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Brad Pitt & Ryan Gosling Bring Serious Star Power to ‘The Big Short’!

Brad Pitt & Ryan Gosling Bring Serious Star Power to ‘The Big Short’!

It has just been announced that Brad Pitt and Ryan Gosling are starring in the upcoming film The Big Short, according to Variety!

The two actors will also be joined by Christian Bale in the film, which is an adaptation of Michael Lewis‘ bestselling book “The Big Short: Inside the Doomsday Machine.”

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The novel centered on “the build-up of the housing and credit bubble during the 2000s that led to the financial crisis of 2007-2010.”

In addition to acting in the film, Brad will also be producing it under his company Plan B.

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  • JPFamily

    Wow, sounds exciting, go Brad!
    Plus love both Christian and Ryan, so I can’t wait.

    Brad Pitt, Christian Bale and Ryan Gosling to Star in Financial Drama ‘The Big Short’ (EXCLUSIVE)

    Following the success of “Moneyball,” Brad Pitt and his Plan B shingle have assembled an all-star cast for the next adaptation of a Michael Lewis bestseller.

    Sources tell Variety that Pitt, Christian Bale and Ryan Gosling have come on board to star in “The Big Short,” Paramount and Plan B’s adaptation “The Big Short: Inside the Doomsday Machine” that Adam McKay is writing and directing.

    Lewis’ nonfiction tome tells the story of the build-up of the housing and credit bubble during the 2000s that led to the financial crisis of 2007-2010. Paramount had no comment.

    Pitt will produce with DeDe Gardner through their Plan B banner. Production start date is unknown.

    The book follows several key people who played a role in creating the disastrous credit bubble. The feature adaptation will likely feature several A-list actors who have similiar-sized roles, similar to the cast of “Traffic” or “The Counselor.”

    Like “Moneyball,” Pitt has been very passionate about getting this adaptation onto the bigscreen.

    His Plan B company built a reputation on serious dramas that tackle important issues, with “12 Years a Slave” landing last year’s best picture Oscar and “Selma” deep in the Oscar race this year.

    Pitt, who is repped by CAA and Brillstein Entertainment, was last seen in “Fury.” The WME-repped Bale was last seen in “Exodus: Gods and Kings” and will shoot the Travis McGee pic “The Deep Blue Goodby” this spring.

    Gosling just wrapped production on the Warner Bros. thriller “Nice Guys.” He is repped by Anonymous Content.

  • shoes4life

    Oh wow, I like this line up. Love Christian Bale.

  • lucy

    Ryan loves him some Angie. So, Ryan is OK in my book.

  • lyric

    Another film to look forward to.

  • JPFamily

    So funny, and a very brief glimpse of Brad in this RatPac video, with Marty, Bobby and Leo

    Marty, Bobby and Leo only video–

    They’ve been involved in the same projects before, but Martin Scorsese has yet to direct two of his closest collaborators, Robert De Niro and Leonardo DiCaprio, in the same film. While there are no features on the horizon, a reported $13 million pay day for each actor (for two days total) was enough to get them together on a new short film. The project was for a setting at least two of them know well: promoting City of Dreams Manila, a new casino in Manila Bay, Philippines.

    With a rumored total budget of $70 million, we now have the first results today thanks to two commercials. The rapidly paced shorts feature the actors “competing” for the same role, and there’s no word yet if this is only the start of more to follow, but it looks like that could be the case. Check out both videos below and we’ll update if more arrive in the coming weeks. (Also, he’s briefly featured in an ad in the film, but there’s a chance Brad Pitt could show up, as he was initially rumored to be involved.)

  • shoes4life

    I would love to see a full feature movie with all of these guys with Brad. That would be awesome. I like the way on the second trailer Brad pops up when Ray Charles gives a shout, like surprise guys, I’m going to be the lead in this movie. Perfectly edited. I can’t wait to see the full commercial film.

  • Passing Through

    This is what I love about Brad – he don’t fvck around with his life or his work anymore. He got Gosling and Bale interested in The Big Short – and there doesn’t even seem to be a script for it yet. Maybe this is the movie that Angie was saying the hacked emails that Brad was looking to make in 2016. Wait…does this make Brad a “go-to boy?” BBBBWWWWWHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Take that hens!

