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Dakota Johnson Is Nearly Naked & All Tied Up for The Weeknd's 'Earned It' Music Video - Watch Now!

Dakota Johnson Is Nearly Naked & All Tied Up for The Weeknd's 'Earned It' Music Video - Watch Now!

Dakota Johnson is bound up and nearly naked during a cameo in this brand new music video for The Weeknd‘s “Earned It” from the Fifty Shades of Grey soundtrack.

The very sexy video features lots of practically nude ladies performing on stage in front of The Weeknd himself. Check out the video below – but be warned – it’s very NSFW and features some nudity!

Fifty Shades of Grey is set to be released in theaters on Valentine’s Day weekend. Dakota and Jamie Dornan star.

The Weeknd’s ‘Earned It’ Music Video

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  • FiftyShadesAG

    amazing ♥

  • luna

    and then it’s an actress… lol

  • mary

    She seems all clumsy, looks like a doll hanging there, she has no
    sensuality in the body even the dancers are more attractive and sexy
    than her

    No wonder they said she looks like a dishrag

  • chloe

    This is so over the top that it’s more funny than sexy.

  • niagirl


  • DakotaJohnsonQueen

    Haters .. haha feel sad for you
    This girl is amazing and will succeed with Fifty Shades. Get over it

  • SkinnyFat

    What a piece of crap. Women will never learn. You’ll never see guys doing a video like that.

    I hope they credited Bob Fosse for the choreography they ripped off.

  • SkinnyFat

    “Amazing”? um, OK, if you say so.

  • Tina501

    When I see things like this…I stop wondering why women are treated like property and why men are raised to believe they are entitled to a woman’s body. Really dudes.

  • Marko Gordo

    wow she’s perfect

  • char

    ugh, man. They are really trying hard to market this girl into something she is not. Just another celeb’s sperm with an easy ride into Hollywood. BARF.

  • Lee

    Piece of meat

  • lurker2015

    Yes you will if you go to the gay porn/S&M section.

  • Anastatia Bagans

    Wtf is this?? Porn?? Amazes me what gets put out nowadays. I’m sick I seeing women being viewed like property or a piece of meat. On top of that this guy sings like a f*cking woman, screw off.

  • SkinnyFat

    Yeah, well that’s porn and not mainstream movies. jamie Doorman can’t stop saying he didn’t go full frontal because he has some self-respect.

  • NL

    I didnt mind the video, yet the girls dances moves were not in sync and they all looked like models that were taught dance moves rather than professional dancers…. either way think the video could have been done 50 esque without the overt bdsm theme. I could have done an entire video of things that appeared sexual but werent sort of like how dexters opening credits worked.

    feel me?

  • Victoria Elizabeth

    In the book Anastasia IS a dishrag. I think this is why Dakota was hired….together with being Melanie Griffiths. In all fairness I use to watch her show Ben and Kate and thought she was cute with good comic timing.

  • Victoria Elizabeth

    I agree.

  • crazy betty

    this video was shocking. I’m appalled at how everyone just flashes their vag and a$$ these days. the whole thing makes me feel sad.

  • Aline Beso

    a sick story, and very unlikely this would be a healthy marriage. Abuse towards women.

  • TeamBella76

    Ok a lot of us don’t agree with this but if people want to be entertained this way just let them ! If they don’t balance out what they watch and read it’s their fault.

  • Dee

    um what? please show me where he said that?? he’s already once done a full frontal photoshoot and admitted in a recent interview that it was the studios decision that they were allergic to penis and didnt want any full frontal. if anything he seems the type to be game.

  • elisa

    why did she accept doing this?? im sure there are other ways clasiser to promote this movie, i know is a sexual movie but still ,is degrading for her as an actress being treated like a stripper :/

  • Mike1288

    He did say that. It was even an article on this site.

  • Jess

    I agree. I loved Ben and Kate.

  • Lovely

    I wish I could vote you down a million times. Blaming women for the misogynist ways of men is just disgusting. You talk and believe what a true misogynist man would like you to belive. Women were treated like property way before stuff like this was happening.

  • anne

    gross! and what a terrible song!

  • carrie

    Before to be mean with her,look well the video.She wore some nude colored underwears. She’s not naked

  • SkinnyFat

    Google it.

  • SkinnyFat

    That’s not mainstream movies which is what I was referring to.

  • xyz

    What ppl wont do for money, including selling themselves…. Prostitutes are to be found not just in brothels, strip clubs or porn, thats for sure. They exist in all layers of life, thats the truth

  • xyz

    I wouldnt read the book for anything in the world, let alone waste my time watchin the so-called movie. Far more interesting things to see and do unless ure a sheeple

  • xyz

    This is the aim, normalization of abnormality. Sexualization of kids, objectification of women (and not just women, dont worry men arent spared either) and so on, all under the disguise of “progress”, “evolution”, “modernism”, “feminism”.

  • xyz

    Why should I hate such creeps, idiot?

  • Gabrielle

    Sexy song. The Weekend’s hair though….
    I will probably see the movie because Jaime Dorman is amazing. He’s dorky in real life based on interviews I’ve seen but I’ve also watched him in “The Fall” on Netflix and WOW.

  • nessquick

    She is so dull looking Even when she has this much makeup and hair done, she still comes across as the blandest one in the video, when she should be the most attractive one.

  • nessquick

    Ana is described as simple and plain when it comes to her clothing. but she is not suppose to be old looking and bland like dakota. Ana was suppose to have a beautiful face who just did not know how pretty she really is. Dakota looks tired and bland looking. That short video when she is wearing those rollers her face looks so old.

  • Dee

    ya im sure. because jared neeevver posts anything out of context.

  • Dee

    watta cop out reply. how about you just tell me??? do you know how many articles/interviews he’s done in just the past few weeks???

  • Victoria Elizabeth

    Maybe she’s better in the film. We’ll have to wait for it to be released..but really how comfortable is it being tied up in rope anyway? lol

  • Victoria Elizabeth

    I wish it wasn’t canceled :(

  • Tina501

    First of all, Really? Was I blaming women? I was speaking to this terrible video in general. The way it is focused on body parts seeming to say, do me anyway you’d like. Second, really? We have no responsibility in the way women are portrayed and sold to young men and even worse boys? As women, we are powerless to speak to misogyny?