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Taylor Swift Is Back Online After Her Hack, Denies Any Nudes in Existence

Taylor Swift Is Back Online After Her Hack, Denies Any Nudes in Existence

Taylor Swift is back in action on Twitter after being hacked earlier in the day!

The 25-year-old entertainer announced she was back in business with a fun tweet, “Cause the hackers gonna hack, hack, hack, hack, hack..” referencing her hit “Shake It Off.”

Taylor also referenced that there are NO nudes of her, which was a rumor spreading after the hacking. “PS any hackers saying they have ‘nudes’? Psssh you’d love that wouldn’t you! Have fun photoshopping cause you got NOTHING”

If you missed it, find out what the hackers tweeted on Taylor‘s account and see her response on her Tumblr.

Click inside to read all of Taylor’s post-hack tweets…

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    Sassy Taylor is my favorite Taylor!

  • Tomax

    She’s lying. Every girl keeps nude pics on their phone.

  • WWilson

    That’s too bad, I would love to see her nude. She’s hot!!

  • mafragias

    u hang out only with hookers?

  • james

    like 3 of her dm’s have been leaked

  • J@m3z

    Yeah I seriously don’t think there is any nude picture of Taylor…

  • tjp77

    Yeah, but unfortunately it looks like they only hacked her social media accounts, not her phone itself. I doubt she has any nude pics on her Twitter or Instagram DM’s. If they got her phone then yeah, for sure.

  • Legendary Trolly

    U must be retarded, Taylor’s image is that of a good girl but she is just a regular female. Nothing special. She can have any guy she wants and I bet she has gotten laid with millions of good looking famous guys behind the scenes. She typed the photoshop post to be slick. So if any pics leak, she can just say its fake and people like u will believe it. The fact she even made that comment about photoshop made me suspicious that they DO have nudes of her. Im tuned in.

  • J@m3z

    No I’m not. She is not acting like a good girl that’s what she really is. Even the leaked dms shows that.
    (And who keeps nude pics on Twitter or Instagram anyway? )

    But if that’s what U wanna believe then go on.
    Stay tuned. I’m sure hackers can make something up to keep you entertained.

  • Legendary Trolly

    Taylor is a regular female. She has s*x and lives her life. She was even caught making out with some chick. U are young and dumb if you believe she just sits at home and doesnt have a s*x life. And why did she mention photoshop? That suspicious as hell. She knows that if pics are leaked she can just lie and say they are photoshopped and dummies like you will believe it. But why would she say that BEFORE any pics get leaked? Thats some suspicious azz shiat like she tried to be slick.

  • J@m3z

    When did I said she doesn’t have a sex life? All healthy people have a sex life. I don’t know why you think having sex is a bad thing.
    I said there is no nude pics of her. And I’m sure of that.
    Yes she lives her life but the way she lives her life is far from sleeping with millions of good looking guys. Not everybody lives your way!!
    And she never made out with Karlie Kloss they were trying to hear each other over the laud music at that concert.
    Imagine somebody tells you “I have you mother’s naked pics” What would you say? You’d say: “Of course you have. You have some Photoshopped pics. good for you.”
    That’s what Taylor said. What did you expect her to say? And for the record, she said the same thing way BEFORE than that! In a September interview with Rolling Stone Taylor emphasized she has NO nude picture. And I believe her.

    I’m sure you are nothing but a 15 year old teenage with an strong imagination and trust issues! Calling people dummy and insulting them is exactly what kids at your age do. So keep playing detective and have fun with it!

  • Brian Green

    Don’t try to talk with this brainwashed people. Her PR-Team gave taylor this “Nice-Girl-Image” and the media is burning this in many brains of the people. Maybe she is nice but i think behind closed doors she is not so nice. For me she is just a fake. I hope one day she will show her real face but she did it still so many times but the people can’t see it.

  • Legendary Trolly

    I dont sleep with millions of good looking guys I am a man. Any YOUNG woman in her position is going to be having allot of fun. You make it seem like sleeping with allot of guys is bad, and basically you dont feel she’s a bad person. Its nothing wrong with her doing it, and she IS doing it. She DID make out with Kloss. Didnt she put out a statement denying it? Why put out a full statement on something so trivial? Normally she wouldnt even entertain it. She’s just a young pretty girl and she IS going to make out with women and experiment. She’s not jesus dude. If someone said they had naken pics of my mother I wouldnt outright call them a lie, because my mother is a woman and she is going to go out and live her life. I wouldnt be naive enough to think that just because she’s a “mother” that its something he wouldnt do. Of course Taylor would say she has no nude pics in Rolling Stone because she is going to protect her image. Images of her actually came out and she lied and said they were photoshopped as well then threatened to sue over pics that arent her lol. Im 27 and I have so much experience. I called you a dummy because to ME she is a regular female and I am very much certain that she has probably slept with tons of people, like any woman in her position would. I think its foolish for someone to look at her IMAGE, and use that to paint what type of person she is behind the scenes. Their was a point in time where she would be pictured with one guy on one day, and Taylor Lautner the very next day. A young single rich female is going to sleep with a guy on a monday and another guy on a tuesday. Doesnt make her a “h*e” Just makes her confident in doing what she wants as a woman. Women CAN do what Men do. And she is just confident to do it. She even hooked up with B.o.b and the media never knew about it. U dont know shiat lol

  • Legendary Trolly

    I dont think she is mean, or fake. I just think she’s a regular female and being, rich, pretty, young, with tons of options Im certain she has/is sleeping with everyone. I dont think thats bad. I just hate young idiots who think that just because she’s a good person, that it relates to her s*xual desires. She probably desires all types of good looking guys and since she can have them, Im certain she is having them.

  • J@m3z

    Legendary Trolly and Brian Green!
    I believe what I see. I don’t have your Imagination to make things up.
    People like you can’t be reasoned with. You claim anything you want and accuse people for something they have shown no sign of doing! God, how pathetic you are…

  • Legendary Trolly

    WTF did I make up? You believe an image when you dont even know her. Brian made claims that she was fake and mean behind the scenes. I NEVER said those things about her and I disagree with him. I made claims that she probably does have nudes and I even noted that some have been leaked and she called them fake while threatening to sue. I pointed out personally that she has hooked up with B.O.B. but you dont know anything about it. I live here in LA, and The Game has even bragged about hooking up with her behind the scenes but no one in the media knows about that. You dont even know this chick but all of a sudden your going to tell me about her s*x life. Im a grown azz man fkkk I gotta lie for? You called me pathetic dude grow up. Ur a little baby