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Kim Kardashian Is Totally Nude for 'Love' Mag's Prada Photos!

Kim Kardashian Is Totally Nude for 'Love' Mag's Prada Photos!

Kim Kardashian is basically trying to break the internet yet again with these brand new full frontal nude photos in the latest issue of Love Magazine.

The 34-year-old model is pictured wearing all Prada (in the images where she actually has clothes on) and the images have been trending all morning since making their way online.

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“Can’t wait for u to see 30+ page spread,” Kim previously said. “We shot for 3 days straight at a motel in LA. One night til 4am.”

Kim isn’t the only family member with a shocking spread in the magazine’s new issue – Kendall Jenner also went topless for her spread.

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kim kardashian goes full frontal nude in new love magazine photos 00
kim kardashian goes full frontal nude in new love magazine photos 01
kim kardashian goes full frontal nude in new love magazine photos 02
kim kardashian goes full frontal nude in new love magazine photos 03
kim kardashian goes full frontal nude in new love magazine photos 04
kim kardashian goes full frontal nude in new love magazine photos 05
kim kardashian goes full frontal nude in new love magazine photos 06
kim kardashian goes full frontal nude in new love magazine photos 07

Photos: Love Magazine
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  • Gerard Butthole

    I have said it before and I will say it again. She is a whore. That is her lot in life. She is simply a whore. When her ugly baby grows old enough to see her mom for what she is, a whore, she will have to make peace with that. She will have to make peace with the fact that her mom is nothing more than a whore.

  • CandyAppleRed13

    She’s disgusting. Poor North I feel for her when she’s old enough to have friends.

  • MaNuPF25

    that is one disgusting ass. thought I was looking at a horse

  • Shenanigans

    oh kim, your tits r old news. put em away already.

  • luna

    first it’s not pretty because we can see everything and she’s doesn’t have a fancy body and this pictures aren’t class or chic it’s …. so much vulgarity!
    and she’s a mom HAVE SOME RESPECT FOR YOURSELF !

  • Lee

    Big photoshopped fatso, stinky ass and vag

  • b324

    So what’s next? A 30 page spread of her next trip to the gyno? Ooooh look how sexy that speculum is!

  • Butch

    Please. The shot with her on the bed? um her legs are not that long. I saw a recent candid with her in gym tights and her legs are stumps people. stumps.

  • Stephanie


  • Aloel96

    Is it too much to ask for them to show this to people who are interested ONLY? Instead of plastering it anywhere and everywhere online, these things are worse than pop-up ads.

  • Ashley

    She’s trashy and disgusting. I feel bad for her kid. I hope her daughter doesn’t follow her footsteps. Since Kim loves to show off her naked body, why not go the whole nine yards and pose for adult magazines and porn films?

  • Maria E. Segura

    Her face looks different on this magazine spread. Maybe they change it a bit. I am speechless at this photos. I mean is LOVE magazine a porn magazine? I agree Kim is a total whore and she will always be a whore. I mean if it is not for the money and popularirty around the wordl she wotn be doing this. But It clearly shows she enjoys showing her naked body and intimate parts to the rest of the world, whether are her boobies hanging in revealing clothes when she attends premiers, parties or exposing her fat big wide ass also in similar events. Kris did a good job in pimping her daughters they had all succeeded in becoming tramps and whores. SHe is a total trash and diusgusting woman. She should alreayd be posing for adult magazine and became a porn actress cause that way she can be naked the whole time caus that is what she likes to do.
    Kanye should be her film agent cause he also likes to expose her wife as a sex trophy.
    SHe has to show this only to the people interested in watching her trashy body
    No dignity for Kim doing all of this. What an embarrasment of a woman she is.

  • Lilly

    Is she trying to be black now with the really really dark tan , the nudity is her lifeline and her bread and butter I mean she can’t act or model or sing.

  • Lilly

    Her going that dark is like when everyone was on Micheal Jackson about bleaching his skin and he had to defend himself and say he had a disease , what’s her story gonna be?

  • GFW

    Women who use exhibitionism are people seeking arousal by being
    objectified through sexual attention to their exposed body parts.

    It has to do with the shock of it all. I had no idea she was this mentally ill. Kind of sad actually.

  • RayonLight

    I would like to thank the general public for this families fame, wealth, and fame. If only you would stop buying what they sell, stop watching their shows, and stop taking interest in everything they do, maybe then we can see them fall down the pedestal they are on. These people are what they are because we made them. So who do we blame?

  • Scarlett

    But they’re not even good shots, the styling is awful (where she actually is clothed), it’s over photoshopped, it’s not even an innovative shoot. It’s been done a thousand times before and with models, who are actually good in front of a camera. It’s boring. Not to mention I don’t want to see her vagina all over a magazine. She seems to have no talent for anything beyond whoring herself out and this continual infiltration on the Kardashian, Jenner, West monster into the fashion industry is everything that’s wrong with the fashion industry as it stands. For reasons I can’t begin to understand, people like Anna Wintour, Olivier Rousteing and Riccardo Tisci continue to fawn over them

  • happy666

    Do they secretly “own” the ‘LOVE’ magazine? It’s getting gross and out of control. Kanye should leave her with North soon…

  • EPaul ETOK


  • Nani

    im sorry, wasnt she the one who was crying and screaming on KKWK something like: “IM NEVER GOING TO POSE NAKED AGAIN!” ??? somebody please tell Kim that posing naked is not classy, if she wants to be classy, showing the world what God (and plastic surgery) gave her is not a good way…

  • SkinnyFat

    this is one disgusting, vulgar attention craving woman. what’s next? a spreadeagle shot of her vagina?

