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Rosie Perez Blames Lifetime Movie for Bobbi Kristina Tragedy

Rosie Perez Blames Lifetime Movie for Bobbi Kristina Tragedy

Rosie Perez is blaming Lifetime’s Whitney Houston biopic as what caused Bobbi Kristina Brown‘s tragedy over the weekend.

The 50-year-old actress returned to her gig as a co-host on The View on Tuesday (February 3) and made the comment during a Hot Topics segment.

“Just thought about the movie that came out, and this is no disrespect to Angela Bassett because I love [her], but this unauthorized bio of her mom must have killed her,” Rosie said. She then realized she used a poor choice of words and clarified her statement.

“That was terrible phrasing,” she continued. “It must have hurt her deeply to watch that. We forget these people are human beings. We put them into the tabloids, and we forget they’re human beings.”

Rosie Perez Blames Lifetime Movie for Bobbi Kristina Brown Tragedy
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  • Robin Perkins

    I hate Rosie Perez. Why did they reserect her dead ass? But I agree with her. That movie was in very pour taste.

  • lisa

    Rosie SHUTUP. bk has been doing drugs for YEARRRRSSSS and it has caught up to her a few times, this time was just unfortunate and went really bad. i need rosie OFF the show, cant take her or the blond seriously

  • Blaque Jade

    I would be offended and very upset if someone did a Movie like this about my Mom. As a friend, I would have respected my Friend’s family wish and not made the Movie. For Angela Bassett to expose so much of Whitney drug use in the Movie,too me is disrespectful. I do not consider Angela Bassett a friend of Whitney. I consider her a back stabbing Bitch. If she did this to my Mom, I would have personally hunted her down and slapped the shit out of her face . No true friend would have done a Movie like this about their friend. She did it for fame and money. I think she could have kept all the drug scenes out of the Movie if she was her so-called friend. Fuck you Angela Bassett, you fake bitch. I feel that this Movie did effect Bobbi Kristina Brown. Who wants to see their Mother portrayed like this in a Movie. This girl has seen and heard enough negativity about her Mom.

  • Carmen

    Why be mad about the movie? The damage has been done and Whitney couldn’t get herself together. What more humiliation can a bad bio pic do?

  • justatwist

    Whitney Houston was nothing but a drug addict, if she had any self respect she would have got help & then raised her daughter up right. Whitney wouldn’t be dead right now, her daughter wouldn’t be laying in a hospital on a ventilator if her sorry excuse for a mother had been a God fearing, righteou mother. Angela Bassett didn’t make Whitney look bad, the woman did it herself.

  • justatwist

    Bobbi Kristina mother was portrayed as exactly what she was a raving drug addict, its Whitney Houston’s fault if BK dies.

  • Jake93

    Feel sorry for bobbiKRISTINA BUT PLEASE PUT THE BLAME WHERE IT BELONG Blaming Angela Basset for a self destructive life of whitney which was not a secret is ridiculous. all the people in Hollywood are already dead by now with all the unauthorized movie.books about their lives. the whole planet earth knew her mom was a drug addict thats no secret you can sweep under the rugs.LOL

  • Blaque Jade

    Like I said Angela Bassett should have respected Whitney”s family wishes ifshe was a true friend.She know her daughter hurting. Why do a Movie like this about your “Friend” knowing her daughter is hurting. GTFOBS.

  • mm366

    Rosie Perez has disappointed me greatly with this one. Love her but she’s 1000% wrong with what is basically conjecture and not much else. Hell, hearing one of her mom’s songs could also depress her or that the date is approaching the anniversary of Whitney’s death OR a truckload of other reasons. Rosie needs to hush.

  • mm366

    You are so off the chain with your wrong headed blame game it’s not funny. Why in the H are you tripping on Angela Bassett and what many consider a great job and actually one that was a lot more respectful AND honest than someone who didn’t know her may have produced? Grow up! You sound childish, emotionally immature and uninformed.

  • jane

    there are so many biopics that have been done about people, both authorized and not, and not all of those people go and kill themselves over it. she comes from a weak family who turn to drugs and alcohol to solve their problems. you think she didn’t already know her mother was a drug addict and failure? she lived it and her reality was probably far worse than the show. you can’t blame a show you blame the person.

  • Last Blonde In LA

    What “blame”? What does that solve anyways? The entire family had/has substance abuse issues and sometimes they are resistant to treatment. I think death and life long grieving are enough punishment for this tragic family, do we need to add to it ?:

  • Sylvia J. Mckinley

    WOW!… Rosie, that was harsh and a bit of a stretch…The bio was awful and should of been called the “Bobby Brown story”. The movie failed to capture the true essence of Whitney such as her generous and giving spirit, love for children, her Performing Arts school in New Jersey, that she was so proud of, which is giving so many kids, a opportunity to pursue their dreams in the arts, her strong spiritual relationship with God, the fact that she was also a producer, her overwhelming talent where she sold the “National Anthem” and turned it into a Platinum selling single!!…then gave 100% of the proceeds to military families… who has ever done that!!…I really wish more of this side of Whitney was shown and told in the bio,. I clearly understand why Whitney’s family did not like or approve of this movie. I honestly feel Bassett should have cancelled the project. It is not a positive achievement on her part. Whitney, had her problems but she was also a good woman in many ways and the director (Bassett) should have made sure this was featured…I admit, I didn’t like the bio but I wouldn’t go as far as to say it is the reason for Bobbi Kristina’s tragedy!

