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Bradley Cooper Responds to 'American Sniper' Backlash In 'Fantastic' Way

Bradley Cooper Responds to 'American Sniper' Backlash In 'Fantastic' Way

Bradley Cooper is all bundled up while out and about on Wednesday (February 4) in New York City.

The 40-year-old actor recently responded to tough criticism on his latest film American Sniper, which is currently dominating the box office.

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“You never know when you make a movie if anybody’s going to see it, so to have the audacity to think that it would cause any sort of effect at all would be pretty presumptuous,” Bradley shared.

He added, “Any discussion that sort of sheds light to the plight of the soldiers and the men and women in the armed services, for that discussion to occur is fantastic.”

20+ pictures inside of Bradley Cooper keeping himself warm in New York City…

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  • Gerard Butthole

    When is this anal astronaut coming out of the closet?

  • smmy33

    Who’s crictized the movie a bunch liberal idiots and anti american retreads .

    Bill Maher and fat boy Mike Moore are irrelevant clowns.

  • TMNox

    What’s so fantastic about his response, again?

  • Guest

    Sorry, it’s a whole raft of people who’ve criticized this film, from all over the world. I mean, please. Saying that it “never meant to be political” doesn’t mean it isn’t inherently political. Did we see the same film? Because I sat there right until the credits rolled. There was real-life footage of Kyle’s motorcade (in honor of his life and death). Listen, he was probably a great soldier and a real patriot. But the film presents the whole issue as very black and white. I feel Cooper’s comments are just sidestepping the issue. Don’t blame him; it’s most definitely in his contract that he can’t act detrimentally to the film’s interests.

  • Von

    ” From all over the world.”
    Ok sorry I don’t think Americans and not liberal a holes that hate America care what a bunch of foreigners think of their fighting solders, don’t think they care that Muslims and liberals in America or otherwise are peturatuted that Chris Kyle is a hero to a majority of Americans.

    The movie already made over 250 million in 3 weeks surpassing every other movie last year except 2 and on it’s way to being the higest grossing movie of 2014.

    Americans have spoken with their wallet , so stick it your ass if you don’t American Sniper, it’s also Blockbuster in Italy , Australia , England already grossed 70 million internationally and it still has 65% foreign markets yet to be released.

  • Von

    That’s original a hollywood actor accused of being in the closeted gay.

  • Guest

    Thanks for highlighting the confusion at the heart of this matter. Liking the film and going to watch is isn’t the same thing as agreeing with the politics of it, whether you agree it’s there or not. I’m just saying the politics are there, plain and simple, and to say it isn’t is turning a blind eye. The box office takings are another thing. Most people, I’d wager, watched it and forgot all about it a few hours later. It’s not a cinematic masterpiece, but transplant it to another situation without the political baggage and it’d be a kickass action film. So I think that’s what level 99% of the audience saw it on. Which means it probably didn’t do any damage to the political issue. Amen to that!

  • Drainbreath .

    Whether it was a hit or not makes no difference the storyline is still propaganda as it’s so incredibly onesided…it’s telling that he includes only the soldiers and not the the ordinary human beings who were butchered in an illegal war based on fabricated evidence so that big multi-national corporations can make their trillions…. ‘war’ is big bucks and then sold packaged with pretty bows to sell to the gullible. It’s indecent not to acknowledge the suffering of the people. Nazi’s did the same thing…only those from the fatherland merited a mention but the Jews were butchered like animals. In what world is it ok to do something as inhuman as to believe only some are worthy? If you prick us, do we not bleed? If you tickle us, do we not laugh? If you poison us, do we not die? Bradley Cooper bought the rights for this rubbish so of course he will say whatever it takes to get people on side….if he were in World War II he wouldn’t be on the side of the resistance…He’d be a proud Nazi as would CKyle. And what on earth do the Twin Towers falling have to do with Iraq? Iraq played no part in that that has been made very clear…except to Eastwood and Weasel boy Cooper.

  • Living in a box

    Again please Google ‘Stolz Der Nation’.

  • Eric

    Explanation of the law and policy, fact basis for Operation Iraqi Freedom.

  • mm366

    What bugs me about this movie/story is that once again a white guy gets hero worshiped and all truth and fact that might shine a negative light is dismissed and excused away. I have no interest in ignoring his doing his part in saving his fellow soldier while putting his own life on the line. My issue and other’s issues is the downplaying of the deliberate wrongs that had nothing to do with PTS etc.

  • Constance

    Doesn’t that just eat you up inside?
    Wasn’t last year’s big movie a period piece about slavery? So I guess it’s not always about race, huh?

  • Constance

    You know, it could just be a good story.

  • mm366

    Yeah, it IS always about race when it comes to sweeping lies under the rug to make sure certain truths don’t tarnish or diminish the white patriot hero! Period piece about slavery?! Do you even know who the man Twelve Years A Slave was? Solomon Rutledge didn’t write about knocking a man out when he didn’t and even the courts said he lied. He wrote about being a free educated black man stolen from his home and sold into slavery and it says a helluva lot about your ass to even THINK his story and Chris Kyle’s makes things even and your ignorant post suggesting that “ok, we had a black movie win last year and… was BLACK so be happy!” FU! I’m thinking about all my great uncles who had to fight to get INTO the army and risked their lives to fight for America and come home and couldn’t even use the same damn bathroom as the white returned so hell yeah, the hero worship sickens me and it IS about race because you better damn be sure if Chris Kyle was anything BUT a white guy we wouldn’t even be talking about it let alone a movie hailing him soldier of soldiers!

  • mm366

    You DO know Bill Maher is a Libertarian (the party of Ron and Rand Paul). Stop assuming that those who don’t agree with you must be on the left and those who do are no the right. I myself am a Independent who votes for Republican just as I do Democrat candidates and with each on issues if I feel represent my values and desires as a citizen. You may not agree with Bill Maher or Mike Moore and I may not either but that doesn’t make them irrelevant clowns. It makes them people who’s opinion you don’t agree with regardless of their politics.

  • Constance

    You sound like you not only have strong issues with white people but also African Americans. You say anything to get a light thrown at you. Wow. Do you know anything about the real military? Cause I know some really good African American men who are currently fighting for America just like Chris Kyle. 12 Years a Slave was well done movie…not for race, but for the sake of telling a story. It also sounds like to me you feel that you expected the current “African American” movie was entitled to win and to be lauded with awards. Do you know that the people with American Sniper were not anticipating this popularity?
    And by the way, Martin L King was all about love and unity. I can tell you right now, you left that out of the picture. You are so eaten up with hate and entitlement, you keep making this political – Chris Kyle and MLK. And you keep missing the point.

  • Constance

    Oh and I have verified Native American roots from an ancestor who died in 1966. So you don’t you dare act all crazy as if you are the only person aware of any minority struggles in this country. We were here FIRST! And trust me, I know how it feels to have what’s your’s ripped from your family from the establishment.

  • Constance

    Calling Americans nazis….Wow. You are quite the misguided person. You must really suffer from lack of attention to feel the compulsion to make that statement.

  • Constance

    But what makes no sense to me, is the perpetual “junior-high” name calling that both sides just enjoy digging into each other. That immediately makes me disregard your immature opinions. Why not grow up and present your ideas in a mature fashion refusing to sling mud? Any day is a good day to become a man.