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Nikki Reed & Ian Somerhalder Keep Close at the InStyle Golden Globes 2015 Party

Nikki Reed & Ian Somerhalder Keep Close at the InStyle Golden Globes 2015 Party

Nikki Reed and Ian Somerhalder look so happy on the red carpet at the InStyle and Warner Bros. Party held after the 2015 Golden Globe Awards held at the Beverly Hilton Hotel on Sunday (January 11) in Beverly Hills, Calif.

The couple posed for tons of pics before heading inside to join in the festivities.

“How I spent my New Year’s Day- in a #tbt way- wow. Week one of 2015. Thank you all for giving me so much strength-we’re ready to kick major ass and make a great future staritng now . Happy 1st week of the New Year- I hope you’re on track with making your future the most sustainable and harmonious one possible…” Ian captioned a recent pic of him and Nikki on Instagram – see it below!

FYI: Nikki is wearing a Katherine Kidd dress, Giuseppe Zanotti shoes, an Edie Parker bag, Anita Ko earrings, and a Le Vian cuff.

15+ pictures inside of Nikki Reed and Ian Somerhalder at the party…

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ian somerhalder nikki reed golden globes 2015 after party 01
ian somerhalder nikki reed golden globes 2015 after party 02
ian somerhalder nikki reed golden globes 2015 after party 03
ian somerhalder nikki reed golden globes 2015 after party 04
ian somerhalder nikki reed golden globes 2015 after party 05
ian somerhalder nikki reed golden globes 2015 after party 06
ian somerhalder nikki reed golden globes 2015 after party 07
ian somerhalder nikki reed golden globes 2015 after party 08
ian somerhalder nikki reed golden globes 2015 after party 09
ian somerhalder nikki reed golden globes 2015 after party 10
ian somerhalder nikki reed golden globes 2015 after party 11
ian somerhalder nikki reed golden globes 2015 after party 12
ian somerhalder nikki reed golden globes 2015 after party 13
ian somerhalder nikki reed golden globes 2015 after party 14
ian somerhalder nikki reed golden globes 2015 after party 15
ian somerhalder nikki reed golden globes 2015 after party 16
ian somerhalder nikki reed golden globes 2015 after party 17
ian somerhalder nikki reed golden globes 2015 after party 18
ian somerhalder nikki reed golden globes 2015 after party 19

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  • Kremon

    O God, hideous dress. Why didn’t Ian give her tips?? He was with Nina for years. I saw her there too. Stunner!

  • Emanuel

    What is she wearing? Ruining a beatufiul man like this. Better witout her. Ian look great as always.

  • Carolyn Walker

    That dress looks like a curtain and an ugly one at that. That thing is not even worthy of hanging on your window. Also the story claims they looked so happy but I’m not seeing that in these pictures. It looks forced and they don’t look too pleased. It could be because Nina was there which if I was Nikki I would be mad too because Nina looked stunning and beautiful with her elegant black dress.

  • Bella Bellini

    Nina was the stylish one in that relationship and they shared the same stylist. Not anymore obviously. Fashion just isn’t Ian and Nikki’s thing.

  • theonlyandoneme

    Must be very difficult to Ian seeing Nina gorgeous at the party while he was with a walking curtain. Hey, PR team, if you’re reading this, tell Ian to stop the crap he’s doing with Nikki. More and more fans are getting tired of the bullshit… Ian is so not happy with her! He looks awfully tired and miserable. All his poses look forced, just for the show. He seemed more relaxed at TCA, and guess what… He didn’t have his shadow following him there. It’s not working anymore, guys… Cut the bullshit, his fandom appreciate it.

  • disqus_8b36OldkLL

    Nikki Reed has a lot of fucking nerve.

  • Guest

    WOW! Ian and Nikki walked the carpet together as a couple. Nikki and Ian look incredible! Nikki is just stunning and I love her dress. Ian is so handsome even with his holiday hiatus scruff. There is no doubt these two are soulmates. Beautiful couple inside and out.