    PS – Yeah, I know…Brad’s been “go-to” for about 15 years now, but it’s still funny…

    PPS – FINCHER. That’s all I’m going to say.

  • wika

    Angie mentioned that Brad was going to make a movie in 2016?

  • valis202

    Wow. Brad and Plan B are involved in some truly outstanding projects.

  • JPFamily

    Reposting–as it a great response to those attacking Angie and Unbroken for apparently leaving out Louie’s message of faith.


    Rick and I went to “Unbroken” recently. We’ve both read Laura Hillenbrand’s excellent book, and bought an extra copy to loan out. Louis Zampirini’s story shows the strength of the human spirit to survive and the power of God to enable one to forgive and thrive.

    We’ve read reviews, and have heard a lot of complaining that the movie lacked the greater story of Zampirini’s conversion to Christianity at a Billy Graham Crusade, how he recovered from alcoholism, forgave his tormentors and returned to Japan to share the Good News of Jesus Christ. Hence, I went into the movie with eyes and ears wide open to see and hear what Angelina Jolie did with Louis Zampirini’s life story.

    The faith message was there from beginning to end, not with a hammer, but with a gentle hand of grace. I saw it in the way Louie’s mother was on her knees praying for her wayward son. I saw it in Pete who watched his brother running from police and taught him how to run toward the Olympics. I saw it in Phil, the pilot who prayed time and again and answered Louis’ questions about God as they drifted on the vast ocean. I saw it in Louis’ terror of death during the raging storm and his pleading prayer for salvation and the promise he made to serve God for the rest of his life. It took a while, but God never let go of him. Director, Angelina Jolie, made certain that message was spelled out at the end.

    One of the scenes that caught at my heart was Louis climbing the stairs to the Bird’s room after the war was over. Everything was neatly folded on the bunk, things stacked precisely on the desk. The Bird had left behind a picture of himself as a child standing by his father, a scowling hard-faced officer. Louis’ face softens as he looks at that picture, and I sensed a hint of God working on the heart of a man who could have spent the rest of his life filled with hatred and bitterness. I can’t remember the exact line, but I remembered the concept: pain for a short time, glory forever. Louis Zampirini was tortured and brutalized for a time, and God turned it around and brought forgiveness and healing to Louis and people on both sides of the Pacific. Maybe, like Pharaoh, the Bird hardened his heart so many times God allowed his heart to be hardened to the end. A life of pride opens the door to hell. Having read the book, I know that wasn’t the end Louis Zampirini hoped for Watanabe.

    On a personal note: This story hits close to home because Rick’ father, William Richard Rivers, spent three years in a Japanese prison camp in the Philippines during World War II. He was a civilian working for Pan American in Manila when the Japanese bombed the city on the same day they bombed Pearl Harbor. Dad was placed in Santa Tomas and then later moved and forced to help build Los Banos. He witnessed and suffered brutality and depravation first hand. Like Louis Zampirini, Dad wasn’t one to give up or give in, nor were most others in the camp. Together they smuggled information out and became participants in one of the greatest joint-armed forces rescues ever carried out in any war. The story of the Raid on Los Banos was shown on the history channel some years ago. After the war, Dad ran IASCO (International Air Service Company) who trained pilots for Japan Airlines and Lufthansa, among others. Louis Zampirini and Dad were members of the generation that not only won World War II, but also helped rebuild the countries that started it.

    As we walked out of the theater, I heard the conversations going on around us. Some complained the entire story hadn’t been told. Some thought the movie was okay. A few thought it well done. I kept thinking about the young actress in “Hackers” and the wild girl and all the wild stories about Angelina Jolie. I thought about the humanitarian work she’s done around the world and the stand she’s taken for women brutalized by war. And I thought about this movie – Unbroken. I think she has that kind of spirit. I also believe that what drew her to Louis Zampirini is the Spirit in him. Jesus. And that’s my continued prayer for her, that she will surrender completely to the One who loves them both, and each of us, even before we believe.

