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Kristen Stewart Gets a Razzie Nomination, But a Good One!

Kristen Stewart Gets a Razzie Nomination, But a Good One!

Kristen Stewart looks business chic in her matching blazer and pants while leaving the Late Night with Seth Meyers studio on Thursday (January 15) in New York City.

The 24-year-old actress is currently promoting her new movie Still Alice, in theaters this weekend.

Kristen just got nominated for a Razzie Award and even though the awards show honors the worst in movies, her nomination is actually a good one.

Kristen is up for the Redeemer Award, which goes to an actor who has shown improvement in their work. She is being recognized for going from a six-time Razzie winner for Twilight to giving an acclaimed performance in Camp X-Ray. Also up for the award this year are Ben Affleck, Jennifer Aniston, Mike Myers, and Keanu Reeves.

FYI: Kristen is wearing a Sandro suit.

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kristen stewart gets a razzie nomination but a good one 01
kristen stewart gets a razzie nomination but a good one 02
kristen stewart gets a razzie nomination but a good one 03
kristen stewart gets a razzie nomination but a good one 04
kristen stewart gets a razzie nomination but a good one 05
kristen stewart gets a razzie nomination but a good one 06
kristen stewart gets a razzie nomination but a good one 07
kristen stewart gets a razzie nomination but a good one 08
kristen stewart gets a razzie nomination but a good one 09
kristen stewart gets a razzie nomination but a good one 10

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  • niagirl

    Looking good girl. Actress.

  • bailey

    Razzie still a razzie good for Kristen lol no Oscar for u 7 timer now what a joke

  • Dee

    holy crap shes killing me with the swag! great outfit!

  • caroline

    A joke would be Kristen beinf jobless, drugged, partying non stop, wasting her money in a man who’s taking clearly advantage of her, following a man talentless around the world and having for BF the most whoreman ever, a cabaret man, no less. STFO. Your idol is nominated in an Australian awards bc their movie is australian, that’s why. Same with MTTS. Canadian production: canadian award. He wasn’t even in any critic list, not even for a “posibility”, so you should go back to adore a druggie with no critic respect and his whore GF, who’s posing naked around, like her times in the cabaret. Bai, bai.

  • alex

    before or later the RAZZIES will be erazed…….are terrible award and make hurt to everybody who works in this place called HOLLYWOOD!!!!!!

  • rocknmovie

    Hmmm…. I guess you are talking about Robert Pattinson, who got plenty of praise and respect for The Rover, so get your facts right. He is also nominated for a Canadian award for Maps to the Stars. Still 3 foreign nominations is better than zero nomination, which is exactly what Kristen got this year. As for druggie, look who is talking… Wasn’t Kristen naked in On The Road, masturbating 2 guys at once?

  • caroline

    3 nominations?! Yeah, right. With 10 australian movies nominated of course he’ll have something, same with the canadian producing. FYI, OTR is a book, and she did a MOVIE, not a choice to act like that in stages, dancing like a cabaret girl in underwear. Praise? Tell me, did he was in ALL critics list as a posible contender? Nop. Zero. Nada. Niente. So, if she didn’t got an Oscar nomination, who cares? Rob didn’t too and at least she was considered since September from all critics. And of course he’s a druggie, you only have to look at that haircut, clothes and GF and you get why he has to stay high all the time. I hope Twigs enjoys all K’s sloppy seconds, including clothes and of course, the BF she dumped with trash bags out of her house and life.

  • IMOComments

    Awesome outfit. Love the lipstick color.

  • Lilly

    Ha hahahahaha seriously you’re always here and OTR was a movie robssesed nutjob , shouldn’t you be analizing the new BDSM video twigs has out the dominatrix loves her sub who lost his man card again lmao

  • Lilly

    She’s always here closet k fan didn’t you know?

  • Lilly

    Awe that’s every single k article girl, keep up the support you’re devotion is overwhelming , still Alice opens tomorrow run and get your ticket

  • HG

    Forget the lipstick did you see those killer shoes she had on ? I want them now !!!

  • HG

    I meant the hot pink ones on Seth Myers not those white ones I’m a heels kind of girl

  • Constance Cappadonia

  • IMOComments

    Agree! Those red heels she wore with this outfit were perfect. Girl can really set a trend.




    You obviously didn’t watch any of your lesbian, homewrecker, egotistical and demented mind since birth starlet dude Kristen Stewart. Rent her movies and see how good she is when it comes to stripping her flat chested straight body!!!! She is only good with another lesbian Alicia. No man would want your brainless whore lesbian favorite KS

  • Maggiemae

    shame on you!

  • Maggiemae

    Hers is a redemption razzie, which she is making better movies.

  • Maggiemae

    But who said he was masturbating on screen in Little Ashes? Huh?

  • Maggiemae

    Don’t worry. You wouldn’t have a chance. A lot of celebrities are flat chested except for those who have breast implants.

