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Christian Tells Anastasia He 'Doesn't Do Romance' in This New 'Fifty Shades of Grey' Clip - Watch Now!

Christian Tells Anastasia He 'Doesn't Do Romance' in This New 'Fifty Shades of Grey' Clip - Watch Now!

Jamie Dornan goes shirtless as Christian Grey in this brand new clip from Fifty Shades of Grey, which premiered on The Today Show this morning (February 4).

In the video, Christian sits down to apologize to Anastasia (Dakota Johnson) for giving her the wrong idea.

“Listen to me,” he says. “I don’t do romance. My tastes are very…singular. You wouldn’t understand.”

Watch below to see her reaction to his apology!

And don’t forget – Fifty Shades of Grey hits theaters on Friday, February 13!

Fifty Shades of Grey Clip
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  • GFW

    I think they need to stop or there won’t be any movie left to see in the theater. They seem to be spending more on marketing it than they did making it and paying for the actors combined. To me that’s a flare.

  • Emma38

    Seriously Jared, I’m getting fed up with this sh!t, you should rename your blog, it’s getting ridiculous I feel like I’m on a fangirl blog.

    This movie just show how a crappy movie can be a hit thanks to the power of Internet, PR and marketing. The actors aren’t even doing the promo surely because the rumors are true and they really don’t get along.

  • GFW

    Not fair. You should do some research before you call him a creep which means you have not. These are very unhappy isolated and driven by compulsion people who feel powerless and out of control. He’s a predator in this and it is so badly told from the spots I see that it really is disgraceful to all the child abuse victims who live double lives like Christian. And it that is part of the problem with the books, but the author does not care having scored her millions so can now she just slink away and enjoy them.

  • Tia

    OMG I can’t wait.

  • janet

    well said

  • janet

    whats wrong wit promoting movies, we see the same stars jennifer garner going to get coffee every day .. r u missing shots, ppl want to see more – its highest video streams on the todays show. – carson daly has said it!

  • janet

    we the fans love sneak peeks – 1 min clips hardly justify entire movie

  • janet

    totally LOVING IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CANT WAIT….GETS MORE EXCITING

  • GFW

    No, but if you add up the “sneak peaks” which are suppose to tantalize, get us to conjure and want more, which these sadly do not. Instead they fall flat showing terrible acting by Dakota and how she’s out acted by a pro, which isn’t wise do you thin? Then it is a big let down once in the theater if you ask me.

    Put the fan audience are in their tween years so I guess it is ‘cool’ for them that a child abuse victim is exploited to bring love in on a white virgin pony to save the day and the poor man of course. This is pure fantasy and wrong. Love can be a change catalyst but people are not cured instantly by it either.

  • happy666

    Excuse me? He treats her like a slut. Run away Anastasia :)
    Btw Jared Id rather see this slut by myself

  • GFW

    Thank you. These people, even Christian Gray, which they do not dive into in the book and I feel she missed an opportunity to help these miserable people because they’re in constant battle with themselves, feel shame for not being able to limit their behavior. Instead in this fairy tale because he’s rich and can literally hide his double life whilst surrounding himself with subs he’s ‘had’ but truly they feel shame (which is why Shame was the name of the McQueen film) which fills their minds pretty much constantly, and this is never (from what I’ve read of the books) even touched on.

    They feel their lives are unmanageable but risk high-risk behavior anyway because they’re driven by an addiction (much like any other) only its core wound is their being emotionally and in his case, physically abandoned along with, in his case, a predisposition because he was a ‘crack’ baby. And if she’d done her research properly, which she did not, Christian would be double addict to something else either drugs or drinking or accusations.

  • happy666

    Your comment looks so good!!

  • Barb

    Seeing him in a movie on Netflix made me want to see this movie.

  • GFW

    They don’t do romance because they don’t know what love is. They can have sex, be physical any which way including hurting folks, but emotional stuff scares them like the worst Penny Dreadful episode. So these “firsts” are laughable. These people in the stage he’s in when we ‘meet’ him are predators, which is what he is, despite his ‘saving’ and rescuing her… all premeditated.

    They can’t form emotional bonds until they get into treatment and connect the dots, which apparently he miraculously does — after thinking the older woman ‘saved him’ when in fact she just continued the abuse of him, which makes him angry to continue paying back his mother by ‘abusing’ (inflecting pain trying to ‘kill’ his abuser but has turned into it) on other women. Don’t call it love.

  • GFW

    Jamie plays a serial sadistic killer in The Fall. He’s great in it too. The last episode he speaks a lot to how Christian truly is, but this film won’t touch on any truth. It’s all fairy tale. He’s prepped for this, whereas Dakota will just ruin what could be a good film if it were truly researched and done will. It is a timely topic, and problem. Many suffer from sex addition and compulsive disorders that range widely as our “instant” gratification society now quantifies these turning into addictions when we don’t even know it.

  • Nikki Tomas

    When did mental abuse, verbal abuse, stalking, tracking someone’s cell phone, manipulation, breaking someone’s belongings, telling them what to wear, and what to eat become sexy and romantic????

  • Marko Gordo

    can’t wait

  • TMNox

    No, Christian sure doesn’t do romance, does he. Prick.

  • Nicola

    Even the marketing department knows this movie is garbage.

  • Violet

    There is nothing wrong with promoting movies but a clip everyday is a bit much. At this rate, they’ll have released the whole movie in clips before it’s released in theatres.

  • Sassypants

    Seems like there has been a whole movies worth of clips released online.

  • GFW

    That runs on and on, sorry. They don’t do romance because they, firstly, did not grow up with any role models to show them by example.

    What bothers me about this film is the notion he can suddenly develop feelings for Ana just like that. And it also misleads the audience into thinking love can conquer mental illness. Not exactly.

    I’m going to buy the other two books and see how they string this together. I think this was just one book stretched out with page after page or repeated episodes. I got bored with it in the first book, LOL. But it ended properly with them splitting up (if memory serves me), which would mean he’s connected enough dots to see he needs to get into treatment (more than he does) and at least admits it, and gets his head on straight.

    People don’t get well overnight. They don’t get ill overnight either.