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Kendall Jenner Goes Topless for 'Love' Magazine - Her Raciest Photos Ever!

Kendall Jenner Goes Topless for 'Love' Magazine - Her Raciest Photos Ever!

Kendall Jenner is no stranger to showing off some skin, but these new topless photos from Love Magazine that are spreading across social media are without a doubt her raciest photos ever!

The 19-year-old model is pictured for the mag’s Spring/Summer issue wearing just a pair of Balenciaga shorts and her body seems to have been digitally altered to make her breasts larger.

Kendall is not the only one in her family to shed her clothes for the issue. Her half-sister Kim Kardashian went full frontal nude for the issue, on newsstands February 9. We have a feeling this issue might be flying off shelves!

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Kendall Jenner’s topless photos for Love?

Just Jared on Facebook
kendall jenner goes topless for love magazine 01
kendall jenner goes topless for love magazine 02
kendall jenner goes topless for love magazine 03
kendall jenner goes topless for love magazine 04
kendall jenner goes topless for love magazine 05
kendall jenner goes topless for love magazine 06
kendall jenner goes topless for love magazine 07

Credit: Twitter; Photos: Love Magazine, WENN
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  • Joolz

    I think they are trash, just plain trash. That’s all there is to it. Disgusting….Does this family not own clothes?

  • Sam

    Photoshop galore… she is flat as a pancake why does she have kims boobs

  • Julietti Julietti

    I love art. But I politely disagree with some of the shots. Why the sharp shoe as a fashion choice it’s 30 years out of style…why the sealed mouth when there is feminism in New York as we are the higher customer.

  • Suzanne

    Why did you blacken out her nipples? That’s basically the ONLY thing of boobs that men have as well, and there is no problem showing those.
    So why are women’s nipples so different? And not the rest of the boob, which is what makes the actual breast. And then you say you’re a feminist. Shame.

  • Nicola

    I’m going to assume they did it for shock value. If not, they’re idiots who forgot that people have already seen her topless on multiple runways.

  • LOL

    Jeez We get it! All the kartrashians LOVE getting naked.

  • happy666

    Ewww she’s had a boob job and now looks like a milky cow. Especially in the second picture…
    Those boobs are so obviously unnatural. They look so round, up and ready to be spat on.

  • Maria

    Why do these trashy Kardashians act like they’re the only women with boobs? And she looks totally unattractive as well. Her face looks horrific.

  • Lulu


  • SkinnyFat

    Ridiculous. This isn’t art, it’s trash. Kuntrashian Trash. This family is disgusting and female celebs need to,stop posing naked. It’s not “empowering” or “feminist”‘ it’s exhibitionism

  • kunts

    more kuntswhores… nefarious

  • Ignii

    So she was hiding her boobs! RIDICULOUS. She is so flat.

  • FormerLamark

    Well, somehow she needs to catch up to her sister.

  • sally

    ……Her Boobs though. They are no where as big lol

  • Teni Eliza

    Sad that this girl felt the need to instantly take her clothes off the second she turned 18 in an effort to have a career. Look at Coco Rocha, she’s never posed nude and is one of the top models out there. But I guess when your sisters are all famous for being naked all the time, that’s what you think is normal.

  • person

    Her mom and sisters must be so proud of her- I am sure she thinks she is creating moving art or something – but really it is pretty pathetic- and the covered mouth thing- ewww

  • happy666

    Id say it is rather sexist.

  • delisyoso

    See leaked photo here @►

    See leaked photo here @►

    Her hair is a dirty blonde, styled wavy in a shoulder-length bob. She is also rocking bangs!
    All of these things combined make her makeover hard to miss!

  • delisyoso

    See leaked photo here @►

    See leaked photo here @►

    Her hair is a dirty blonde, styled wavy in a shoulder-length bob. She is also rocking bangs!

    All of these things combined make her makeover hard to miss!.

  • delisyoso

    See leaked photo here @►

    See leaked photo here @►

    Her hair is a dirty blonde, styled wavy in a shoulder-length bob… She is also rocking bangs!

    All of these things combined make her makeover hard to miss!

  • julianne

    guys stop posting…just ignore this family and they will soon disappear!

  • Jenny from the flop

    More like copy+paste someone else’s fake boobs on top of her body. She’s naturally flat as a pancake not even photoshop can naturally enhance her

  • Sandy McFarlane

    …………these look gross

  • Sandy McFarlane


  • mm366

    I really feel like even the next generation of this “klan” is being groomed for a life/livelihood earned by exhibition and I lay that one $traight the feet of momma Kris. Other mothers would have been out of their minds that their daughters $ex tape was made let alone out their for all the world to see but Kri$ Jenner? No, she see’s it and it becomes “the dyna$ty a $ex tape built.”

  • Jennifer

    She’s wearing prosthetics and so were the other models involved in this photoshoot. If you are going to do this kind of photoshoot, why not use women who actually have these body proportions? Why Love magazine? Why?