  • monica

    OMG here we are!! After having put Nikki down our throats for months, first red carpet as a couple, Nikki definitively got what she aims now she’s officialy linked to someone sucessfull and she gets more pictures/articles than ever, wth is she wearing?! poor choice,Unfortunately I don’t see any signs of Ian going back to his sense…

  • Dina

    to correct you justjared if you call this happiness……… back to the times when Nian used to strut the red carpet holding hands looking all fabulous and happy. this shit doesn’t suit Ian at all with that horse like face,bull like stare and ‘worst than curtain’ like dress. but whatever good for her as her publicity tactics are working perfectly!! wanna become a singer marry one wanna become permanent in hollywood date one.really now!!!
    Nina still looks fab as always!!!

  • Maria E. Segura

    I do not see happiness between them Im sorry but I dont see it. In look more fashionable when he was with Nina, now lately h elooks like a bump with that beard. Ian is a very handsome guy why cant he look dapper like he used to. He should take advantage of his beauty.
    Also for the last lets say 2 weeks I have seen like 8 or 9 articles about Ian and nikki doing ordinary errands, shopping, going to the gym, etc I mean really 9 articles just to post what those 2 are doing? Is like screaming for attention or calling the paps to tell them where they are so they can take pics of them so often in order for some websites to post like 9 articles in less than 2 weeks of them doing ordinary stuff as we care if they are going to he gym or shopping or adopting an animal. Is like the press or media likes to put Nikki on a pedestal in each article with pic. Was she that famous or popular and had her pic taken so many times and often for the press before she started to date Ian? I doubt cause I never sa her face plastered on article so often anywhere then she started to date Ian, who is the popular and famous actor and of course automatically she is everywhere, I mean it is natural that once u become a partner of a famous celeb you be photographed more often than before and the media will like to know more about you, therefore more pics about you but that relationship between Ian and Nikki does not seem natural they look forced and sometimes it loosk like Nikki wants to take advantage of beign with Ian to become more famous than him just for show and draw attention to her cause before Ian she was not that very popular or famous, she was known but not like so much. Just my 2 cents

  • lorena

    Why crazy dobrevics/nina stan/bitter nianers not commented in Nina’s article? Ahhh there’s no one article , haha . REALLY PATHETIC DOBREVICS ARE MOST INTERESTED IN SOMEREED THAN IN HER QUEEN

  • Anti-Nian

    Wow, lots of bitter Nianers I see…too bad for you! As Kat Graham put so well, why don’t you go get a life? Why are you posting your nasty remarks on this happy couple’s articles? Don’t you have anything better to do?

  • lorena

    Ian is a person , a man. He knows what he does. I’m tired if he is so bad now ,don’t follow him anymore .NIAN IS BROKEN 2 YEARS AGO , UNDERSTAND THAT. He loves Nikki
    GOD is a truly crime don’t kissing nina’s pussy anymore

  • Maria E. Segura

    Im not nina fan but if we are talking about fashion statement here and only about fashion, Nina was beautiful in her dress she look stunning in taht black dress. Nikkis dress was blahh not very pretty

  • Guest

    For all those Nina/Nian fans that want to post hateful and rude comments about Nikki, JJ does have an article about Nina and what she wore so go worship Nina over there. It makes no sense at all to bring up Nina Dobrev on an article about Ian & Nikki. Nina broke up with Ian almost two years ago. She doesn’t want a relationship with him, or anyone else right now. Nina is very happy living the single life, traveling and meeting people. At some point I’m sure she will find the man of her dreams and want to be in a committed relationship, but now is not the time for her. Why not respect her decision? Making ugly, rude, hateful comments towards Nikki, or the relationship she and Ian have together makes those doing it look like a bunch of crazy folks that have no ability to move forward in their own lives. Kat Graham said it perfectly: “Get a life, really go get a life”.

  • niagirl

    I will give Ian credit at least he will stand up against the hate towards Nikki.

