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Beyonce's Grammys 2015 Performance - Watch the Behind-the-Scenes Video!

Beyonce's Grammys 2015 Performance - Watch the Behind-the-Scenes Video!

Go behind-the-scenes with Beyonce and see the preparation that went into her amazing 2015 Grammys performance of “Take My Hand, Precious Lord.”

“I wanted to find real men that have lived, have struggled, cried…I felt like this is an opportunity to show the strength and vulnerability in black men,” the 33-year-old superstar said in the video about choosing her backup singers.

We then meet some of the singers and hear their plights and struggles.

Watch the video below – and be sure to catch Beyonce‘s full 2015 Grammys performance if you missed it!

Beyonce “Take My Hand, Precious Lord” BTS

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  • Gerard Butthole

    This self-centered bitch needs to seriously go away for a while and give us all a break from her overexposed self. Geeze, she is annoying. And not that nice, too. When cameras not around, she is stark-raving bitch. Also, her talent is mediocre at best. It is all marketing in regards to this bitch.

  • shoes4life

    I’m sorry but her performance was awful. That dress was a prop gone wrong. Plus it’s hard to be angelic when you album is full of salacious lyrics.

  • Gerard Butthole

    That’s because she is awful. Her fame is based mostly on marketing and publicity, not on any amazing talent.

  • Jay

    I was gonna say this is too much. I get that this is not addressing racism but rather her way of trying to explain the meaning the song. The meaning it holds for her and the 12 men with her. Hence the name the voices, it’s their view. I get it. But it’s just too much. And comes of as inauthentic. Just take a break B. You are overexposed. We are tired of you.

  • Hassana Bosslady McRae

    I’m still sleeping because of that performance…she just seems so fake to me

  • allisoam

    Why didn’t she sing one of the songs from her own album, if it was that good and was nominated for album of the year. Because her album as previously stated is full of salacious lyrics and there has been a back lash from conservatives. So what does she do rip off the song that an up coming singer was nominated for because it suited her purpose and sort of put her in , I am a decent person position, to repair her reputation .

  • Weeping Mary

    Amen!!! I think Beyoncé, Common and John should all apologize to Ledisi. Common and John could have stopped that, but they were too geeked to have “Queen B” on their set that they had no integrity. John said that when Beyoncé asked, he said, “You can’t say no to Beyoncé” and Common stated in an interview, “Having Beyoncé open for us will be on another level”. I guess they both forgot that someone once gave them a hand up. The Grammy’s would have given Ledisi an opportunity to appeal to a greater platform and audience, but no, Beyoncé was used for music political agendas and it was all for nothing. It was WACK and Ledisi deserved way better than that. That’s ok…her day in the sunshine will come…a voice like hers can’t be denied.

  • Weeping Mary

    Since Beyoncé supposedly asked to sing this song, I think she should publicly apologize to Ledisi for that awful performance. She snatched a golden opportunity away from Ledisi only to trash it. Actually, she needs to apologize to the public because we had to witness that mess. Beyoncé, Common and John need to apologize to Ledisi for their poor propaganda-filled decision to use Beyoncé as opposed to a true vocal talent like Ledisi…the one who was actually in the film and on the soundtrack. #ShameOnThem

  • sky

    Because the Grammy’s asked her to sing this song. Grammy’s wanted to do something to acknowledge what is happening our communities in America between young people and the police, which is why she performed before John & Common did Glory fr. Selma movie.

  • Hiiiiiiii :)

    You don’t even have the right info. Ledisi was not nominated for this song nor is it her song to begin with. She sung it for the movie Selma. Before you decide you want to be outraged you should figure out what you want to outraged about. This song was never going to be performed. Beyonce asked Common and John Legend if she could do this for the opening of Glory. They said yes. They both wanted her to do it. Either way Ledisi was not getting on the Grammy stage. As salacious lyrics, I guess. Your opinion is yours to have.

  • Hiiiiiiii :)

    She didn’t snatch an opportunity. The opportunity wasn’t available until she presented it. Ledisi wasn’t going up on that stage either way. It was Beyonce’s idea and both Common and John Legend jumped at the chance for Beyonce to open for them. That’s not her fault. Hopefully, someday soon Ledisi gets her chance

  • Weeping Mary

    Yes, hopefully Ledisi will get her chance because a voice like hers needs to be heard and a spirit like hers needs to be felt on a broader platform. But I hear what you’re saying though, so let’s take Ledisi out of the equation altogether. Beyonce’s performance was still very lack luster and had no feeling. She even flubbed on a few notes…yes, Queen Bey messed up. A true artist knows when to stay in their lane and she was not the one to sing that song. Funny how she can ask to sing at the Grammy’s but can’t give the BET Awards, the Soul Train Awards or the NAACP Image Awards the time of day, yet she claims her performance was for her father, grandparents and those who fought through the civil rights era….sure, ok. My theory, and it’s just my opinion, is that maybe she wanted to paint herself in a better light since critics have been coming at her for her “salacious” lyrics and provocative style. Maybe she’s trying to get her old respect back. Maybe she’s trying to put the illuminati rumors to rest. Only she knows why she wanted to sing a song she couldn’t handle. All I know is it was all a attention stunt and sorry…it wasn’t a good one.

  • Hiiiiiiii :)

    We’re gonna disagree on that. While yes, Beyonce is not a gospel singer and is on the low spectrum of power house vocals I thought she did a pretty good job. I find it funny when people claim her to be “soulless”. She grew up in church. Also, I found myself focused on her eyes during the performance and personally I saw a lot of emotion. I also can’t hate the performance because of the message. While people have been pointing fingers at Iggy (deserving so) for for saying nothing regarding race and police brutality I’ve been far more upset with Beyonce who is a black woman and I felt she has been largely silent on issues that affect her and her people. So, it was great to see her finally taking a stand. She didn’t have to. She could of stayed under the radar and she probably wouldn’t lose fans. As for the “salacious” lyrics, people like to put others in a box especially artist. Apparently people forgot the other four albums Beyonce has and the fact that their are other songs completely void of sex references. That bring said I would guess 70-85% of her catalog can be listened to by all ages. I think that’s great. Usually artist are one or the other. Plus, she not The Wiggles. She didn’t get into the business to sing for children. As for the award shows, I would guess a lot of big name artisft other than Beyonce have stopped going. I wouldn’t say it’s right or wrong. It is what it is. Plus, I have my own issues with BET as a whole. I would categorize that network as a modern day minstrel show.

  • smokeskater


  • smokeskater

    shut up cunt! and her talent surpasses yours, if you even have any.

  • Chuckie Badong

    The Grammy’s didnt ask her. She asked to sing the song.

  • Chuckie Badong

    Just because someone grew up in church, doesn’t mean the person has soul. Real soul singers deliver the song different. Beyonce can sing pop balled and is good with pop music. Soul is more for singers like Aretha. A singer cannot sing every song. And fact is, that Beyonce did not do this song any justice and the song did not do any justice for beyonce. It is just a wrong match. She needs to hire her father again, because this, beyonce, 4, 7/11 etc. is really going bad.