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Katie Holmes Hits the Marc Cain Show During Berlin Fashion Week

Katie Holmes Hits the Marc Cain Show During Berlin Fashion Week

Katie Holmes strikes a pose on the red carpet ahead of the Marc Cain show during the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin held at the Brandenburg Gate on Tuesday (January 20) in Berlin, Germany.

The 36-year-old actress was joined at the show by Elizabeth Hurley. After the show, Katie hit up the Paris Bar in Charlottenburg for an after show party.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Katie Holmes

No word as to how long Katie will be in town for the fashion week – she just arrived in town the day before.

15+ pictures inside of Katie Holmes at the Berlin Fashion Week show…

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katie holmes berlin fashion week show 01
katie holmes berlin fashion week show 02
katie holmes berlin fashion week show 03
katie holmes berlin fashion week show 04
katie holmes berlin fashion week show 05
katie holmes berlin fashion week show 06
katie holmes berlin fashion week show 07
katie holmes berlin fashion week show 08
katie holmes berlin fashion week show 09
katie holmes berlin fashion week show 10
katie holmes berlin fashion week show 11
katie holmes berlin fashion week show 12
katie holmes berlin fashion week show 13
katie holmes berlin fashion week show 14
katie holmes berlin fashion week show 15
katie holmes berlin fashion week show 16
katie holmes berlin fashion week show 17

Photos: Wenn, Getty
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  • PennyLayne

    She looks so old. The pictures from the Daily Mail are even worse.

    She really really wants to be popular again but she just looks so awkward. Elizabeth Hurly who is 49 was sitting next to her and looked better, and hipper.

  • LighterNote

    The look is old and tired and rough. Makeup so forced. And I can never guess Liz Hurley is 49 yo already! Liz looks great.

  • Lisa

    Agreed Liz looks flawless.

  • Caryn Carrington

    She looks dreadful in these pictures. I think she needs to consult Kim Kartrashian if she is going to do the contouring thing. She looks tired, washed out and the make up makes her look 40 years old or older. What was she thinking?

  • CLX

    Kinda off that she took an entire look from a runway show and copies it exactly. The dress is cute but the look itself is overdone. Ditch the hat and it gets closer to a good outfit. (And it’s exceedingly rude to wear it inside – there is someone sitting behind her looking at a giant hat!)

  • Bambi

    Obviously the designer dressed her and wanted her to wear that outfit. If the clothes are on the catwalk, then they are not available in stores yet, so where do you think she got them?

    Katie looks gorg, although I do prefer the more natural look that she sported at the Globes.

  • CLX

    Yeah, I can see wearing the outfit, but she still should have styled it appropriately. That hat just doesn’t work. And even if the designer requested that she wear it, to me it works better if she makes it her own. Just copying the exact runway seems kinda lame.

  • KFlop

    Ariana Grande fans should fill a good number of seats for one of K-Flop’s next project releases – “Underdogs”

    Agree with a few of the other commenters, K-Flop looks aged beyond her years in these pics. K-Flop could easily pass for late-40′s, especially, next to Hurley.

    Also agree that she could have done without the hat. I mean why not show off how well Alterna works.

  • cyclesn

    Does anyone know how much she gets paid for these shows?

  • jane

    at least her hair is brushed and she isn’t in her usual frumpy jeans and sweaters. points for trying. but she does need help.

  • The Shadow Knows

    Oh just stop it. She looks wonderful and I guarantee she’s much more attractive than any of you. I’m so sick of the same few people spewing complete nonsense about her looking old or unkempt. It’s nonsense. She’s a beautiful woman. You mangy lot ought to try being supportive of other women rather than act like total biotches. I get this feeling that you’re all 13 year old, jealous, pimply faced Tom Cruise fans who still can’t get over the fact that she outsmarted your boy and showed him for the nutbag he is. Please grow up.

  • The Shadow Knows

    Yes CLX, because you’d obviously know that the outfit is styled “inappropriately”. Give me a break. She looks fabulous while you’re sitting at home in your pajama’s.

  • The Shadow Knows

    Probably as much as all the other celebrites that are invited.

  • Iarrthóir Fírinne


    Sorry I couldn’t resist. I perfer someone to be honest with me about my looks and my actions. Truth hurts sometimes.

  • Last Blonde In LA

    she is a beauty and she simply does not need all that makeup

  • Iarrthóir Fírinne

    It sad even in an animation you are still giving small parts or supporting parts. Katie name is the only thing showing in the trailer. Only thing going for her right now is her name. Katie needs find her own niche something that fits her and stick to it. The victim act and using the motherhood angle still indirectly connects her to TC. If Katie wants so badly to be more than Mrs. Tom Cruise stop using your dauhgter and the victim card. Prove to us or yourself that you are an actress before,during and after TC.

  • Nathan

    I think Katie looks great. Very SEXY. Love the boots the dress and the hat.

