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Bruce Jenner May Be at Fault for Car Accident That Killed One, Blames Paparazzi

Bruce Jenner May Be at Fault for Car Accident That Killed One, Blames Paparazzi

UPDATE: Police are now saying the paparazzi are not to blame.

After Bruce Jenner was involved in a scary car accident that killed one person earlier today (February 7), it has come to light that he could be at fault.

Sources told TMZ, that they saw Bruce‘s car rear end a white car which then got pushed into oncoming traffic and was struck by a Hummer.

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The woman driving the white car was pronounced dead at the scene.

Sources close to the Jenner family told TMZ that Bruce was being chased by at least five paparazzi members and that he wasn’t under the influence of alcohol.

Bruce also volunteered to take a sobriety test which can be seen in the video below.

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  • lives4music

    Celebrities need to stop trying to outrun the paps. It always ends in trouble. Until the laws change to stop the jerks from following celebrities they need to be the responsible ones. Just drive the speed limits since you probably won’t outrun them anyways.

  • ceeza

    sound easy enough but the problem is the paps drive erratically. imagine every time you get in your car you essentially have street racers on all sides of you.. they cut them off box them in. its a real messed situation..

  • sam

    I am sure the paps will have pictures, and usually if there is more than one pap, they sometimes inadvertently include other paps in the picture. So this car accident will have lots of documentation. Prayers for the family of the woman that passed away.

  • Tomax

    The grieving family just hit the lottery

  • jaysuns

    Hmm he basically killed someone. The paparazzi aren’t at fault here. If the guy can’t drive in traffic he shouldn’t be driving a damn car. He ruined a family, let’s all send prayers to those kids and husband that are probably mourning the death of their relative causes by this vile Kardashian family. Stop idolizing idiots and maybe society would be better.

  • jaysuns

    I hope they sue them all till the last penny

  • Heidi

    I’m sure that’s the last thing on their know seeing as how their daughter/sister/wife just died. Shame on you for assuming that they are just looking to hit the lottery. A innocent person just lost their life due to his carelessness

  • j k

    there goes his documentary, I wonder if he’d go to a women’s prison???

  • waitaminute2

    Diana died trying to out run paps its pointless now some innocent person has died over this fame game stupidity

  • waitaminute2

    good something positive has to come out of this foulness.



  • jlh243_1

    So bruce jenner the sick twisted fag is now bruce jenner the sick twisted MURDEROUS fag…

  • Christopher I. Gomes

    So, when he is charged. Will they charge him as a Man or Woman…. What a freak… Now he’s a murderer too. What the fuck!! That whole family is a cancer….. #transgenderkiller That should be a great movie of the week??? Huh??????

  • Christopher I. Gomes

    It was a 60 year old woman… #SAD

  • Christopher I. Gomes


  • RocioBengochea

    “my maserati does 185…I lost my license , now I don’t drive…’s been good to me so far”….

  • Swifties 4 TayTay

    Car accidents happens everyday. There’s no one that is a perfect driver all of the time. It was an accident, its sad that a person died and he obviously must feel horrible about it. He’s obviously going to suffer some consequences if it is his fault.

  • Paul Crack

    hope he gets jail….1 less freak running around. Since he lives in the States, it will always be somebody else’s fault

  • scallywag

    Were paparazzi at fault as Jenner suggests or was this the result of his own negligence?

  • Karen Clark

    Probably someone’s grandma.

  • Crashyourcrew

    It was his/her fault. He was checking on his hormone treatment reservations, lost sight of what was in front of him/her and pow!!! Throw him/her in a dungeon.

  • Christopher I. Gomes

    I know… He probably was so fascinated by her through his dashboard window… of the possibilities of what he would look like…. #sorrynotsorry #rip

  • alex

    He needs to be sent to prison. if he can’t drive he should get a driver

  • alex

    He can be any ones woman in prison

  • deadre

    the paparazzi don’t chase people on PCH. Two narrow lanes going both ways, they just don’t so don’t blame them for this. And if they ever did, only an asshole would participate. Bruce should just go away for a while. oh, that’s right, he is…..

  • Blake

    and who says women can’t drive

  • Blake

    he or she? or it

  • 55vineyard

    Thank you for pointing out what those of us in Southern California know. There are a few turnout lanes or left turn lanes but otherwise the road is not wide, we are not talking freeway here or anything.
    I wish for peace and condolences to the family of the woman who passed away.

  • john galt

    Of course he will try to blame someone else, that’s what his type of person does. Always the victim, and never accept responsibility for their actions.

    He will likely claim he was practicing to be a woman driver, so it couldn’t be his fault…. must have been the hormones.

  • Elisabeth

    You people are absolutely vile! A woman died and you’re making fun of Jenner’s sexual identity! Wait for the facts, please. Pretty sure everyone involved are heartbroken.

  • James R. Reese

    Looks like multiple people at fault here. Let’s wait for the forensic investigators to sort out the details!

  • parischic

    dead lady is a neighbor of kourtney & khloe …
    nobody chasing that slimeball bruce ……
    doesn’t look good ….
    very suspicious…

  • parischic

    yes , her family must be in so much pain right now ..
    it is sickening that some people are worried about bruce ..
    a selfish entitled clown ….
    the lady was the next door neighbor of the kardashians ..
    what the hell is going on here …!!!???

  • parischic

    these clowns call the paps ‘ …
    they are hired employees …
    if you believe paps’ are following z-list reality clowns around without a salary ,
    i gots a swamp in florida to sell you !

  • parischic

    he absolutely killed someone …
    whether thru texting or worse , she was a neighbor …

  • parischic

    he doesn’t feel shit …
    his ‘remorse’ is very clear in the fotos of his botoxed blubbery face …
    he cares if his hair got messed up …
    disgusting …

  • parischic


  • parischic


  • parischic

    the next door neighbor of kourtney / khloe ….!!!!!

  • parischic

    no paps’ …
    only the paid KKK rags are falsely reporting …
    CNN reporting another story altogether ..
    no chase , no paps ‘ …
    woman was a neighbor …
    his arm was up in the air …

  • parischic

    a real POS …

  • budz

    these aholes live for the publicity paps my but they call them to come take pictures. I hope he gets rear ended in jail to complete his so called transformation.

  • Jamie Hanna

    jail for jenner

  • hello123

    whatever happened to just getting tinted windows? outrunning the paps? get real!

  • Leonard Vine

    May he/she was putting on lipstick while driving.

  • Yor Worstenemy

    search warrent on phone means he was texting and he’s at fault already 100%. Don’t blame anyone else. The person behind the wheel is responsible for how they drive…nobody else.

  • Yor Worstenemy

    The guy shows absolutely no emotion that he just killed someone. Privileged fucking wierdo

  • John Houle

    It’s the woman in him!


    starting to drive like a woman LOL

  • Elisabeth

    Ever heard about this thing called shock? It usually occurs when something traumatic happens. I sincerely doubt that he doesn’t care at all what happened that day, and no matter how you look at it, jokes are hardly appropriate in a situation like this.