  • Mia Miaw

    I really don t understand her…did she need to do this at her level..did she need money?..i think she is just so narcissic..she want to be on front page no matter what it take…media talk a bit too much about her youger sisters it s what? spreading legs?! horrible i m sorry for my american friends to have such an “icon”!!!

  • shoes4life

    Do we have to be subjected to seeing this tripe on the top bar like the last time for a whole darn week!! Also, what happened to the disclaimers!? I guess you’re back to subjecting everyone no matter how old back to grotesque nudity!

  • Danae

    All these photos look like caps from cheap home-made erotic video. And it doesn’t matter that it says PRADA at the bottom.

  • disqus_KHVoDQUlFX

    she’s a disgusting biatch

  • Pink Dot

    Once a whore always a whore.

  • K8QP

    Did we REALLY need to see it all ?

  • Maria E. Segura

    I agree but for some reason people cant stop doing that.

  • Denise

    Couldn’t care less about this desperate has-been. But North has no choice and will have a tough life because of this tramp.

  • RayonLight

    I tell you why? because they glorify the fact that these people became famous and rich with absolutely no skills. The easy way, that is why you see this epidemic of self-made stars gaining stardom with no talent. Kim and her family represent everything that is wrong in today’s society. I kid you not, I see Kim 2.0 everywhere now, a bunch of dumb women thinking they can get ahead in life by having big boobs and butts.. it’s sad!

  • mm366

    No one is “trying to be black.” We come in all shades “black folk that is” and some of us look white enough to pass. Stop it with the stereotyping and assigning race to skin tone or hair texture or neighborhood or intelligence. Kim Kardashian has never been pale and we’ve seen her tanned many times because of the melanin in her skin. I can’t stand her or her family but this idea that she’s trying to change her skin/race is ignorant.

  • Terry Ramsey Haskins

    what does her being naked have to do with Prada?

  • bbm

    now Kendall has bigger boobs

  • Effy

    What I don’t understand is how people are calling Jennifer Lawrence’s New nude photoshoot a “work of art” but turn around and call Kim a whore. Of course JLaw will always be classier, but stop being hypocrites.

  • Effy

    By the way, Kanye must be a crap of a man. I would hope my man who truly loves me wouldn’t ‘ be okay with me displaying my nude body for the world.

  • lolabunny

    Anybody notice the distortion of the roof lines by her waist?? hahaha Poor Kim KarTRASHian attention seeking whore. Everyone knows you don’t really look like that in person so what’s the point of editing the shit out of your fat lard ass?? Simple. It’s for your own gratification and ego. LMAO

  • Irene

    People, chill. Kim being naked is nothing new and we’re not seeing something we haven’t seen before. Why are all you so pissed? She wants to be naked, so let her do whatever she wants.

  • Tammie Reed

    sick of her geesh!

  • Irene

    Ugly baby? Really? Are you really insulting a baby? WOW, that’s the last thing left to see her. Unbelievable.

  • lisa

    Love magazine is losing all its credibility, do the Kardashians have them on payroll, theyve got the whole damn family in the mag every week. makes it seem like a fake magazine. and then Kendall wonders why people think she didn’t work for it.

  • lisa

    good point

  • Juans2No

    just my opinion but she is NOT a model just a naked spokesperson and eeeewwwwww. What exactly is she modelling in the article above, sunglasses because she certainly doesn’t need to show her boobs or vagina, I believe most of the free world has seen them whether they wanted to or not.

  • Juans2No

    Noooooooooooooooo, don’t even suggest it

  • The Truth Hurts

    Is this really consider art? Putting a brand name designer in a naked photo shoot doesn’t change what it truly is which is just porn. If playboy did the same thing would that change the nature of it just because this Kim Kardashian.

  • mariah

    she’s basically already done both lol. she did a spread for playboy and everyone knows of her infamous video with ray j that launched her “career”

  • SkinnyFat

    And Anna Wintour put this slug on the cover of Vogue.

  • person


  • Jay

    If Kim was posing with a snake and you couldn’t see anything no-one would be calling her a slut. If Jen was full frontal, or bent over bear arsed I think people would be calling her names.

    Celebrities do nudes that aren’t really nudes, you can’t see any of the important parts.

  • Carmen

    You know, we can keep hating Kim or just accept the fact that she’s America’s whore. You go Kim…keep being a whore and showing us your peekachoo, which by the way, isn’t all that. Sorry. :( But go ahead and keep on getting naked if that makes you feel better. You must have horrible self esteem. I feel sad for you.

  • really really

    I wanna know when she began being referred to as a ‘model’.

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