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Angelina Jolie Honored Gena Rowlands at the LAFCA Awards!

Angelina Jolie Honored Gena Rowlands at the LAFCA Awards!

Angelina Jolie stepped out for the 2015 Los Angeles Film Critics Association Awards on Saturday (January 10) to help honor her role model – Gena Rowlands!

The 39-year-old actress/director made a surprise appearance to present the Career Achievement Award to Gena. During her speech she said, “You will never hear, ‘She’s the next Gena Rowlands‘ – because there’ll never be another,” according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Check out a couple of Twitter shots from the awards ceremony in the gallery below!

Selma, a movie that Brad Pitt executive produced, is nominated for Best Motion Picture – Drama at tonight’s Golden Globes so we sure hope to see the couple make an appearance there.

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Photos: Getty, Twitter
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  • cee

    I would love to see them but I don’t think they will attend. We do have critics choice to look forward to.

  • JPFamily

    A wonderful tribute from Angie, I could listen to her all day.
    Both ladies are so beautiful.

    Reposting her speech—

    Angelina Jolie introduces legend Gena Rowlands at LAFCA Awards 2015
    (first part)

    Plus reminder of Gena’s speech at Governors Awards—

    Gena Rowlands honors Angelina Jolie at the 2013 Governors Awards

  • JPFamily

    We’re going to be watching Maleficent again, let’s see the ratings flop with this snooze-fest!

    Heidy ‏@LovelyLadyHeidy 5 mins
    I’m furious #Fury or #Unbroken wasn’t nominated for anything! Fury was one, if not THE best, movie of 2014 #GoldenGlobes

    Sabina @Saby_SP · 50m
    And I also watched Unbroken 2 days ago and it’s amazing! Such a great movie, really. I really recommend it. Angelina Jolie directed it btw,,20327336_20881799,00.html

    Golden Globes: 19 Snubs That Bugged YOU

    —Angelina Jolie—
    ”I am most shocked about Unbroken not making it in. These are the people that nominated War Horse! Unbroken seems like such a Golden Globes movie. It’s DOA for Oscar chances now.” —Anna
    ”Angelina Jolie also snubbed for Maleficent. I would have thought HFPA would kill to have Jennifer Aniston and Angelina Jolie in one room.” —Ethan

    ”How the hell is Fury nowhere on this list? That movie was absolutely epic. It was brilliant! The acting was amazing. It moved me to tears several times!” —Brooke Lerma

  • Mr.Sardonicus

    Get away from her Gena she’s evil. They couldn’t get a half way decent actress to honor Gena Rowlands?

  • JPFamily
  • mm366

    Some trivia about these two:
    Gena Rowland’s and her beloved late husband John Cassavetes (producer, director, actor) who share/d being also Gemini and Sagittarius respectively just like Angelina and Brad.

  • mm366

    You’re a silly Cosmic Cow.

  • JPFamily
  • Etta

    JP fans, most of us are staying at the last thread. This one is more of Gina’s thread than Angelina’s.

  • Gala

    Yes ,you are all right.

  • Gala

    Estamos impacientes por ver al elenco de nominados a los GG

  • Passing Through

    Haha! New thread…and it only took me 10 minutes to find it this time! LOL!

    Edit: Better make that 45 minutles!

  • Passing Through

    JPFamily • 44 minutes ago

    Those tweets and comments are funny. Especially the ones about Unbroken not getting a GG nom. Now that we know Guy Lodged influenced them to give Ticky a nom I’ll bet he also fought AGAINST giving Unbroken one. He’s not going to admit that on Twitter though because he’s a big wuss.


    I was on the last one for a half hour, posting that I hope JJ wouldn’t add a new thread because i didn’t want to have to click and refresh and see a banner with fuggiston on it. Lol

  • ElisaCo
  • Rose from Temecula

    LMAO & SMH! So true and so sad.

  • ElisaCo

    a weak industry and just a business. Money hungry *itch

  • Dame Angelina

    A warning would be appropriate. That photo depicts her fugistoness.

  • Dame Angelina

    That was a lovely tribute from Ms Rowlands to the Dame. and Louis Z.
    When Louis stood up, I was brought to tears.
    So fitting that Unbroken was completed by the Dame and it is a resounding success!
    Oh, and wait til Unbroken opens in China…

  • lurker2

    She looks orangier than her usual shade of orange, which I didn’t think was possible.

    Edit. I meant to reply in the other thread. I’ve got both the AFI thread and this open. Either way, blech!

  • trt

    They’re still posting at the old thread. So, if you think this place is pretty quiet, then by all means, go to the other one.


    Where is everyone…,checking old thread…


    Ok…going to binge watch..b back several hrs from now. Lol

  • lurker2

    We’re still in the AFI thread

  • Bwest

    Kindness begets kindness! Gena presented honorary award for Angelina! Angelina love Gena! Two great ladies!

