for her to do producing duties with “Glass Castle” full-time.

  • Denise

    Yes, she is in Boston. She flew in town yesterday. I don’t know if is still pre-production or the real shoot..we’ll see. Anyway, i’m glad.

  • Name

    Just saw she went to Bricco’s in Boston for dinner tonight. So she’s there, not in LA “with” Martin. It’ll be interesting to see what the tabs come up with to keep this chapter of the “showmance” going now that it’s clear she’s busy working and will be for most of the year.

  • Denise

    There is a pic or just a tweet? You have the link? Thanks. Yeah, she will be very busy until the late summer..a little break between late march early april..then Apocalypse in Montreal. But stay tuned..if tabs end with Chris Martin, they start again with Nicholas Hoult because they will be on set together! Tabloids will think this with their stupid brains!

  • suomi

    The wonderful news for if he or she produces. Jennifer smart young woman, and I hope he will succeed. Yes, he is going to be busy.

  • Name

    Tweets, including one from the restaurant. And a story from a local Boston paper.

  • Denise

    Yes, i saw..and this morning she was at Four seasons hotel, probably for a business meeting and took pics with 3 people.

  • Name

    Guess the tabs weren’t able to spin some Lawrence/Paltrow angle, because the Boston restaurant made it known where Lawrence was.
    Now the tabs are all covering her dinner and that she’s in Boston to shoot “Joy”. Chances are, until that tweet last night that said where she was, they likely had no clue she was in Boston and what she was doing.

    Goes to show they only print what PR teams and “sources” tell them. Otherwise, they’re completely in the dark as to what Lawrence or anyone else is *really* doing. If they don’t know, they just make something up to *fit* their agenda. That’s the “showmance” in a nutshell.

  • dan danny

    well Jlaw is dating Chris Martin go on Gwyneth paltrow on Howard stern pretty much confirmed the relationship at 54.00 mark