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Sam Smith Responds Perfectly to Howard Stern's Awful Comments

Sam Smith Responds Perfectly to Howard Stern's Awful Comments

Sam Smith is speaking out with some perfect tweets after Howard Stern made some awful comments about him recently.

“Do you know what I love about that guy? He’s an ugly motherf–ker. He’s fat. And I love it,” the radio host said on his show. “You know what, he looks gay to me. Not that anybody looks gay but he does seem effeminate.

“I feel like that ["Stay With Me"] will be his only hit song. I’d like to get him in here and congratulate him on beating the odds,” Howard added.

Sam took to his Twitter account over the weekend to respond to the horrible comments in a perfect way.

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  • Bismark

    Well done Sam… Being the bigger person in this situation is the right thing to do. The fact that he didn’t start someting on twitter shows how mature he is.

    And Howard Stern is so WRONG… Sam is an exceptional Singer-Songwriter and will have more hits along with several Grammys.

  • KMS

    Hey isn’t Smith the dude that threw shade at reality contestants? Not being equal to ~real singer songwriters? Like TOM PETTY.

  • Dude

    If it was 1995, I would be interested in what Howard Stern has to say. Go home, grandpa.

  • Dude

    The notable thing I’d point out is that Sam has a symmetrical, young, fresher face. Stern looks like a caucasian raisin with a pube garden for hair. Most people under thirty don’t care who this old man is. Most people under thirty know who Sam Smith is. They might know Stern if they watch the carnival of brain death that is America’s Got Talent.

  • JC

    Stern is the the “ugly motherf–ker”. He’ll NEVER have the looks, charm, talent, or CLASS that Sam has. Wasn’t Stern the one who dressed like a woman before??

  • Lovelea Knight

    Yep he’s a no class ass. When my brother in law was killed in an accident, he made fun of it on his radio show. Stern really hurt some already hurting people.

  • Andrew Jayasinghe

    Some people get famous because of TALENT, they have to offer to others. The others try to be famous by insulting the TALENTED.. IGNORE is the best word

  • alyson

    Technology supports cowardly meanness! Disgusting that any living human with intelligence and any sort of self worth, would put down someone for the fun of it. When will these idiots see the sin of their ways?

  • kk

    I think Stern must like the men too–he keeps his hair so long and luxurious–perfect for running your fingers through—and his fabulous accessorizing with his cute earrings!
    But Mr Stern—-do you have a talent? lots of shock jocks out there–many before the best of you ran down your mothers leg! so why are you still around–noone wants to show you their breasts anymore–you are too old. Its just creepy. You are not a journalist… why does anyone put up with you? I love you were IGNORED on social media I hope it happens more often

  • Terry O

    Howard was right about him looking gay though…and he has come out as gay

  • Terry O

    Sam Smith has at least two big hits…so much for him being a one hit wonder…

  • happinessisawarm…..

    And your long running radio show is where?

    Oh yeah – NOWHERE

  • happinessisawarm…..

    Yeah right – we almost believe that one.

  • happinessisawarm…..

    But….he is gay, he came out awhile ago.

  • happinessisawarm…..

    What people have to realize is…this is Stern;s job. He is outrageous and everyone talks about him.

    Sorry folks, the more you talk about him, the more he will be around.

  • Dude

    I see that I’ve made another grandpa upset. His long running radio show is pay only with an older fanbase. Still unconvinced or do you want to measure dicks?

  • Larry

    Although mean, I can’t say I disagree with what he said.

    Except for the hit song part, I believe Sam’s had three hit songs so far.

  • no name

    OMG…and I suppose Stern thinks he himself if handsome..pukepuke. I don’t know how his wife can stand to have the ugly matchstick touch her.

  • no name

    Speaking of Tom Petty, I listened to Sam’s “Stay With Me” and Petty’s “I Won’t Back Down” and still don’t see the similarities in the songs. Don’t know why Petty shares song writing accolades and royalties with Sam, but the article I read earlier today said Sam was a real gentleman about it, much to the dismay of the blood sucking lawyers.