  • Anon2

    Congrats, Gena!

  • Joan

    ty jj :)

  • shazia35

    OMG not only MANiston Golden Globes LOSER LOST but also stole and Stalked Angelina’s Designers Saint Laurent and Versaci thigh high slit, what a LOSER STALKER.

  • Susan

    The fan that predicted Ticky would wear SL and with a split, buy a Lottery ticket today.
    That twit is a STALKER, Brad better increase Angie’s security.

  • shazia35

    LOL, MANiston is so predictable i think we’d all be millionaires by now if we betted on her how many times shes going to STALK Angelina Jolie. Did you see how she showed her Manly thighs lifting her skirt aside how unlady like and her furry cructh towards cumberbatch and TV when she walked up the stairs

  • Alex Dupont

    First there was Rachel Karen Green and Mrs. Aniston became everybody’s friend. Even now, when the “Friends” got grey hair, I still love watching them, I still laugh, I still love them all. I got old with them, same generation. From all of them, only Mrs. Aniston became a fighter for the Oscar and, for the first time, in all these many years, I feel that she is up to something. I saw her performance in “Cake” and, honestly, I felt pain, physical pain, the same as Claire. Bravo, Mrs. Aniston, for being so real, so convincing, so true. I hope that “Oscar” will offer you a nomination! And, for those who cannot admire someone’s work and ambitious, I have something to say: stop idolizing Angelina Jolie, who is simply a hypocrite, a home breaker, a talentless spoiled brat who deserves exactly what she got, NOTHING! Jolie thinks that, to direct a film means to spread legs and smile wide? Ask Tarantino, Jim Jarmusch, Nolan, Finch, and all the genius, the real directors…Jolie is nothing but a huge fake and Europe grew tired by her “Dame, Vatican, chicken pox” publicity whoring…That’s all!

  • Bwest

    Dear rabid! If you really believe everything you said to Jen, why did you come here? You care too much about who has no value, or opinion of fans as deluded, right? Grow Up! His idol is not worth it! Julianne was better and ready!Your Jen returned home with empty hands and her fiance hanging! Lost because your cake turned sour! It is a fact! Accept it hurts less!

  • Bwest

    She still hasn’t learned his lesson. It will take a few more drops of the media until she learns. It’s very obsessive. Grow up,please!

  • Alex Dupont

    It is not about who won, of course the best won! I am trying to observe that Aniston made it so high, up to being nominated for a Golden Globe, while Joile goes down and downer, losing what she once had, and this is obvious: everyone grows tired by Jolie and her hypocrisy, that is why Pitt suffers, his family suffers, their kids suffer. Aniston has always been everyone’s friend, human, without diva-moods. Jolie has no friends, doesn’t want to accept defeat and cheats on people, lies and fakes everythings just to save face: Dame, Vatican, chicken pox, all a silly childish game that make people call her “a talentless spoiled brat”. I am no fan of Aniston either, I am simply observing that one does work hard, another takes for granted what life gave her…

  • cee

    who is this nut case Alex dupont? Sounds like a real idiot. Lets see fight for Oscar vs Pay for Oscar. Does she know the difference? Is she even real or just a figment of the hens imagination? JJ time for a new thread or are you going to wait until Angies thread hits 3,000. Check CNN Angie has commented in her Humanitarian role on Boka Haram and as usual she is on the money with her comments.

  • yolly

    In your dreams . cake spoiled.

  • Anon2
  • Whamo

    I didn’t know Heroina had a twin sister!

  • Whamo

    Unbroken… Nothing….


    Being minimally talented will only get you so far in an industry where they don’t respect you and laugh at you behind your back.

  • BlogBràt

    She is a complete & total joke!!! Just like Sony said… She is useless unless you are a old hag has-been…No more Ho-Lee for Hollywood!! She is a nobody now..Deal with trolls..She is beyond DONE!!!!

  • BlogBràt

    Did I mention she is DONE???? Bruhaaaaaa

  • African Queen

    I see haters are over here loosing their shit.
    Both Angie and Brad did not campaign like your old hag whore for a nomination she did not get.
    So lick your wounds and face it this is the end for Anuston.

  • African Queen

    All I have to say is sore losers. There was nothing she didn’t do to earn a nom yet people are sick and tired of her fugly self.

  • Bwest

    Some people Chase awards at any price and bad! Angelina and Brad for years make their way to work and release their films. Don’t chase Awards, everybody knows that. Angelina just needed to give a chance and she proved hisability. Your movie was excellent box office at Christmas and hasn’t even arrived yet in Asia. Congratulations Angie! Bigger prize you ever had: did an excellent movie, recognized by the public and doing box! HW is always being surprised by you, I haven’t even done 40 years ago and it’s already so recognized, so Warrior and winner in every way! Continue your good work! Us proud! Other haters ,accept!