  • William Bradley & The Jolie

    According to Variety, Adam McKay is writing the script and directing.

    But what intrigues me is that is a Paramount Production.

    And given how badly Paramount has been messing up their marketing efforts, I hope Brad takes the reins on that aspect as well, kind of like he did with WWZ.

    And speaking of WWZ, I wonder what impact this may have as to when it starts production on the sequel? I would think that they can’t wait too much longer.

  • Alina

    I’ll watch..for Ryan of course. Brad Pitt doesn’t impress me at all, or Saint Angie for that matter.

  • well

    Nice- loved Moneyball adaptation (& the book), so this should be fabulous. Ok, so troll & troll media are excited that a man that fat tick doesn’t pay MIGHT do her? Hmmmm, even if the troll can’t understand BBT was joking, the troll (&troll media) should look at facts- fat tick is WAY too old for BBT- his women are usually 20-30 years younger than him. Anon2- saw your post about fat tick getting a pass on being so gross- f-bombing folks, etc. and that Angie would crucified- so true. Even when Angie was supposedly so “wild”(18-23 years old), she was never crude, rude, screaming at valets ,flashing her cooch for attention awards shows, or even using the “r” word…all things that fat tick has done on more than one occasion at a very advanced age. Such a double standard.

  • Passing Through

    Oops, my bad. I only skimmed the Variety story the first time. The Big Short does already have a writerdirector. Some guy named Adam McKay. I’m sort of bumming though because Fincher could kill it with something like this.

    I do remember now that Adam McKay is the comedy writer who’s a friend of Will Ferrell’s and co-owns Funny or die. He also wrote the original Anchorman, Step-Brothers and Talladega Nights. When they announced he was doing the adaptation he was saying how excited he was to get a chance to do something more serious but that still had comedic elements.

    He’s been working on this script for about 2 years, so I wouldn’t be surprised it films later this year. Africa is still in development so Brad does have a window to do this movie.

  • changeling

    From Variety:

    Fincher and Afflect are teaming again for a remake of a classic Alfred Hitchcock pic “Strangers on a Train.”

  • shoes4life

    It’s so funny they are missing the whole point that she called the person the “f” word. Not how TMZ has the title. Yet again it’s a passed off a funny, cool of her, and so on.

  • ali7

    If it was Angie the headline will be different & negative

  • William Bradley & The Jolie

    They’ve been talking about that at AwardsWatch. They’ve talked about Brad as a good choice for the second male lead.

    I think that may be a great suggestion. Brad could definitely bring the crazy.

  • JPFamily

    Throwback to Angie and Brad chatting to Christian and his wife at last years Oscars—
    Christian Bale and Sibi Blazic at the Oscars 2014

    Plus our gorgeous couple showing them all how it’s done—
    Brad Pitt and Angelina on the Red Carpet before he gets his first Oscar

  • shoes4life

    Totally. The same would be for the Kate butt grabbing. They would have called her all kinds of awful things. Yet the Oscar Beggar gets the all she’s having fun crap. It is just annoying and I am doing my best to ignore it but it’s hard sometimes.

  • Alina this Saint Angie’s website? Really? I thought it was Just Jared, not Just Angie. I love Ryan, so what’s your problem if a comment on a post that includes him? You’re sad..I don’t care about Jennifer Aniston, you pathetic loonie, you think the world is either with or against your idol? That just makes me sad, for you.

  • ali7

    And yet Angie kept wining that why she ignore the haters if u ignore haters good thing happen for her because Angie is not a mean girl she’s living her life as she want & that is a example to fellow she have a heart

  • changeling

    Wow, two big stars and Fincher…that would be phenomenal. On the other hand, it will be a big budget film considering these two command top salaries.

  • well

    Yeah, the Kate butt grabbing made me think fat tick was trying to be like her buddy Chelsea- so “edgy”…NOT. Heck, Kate could get fat tick charged for assault- it has been done for lesser actions!

  • Pitbully

    Ryan is great. Brad was awesome until about 10 years ago.

  • Pitbully

    Wow, what’s up with THAT comment? How rude!

