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Jennifer Lawrence & Adele Reunite, Dine at Celeb-Studded Night at Craig's (Exclusive)

Jennifer Lawrence & Adele Reunite, Dine at Celeb-Studded Night at Craig's (Exclusive)

Craig’s was the restaurant to be at last night, filling its tables with more A-list talent than most awards shows. has all of the exclusive details on who sat with who at the celeb-studded West Hollywood restaurant!

Jennifer Lawrence and Adele, who crossed paths with each other at Craig’s last week, dined together this time in a corner booth on Thursday (January 29).

Jen and Adele were both in very good spirits the whole night,” a spywitness tells Just Jared. “They were both wearing heels and dressed in head-to-toe black. Jen wore her hair down in a straight bob and looked super cute!” The duo were joined at the table by a male friend and Dior‘s Director of Entertainment Relations, Stacey Kubasak.

Simultaneously on the other side of the restaurant, Jennifer Aniston, Sandra Bullock, and Chelsea Handler had a girls’ night out. “Jen, Chelsea and Sandy were all chatting and laughing all night long,” another source tells JJ. “They were all at the same booth with Sia. It really felt like a Hollywood power women dinner!”

Other fun faces eating at Craig’s last night included Ryan Phillippe, Rachel Zoe (with gal pal Kelly Sawyer), Larry King, Phoebe Price, Joanna Krupa, Linkin Park‘s Mike Shinoda, fashion PR guru Sahar Sanjar, and Jennifer Lopez‘s stylist Rob Zangardi (with TV producer Nicolle Yaron).

No wonder why Craig’s is always booked!

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  • forrest gump

    ‘licking’ as dessert?

  • Denise

    Sounds like a business dinner. The question is..paparazzi??? ‘Celeb studded night’ and no pics??! Someone dismiss the paparazzi!!!

  • TeamBella76

    My favorite actress and singer couldn’t be happier ! I would take Jen and Adele over Jennifer Aniston, Chelsea and Sandy in a heartbeat !

  • Scarlett

    Why is this relevant to anything? Just let these people go out to dinner instead of having someone, presumably to do with the restaurants PR, telling you who was in there ‘exclusively’. I’m assuming you’ve been paid for this ‘article’

  • KenyaSmith

    the only good one there The Queen, Adele

  • Courtney

    I was thinking the same thing! No other tweets that showed they were at the restaurant and no pics? It probably was a business dinner or something of that nature if a Dior person was there as well, given Jen’s history of being associated with Dior. At least Jen and Adele were having a nice time. No mention of Chris either!

  • cee

    JJ come on now. Power women? The only power they have is through their publicists, who obviously you have hesrd from. Now they all know where to be seen. Power women hahahaha!

  • Denise

    All these celebrities and no trace?? Hard to believe. West Hollywood..famous restaurant. Maybe the paps were at the bathroom!

  • Claire

    You must be a powerful woman to have a publicist.
    Especially the best one.

  • Name

    Sounds a lot like the restaurant’s PR is behind this. Maybe Adele and Lawrence were there, maybe not. Maybe at this dinner, maybe not at the previous one last week.

    Considering at both there were no tweets about them (other than the one Troye guy last week, and that’s suspect) and no pics from paps of them entering/exiting, it’s hard to believe it’s not coming from the restaurant’s PR.

    Best way for any restaurant to get more business is for the *common folk* to think if they go there for dinner, they might see celebrities.

  • Courtney

    Craig’s already has a good reputation though. Don’t know why they would need to make things up for more PR. I agree that this dinner is suspect (I mean, it’s in West Hollywood aka pap central), but if it happened, it was likely a business meeting between Adele and Jennifer because of the Dior manager who was there as well. Both women are pretty good at keeping out of the limelight when they want to be and it’s highly unlikely that they’ll use each other for PR. Jennifer very much admires Adele and I’m sure Adele feels the same. If these two are going out to dinner, why aren’t the tabs writing fake romance stories about them? ;)

  • Name

    Aside from the Lawrence/Adele and Aniston/Bullock/Handler groups, look at the other celebs listed. Not exactly ones that would make others want to come to the restaurant in hopes of seeing them.

    So of course the restaurant’s going to play up the dinners by any A-listers they do get. It’s just strange that we’ve had 3 different stories of dinners by Lawrence and Adele there in less than 2 weeks, when we’ve never heard of either of them dining there before. That’s why I think the restaurant’s PR is behind this.

    And no, I never said Lawrence or Adele would use each other for PR. But I certainly think the restaurant would use them for their own PR.

