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Rosie O'Donnell Explains 'View' Departure in New Video Blog

Rosie O'Donnell Explains 'View' Departure in New Video Blog

Rosie O’Donnell has released a “heartfelt” video blog to explain her decision for leaving The View in the middle of her first year back on the program.

The 52-year-old talk show host announced last week that she would be leaving the show, but on the Monday (February 9) episode, she didn’t mention it at all.

“Everyone wanted me to talk about it. I didn’t want to talk about it,” Rosie says in the new video, citing she already gave an explanation over the weekend.

“The truth is I had a heart attack two years ago and stress is very bad for heart attack survivors. You should minimize your stress, maximize your exercise, and control your diet,” Rosie said. “So that’s what I’m doing. I’m minimizing my stress by leaving The View and the stress that I’m having at home was not as easily remediable. It’s hard. Marriage is complicated and I’ve got five kids, four of them are teenagers and there’s lots of stuff going on at home, and lots of stuff going on at work. The only thing I can really control is the work, by leaving. I can turn that volume down all the way to zero.”

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  • sky

    sorry but her explanations are one BS after another. Why doesn’t she just admit it, SHE IS A QUITTER. This woman is not capable of staring something and seeing it through to the end whether is a success or a failure. Nice lesson to be teaching your kids Rosie.

  • Carmen

    Love you Rosie. The View will suck without you; you brought so much humor and intelligence to it. Good luck with your personal life. Your wife is crazy for letting such a wonderful woman like u get away!!

  • Carmen

    you’re just a Rosie hater. No explanation would please haters like u. You’re not Donald Trump, are you? (cracking myself up)

  • sky

    You are right I don’t like the woman…I don’t like her because she has a big mouth and nothing to back it up with other than her QUITTING. This is her answer to everything in her life. . . Work, no one likes me,Quit that. My marriage, is so difficult, too many issues, Quit that. When she learns to fight for something just one time in her life…I will respect her and her body of work from there. You notice you didn’t have anything to come back at me with other thank asking me if I’m Trump. I don’t like quitters.

  • Ramahercules

    I have nothing against Rosie, but she’s leaving because she thought she could push Whoopi around. Whether you like Whoopi or not, she does not put up with childish tantrums. Like the one Rosie had when Whoopi had to cut her off for a commercial. Rosie whined and cried to the audience how mean and disrespectful Whoopi was. If Rosie doesn’t want to get cut off, wear the ear piece the rest of them are wearing. Oh yeah, she “doesn’t like them”. You know she has had other tantrums before that because Whoopi told her she was sick of this sh*t.

  • Jay Last

    If a person has what I would call obvious psychological issues, of whatever variety and for whatever reason, and also has known health issues, they should take care of that first before worrying about TV shows. It’s also a time when a little compassion can go a long way.

    You know who is a real loser? Joe Montana. He played for the 49ers for a while and the next thing you know, he quit that. Then he played for the Chiefs and you know what he did next? Quit. Boy what a loser.

    How about that bum Larry Hagman? He had a great job on I Dream of Jeannie and then boom…quit. He does Dallas and…he quit that too. Boy what a lesson he taught his kids.

    Speaking of which, I hope you haven’t procreated or never plan on doing so…because the only lesson you’re teaching your kids is how to be a bitter, snippy, b!tchy, angry human being.

  • Carmen

    Give me a break. Whoopi doesn’t like ANYBODY trying to tell her what’s up. Remember when she yelled at Rosie that white people don’t know anything about racism. Give me a break. Stop making up things as if you know they’re factual. Rosie’s haters are lame and are determined to make her look bad, sorry not sorry. Rosie knows who she is and she intimidates people, that’s all.

  • Carmen

    LMAO! You don’t like the woman and that’s why you attack her. She has a big mouth, so what? She has a right to her opinion. You don’t know her personally. You just love to hate her. Go ahead and hate her for being strong. She knows how to fight, google her life. And if you’re a Trump fan, I feel sorry for you. Rosie is not a quitter. Like I said before, you just hate her. Why? Because she’s gay or opinionated? Or maybe because she’s a liberal? Go away troll.

  • Carmen

    LOL @ ‘bitter, snippy, b!tchy, angry human being.’

  • 55vineyard

    And this is why, when I watch this kind of show, I like the The Talk.

  • Hammerman


  • raps-fan

    Carmen: You might want to get a life of your own instead of vehemently defending someone who I’m guessing you don’t know personally… Seriously you replied to every single comment here, that means it’s time to get a hobby…

  • StewartMorrison

    ROSIE is the most contemptuious biotch in the industry,according to the people who’s paycheque depend on her ‘unusual demands’! no wonder her ‘wife’ ran out! i feel sorry for the kids in her charge. she didn’t get along with anyone on that show,so what’s that say about her? billed as a comedian…yeah right.

  • StewartMorrison

    carmen just sunk her own defense of the nasty thing called ‘rosie’,she’s not that intimidateing to me,for sure,i’d tell the biotch where to stuff it!

  • Frank

    Such a liar. I heard she was getting sued by a former producer at The View. Everything’s not “rosie.”