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Bruce Jenner Will Document His 'Journey' on New Docu-Series (Report)

Bruce Jenner Will Document His 'Journey' on New Docu-Series (Report)

Bruce Jenner has reportedly been documenting his life in his own docu-series that will address his feelings over the last several months.

The 65-year-old reality star and former Olympian will take the spotlight in the series which has been shot from his vantage point, TMZ reports. Sources say that the series will also follow Bruce‘s interaction with his ex Kris Jenner and his kids.

One source said that Kris “lost it” at one point.

Kim Kardashian recently gave an interview talking about Bruce‘s “journey” and says she supports him no matter what.

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  • Penny Dreadful

    Sheesh. We truly are living in a strange era. A 65-y/o man, after having 3 wives and multiple children, decides he really is supposed to be a woman.

    Does it never occur to anyone that this might be a mental health issue and not something to encourage and celebrate? The knee-jerk reaction to hail this as a bold and courageous journey is something I cannot understand at. all.

  • Joolz

    I completely agree. This is just strange. Who would want to watch this crap anyways? These people will do anything for fame and money.

  • billybobfrankwashington

    Is this “journey” the crap the tabloids have been going on and on about???

  • Dude

    Bruce Jenner was born in 1949. Different generations have different levels of acceptance. The farther you go back in time the worse it gets. Feeling male/female on the inside when it doesn’t match your exterior isn’t a mental condition. It’s a literal, actual genetic thing (sorry to hurt your feelings) – it can be a mutation, transposition (its a sort of jumping thing genes do on chromosomes).The marriage kids thing – it stems from the fear to be truthful. A lot of men who transition into women are legitimately attracted to women. As in, they feel they are a woman inside but they still have heterosexual desires. It’s not all cases but it exists. Though they are definitely capitalizing off his ‘journey’ by making it into a TV show. They’ll probably say its for the sake of awareness but I’m not convinced. Your opinion isn’t science.

  • TigreBlanco

    Fucking freak show all around.

  • Elbert Dempsey

    Please tell me no one cares. Are we so starved for entertainment that we have to encourage every misfit and idiot in society to make a movie or write a book? How pathetic! Oh I am so sorry. Went back and found that Kim Kardashian has endorsed it. Now I know for sure it is stupid and inane.

  • Penny Dreadful

    Unless you’re a scientist who has personally looked at the genes of the persons in question, your opinion is pure nonsense and has no bearing on reality.

  • timmytot kasner

    bruce’s body has been flooded with estrogen – apparently from all the hormonal residual in the houses- at any rate bruce is sprouting boobs and probably has a very demure little puss tucked away between his legs…and his a romping gelding now ! hoo ray..

  • mhatter13

    Um… no. There is no evidence linking any specific mutation or transposition to transsexuality.

  • Dude

    I’m not a scientist. I haven’t worked in a lab, I don’t have an MD, certainly not a genomics fan (not the fun branch of genetics, trust me). Im crap at micropipeting (always was bad at spelling that). But I can guarantee I’ve taken more classes on it than you (which I’d be happy to confirm). I can link you to a shite ton of peer-reviewed papers as well. Want to travel there? I’ve got the engine running.

  • Dude

    Really? Cite. I’m ready baby. Can’t link on the comments section. Tell me where to send. God’s email address?

  • Penny Dreadful

    “I’m not a scientist. I haven’t worked in a lab, I don’t have an MD”

    Enough said. I salute you for your honesty at least. Unfortunately, you need to drop the pseudo-science blabber and pick up a dictionary to learn about the meaning of irony and hypocrisy.

  • Penny Dreadful

    For sure, Kris cut his balls off decades ago and has been wearing them herself.

  • Dude

    ….Pseudoscience? Please, make me smile and tell me what you think pseudoscience is. Also while you’re at it, dazzle me with your definition of irony. I’m getting wet with anticipation.

  • Anna Lee

    They already promoted the new K season by showing that he will talk about “what he’s going through” on the show. I don’t think we need two shows with the same thing. On the other hand, I hate that I almost admire how smart these people are in keeping us talking about them and therefore making them more and more rich/successful.

  • Penny Dreadful

    You need to stop. No one is buying your silliness. YOU ARE NOT A SCIENTIST. YOU ARE NOT A DOCTOR. You’ve stated that with honesty, yet here you are trying to push science on a total stranger. Let it go.

  • Penny Dreadful

    You’re not a scientist. You’re not a doctor. You’re not a geneticist. PERIOD. We don’t care two sh*ts about your “papers” and “links”.

  • Arthur Radley

    Wow, no thank you.

  • Bill Torro

    What this really demonstrates is the lengths someone will go to when reality TV money is waved at them.