  • Lexi

    After those pics of Kristen kissing Alicia on the beach, I would think they would travel to NY together, but I guess it was just a short trip and Alicia stayed home. There will probably be more pap pics of them going for coffee as soon as she gets back to LA.

    She wants everyone to know she and Alicia are a couple, and parading for the paps is a good way to keep her name in the media, since she is unemployed and looking for work. A girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do. Let’s just hope she isn’t too despondent over being snubbed for any awards the is year. I thought she might have gotten an Independent Spirit award, but even they didn’t think she was good enough.

  • P.D. Padrick

    I hate to bust your bubble about the kissing pic, but I have been a professional photographer for 22 years and I know that pic was staged with angles to appear they were kissing. If they had been kissing for real, don’t you think the photographer that took that pic could have gotten them in the act instead of making it up.

  • Lexi

    There were 30 films eligible for the Australian version of the Oscars, stupid. You ignorant, backwards KStew stans are the biggest liars.

    It kills you that he got 3 Best Supporting Actor nominations and your loser got nothing.

    Her Oscar buzz was all fake, and she didn’t make the top 10 list of any respected critic. It was all hype, bought and paid for by her PR team.

    She’s the known drug addict, photographed 4 times smoking weed illegally. She’s one arrest away from being the next Lindsey Lohan.

  • Lexi

    The only druggie is the loser who’s been photographed smoking weed in public 4 times, Kristen The Stoner Stewart. She still smokes cigarettes, even though her dad had lung cancer.

    That shows how much of an addict she is. She couldn’t even quit cigarettes even though she knows how deadly they are. She has no self control, which is why she got caught cheating with Rupert Sanders.

    The girl is a trainwreck, it’s only a matter of time before she totally derails.

  • Lexi

    You’re no photographer, your just a KStew fan, willing to say anything to try and make her look better.

    She’s been living with Alicia for over a year, they have matching tatts that Alicia drew, they share clothes, jewelry, cars, spend every holiday together and this was the second time they went to Hawaii for a romantic getaway.

    BiStew is coming out and there’s nothing you can do about it. She’s not even trying to hide Alicia, they parade for the paps almost daily in Los Feliz.

  • Lexi

    She will always have those Razzies for Worst Actress, and she’s been snubbed by everyone else

    All her Oscar hype was fake, created by her PR team. That’s what she pays them for. She’s so desperate for validation by her peers, but she’s not getting it.

    Too bad Universal dumped her from her own SWATH sequel. But that’s what happens when you act so unprofessionally with your married director. I just hope she’s learned her lesson.

  • caroline

    Her Oscar buzz was FAKE?! YOU have the nerve to talk about fake?! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAAHHAHA…. Jesus! Thanks for the laughs. In reality, here on planet earth, he wouldn’t have those – “Australian version of the Oscars – (hahaha) id the movie wasn’t filmed in AU. You know it, I know it and everyone knows it. Rob is still smoking and not only that. Has a drinking problem. And he fucks a cabaret whore. If I was you insted of wasting my time in KS articles, I’d be worried about him.

    K can be with whoever she wants, girl, man or alien, doesn’t matter. At least, she’s not a trainwreck waiting to crash in no time.

    Good luck with the already 3 movie projects cancelled. Here’s hope for COAL!

  • caroline

    You have the nerve to talk about who pays who in order to validation?! Twugly? Does it ring a bell? You robsessed are really something.

  • caroline

    I’ve watched every single one of K’s movies. Excellent. Exquisit. Just like I’ve watched the one where a man fucks Rob in the ass. Poor man doesn’t have an ass, no abs, no nothing :(

  • caroline

    Unemployed? You really are something else, girl. YOU talk abou drugs, unemploymeny, PR, fake… Jesus Christ! Double check your words first, you look like a joke.

    She made 6 movies while your idol was snorting coke from Twugly’s vagina. She premiered 3 this year while your idol was like a dog following his whore around. She has 3 more to premiere this year and your idol? Oh, yeah, he’s going to Berlin *facepalm* I guess they know that wasn’t enough for Cannes and they had to premiere in Berlin.

    She doesn’t need to pay ALL critics, you think Ruth is that rich or that she just simply rules the world?! Surprised she doesn’t have more than 2 clients!!! HAHAHAAHAHHAHA… Your delusional ideas make you sound more stupid than you are. Do yourself a favor and go to the movies and buy R’s dvd’s. You REALLY help him that way.

  • Lexi

    Your BBgurl is the drug addict. She’s been photographed with weed illegally in public 4 different times. She has an addiction problem.

    She can’t even quit smoking even though her dad had lung cancer. That shows how addicted she is.

    Too bad there is zero evidence of Rob doing any of the libelous things you claim. You are a complete liar and fool. You have no credibility.

    Anyone can made stupid accusations, but you just make yourself look stupid, Caroline.

    The facts are that KStew is the one who’s unemployed, and begging Marvel to put her in the Captain America franchise. LOL forever. She’s box office poison and no studio will touch her, and neither will Rob, lmao. He upgraded and he knows it.