  • monica

    Just a precision, personally I don’t think Nina is a good match either, I mean Ian should consider to play with girls his age

  • Nadia

    Such a gorgeous, happy couple. They look amazing together, so happy for them <333

  • clmguest

    I’m glad this consenting adult young couple is not daunted by all the negativity that spews forth from many commenters at this JJ site. At first glance I thought Nikki’s dress was atrocious, but after a retake glance it is growing on me. Ian is quite a man to stand by “his” chosen woman in the midst of so much wish-they-could-break-them-up-by-trash-talking commenters. You know fans, couples don’t have to be smiling an ear to ear fake grin just because fans think that’s what they have to do to appear like their relationship is real. Whoever is calling the photographers, and snapping so many pictures of this beautiful couple, and printing all these articles of their boring everyday activities, “Thank you”. I like seeing them together. Especially since it seems to irritate so many so-called Ian article readers.

  • Platynum

    Nikki and Ian look happy together ,Their first Red walk together and may more to come.I dont get why you people who do not like the couple come on their posts and say ugly things about Nikki because it is never about Ian.NIAN IS FREAKING OVER!!!…get over it.Nina is happy ,Ian is happy ,time to move on !!!

  • Ele

    Amazing couple

  • Louise

    So pleased to see them do their first red carpet together – such a beautiful happy couple. Can’t wait for the engagement announcement….

  • guest

    Ian and nikki looked stunningly beautiful. Love Nikkis Dress

  • Guest

    O Ian, waht a downgrade… sad.

  • guest

    that man didn’t give a single thought to what Nina was wearing. He had a gorgeous Women beside Him that looked beautiful. He looks totally happy and head over heals in Love. Fans getting tired, I don’t think so , with over a half a million likes on there pictures, hundred of likes on comments in Magazine around the world, thousand on other sides, I say its just the opposite, the world is falling in love with them.IT’s mostly the same few nasty dobrev , ninan fans that make the rounds. Wonder why there don’t go to Ninas Article, oh wait ,there isn’t any unless it has Ians Name in it so people click on it. The Majority of that Mans huge Fan Base , is 100% behind Them, and wishing them nothing but happiness

  • jb333

    Forgetting all the stupid drama about exes there or not there (who cares) I don’t think that dress looks good on her. Its too big, poorly fitted. And the pattern on the dress makes it look as though it has greasy smudges on it. It looks like she was wiping up a mess with it. This type of silk gets very easily wrinkled when you sit and it looks like a mess. This is just bad styling. A good stylist knows what photographs well (not white with weird smudges on it), what fabric NOT to wear when you are in and out of a car and has fittings in advance to make sure that it fits properly. She needs a better stylist. If she is going to do red carpet with her new guy, she needs to do a better job at it.

  • Karin

    I am cracking up. Who cares who’s dress is prettier, Nikki and Nina both looked gorgeous. IMO Ninas dress was actually over the Top, especially going to a Party afterwards, more like going to the metropolitan Opera.. Nikki;s silk dress is stunning and in the same style like most of the actresses wore, understated elegance,.especially the young Crowd., But dress aside, Ian and Nikki look so hot and gorgeous.

  • Guest

    There are, many….nice articles. At least Ian looked happy and pretty next to Nina.

  • monica

    Agree. The fact is she has a skinny shape, no curves anywhere, marked jaws, whatever she wears she doesn’t look feminine she’s totally lost in this dress!

  • I’am me

    Why aren’t you in Nina’s articles to show your love to her instead of you being on the articles of people you don’t like spreading negetivity? Love is louder, show love to your favorite. And if you’d see the videos and hear the fans who met them you’d see Ian and Nikki are glowing. Plus a dress is just a dress, something you use and that’s it. A beautiful soul is what counts and Nikki slays in that department.

  • I’am me

    A dress is just a dress, an object. A beautiful soul is what you can’t buy! Gosh! Can people be any more shallow? How a beautiful human being ruins another beautiful human being?

  • I’am me

    Please if you don’t like Ian anymore can you not stalk him everywhere? No one needs so much negativity in their lives, find something you love and focus on that, maybe you’ll be happier then.

  • I’am me

    Maybe because Ian is not a shallow person who cares about the appearence but he’s able to look beyond it? He was working as a model since a very young age and he has met some of the most gorgeous models in the world, he’s not new to that & he knows about fashion but as he said for him fashion is comfort. Wear what make you feel good. He also said that attractive in a woman for him is to have compassion, intelligence and a giving heart? As a women I couldn’t be more proud about that, don’t you think there are more important things in the world than looks? Ian does and that makes him so special.