  • no name

    Speaking of Tom Petty, I listened to Sam’s “Stay With Me” and Petty’s “I Won’t Back Down” and still don’t see the similarities in the songs. Don’t know why Petty shares song writing accolades and royalties with Sam, but the article I read earlier today said Sam was a real gentleman about it, much to the dismay of the blood sucking lawyers.

  • ezra.jones

    LOL I mean who is Howard to talk? He looks like Barbra Streisand if she had been dead for 4 months.

  • Catarina

    howard hasnt much to offer anymore. if this is the way to get attencion, he might as well be shutted the hell up

  • liz

    gtfo howard. you are acting like a complete dickwad, as per usual. what did sam smith even do to deserve these nasty comments? so ridiculous. he SHOULD congratulate sam, but not for any reason other than being a successful artist with class and integrity. CLASS and INTEGRITY, just a few things of many that howard will never have. ;)

  • Lovelea Knight

    Believe it, it’s true and so Howard Stern. Why would I make up something like that.

  • arliss

    Sam Smith is a pathetic singer.

  • arliss

    yeah, Joe and Frank

  • arliss

    yeah, Joe and Frank

  • happy666

    Ugly men must die

  • benvad

    Act your age and by the way no one cares about you besides Bobo and Maryanne.

  • Lisa Travis

    Has Stern been hiding under a rock (or was this a strategic move)? Sam Smith is gay and I don’t think he hides it? And He has already surpassed the one hit wonder. But Stern got our attention which is his job–Sam Smith is not giving him any credit or any publicity though, lol–he gets the last laugh. IGNORE. great advice for anyone dealing with the haters.

  • Gotta Keep An Eye Out 4 Silva

    His gaga’s interviews are iconic tho…

  • She Stinks!

    Stern is a desperate tired has been clinging to remain relevant. Stern also has said how hot he is for Arianna Grande. He’s old enough to be her grandfather. Ew.

  • KMS

    Several DJs did mashups pretty obvious

  • plez

    Stern needs a reality check. He is old, ugly and wears a wig. He really is the wrong person who should be questioning looks.

  • Anthony

    howard stern is a”shockjock”–see? he is stirring up reaction from us right now ! he’s the skinny super hideous multimillionaire who makes money by saying ridiculous mean comments. Sort of like Rush Limbaugh….the fat hideous multimillionaire who does the same thing on radio! They both know exactly what they are doing!—they make millions,hand over fist; they both have millions of moronic trash followers ; and they both laugh all the way to the bank! They are both repulsive greedy classless jerks…..but they make one hell of a living acting like they do!

  • FractalReality~~

    What an ass. I guess you can’t expect much more from someone that would make fun of his wife’s miscarriage on air.

  • FractalReality~~


  • JEN

    Sam you are so gorgeous and I love your music!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Duane Bamba

    There will be those who like him and those who don’t. Nobody is perfect, so there’s nothing for Sam Smith to worry about. Sure, Howard Stern think he’s ugly, but what about those who don’t think he is? So don’t worry.

  • TheKritik

    One jew,insulting another.

  • Blake

    that is the perfect response? wow

  • Blake

    he may be ugly, that does not change the fact that this sam smith person, whoever he is, definitely looks gay


    LOL look whos calling someone ugly ,the poodle himself what is Stern if he had no cash? maybe a poodle on a leash a dog stud, nah.. hes not even a I don’t know Sam I just don’t like Sternacious


    stern new plastic surgery is making look like SKELETOR

  • Amused

    Wait, Stern actually called someone ugly? I mean yeah Smith IS effeminate, but heck, in the 80′s the rock stars all dressed up like a chick and wore more makeup than Bozo the clown. The fact that Stern had the stones to call ANYONE ugly is the only shocking thing here.