  • disqus_zzI3Q5QqO8

    Wait, is ANYONE here a scientist or doctor?!?!? If not, then I guess we don’t have to listen to your opinion here either. Personally, I’ll take a peer-reviewed paper from a non-scientist over someone’s opinion that stems from beliefs.

  • Frick

    horse hockey!!!

  • Frick

    Oooohhhh, now I remember WHY I refuse to pay for tv!!!

  • Anthony Magnia

    You don’t have to be a scientist in order to understand how electricity works. You don’t have to be a Physicist to understand how gravity works. You certainly don’t have to be a Doctor nor a Scientist to understand how Gender Dysphoria (Transexualism) works; you simply need to be aware of the facts and be able to understand how they work. “Dude” obviously understands things is trying to help you learn as well. Your comments are very standoffish though, so I’m not surprised that “Dude” became more confrontational as the conversation continued…

    I’m not going to get into a discussion with you about research or peer reviewed papers because you obviously don’t care to look into them and learn a little more about the topic, but I WILL say that you were exactly right when you said it was a mental health condition. Bruce’s decision to transition to a woman is understood to be an issue with his mental health (specifically his own belief of the gender he feels he should embody versus that he was born in).

    Also, it hasn’t even been confirmed if Bruce is Trans. He’s long been a confirmed Transvestite, but he’s been denying transexual rumors. This could simply be about his “emotional” journey, not his “gender/transition” journey.

  • Nicole Castonguay

    My god Dude and Penny! Stop bickering. You’re on the freakin’ internet. It’s very easy to solve your argument – just GOOGLE IT! Sheesh.

  • sam russell

    No one ( sane or insane), should be judged or bullied when they have harmed no one. Go to church and ask God why you need to spread discomfort.

  • julianne

    I think Bruce and Kris planned all of these chaos…they are doing all kinds of intrigues so people will keep on watching them…because if Bruce is really sick and tired of Kris then how come he is always there? Even on her birthday? In the show?

  • Penny Dreadful

    No, you DON’T have to listen to my opinion — because it’s just an OPINION — and furthermore, I didn’t claim any scientific expertise along with my opinion. I didn’t even make a statement about Bruce Jenner’s issue. I made a SUGGESTION.

  • Penny Dreadful

    LOL, you think this is bullying? Really? You poor whining cry-baby.

  • eunice

    the new Michael Jackson

  • Carmen

    It is sad that it took him so long to figure out who he wanted to be, that’s for sure. I wonder if being part of such a crazy family just pushed him over the edge. Maybe he just went nutso and snapped and decided to change his gender all of a sudden. Why go through three marriages and 65 years? I blame the looney, out of touch, narcissistic family.

  • TheKritik

    What a sick man.

  • Motivated Meow

    It’s just so hard to believe. A once very masculine gold medal Olympian now getting a sx change? Seems like we’re all being duped. Right??


    You will have been “duped” when you watch his “reality” show and after 5 episodes realize that the show is just about him going through a divorce and has nothing to do with him being transgender.

  • Motivated Meow

    U know I was thinking the same thing. I feel like this is a hoax by the K family. It just doesn’t add up.

  • Bill Lackland

    Another sicko.


    u sure didn’t hurt my feelings, because your full of s?xt!

  • malaika354

    Your response is very insightful and understanding. I’ve learned a lot. I must ask: Are you a doctor? I would like to post you comment but I wouldn’t do it without your permission.

  • malaika354

    ooops! never mind. I got my answer.

  • melanie d. raney

    Thank you for your thoughtful comment. The fact he supposedly has selected ‘Belinda’ as his transitioning female name has been pointed out as very meaningful: Linda was his second wife’s name so he chooses ‘Be-Linda’, in effect, which I find intrigingly interesting! Mr. Jenner appears to be a deep soul who is following his own road in his 65th year. Best wishes to him and also for escaping the Kardashian wing of the family (t.v. wersion.)

  • melanie d. raney

    Mr. Madhatter, you apparently flunked Genetics 101=homosexuality is now, rightfully so, considered a mutated gene. There has been extensive research published on that fact. This is not something anyone is out on a golf course and suddenly decides to do. People should try to understand transsexuality is ancient and in all cultures. Some committed suicide because they had no recourse/outlet for their feelings. Thanks again Dude. Love your ‘name’=

  • melanie d. raney

    Penney Dear, you need to lose the piggy pic with her head in the clouds=it robs you of your credibility, if you had some.

  • melanie d. raney

    Penny go take a nappy wappy and give it a rest. You are making a fool of yourself, girl.

  • melanie d. raney

    Oh, gosh, I give up. What we need is vulture drones able to swoop down and take away laptops from some people.
    Don’t post if you don’t have anything to say. Please.

  • Penny Dreadful

    You’re 12 days late, you idiot.

  • Penny Dreadful

    Still 12 days late, moron.