  • Denise

    To me this dinner is never happened. I have this feeling…come on,four/five/six celebrities at the same restaurant in WeHo..and not even a pic??? Never seen anything like this! Besides, Jen and Adele at the same restaurant (Craig’s) twice in a week?? I don’t believe it. This sounds like all the alleged dates between Jennifer and CM..without pics, without proof..just blah blah blah. Someone give false news.

  • Denise

    Eonline and other big tabs are silent about this dinner..or i am wrong?!

  • Courtney

    Ah, okay.

  • Ethery

    My only living favorite actress Jennifer Aniston couldn’t be happier! I would not mess or will not bother her on her errands in real life.
    You are right JBA only a few people could see the gem of an artist or actress which is in Jen A.

    Straight is the gait that leads to destruction, narrow is the road to the path of life but few people find that way.
    If the world or majority of people do not like you it is because there is something within in you that started to grow like a mustard seed of faith, it changes you from inside out. I don’t know what that is in Jen A, but it seems the enemy of God is not on her side now, it means God is on her, which is part and partial an answer to my prayer . Yes lol
    I’m happy I will see her in heaven. :-)
    The end of the world is coming soon. We must be ready for the coming of Jesus Christ in the air as a devouring fire to the lost. Time is short. We must repent from our sins, obey God’s commands thru His words in the Bible, and be baptized by immersion of water so the Holy Spirit will live inside us and changed us when Jesus Christ comes the second time.

    It would be our utmost joy to watch and pray, watchful and waiting for His glorious return in the air with thousands of His holy angels to pick up or harvest His saints sleeping 6 feet under and the living saints who are ready to meet Him in the air.
    He will bring His saints to heaven. Everything in heaven is different, joy, love, peace, goodness, faithfulness, brotherly kindness, patience, meekness, temperance abounds in the hearts of every citizens in heaven. There is no more sorrow or death, nor pain nor crying for sin is not an option in heaven.

  • Courtney

    Do you think that was the motive for the restaurants that described Jennifer and Chris’s “dates” last year? Advertising?

  • Ethery

    I will no longer eat excitotoxins or (MSG) monosodium glutamate, or natural flavors, I will no longer eat refined sugar, I will no longer eat cooked refined oil in heaven, because those things which are harmful to my body do not exist there (in heaven).

    I have learned that cheese are stools of microorganisms. Our body do not break down cheese in our body. It stays in our body as toxic or as cataract to our eyes on our old age. For sure cheese, cigarettes, liquor, medications, fried pork, etc. do not exist in heaven.

    If you stop eating cheese or cow’s milk, seafood, animal flesh meats now, you will probably avoid the nemesis of having a cataract and arthritis at old age.

    For me Cake is the best 8 million dollar film of 2014. I respect Rachel Morrison’s work as DP. If you have seen Cake over and over again you will notice that the script brings justice to the authenticity of every role players, that every words uttered on each character should be as truthful as to what is happening in a real world. Like we are having a normal conversation, we do not use doctoral terms.

    It is not fair at times when we rate these movies like Nissan Leaf 2 stars and Tesla 5 stars base on the price tag of the car.

    For Jen A (working for 27 years in the industry) at age 45 years old deserved a nomination and even a win as Best Lead Actress at AMPAS. The way they rewarded other actors before who were not nominated this year.

  • Claire

    The budget of the “Psycho”
    was $ 807 K (in the 1960).
    And the box office was $ 50 M.
    Why ?
    Because of talented narrative of this story.
    No need to explain anything in the “Psycho”.
    Because of TALENT OF DIRECTOR.

  • suomi

    I agree with you.

  • suomi

    This was good. I went to laugh: D

  • Name

    Of course! When a restaurant is trying to make a *name* for itself, it needs something to get people to notice it. What better way than to say someone like Lawrence/Martin were there? There were never any pics, tweets, reports from anyone about seeing them at those places. So we have only a “source” saying they were, and who’s to say that “source” wasn’t the restaurant’s PR?

    For all we know, the place where Lawrence/Martin had sushi may have seen a spike in their business since then, because now more people know celebs eat there sometimes.

    Even the high-end restaurants are battling among themselves to be known as the most trendy, exclusive, etc. What better way to get people to think they’re the best than to have reports of celebs dining there?

    It’s still very suspicious the only report of a Lawrence/Martin dinner at Madeo’s were a pic of a blob of spaghetti posted on their IG account with a mention of the two of them being there, then some gal on Twitter who likely made up she was there to get attention. The IG poster could’ve easily been a plant by the restaurant to post that.

    Now we have Craig’s supposedly hosting Lawrence and Adele 3 times in less than 2 weeks when we’ve never heard of them dining there before. Hard not to think their PR is putting these releases out to make themselves look like the *in* place to be right now.

  • Davis

    Woo so great yahhhhh