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Chris Martin & Beck Perform 'Heart Is a Drum' at Grammys 2015 (Video)

Chris Martin & Beck Perform 'Heart Is a Drum' at Grammys 2015 (Video)

Chris Martin sports a big smile on his face while performing at the 2015 Grammy Awards held at the Staples Center on Sunday (February 8) in Los Angeles.

The 37-year-old Coldplay frontman and Grammy winner Beck teamed up for a performance of their latest collaboration “Heart is a Drum.” Watch the video below!

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Chris Martin

On the same night, Beck took home two Grammys for Best Rock Album and Album of the Year, beating out Beyonce, Sam Smith, Ed Sheeran, and Pharrell Williams.

Chris Martin & Beck – ‘Heart Is a Drum’ Performance

FYI: Chris is wearing a rag & bone vest and pants.

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  • millerz

    One of my favorite songs when I was younger was loser by beck. My older brother was a fan and I felt “cool” listening to his music.

    I’m proud to be a fan of Beck. He isn’t only a singer he’s a talented songwriter and instrumentalist.

    I love BeyoncĂ©, but Kanye is the biggest arrogant douche bag on the planet. No class, no respect. He says its about artistry and he’s not going to stand people not being recognized for their artistry. THERE is no other person more “artistry” than Beck.

    Kanye shouldn’t be allowed out in public without a babysitter. He acts like a complete child. How Kim isn’t embarassed blows my mind. I would be mortified. She showed how classless she was by posting her “shocked beck won” face on Instagram. The epitome of classless.

    You can put makeup and a pretty dress and weave on a garbage can but it’ll never cover the fact that it’s still just trash.

  • dangz

    For the record this song isn’t a collaboration. Beck wrote it and recorded it on his album. Chris Martin is merely dueting with him. Please educate yourself and don’t contribute to diminishing Beck as the original and visionary artist that he is. There has been enough ignorance and disrespect for one night.

  • remlisa

    Agree about Kanye thing. Seems that whole bunch of “old friends” LOL- having some real probs and all trying to cover up, not doing so great a job at it. Where Goop is trouble will follow. Keeping comments to self on that. BUT BECK YES! Be a proud fan! HE is a NICE GOOD GUY! And great talent. For those that don’t like his music, fine, it’ s all subjective. But HE is cool. YEARS ago met two dorky cute guys at coffee shop. They sent vegan cocoa, treats, fair trade organic coffee, for me and child I was with. Just being sweet British blokes I thought. Tapped them on shoulder, talked sec to thank, smiled sweetly,no big deal. As leaving though, strangers, were like “YOU DO KNOW WHO THEY ARE DON’T YOU??? They are hitting on you, they are great. Go back and talk to them” So to just get out of there with kid I was sitting, and be polite.
    plus prove “OF COURSE I know who they are” (HAD ZIP…nothing cept maybe musicians?) I turned and walked right back to their table. All eyes and ears watching. I then proceeded to go back to thank “Moby” apologized to the guy from “RadioHead or REM” for not remembering his name but did love their songs. Oh God think, threw in U2 at some point. Knew as was saying it massive fail on my part. Time may have actually stood still :-) Honestly, a hush fell over the coffee house. LONG PAUSE….bad. AND THEN BECK that sweet cool, cuter in person, just fell out of his chair laughing, got up, both guys kissed my hands and wrist sweetly, hugged the child and BECK had guy at coffee shop send me flowers and gave tons of money for me to take child shopping, discreetly too as she was obviously homeless and had latched on to me.. she is now at Stanford 15 years later! AND yes it was BECK! But in some cafe Moby was checking out or running. Met Moby through fluke couple years ago, he’s very cool too. Still not sure who other one was, supposedly a very young Chris Martin or James Blunt, whoever he was… great too. Still SO embarrassed tonight when saw Becks and Chris together on Grammys came back to me :-) . Good sports the both of them! BECK IS BACK, ( I didn’t even know but will check out and get CD blasting soon after last night.) Question what is up with James Blunt? Anybody know? Gut says chose to get out of spotlight maybe? Got glimpse of him and Petra once and they were closest to “The Perfect Couple” ever could be. Now she as great as she is – doing lingerie and he is off charts literally and figuratively? Love him, class act and check out his Royal Albert Hall or other UK concerts where the crowd say f word for him. Too cool, hope he is well. Sorry droned on but yeah BECK is cool. You are right. Great artist, and nice guy! ) Oh and Truth hurts don’t EVEN think about responding to this please, I beg you, stop the madness. Let it go.) Gonna check out Beck now on youtube and buy his album :-)

  • Allie

    There is a pic online of Chris backstage with Gwyneth.