  • caroline

    You really don’t want to talk about BO, really, your boy will lose. Like always. Or explain to me why 3 movies got cancelled yet De Niro and Efron got green light to make a mafia movie. She’s no begfing for any role, if you weren’t that stupid you’d have read she mentioned bc she was comparing roles and said she could do it if the role was right for her, bc she was talking about indie movies vs blockbuster movies. But I guess since R hasn’t done anything releated you wouldn’t know.

    Zero evidence? How about NY when he couldn’t even wak straigh last year? Punching himself with the microphone at a ceremony because he was so deugged up with dilated pupils to see anything.

    And FYI, R stull smokes, guess he’s a bad person, too. 4 times with weed? Tell me those four times. One was when she was 18 and another one was last year, where marijuana is legal. You make such a bfd out that and don’t know almost half USA does it. Yes, even yoir perfect idol.

    And while we’re at that, if he still goes to the places he’s going wirh that famewhore, like the place they went yesterday, a trasveti bar, trust me, he’s not gonna find very well behaved people.

    Perhaps you should ask him why a “straight” couple feels the need to constantly go to gay stripper bars and drink themselves into a coma.

    He’s downgrade in clothes, girls, work, friends, haircuts and even places to go.

    If you can’t habdle the truth, then I guess you should be praying for him, maybe he’ll lose COAL too, since it was planned for January and he’s still following her whore like a sad puppy.

    When he’s done 6 movies back to back and then he gets the privilage to takena break and look 3 of those movies get excellent reviews, then you can talk to me. Meanwhile, go and fuck finger yourself with a Dior Pic, is all you have.

    And of course R wouldn’t touch her… K will not give him that chance again, probably he’s got herpes or AIDS if you look at the whore he’s fucking or he places he’s going. Maybe he can use those trash bags K gave him to get his things out of HL because no studio is hiving him money for his movies :( Poir thing. Another kick in the ass.

    Enjoy your idol’s trainwreck, it’s gonna be awesome to watch. It’s awesome since a few months ago and gets better with each day.

    And please, instead of being here in K’s articles looking for a fight, please go to the movies and buy his dvd’s, maybe then the studios will see his fans actually support him and doesn’t let his movies go down the toilet in the BO, like the worldwide released The Rover. Such a chame. But that’s karma, baby.

    Bai and stay pressed, K owns your ass, obviously, since you’re still here after being the first to comment in an article that shouldn’t concern you at all. Kisses!

  • Lexi

    You are a sick and disgusting excuse for a human being. You pile one lie on top of the other.

    Nothing you say makes any difference. Rob and Tahliah are happy and Kristen is with Alicia.

    You will never see Rob with Kristen again. Your life is pointless if you waste it fabricating lies about a man who doesn’t know you exist. For your own sake, move on.

  • caroline

    Look who’s talking! LMFAO! For YOUR own sake, MOVE ON and let Kristen go.

    And of course you also don’t know Kristen or Rob or Twigs so, get off your high horse.

    You’re only pissed off bc now you’re speechless. That’s what his fans do when they have nothing else to say.

    And yes, lke me, everything you said about Kristen doesn’t make any differenc in her life. Rob is “happy” and so is Kristen, so again, why did you feel the need to click on a K article and comment on it wirh lies? You were the first one.

    You are the one who clearly, hasn’t moved on.

    Good luck and Fod bless you.

  • Lexi

    Kristen’s fans have a reputation for lying about everything, from her cheating scandal with Rupert Sanders to her box office. The fact is that all of her indies have flopped. And Rob had 2 films outside of the Twi franchise to make profits, something her indies have never done.

    Box office Mojo doesn’t lie. If you want to talk money, Bel Ami, which was not a hit, made over $8 million. You can add the grosses for 3 of KStew’s films, WTTR, The Runaways and TYH, and they still wouldn’t add up to $6 million.

    There are flops and then there are massive flops. Her indies are massive flops. They don’t even make back the catering budget. CampXRay didn’t even make $10,000 when it was released last year, and it failed on VOD, too.

    Too bad her fans just can’t accept her failures or her choice for a life partner.

  • Tinita

    Las Mambas Negras, se quedan pequeñas en comparación a algunas personas que opinan en este foro, cuanto veneno escupen en contra de kristen, es sorprendente el nivel de odio por una chica que no conocen. Me preguntó si alguna vez escuchan sus propias palabras????

  • Lexi

    Lo que es sorprendente es el nivel de mentiras venenosas que se dirigen a Rob y su novia, que no han hecho nada malo. Kristen lo engañó en público con Rupert Sanders. Eso es un hecho. Ella demostró que no se podía confiar. Rob no ha siquiera la había visto en casi dos años. Es hora de seguir adelante. Consiga sobre él. Él no hizo nada malo, que ha permitido tener una vida. Usted no consigue algo que decir en el mismo, por lo que centrarse en su matrimonio y le dejas en paz.

  • penelope06

    Love her lipstick, does anyone know the brand?