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Paul McCartney Gets Embarrassed By Camera at Grammys 2015 (Video)

Paul McCartney Gets Embarrassed By Camera at Grammys 2015 (Video)

Paul McCartney just had one of the funniest moments of the 2015 Grammys!

The 72-year-old legendary musician was dancing and clapping along to the music during ELO‘s performance, and when he noticed the camera recording his movements, he immediately sat down.

As soon as the moment happened, the Internet exploded with people tweeting that Paul is just living his life! LOL.

Paul is set to perform “FourFiveSeconds” later in the show with Kanye West and Rihanna. Be sure to stay tuned to for a full performance video!

Watch the moment below in case you missed it!

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  • Penny Dreadful

    I don’t get it. Why was he embarrassed? Well, I mean besides the obvious disaster of his plastic surgery, but not the dancing part?


    Brits never understood the music except as uninvited fakes after WW2. They viewed American culture such as music as a threat and “evangelized” their own fake rip-off versions. They still don’t know to dance and obviously won’t. That these socalled celebrities still use Twitter only reeks of software generated fake follower accounts. So much of the public has obviously moved on from such jester methods of online and television marketing.

  • shoes4life

    I don’t think he was embarrassed. I think he was bothered that the camera was just there on him for such a long time. Besides I was jamming with him. Evil Woman one of the best songs tonight next to AC/DC.

  • JoanniePissemoff

    Paul was just groovin’ to the music, nothing more. Most likely he had to sit down, as people were behind him. I really don’t think he’s ever had “the plastic” done; that’s his natural aging self :))

  • Paul Verbruggen

    paul is dead , this is Billy Shears

  • Carol Price

    Billy Shear is a character that Paul McCartney created for SGT Pepper and your point is?

  • Carol Price

    Sir Paul McCartney Nearly died in Japan..2013….he had not had any plastic surgery NONE……he has been severely sick with high fever and recover last year of 2014…

  • Carol Price

    World War 2 ????? No one here is singing Swing Band Music…so

  • Carol Price

    This is my opinion nothing more, Sir Paul McCartney is tired of the camera being on him invited the cameraman to clap with him…why is cameraman on him when there are pretty women like Madonna or Rhianna or Sir Paul McCartney’s wife Nancy Shevell?

  • Carol Price

    Rock on Sir Paul McCartney show them all and why you are the richest Bassist in UK and USA…he is worth 1.4 Billion…no one else has yet come near his pocket change. He had 51 years in the rock world experience….will he live as long as Sir Christoper Lee who is oldest heavy metalist….he is 92…???

  • Marilyn Skadra

    Evil Woman got him up on his feet to go spastic because of that wife Heather Mills, the one legged slut who got a huge portion of him. Spastic Paul.

  • Paul Verbruggen

    yess thats true, thats a hind to the switcheroo that took place when Paul died in the 60′s. Billy Shears (who won a look a like contest ) took his place . And put so much hinds on there albums . it must be true

  • Paul Vincent

    Even a lighthearted topic like this still brings out the trolls, so sad too bad bye bye.

  • Carol Price

    John Lennon said Sir Paul McCartney is alive in 1969 in front of NBC, CBS, ABC,. I believe John Lennon that is Paul McCartney. Are you calling John Lennon a liar? If so why?

  • Carol Price

    It is film you see John Lennon in tears when ask is Paul McCartney is dead in 1969..he was shook up by the Question Paul McCartney is alive…

  • Carol Price

    You believe is DJ from New Jersery…who is dead to confirm you stupid story…Queen Elizabeth 2 knighted Paul McCartney to Sir James Paul McCartney and Scotland Yard is not going to confirm your mythology.

  • Carol Price

    In UK the DJ did not report anything about Billy Shears or William Campbell..replacement is William Campbell not Billy Shears…which is sung by Ringo Starr and Paul McCartney.

  • Carol Price

    Paul McCartney made up William Campbell and the contest look like when ask is this photo is you or not…this was photo of him in Highschool wearing glasses…his hair was not in Beatle haircut.

  • Carol Price

    John Lennon did not switch…he stated on ABC, CBS and NBC that Paul McCartney is not dead and very much alive…I believe in John Lennon this was 1969.

  • Ann Wang

    Sir Paul knows a good rocking song. Everyone should have stood up and rock along. I think Sir Paul looks great. Who cares what he looks like he is definitely not define by his looks. He makes timeless music and that’s all that counts.

  • shimie

    Tell ya what ULTRANET when you have written approximately 180 songs in partnership with another writer, then continue on to pen, produce etc… an additional 526 pieces of music, lyrics and song and your still going at it at 72, then you can comment. Until then take a hint from McCartney’s own behavior here, sit down, act like a gentleman and quit trying to draw attention to yourself. Jealous much?