  • a fan

    Why don’t YOU cut the bs and go get a life? Enough is enough. With your attitude you don’t show that you are tired of Ian, you show that you care too much!

  • Hi

    How is Ian thowing Nikki down your thoat? Did he tied you up and made you to comment here? It’s your choice! If you don’t like them then simply choose to not stalk them and problem solved!

  • Siri

    Beautiful couple inside & out, I wish them all the happiness in the world.

  • a guest

    Why is everything a competition? Do you as a woman appreciate it when someone compares you with another one? Because I don’t. Every person is special in it’s own way and beauty is something subjective.

  • theonlyandoneme

    lorena, guest, I’am me, a fan … Thanks guys, you made my night. I point ou the same thing… Go to a Nikki article and see how many comments she gets when the article is only about her, and when Ian’s name is on it… If you use your brains, you’ll see that half than the comments about this couple are from fans tired of this bullshit… On this very same article, count how many are talking how great they look, and how many are calling it bullshit….

    lorena, you should wash your mouth before kissing your mother. You use offensive language, why you so classy?

    guest, how can you be so sure about that? Gorgeous woman by his side, lol you’re so funny. He’s an actor… He could be pulling on a show. If the world is falling in love with him, I’m not part of this world… I can see pass the PR stunt… Maybe there’s not many Nina’s article because she doesn’t care about gossip sites… She’s in LA and no photos of her, and don’t say she’s not famous… She knows how to dodge paps… She’s a private person, and in all honesty, the only adult in this whole circus… She’s the only one doing the mature thing… Ignoring the haters and anything related to this stunt.

    I’m not stalking him everywhere… I’m in the TVD fandom, and sometimes I cannot help but see headlines like these, and knowing the stuff I know, I can’t help but get frustrated and annoyed by how far they are dragging this PR…. But I know now, and I do expect this to be over in the future.

    I have a life, seeing news of the fandom I follow is a bonus before I head bed. Maybe I care too much about Ian, because once I admired him very much… Not because he dated Nina… It was one of the reasons. But before he was more humble, when he went to LA he avoided the paps, his relationship life was private. Once I saw news of him winning awards and praised by his activism…. Now, most of his articles is about this stunt, and he picking fights with fans… I’m sad, because the tvd cast used to be more united… Even the producers were closer to Ian… Since Ian started it, the fandom noticed how isolated Ian grew from the cast… I think he’s only close to Paul and Kat now… There was a time, they all used to be together, Candice, Trevino, both Matts, Steven…

    Not to mention I fear for Delena… Yes, I know how to separate rl from fiction. I do expect Ian and Nina to act as profissionals. It’s not fair if the writers are obligated to break up the ship because of how the actors are behaving with each other… I hope there’s still respect between the both of them, for the show’s sake…

    And I’m done with this bullshit here…. I know what I see, and I know there are some people that can put one and one together, and see there’s something off about this whole thing. I wash my hands… And I know you’ll all remember me when these two break up dramatically.

  • Guest

    Hahaha, you seem to think that Ian thinks like girl. So ridiculous, it’s even funny. Honey, men don’t think like that. I assure you Ian didn’t give a thought to what Nina was wearing or doing, or who she was with. He’s a man in love with another woman. Her name is Nikki, and he only has eyes for her. NOT for Nina.

  • Guest

    Who cares about fashion. As if that’s the most important thing in the world. Ian and Nikki are real and relatable caring people. And if she looks like a walking curtain, to Ian that’s the most beautiful walking curtain in the world. And that’s all that matters.

  • Guest

    Downgrade?! Not really. Nikki’s such a beautiful person. She totally matches Ian. unlike caked up to the roof uhum, Nina. At least Nikki still looks pretty wearing little or no makeup. But have you seen Nina without makeup?! Ewww, hideous!

  • Guest

    So true. Very well said.

  • dd

    Excellent your comment. I totally agree with you.