  • Silk

    The big short?? Are they talking about the Pitt? Haha

  • Pitbully

    I am not a fatfucker yet, give me a few years. And I like Brad and Angelina fine.

    What’s your problem? Why all the name-calling and vitriol?

  • Alina

    I have no idea what you’re talking about, you’re obviously delusional.

  • Pitbully

    I am surprised JJ allows commenters like you on here. You probably scare a lot of potential posters off, thus costing JJ some $$.

  • Tweet Angie

    some jenhags are saying Ticky should be cast as the principal female role of the book. They say she proved now that she can act LOL

  • ali7

    Just ignore them please

  • Glenda Nichole

    Wow, you need to get a damn life if you are that butt hurt that Brad doesn’t do it for someone SAD TROLL

  • Pitbully

    A poster said she was looking forward to seeing Ryan Gosling….what is the big deal?

    Calling Jennifer “MANiston” is rude. She and Angelina are both gorgeous women.

  • trt

    See? Now you’re the bully. They will prod you and prick you and if you react, then what’s your problem? You’re a bully! You are insulting and worshipping a saint.

    We will just collapse them and ignore. They hate that more!

  • guest

    Man, B.Miller would be perfect for this. Not to crazy with the subject matter. This is going to need to have great reviews and buzz to succeed.

    With a Miller, Fincher, Martin S, etc you know what your getting. With a comedic screenwriter/director going a different route is a wild card at this point. Can go either way. Love the cast so far though.

  • Pitbully

    You started the bullying and was the first one to mention “MANiston” and call posters names. I don’t get it.

  • William Bradley & The Jolie

    I wonder. Since Bale and Gosling have signed on, I wonder if they will start filming this sooner than we think. Africa won’t film until the Fall, so Spring or Summer shoot? I haven’t read the book, but it seems like something that can be shot on the lot.

  • Saffron

    I went to see a movie today. In my theater, there was one other person besides us to make a total of three. I peeked into Unbroken to see how many people were there. There were about 35-40 and this was at 11:30 am this morning. I was happy to see that – still doing great! I asked the guy working there how it was doing and he said most of the people in the cineplex were seeing Unbroken.

  • trt

    Let’s see her (ticky) get some offers first from other studios and let’s see her put butts on seats. Then maybe Brad will offer her a job. But that could be never…LOL!

  • Pitbully

    The thing is, I don’t dislike Brad or Angie (or Jennifer for that matter).

    Maybe it’s time for you to get over something that happened a decade ago?

  • anustin

    Echoooooooniston…wer are you?

  • Guest

    I saw The Woman in Black 2…..and don’t laugh!! lol

  • shoes4life

    If Brad didn’t work with her back in the day, he surely will not be doing so in the future.

  • Jana500

    This would interest me but then I loved My Dinner with Andre. LOL! As much as I like Bennett Miller (Moneyball has become one of my favorite films for a number of reasons) this subject may need someone edgier though Miller could easily surprise.

    There are different angles to this topic that can be explored to interesting effect but this will never be a big money maker and I can’t imagine anyone involved is deluded into thinking it will. Brad and Plan B want to make films with narratives worth putting out there and they aren’t money or even awards driven.

    Gosling is so talented and a fascinating presence on screen – he was great in that small Clooney film. Anxious to hear what screenwriter(s) come aboard. Michael Lewis must have put up a shrine to Brad tucked away in his home cause not too many people even think they can turn his writings into film. ;)

    I’ll bet this film has noooo problem getting the needed financing and distribution. So great news.

  • Tweet Angie

    the problem is they are not joking. they even say that Angelina wouldnt mind LOL

  • Alina

    It’s useless to make a loonie understand that some people are not on team Saint Angie or team’s just useless.

  • shoes4life

    No, I don’t believe Angie would but it’s a pipe dream that he would ever work with any of the ex’s directly.

  • Anon2

    Ticky needs to follow these bartenders’ advice before Tacky runs away like the others before him. Anyone see that twitter pic, where she looks passed out in the car, with Tacky attending her?

  • Jana500

    LOL!!!!!!!!! That’s just magical thinking.