  • Twason Wiser

    And why is this news? You should investigate the Stern’s charity, Animal League, and find out where all the donations have gone.

    We’re told that the entire proceeds of Beth’s book (“Yoda”) are supposed to go to the North Shore Animal League animal shelter in New York. Investigating this organization, I found it is rated as one of the lowest animal shelters in the nation in percentage of money going towards the animals versus administration (read: salaries; the directors at NSAL all pay themselves high 6-figure salaries there and sponsor million dollar galas for themselves throughout the year) with only approximately 30% of solicited donations going to the animals’ benefit. The Sterns have been beseeching donations from celebrities and former fans for a $7+ million dollar expansion to this organization’s shelter for over 4 years now, but surprisingly there is no breaking ground of the project as yet. There is no published public accountability of the current accumulated donations and expenses of their Bianca Furry Friends efforts over the last 4 years either. Of course, if the Sterns really had no interest in keeping this simply a vanity exposure project for Beth – she gets to play dress up, get photographed, and make television appearances – they could have easily funded the entire project anonymously years ago, but that would have been the quiet, unnoticed, benevolent, and correct thing to do.

    Investigate the author online and you realize very quickly that the near 50-year old Beth Stern has no children of her own, and seems to be using small docile animals as psychological or maternal replacement props for some sort of weird self-attention, self-seeking, celebrity status. Most of the photos of her so-called “rescuing” animals include 10-14 week-old kittens in photo shoots stuck down her dresses with mostly Beth front and center; cute little kittens which would have absolutely no problem being readily adopted at any legitimate animal shelter nor have any need to be fostered for a few weeks at any of the Stern’s mansions.

    Initially you’re taken aback by the absolutely strange giant “look at us!” photo of the supposed author Beth Stern (though the book is actually reportedly written by a Disney contracted ghostwriter for hire named KA Alistir), Beth’s husband, and Yoda the Persian cat on the back cover of the dust jacket – there is no other children’s author that has ever done this. If you didn’t already know, you might be surprised to realize the husband is Howard Stern — the once “king of talk radio” in the early ‘90s with the dump button who basically all but disappeared to satellite radio about 10 years ago, doing only 2-3 hour interview shows a few times a week for reportedly 60-70,000 listeners now; a near billionaire resting on his laurels as it were. Beth says he stays away in his room learning watercolor painting and modge podging. I guess you can’t blame him for cashing out. He’s also one of the judges on TV’s “Americas Got Talent”, but since he’s been onboard ratings at that TV show are at their all-time lowest too. One of his continual pet projects seems to be getting his wife Beth some type of celebrity status over the years, and publicists I talked with say that he’s financed this entire Yoda book project behind the scenes, as he’s done many others for her, as one of those rich-wife vanity projects to keep her out of his hair (?) so to speak.

    When will the media get off the Stern hypocrisy train and investigate this?


  • ImCleaningMyOven

    Howard Stern “Big Byrd” The Only Guy In The World That Has A Nose Bigger Than His Penis! Ya Think Beth Ostrosky Would Be With Him If He Wasn’t Worth $500 Million? Cha Ching! Beth Probably Has To Sit On Howie’s Face With His Her Box On His Big Schnoz To Get Off… Leaving Her Sh!t Hole Right Over That Sewer Of A Mouth… Bloop! Bloop!… So How’s That For A Slap In The Face That Sammy Smith Just Won 4 Grammys 3 Major… Good For Her! You Go Girl! lol ;D

  • Will Smith

    Who is Howard Stern? I know Sam Smith is a very good singer.

  • Flintstone

    Which insane asylum are you in??

  • Caleb Oliveira

    That’s the point of his show! None of you have ever even listened to it so how do you know? Howard makes fun of everyone including himself, and that’s made him 500 times richer/famous then smith will ever be. He had one hit song and it was plagiarism. Now that’s trying to be famous by insulting the talented.