  • clmguest

    In my opinion, if this relationship with Ian and Nikki does not work out, Ian will be VERY sad, deeply hurt, and alone, since they seem to spend a great deal of time together. There will be a huge void in his life. Why do you seem to want him to go through that kind of pain again, because in your the-breakup-is-inevitable-scenario, there is going to be much PAIN for both of them? He hasn’t changed at all. He still seems to be a person that cares about the sustainability of the planet, compassion towards all human beings and animals, graciously giving of his time to fans in person and on all kinds of social media. He has been in the fashion/entertainment spotlight for 26 of his 36 years. He should have a good idea of what he does or does not like by this time. Nikki is beautiful in his eyes and opinion, so why are you and some other negative commenters always doggin’ “his choice” in his woman? His former relationships are IRRELEVANT to who he is with right now. I, for one, am hoping and praying for longevity with Miss Reed. May they work through the day-to-day issues of life together, eventually marry, have some children, and outlast all this nonsense trash talking by people that don’t have a clue what is really going on with them.

  • theonlyandoneme

    How can one suffer from something that’s not real? If you read my previous comments, you see how often I say this PR is merely to promote Nikki… I had no clue the reason behind it, but now I know why. She’s opening a producing company. As you said, Ian is 20 years in the industry already, he has a lot of contacts and fame, and Nikki is using it on this new project. My problem with her is that she’s not the amazing perfect person Ian say she is… She’s average like many of us, and what makes her different is the contacts she has for her whole life. It’s all a contract, it’s not real!

  • clmguest

    Hey theonlyandoneme, long time no talk. I hope all is going well in your world. Now back to our discussion. So what is your iron-clad 100% non-refutable proof that this is a help-her-career-only-sham? Because I see two people in love that are busy setting up a future together. He said that they are embarking on this project together with the hope of spreading their creative wings. You noted that she has had contacts for her whole life, so what does she need him for then? Surely all her contacts could have secured her efforts of a production company in her own right if that is something that she desired. They both know people as individuals. Do you have any idea how much more they can accomplish together. They both care about the planet, animals, and compassion, so why not pool their energies and make some positive things happen in our world that is full of so much cruelty to humans and animals, and violence. I’m rooting for them, and until I hear differently, I’m believing they are a future power couple.

  • Bye

    Hey, “I know it all”, life is not a soap opera and since you don’t know Ian personally and you don’t know shit about any of these people’s lives, you either give him the benefit of the doubt or you stop being his fan which includes to stop stalking him and writing essays on every article about him. Things are that simple. Bye now!!!

  • monica

    Without being a Nian myself, I think a lot of people remember that Nikki was used to be a drug addict, often self mutilating herself, filming sex scenes at 14, plus sleeping with very older men since her 14 years old..not exactly what you wish to a great guy. I think a lot of people in Hollywood (as her dad is in the business) remember her scandalous behaviours also, I think it’s one of the reason why she’s still and will stay imo a C-list movies actress, you know she got her best roles thanks to her ex mother in law … You know a bad reputation is never totally cleaned up whatever how many charities events you attend

  • Nope

    I suppose you are a Nina fan so If you are so happy about Nina’s choices then my question is why aren’t you just happy for Nina and leave Ian alone? Why do you feel the need to compare the two always? Why do you bother to check what Ian does or doesn’t do in his life? Why do you care? Nina and Ian have nothing to do with e/o anymore except that they still acting on the same show. It’s their job and they play what they see on script. That’s all. So why does Ian has so much influence over you? Bc by your comments you definately don’t show that you can see past his “pr stunt” as you call it, you show that you care too much about him, you show that you are bitter bc he’s happy, you show that you are jealous, mad or whatever but definately not indifferent. If you truly don’t like someone then you move on and his or hers life doesn’t affect you in the least. For example, I’m not a fan of JB and I seriously don’t know anything about him!

  • Lostie

    Why are you so pressed? Stan whoever you want and leave the rest alone. Is that difficult to understand? Nina is your idol, Nina is mature, Nina is private, Nina is whatever but you and most dobrevics spend more time talking about Ian and Nikki than Nina. Is Nina not that interesting without Ian?