  • Ash

    Wow look at these hypocrite sexist Americans here! They like
    breasts but at the same time they’re against breasts when they see breasts in public! She’s making a good point about women’s right to bare their chest just like men! Here we are in 2014 and apparently breasts are still taboo body parts in America! Why can’t women show their nipples? What is it about female nipples that make these idiots uncomfortable? Equality is a double edged sword. You cannot choose when it’s okay only when it’s convenient for you and not okay the moment you feel uncomfortable about it! As a man who supports 100% about equality, I think women should be able to do what men do without being criticized or called names. Nobody’s forcing you to show your
    boobs if you don’t want to but for those who want to show theirs, they should have the right to do so. It is not women’s responsibility to cover themselves if men get turned on or feel uncomfortable by their skin! When it comes to equality, it’s all or nothing. No cherry picking.

  • Angus12

    Following right along like the rest of the Kardashian trash. Sad to know that your claim to fame is……..NOTHING.

  • Angus12

    Does Kim know that she has her boobs? She better give them back before Kanye goes looking for them.

  • Mia Miaw

    Yes..and a very good ones…hahaha they own shopps too lol!..but flesh pay more!

  • happy666

    The problem is that they do this to defend anybody but themselves. We already know this family. Too many episodes of their DUMB reality show.
    As for the magazine. Im not against bare breasts and showing nips, but just for certain magazines. This ‘LOVE’ magazine looks more for teenagers in developing process.

  • Jess

    Because nipples are obscene! You can show most of the damn breasts, but God forbid you show a nipple lol. Ridiculous.

  • Jess

    She should not be an editorial model at all and she wouldn’t be if she wasn’t a Kardashian. Her look is beyond basic. She would barely make a good catalog model.

  • Jess

    I’m pretty sure they photoshopped either her sister’s boobs or someone else’s boobs onto her body. So there really is nothing “empowering” about it. It’s just weird. And that is not all on her, it’s mostly on all the people that are behind this awful shoot.

  • MollyBD

    How sad that a 19 yr old has bolt ons.

  • b324

    We know she doesn’t have boobs, so are these prosthetics? Or photoshopped boobs? Did the magazine put the black dots over the nipples or is that from JJ? I haven’t bothered looking anywhere else to see what the pictures look like, but doesn’t JJ usually block out nudity with yellow dots. Would be interesting if the mag put the black dots.

  • happy666

    Who cares if it was JJ or the magazine? You cant see the nips and thats all.

  • Ash

    Maybe the question should be “What’s wrong with the female nipple?” Lol. I’m sure Chelsea Handler would be
    ok to post that pic on IG if her nipples were covered with some type of pasty. That’s what I find so odd about what is considered nudity in in our society. Women are allowed to show their entire breast as long as their nipples are covered. Perfect example — Lil Kim rocking her infamous purple outfit with breast exposed except for the seashell pasty covering her nipple vs. Janet Jackson at the superbowl having her nipple exposed for seconds. Lil Kim’s outfit was accepted and well received (even Diana Ross gave her bare breast “props” haha).Years later there was public outrage over Janet Jackson’s nipple showing for a few seconds. Basically as long as any material is covering the female nipple (even sheer material) it’s ok to show her breast. I consider our concept of nudity odd for that because I don’t see why the nipple makes such a difference. Same thing with a thong being perfectly fine but if you dare to show your ass crack it’s not ok.
    Correction partial ass crack is totally fine (hence the “plumbers crack epidemic” across the US LOL).
    It’s only considered nudity if you show your entire ass crack. Our country has issues haha.

  • Aloel96

    This whole getting naked or semi-nude for magazines is becoming a family affair, can someone just please stop it

  • bbm

    PHOTOSHOP BOOBS loooooooooooooooool

  • Ardeare

    She’s the only decent girl in that whole family. Let’s just hope she doesn’t degrade herself by going black.

  • b324

    Is it really that bad that I had a question?

    I guess I’d like to know if JJ sensored it with black dots, or if the magazine did and why. It’s odd as f#ck that they put these ridiculous fake tits on her, but then the black dots over the nipples. Just wondering who did it.

  • happy666

    Not sure. Perhaps because there are so many types of nips that it is impossible to evaluate which one is perfect. Thats what makes everyone personal and unique.

  • Maria E. Segura

    Is this a porn or sado masoquist magazine or something. I mean this LOVE magazine. KartraSHIAN TRASH in full display. I bet Kylie is next. Pimp mom must be so proud of what her daughters had become and it is al her responsability to pimp her daughters for money and fame. Why ehse family cant keep her body clothes, either they are revealing breasts or butt for magazines and for th emedia and press and the world to see them. Is that how much they love themsleves_ I mean they have to lower themselves like that in order to get attention from people and be important.

  • Irene

    They look unnatural because it’s not a boob job, it’s Photoshop.

  • Bre

    thats kylie

  • Cookie


  • Swifty Lea Petrelli


  • gordharmatiuk

    Lets not forget that it is her Mommie who is ‘pimping” her out to the magazines. Her Mommie… did it for “The Money”!!

  • FluffyOwl

    They’re prosthetic breasts ,she is not actually topless.

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