  • Blaque Jade

    You grow the fuck up.It’s not about her doing a good job on the Movie.Its about her claiming she is her friend when she is not. A real friend would have respected her family. So what Whitney did drugs that don’t mean people need be asshole. Nobody is perfect and I’m sure your ass got skeletons. If my Mom friend made a Movie like this about her and my family told her not to do it,,that person would get their ass royalty kicked. Its about Friendship, Compassion and Respect. So mm366 GTFOHWTBS. I would be childish, emotionally immature and uniformed all up on Angela Bassett head. Real world vs Cyber world.
    Fuck YOU.
    Fuck you

  • Blaque Jade

    Fuck you too Bitch.

  • Blaque Jade

    So many hypocrites on here. Addiction is a disease. People with addiction need help not criticism. I’m pretty sure there are some muthafuckas on here with skeletons in they closet

  • Blaque Jade

    Thank you Sylvia

  • Blaque Jade

    Thank you Last Blonde,, well said

  • jazzy

    I agree. I believe the movie should not have been done. Wounds have not fully healed yet. People have no feelings about the next human being but only want to bring you down for their personal gain. No one is perfect but my goodness this is horible. What is ironic most biopics that are done are usually done decades later. What a disgraceful trend. Which is why i refused to watch it. This could have been the straw that broke her. But my prayers goes out to the Brown family. Angela Bassett all I can ask was it worth it?

  • The Last Word

    It’s unfair to blame some silly movie on Bobbi Kristina’s current condition. She was raised by two drug addicts. She never had a chance.

  • angela paige

    The bottom line is that you should mind your own business. What
    Ms. Houston did was her own dam business. I agree
    that the movie was to much for baby girl. I also felt like the drug scenes could have been cut or tailored in more tasteful light. If Ms.
    Houston was such a big drug addict and everyone knew it, then what was the purpose of P including those scenes in the movie. I would have felt bad and most embarrassed if my loving deceased mother was portrayed for the world to see her in that manner. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not putting Ms.
    Bassett down because I do not believe her intentions was to anyone. The bottom line is that there was a grieving child out there who loved the grounds that her mother walked on and that was the last thing she needed.
    Say what you want about Ms. Houston but she achieved the type of success that you will only dream of. Also if you never walked in a person shoes then you should not judge them.
    Do me a favor and look up drug addiction…… It’s an illness. I pray that god has sent his strongest team of Angels to watch over
    Baby girl and her family!! Amen

  • Disappointed WH Fan

    Blaque Jade, you are so correct. Agree with you wholeheartedly. That movie was trash and so disrespectful to Houston, her family, and her legacy. Shame on her. Shame on Lifetime.

  • Disappointed WH Fan

    Shame on that Bassett woman, to be clear.

  • Jenny from the flop

    But more important: who will Rosie blame for her own failed career?

  • julianne

    The kid grew up in a not very nice situation..witnessed her parents who are both drug addict..I remember the interview of WH on tv where she was almost bones and skin and denying that she’s into drugs…The kid is lost and doesn’t know where to turn to…even before there were reports that this kid is already into drugs…but no one is really supervising her.

    She is still young and has a lot of opportunity to change her life..need support of people who truly care for her….hopefully, she’ll get through and start her life anew!

  • robo

    first–i did not know your mother-i could not had sex with her, she must have did it with some thing, to bring you here, we all make mistakes.and so did she,,,,,

  • Ryan

    the Whitney movie was GOD awful, and hardly a portrait of her life, it was only about her relationship with bobby, absolutely horrible movie.

  • Ryan

    and give Rosie a break, she meant well, but Bobby Kristina, could have seen the movie and not take it to well, doesn’t matter if Whitney was a drug addict, but for her to see and know the world seeing how her mothers life was portrayed, could be very damaging

  • Ryan

    like your career? cuz Rosie is getting money

  • happy666

    This could be true. High classed people are too crazy about the money.

  • happy666

    Wow! Do you work on political stuff? Just because you post with a picture of an angry serious man doesnt mean you are respectable.
    Why do you always have to mention her parents? Her parents were first brainwashed by rich people…

  • lizandrsn

    If the Houston Family was so against this movie, why on Earth would BK have watched it?
    I realize “The View” is a show about 4-5 women talking out their posteriors, but Rosie P isn’t really quallified to do that much. Let Cristella’s show fade into obscurity and impanel her at the table.

  • Jenny from the flop

    I never said I had a career, your shade is cancelled hunty 💅

  • Sunshine56711

    I understand what Rosie was saying. I too believe the way it sound was not Rosie’s interpretation of the phrase it must of killed her. I believe what Rosie meant was the movie might have brought a lot of memories back to the forefront of Bobbi ‘ s mind if she watched it (I believe she was against it), so I am not sure if she watched it. If she did not watch it, us and the media’s constant talk and blogging about the Lifetime movie probably also brought some things to the forefront that she may have consciously buried to cope with getting on with her life. I have not seen the movie to say if it was great or not. But I did read that you can tell that Angela Bassett did the movie in a very respectful way. Also I truly believe, if the the movie is what broke the camel’s back for Bobbi, that that was not Angela Bassett’s intention. Some people deal with things differently. Some people (family/friends) see things like a biopic of a love one as a way to heal and remember while others may see it as a constant reminder of pain, hurt and loss. Sadly, if this is what drove her to a mental breakdown/ depression then the later would be her perception of it. Personally, I believe it was a mixture of many things, but mainly the 3 year anniversary of her mother’s death, the movie and a young lady in her early twenties trying to move on with her life without her rock her mom. Whitney had her issues, but just like most kids: when our parents love us and we know it, regardless of their issues and shortcomings we still love them and see them as our rock even if they see us as their rock. I know that may sound crazy and confusing but it is love. I really hope with a deep sincerity that seem to ache may heart as if I was related to Bobbi Kristina, that she makes it through and live a long and healthy life.