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Beck Reacts to Kanye West's Epic Rant, Says 'You Can't Please Everyone'

Beck Reacts to Kanye West's Epic Rant, Says 'You Can't Please Everyone'

Despite Kanye West‘s sentiments, Beck still has nothing but nice things to say about the artist after he jokingly stormed the stage at the 2015 Grammys when he won Album Of the Year over Beyonce.

“I was just so excited he was coming up. He deserves to be on stage as much as anybody,” the 44-year-old Grammy winner said (via Us Weekly) of Kanye‘s on stage storm. “How many great records has he put out in the last five years right?”

When asked what he thought about Kanye saying Beyonce should have won, Beck replied, “Absolutely. I thought she was going to win. Come on, she’s Beyonce!”

“You can’t please everybody, man. I still love him and think he’s genius. I aspire to do what he does,” Beck added.

If you missed it, Kanye said after the show that “Beck needs to respect artistry and he should have given his award to Beyonce.”

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  • Arrow 12

    What a great guy. He is the kind of artist that Kanye should want to be. He took the high road. I am going to purchase a Beck album right now.

  • Gerard Butthole

    Kanye the Money says what he says to get attention. He knows what he says is ridiculous and tacky. When you have actual talent, you don’t need to say things like that. Kanye is a monkey and his wife is a whore. Enough said.

  • Sam

    Classy guy unlike Kanye and his sex tape wife. People should not endorse Kanyes appalling behavior. Beck deserved his Grammy.

  • thetruthdealer

    i watched Kim K sex tape and threw up

  • mm366

    Beck’s a better person than me because I think Kanye would own a new poop hole since I would have ripped him a new one. Kanye has become someone no one takes seriously and his music is now 2nd fiddle and no one cares about it anymore and that’s on him. I still think THE COLLEGE DROPOUT and LATE REGISTRATION are two of the best Hip Hop/Rap albums ever and that’s not going to change but as for his output afterwards, each idiotic action has caused more disinterest and I think his music career is two shovels away from being completely buried and by his own slow suicide. By the way, it’s not black people who listen to him or buy him and he seems to be clueless about that. His biggest fan base is white college boys but now probably not so much.

  • Penny Dreadful

    It’s pathetic to watch white men kow-tow to Black people because they are afraid of being called racist if they don’t flagellate, denigrate, and apologize for themselves. These comments about Beyonce being the greatest and “deserving” other people’s wins (who have worked equally as hard!!) and Kanye being a “genius” and “deserving” to be on the stage even when it’s someone else’s turn — just like the White actors who can’t compliment someone else’s movie without mentioning that “Selma was also great AND HOW BAD IS IT THAT IT’S NOT GETTING ENOUGH ATTENTION”. it’s all so creepy and desperate, this white-guilt complex.

  • marie

    why do you have to bring race into this? So unnecessary. Despite his world-class doucheness kanye actually is talented which is the reason why people tolerate his stupidity and beyonce’s album was pretty good. Beck has more respect for himself as well as class so he refused to stoop down to kanye’s level name calling and bashing other people and for that he’s “apologizing” for himself? He understands that he’s a talented artist despite what Kanye says and it speaks for himself which is why he won the grammy and I applaud him for taking the high road as opposed to taking cheap shots like you would’ve liked to seen.

  • Gerard Butthole

    Cunt, please. You add NOTHING to this board. Nothing. You sound like an angry black woman. Cunt, please.

  • Gerard Butthole

    She is an angry black woman (cunt), that is why she brings race into it. She has nothing else she can say, so she brings in the old and tired race thing, Typical cunt.

  • Living in a box

    Beck already won 2 Grammy’s before Beyonce was in Destiny Child.

  • CLX

    I think he was just taking the high road. When you win, it’s nice to say something about the people who didn’t win. I think we so rarely see talent and humility, that it gets mistaken for something else. He’s old-school and well-mannered; there is no great conspiracy here.

  • TeamBella76

    Kanye goes on and on about art HELLO YOU MARRIED A PORN STAR WITH NO TALENT ! Beyonce and Jayz are annoying we don’t have a royal court and please just go away for a little bit. AND LET’S BE HONEST BEYONCE’S ALBUM WASN’T THAT GOOD.

  • RayonLight

    Kudos to Beck for taking the high road, but no, just no. Who does Kanye West think he is to be sabotaging someone’s else award? Why does the media think this is ok and take it with a grain of salt? He needs to be put in his place and be shown some manners. Screw them, I don’t care how talented Beyonce is, she and JayZ need to put a leash on him. They way I see it, they all think they are high and mighty and above everybody else.

  • ΔJ

    Ugh, white ppl are too fucking nice. I honestly don’t understand how Beyonce, Jay-Z, Rihanna, etc would associate with such a piece of shit. I just don’t get it.

  • shoes4life

    One day and I am waiting for that day, Dumbye is going to run his dumb ass up on that stage and someone is going to knock him out cold!! Please, please, please let it be soon!