  • Ravensara

    Just saw a couple other sites and some suggest she had botox. Something is different in those cheeks.
    * Ever notice men don’t tell other men that they always have to support other men just because they are men? Only women say that. That is the silliest thing to assume you have to support or approve of something just because they are the same sex or same race. Another cop-out.
    * If Katie was all the things her fans said she was, beautiful and talented, her career would reflect it. It’s not like she hasn’t been trying hard to push forward. Her few fans can try and say it’s going fine, but even tv commentators have made jokes/comments on it. Ricky’s comment was only one of a several I have heard.
    * Tom Cruise? pfft. Who cares. Katie herself was a card caring cult of Scientology member. At least most people who join a cult do so because they think it will help them in some way. Katie joined a cult to impress some guy and be the wife of an movie star, even in the days of the internet and being warned about it. I am sure she wants to distance herself from what she did but I think most in the industry probably see her the way Ricky joked about: Someone who would do anything to be a star. That insincerity is what turns many people off her.

  • Bambi

    She joined the “church” the same way that Cruise did, conversion through marriage. At least she woke up and got her daughter out before those creeps could indoctrinate her.

    I used to get annoyed by the haters, but I don’t really care anymore. I actually find it rather amusing how someone who is supposedly so bland, boring etc. can rile people up so much. So continue to hate away while she goes on living her life.

  • Ravensara

    The pictures of her at the bar as well as the video of her leaving she is all alone aside from a minder.
    Who did she go with? Or was it a photo op to appear to be enjoying the nightlife?

  • The Shadow Knows


    What you and your little girlfriends are doing is no different than “fat shaming”. You truly don’t get why other women should be supportive. Its one thing to dislike a certain look, but to attack a lovely looking woman the way you all do is frankly disgusting. I’d like to see a picture of each of you. I want to see how perfect you are, I want to hear about how successful you are and I want to hear all about your perfect careers. Its not so nice when its turned on you, now is it?
    Finally, I’m not particularly a Holmes fan. I think she’s very pretty, but I’ve never gone to see a film solely because she’s in it. I’m simply a fan of NOT being a miserable human being to a total stranger who’s most likely doing the best she can with what she has to work with – which, more than likely, is waaaaay more than most of the hateful people around here have to work with.
    As for her relationship with Cruise, she made some poor decisions. I’d like to hear how perfect all your lives have been and how incredibly perfect all your decisions have been. The point is, you all are judging another woman for no reason and its petty, obnoxious and just plain nasty.

  • LighterNote

    I thought she went with HW’s designer wife?

  • Dani

    You know I’m starting to feel sorry for her. I realize she has money and a lovely daughter, but I think she wants to be an A lister in her own right via talent instead of her marriage. It is obvious that her agency/mktg team etc. is doing whatever they can to try and keep her relevant and liked. But if you look at her twitter/FB fan pages etc., compared to other A listers, B listers et al, she is lagging far behind them in likes or fans. Some of the moves she is making reek of desperation to remain relevant. People attack Kidman all the time for having films that bomb, but if you look at the combined domestic/international figures along with DVD, rental, streaming sales–almost all of them make money. Katie’s endeavors do not. I don’t know if it is bad luck or what, but take the Adam Sandler movie–that was his lowest producing movie in ages. Same with that horror flick she did. Her last films didn’t even see the light of day…they saw direct to cable and have made very little money. And at least in my eyes and others (from reading other blogs) her desperation is showing and it is uncomfortable to watch.

  • Bambi

    “Some of the moves she is making reek of desperation to remain relevant.”

    Care to give a specific example?

    BTW, the Adam Sandler movie that she did may have been dreadful, but for the record, it made way more money than some of his recent ones, like the one he did with Drew Barrymore, “Blended”.

  • Valais

    I agree with you Dani. It’s almost painful to watch now.
    I think it’s hard for Katie because she appears to be trying to be someone she isn’t again. She did that during the TomKat years and imo even though those clothes were nice they didn’t look right on her. I think the two years post divorce of her dressing messy and whatever was the real Katie. This recent outfit of course it was the designer since she was at the show but imo it really looked awkward like she was trying to be a hipster and cool and it just didn’t suit her. I agree she must be getting advise to do these things to try and be popular again but from what I see it isn’t going as planned. Surely she must be discouraged after all this effort and not to mention two movie releases that were huge disappointments. I don’t think she is doing these things to just “live her life” since it doesn’t appear to be her real personality. It’s her trying to be noticed and it comes off as just that.
    I checked her instagram since you mentioned that and even someone d-lister like Halaria Baldwin has more followers.

  • Bambi

    I thought her outfit was pretty conservative. She’s wearing a grey tunic dress, a turtleneck, and grey pea coat. I guess I could have done without the hat, but overall, it was a simple, classic outfit. Now if she had showed up wearing Liz Hurley’s outfit, maybe I’d agree that she was trying too hard to be edgy and cool, but I didn’t get that vibe from this outfit. Most of the comments that I read were positive, but then again, I didn’t go to many sites.

    In any case, I think Katie has been in the spotlight long enough to know that there will always be criticism. When you dress down, people say you should dress up more. When you dress up, people say you should dress down. So yes, at this at this point I think she is just living her life and doing what makes herself happy.

  • Caryn Carrington

    Agree totally. I think her PR firm is working overtime. Her creative agency the same. To get her out there. To make her relevant. To get her endorsements, movies and modeling assignments. To make her an A lister. Unfortunately for Katie it is not working. It is that old saying–you can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear. She seems nice. Has minimal talent. When dressed up she looks at times amazing. But she lacks charisma and doesn’t have that “it” factor. That combined with lack of talent doesn’t help.