  • remlisa

    Totally right. Hoping maybe Chris was there to support him as Beck was overwhelmed but doubt it. Both standup guys BUT IT WAS BECK’s NIGHT. Love Chris, he always is there when needed for all, but when watching it, felt Beck maybe didn’t really want him there – seemed off. (Did post story about Beck others below if interested.) My son the master musician, into rap, as well as alt, thought LL Cool would be example and was disappointed. Then when GP came on, all here almost vomited. She has done everything to change to Aryan race (sickening) all her life, look at her old high school pics, and now converting to Judaism? It’s ALL good but has to be real! Even my Dad called and asked “is that Blythes’ little girl? What’s wrong with her now?”. My Dr. just told me she is trying to have her eyes dyed blue and got face full of fillers – extreme. ain’t no equal opportunities kind of gal Miss Paltrowl. Beyonce loathes her, all crap….. and then they ignored BECK!!!!! It was Beck’s moment to shine! :love Chris but he had no place there unless he was supporting a friend in need. Think Chris looked great but Beck did not look at him. Again off. Even just as musicians, even if hate each other, check for cue chords. So guessing Beck pissed or shy – going with pissed. Sorry but Chris needs to go back to Coldplay if they will take him. Anyway wrote long post on this already but wanted to say yeah you are Right. WAS IS AND will always be Beck’s moment…maybe Beck trying to give Chris boost, who knows. But per your post too yes Beck is back! And instinct is this has Goop timing all over it, Chris went along for custody, her demands to to get something involving his manipulative ex to care for kids. which is noble BUT in process he disrespected Beck. Unforgivable. Go Beck and as for Coldplay will post later -they are done. So sad. Ode to Rush of Blood to the Head.

  • remlisa

    They are SO not together….please, they have kids, she embarrasses him and won’t let go. Pathetic.

  • Cate

    Beautiful song and beautiful performance.

  • Allie

    But they arrived together. They can’t hate each other, they must be amicable

  • Guess

    what are you on about?? watch the performance again. the second the song ended Chris Martin stepped back clapping to let Beck have his moment. Then beck goes and drags him to the front to enjoy the moment together. and if Beck hated Chris, would he perform together in the first place? this is not a totalitarian regime. the artists have a say in performances. the two have performed together before in 2002. so the chances are they are friends. quit making drama where there is none.

  • Donna

    I think they still doing it, from time to time. I really do. lol

  • Kyle

    Don’t waste your time with this person, going by their other comments online they just get nasty when you disagree. I’m not replying to anything they say as they’ll just jump down your throat and call you a liar

  • Clara Tezolin

    of course they are together just do not see who does not want.
    the children not there, this is no excuse
    Gwyneth and Chris are still a couple!

  • Clara Tezolin

    cade the secret source who said that Jenn would, just laughing of this nonsense, who was with him was his wife Gwyneth.
    Now I hope the media stop this fantic about Jenn and Chris for God’s sake, this more than proven that they are not together.
    Gwyneth and Chris are still a couple!

  • remlisa

    I love Chris and I love Beck. Didn’t mean to sound so b>itchy, but lay off it already, did say he may have been there for true support of Beck etc. Shut the f up and quit picking on me, you are way off.

  • remlisa

    You quit wasting time! Had you read post below you would see I love Beck and Chris, just saying something weird about performance, not trashing Chris but it WAS Beck’s moment,,,and Chris was trying to make eye contact etc.and NO ONE loves to be there and play hero more than Chris – AND he is good guy – too good BUT Beck for whatever reason was trying to do his own thing looked like to me, that’s it, Not dissing Chris. Who the f knows. I don’t.You don’t. And won’t jump down your throat and call you liar :-) Keep calm and carry on Kyle. Everyone here has right to opinion…..without being attacked by others. Again had you seen post below before you shot your mouth off…whatever, have a lovely day and stop trashing me please, I respect your comments and don’t pick on you What is your problem with me. Please show some respect to other people….

  • Kyle

    I saw the one below and others you have posted, you say really nasty things about Gwyneth Paltrow. There’s no need to say such things about people you don’t know, you seem like you have a lot of anger, just relax. I won’t be replying to you again

  • Greg Levin

    Oye. Collaborate is a verb friends. It is defined as “working together on a activity”. Chris Martin and the other musicians all collaborated on stage that night. My sense is, it is “splitting hairs” when comparing a “duet” and a “collaboration”.

    As to the comment below regarding Beck and his enthusiasm for having Chris Martin on stage with him…I am afraid I must disagree again.

    As noted below, when the song ended, Chris Martin (who has always been a humble guy–I have seen Coldplay live a half-dozen times, and also seen many interviews, and he has always come off as being very unassuming and kind of “wonder-ous”…as if he can’t believe people admire him for what he does.) steps into the background and Beck steps back as well. Then, in a totally appropriate gesture, Beck brings Chris Martin forward with him to meet the applause.

    The other clear indicator are the two men’s genuine smiles. They both seem to be very content and happy with the performance and with each other.

    (If I were Chris Martin and were dating Jennifer Lawrence…I’d have a perpetual smile too!)

    Contrast that with the behavior of Mr. Kim Kardashian later…and you’ll realize what envy and venom look like.

    Great artists, great people, great song, great performance…apparently great friends.

  • Greg Levin

    Guess – I think you nailed it. Chris Martin’s gesture (stepping back from the limelight) and Beck’s (stepping back and bringing Chris Martin forward–thus sharing the applause) was spot-on. Both men had genuine smiles on their faces. That picture is worth a 1000 internet trolls.

  • Evelyn Apricots

    The kids were at the show with their parents.