  • Carmen

    What is Kanye’s obsession with Beyonce about? Does he want to eff her or what?! I just don’t get it.
    Respect artistry Kanye? Like the naked photoshoots your wife does?

  • Dory Phore

    The right person won. All the hype in the world couldn’t make Beyonce’s album great. Sorry.

  • Charles Davis

    While I don’t think Beck should have won that Grammy, ( Love Beck by the way ) he did and that’s that. Beyonce has more than enough Grammys as it is. Why didn’t he do that to Sam Smith when he won? Kanye needs to sit the F**k down & stop being everybody’s spokesman. Do a PRINCE & be classy.

  • louflo

    “Respect ” is a word which Kanye is obviously not familiar with and likely not able to accurately spell the word.Wow he (kanye) is such an ass.I wouls say that Kim must be embarrased by his ignorant behavior but she is just as ignorant as he.
    what a piece of trash.
    I bet his own mother would be ashamed of his behavior.All the money in the world could not buy him a bit of class.

  • zarathustra2k1

    Kanye *who*?

  • jonjonn0033

    Kanye is a mess. Not the first time he went off. Beck won. Period. Get over it Kanye, with your ugly private part, which matches your attitud.

  • OzarkDeviant

    Kanye is a genius like a rock is a steak.

  • AnitaC24

    Kanye’s tedious, hypocritical rant was all about HIM losing out on two Grammys last night to better artists — nothing to do with Beck or Beyonce!

  • Zed68

    So much nicer than what Mr huge ego did. Kanye should simply be banned from every event in the future. He’s a self absorbed man, if he does not agree with the awards he should make his own and stfu about others.

  • Penny Dreadful

    LOL, you ask me WHY BRING RACE INTO THIS when the whole REASON white artists bang on about Beyonce and Kanye is BECAUSE of race. The whole reason Kanye goes on his tirades when a white person wins over a black person IS BECAUSE OF RACE. The whole reason folks are whining about Selma not getting nominated is BECAUSE of race. And there was Prince making comments ABOUT RACE. And Paltrow making comments ABOUT RACE. And Pharell incorporating “Hands Up Don’t Shoot” into his performance BECAUSE OF RACE.

    Don’t ask me such as stupid f*cking question.

  • beatlesfreak1126

    lol your comment became irrelevant after the part where you said “kanye is actually talented.” what is his talent, exactly? can he sing? does he write inspirational and impactful lyrics? does he play any musical instruments? oh, no?

    all he does is go on angry rants. sorry, honey, but that doesn’t quality as a talent.

  • beatlesfreak1126

    I’m so sick of these overhyped, arrogant, slightly retarded(?) rap and hip hop artists claiming to be “geniuses” and “legends” and all that. It’s ridiculous. It’s like a person standing next to a mountain and saying “I’m tall.” It actually makes you laugh. Even Beyoncé is crazy overhyped. Her voice isn’t bad, but it’s just average. And yet my generation is calling her “the queen” and all these exaggerated names… Kanye, Beyoncé, and Jay Z are just some random people who got lucky and became famous. There are far more talented people we should be praising instead.

  • Preet

    Its all to impress Jay Z.

  • Preet

    Good point, he shud defo be banned, this is atrocious. but
    Question should be how was he able to get to the stage? where was security? didnt they learn the last time?

  • tarnya

    Because he could not land the real Beyonce and had to settle with a midget, D list wannabe and wishes he would get someone who is an A lister and a lot prettier then the loser he settled for. He must have an obessed love for her. Thats all I can think of. Jay-Z better run fast from this guy. I think he wants his wife.

  • tarnya

    Much better looking then this nigorD and his white trash wife and their nigrass baby!

  • Carmen


  • Zed68

    They could hire a sniper for next year… maybe with just tranquilizer darts (or real ammo if he opens his mouth :D )

  • louflo

    I dare Kanye to pull such a stunt a the B.E.T. awards! I have no doubt Kanye would quickly be taught “respect” . It would be great to have someone put him in his place . Kanye needs serious therapy before his daughter is old enough to participate in any type of competive activities. Kanye will be the parent that storms the elementary school stage ranting that his daughter deserved to win the science project competion and elementary school needs to respect the genius of his daughter.
    Kanye , get a grip! You must give respect to get respect.

  • LInda Rowlett

    Kanye doesn’t make music. Rpp is not music. He is a self centered person, thinking the world cares what he thinks. HI wife looked like she was wearing a lounging robe.

  • LInda Rowlett

    especially after the program he gave in Australia.

  • LInda Rowlett

    Rapp Is not music Mostly it is garbage.

  • mm366

    Rap is no less music than other expressions and just like those others, there’s good, bad, great and not so much. Every genre has its “WHAT THE HELL?!” be it pop, rock, r&b, country…..especially country imo……hip hop and rap