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Watch Beyonce React to Kanye West's Grammys Stage Storm

Watch Beyonce React to Kanye West's Grammys Stage Storm

Beyonce holds her three trophies while walking in the press room at the 2015 Grammy Awards held at the Staples Center on Sunday (February 8) in Los Angeles.

The 33-year-old singer won three awards at the show – Best Surround Sound Album for Beyonce and Best R&B Song and Best R&B Performance for “Drunk in Love.”

Beyonce surprisingly lost the award for Album of the Year to Beck and Kanye West didn’t seem to be too happy about it tonight.

Kanye stormed the stage, seemingly as a joke, and pretended like he was going to steal the award before sitting back down. Later on in the night, he said that the winner should have given the award to Beyonce.

Well, now you can watch Beyonce and Jay Z‘s reaction to their friend storming the stage!

FYI: Beyonce is wearing a Balmain dress, Fendi shoes, Lorraine Schwartz jewelry, and Ofira jewels.

10+ pictures inside of Beyonce in the press room…

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watch beyonce react to kanye wests grammys stage storm 02
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watch beyonce react to kanye wests grammys stage storm 05
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watch beyonce react to kanye wests grammys stage storm 10
watch beyonce react to kanye wests grammys stage storm 11
watch beyonce react to kanye wests grammys stage storm 12
watch beyonce react to kanye wests grammys stage storm 13
watch beyonce react to kanye wests grammys stage storm 14
watch beyonce react to kanye wests grammys stage storm 15
watch beyonce react to kanye wests grammys stage storm 16
watch beyonce react to kanye wests grammys stage storm 17
watch beyonce react to kanye wests grammys stage storm 18
watch beyonce react to kanye wests grammys stage storm 19
watch beyonce react to kanye wests grammys stage storm 20
watch beyonce react to kanye wests grammys stage storm 21

Photos: Getty, AKM-GSI
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  • forrest gump

    fools day?
    nope……….KANYE WEST ENTERED THE SCENE, hahahahahaha

  • Laura

    It really not funny the amount of disrespect Kayne has for people and everyone laughing at him for what he did I am sure wouldn’t like it if it was done to them.

  • Anastatia Bagans

    Amazing how medicoricy gets praised these days…tons of producers and writers should get her Grammys lmao..

  • disqus_jFAUBXqfjy

    If it wasn’t for my inspiration, she wouldn’t have won those awards. I should have gotten half her profits from those songs. (satellite)

  • Jay

    But name a current pop star who can do what she does better? I swear people think this was handed to these people. They put the work in. You have all these artists praising and being inspired by them. And you on twitter with you laptop calls it mediocre. Simply name a star that can do that whole package better than her. It’s not easy staying relevant for 15 years. I hate when people can’t just give people their dues.
    Jay Z is Hip-Hop royalty, one of the best rappers ever and you call him mediocre. I hate jealousy. Don’t have to praise or even like people but give them their dues. Kanye is one of the only artist to ever get 5 stars from rolling stone, as he was performing the new generation lorde was tweeting about how ‘he inspires her to be better’. If bloody stevie wonder can love them and MJ call beyonce the next star. You can sit your arse down. Please I don’t think she’s Beysus, but yes she is a good performer.
    So happy people like you are irrelevant.

  • Mads

    Well put!

  • Маргарита Бабовникова


  • Jay

    What? Did you even read what I wrote?

  • Maria

    Their egos make them extremely unlikeable, and their music is really pretty unremarkable these days. That song Kanye performed was terrible. I REALLY don’t get his appeal, and throw in his horrible personality and lifestyle, and he becomes very irrelevant to me. But to each his own. Just be aware, not everyone likes them OR their music.

  • sky

    Jay, finally someone getting. As a fan to me BECK IS NOT THE ALBUM OF THE YEAR. My god, go check soundscan, Beck’s album did not sell. Go to the Rock album charts on billboard week to week, Beck’s album was not on the chart. Gos, did you hear any of the songs on this album all over the radio? Sorry this is not the album of the year. The album of the years should reflect airplay, sales and chart domination. The Grammys should not be helping BECK sell his album by rewarding him with an award. If his true grassroots fans didn’t by the album, how does this deserve an award.

  • 1MzLiz

    Al Rocker described Kayne very well this morning. Usually Al’s pretty diplomatic, and goes a little overboard when he’s discussing someone of his own race, but he let West ‘have it’ for his disrespect for others. This is what needs to be done. There’s no reason for letting this egomaniac ruin the Grammy awards. Jay-z, Beyoncé and Kayne are of the opinion that they run these shows.
    In addition, Taylor Swift should either be seated in the back or the camera men should be instructed not to show her while other’s are performing.. She’s another pathetic attention seeker. Enough already.

  • Teni Eliza

    Kanye is not the only one to get 5 Stars from Rolling Stone. There are plenty of artists who have lasted longer than 15 years and stayed relevant, most without resorting to shock value tactics. Beck’s been in the business for 30 years and still won a Grammy. I honestly see none of those people doing the same.

  • Teni Eliza

    The Grammy’s aren’t about who outsold who. Britney Spears outsells a lot of people. Would you like her to beat out some of the other artists?

  • sky

    I was not a fan of Britney’s music but she got robbed too back then. Album of the year in essence is entertainer of the year.

  • Jay

    Um I don’t agree with. I like Beyoncé, Jay and Kanye. I was just defending them as artist. Someone called them mediocre and I thought that was unfair. I think Beck is more than deserving. It’s been a while since I’ve bought his music, but I’m gonna go check it out now. If it won it won for a reason. And Beck is a great artist, and a small artist as in he doesn’t have as many resources so theres alot of heart and drive and artistry involved in his work. I’m happy he won, it was unexpected but it gives the grammy a sense of credibility. Honestly just stream his stuff, give it a chance.

  • Gerard Butthole

    Liking Beyonce says something about your horrible taste in music. I am actually embarrassed for you.

  • v blackwell

    “So happy people like you are irrelevant.”

    And your post expressing YOUR opinion is more relevant why???

  • v blackwell

    Oh, because you posted your opinion, everyone else should agree with it?

  • v blackwell

    It’s The Grammy’s award. The panel voted on it and they awarded it to the performer THEY voted as deserving it. When Kanye holds the Kanye Awards, he’ll have the right to determine to whom an award goes. Simple. Until then, HE should have a seat, or better yet, not attend such events.

  • Preet

    This can be avoided, either dont invite Kayne or how abt stopping him going on the stage. This kind of act is not mature & the behavior is what a expect a jealous teenage to do not a someone nearly his 40s.

  • ben

    wait until a white artist does this to a black one you won’t see no one laughing they’ll stare daggers into that person’s heart cause this world is full of hypocrites.

  • ABC

    Mr. Butthole, with no life, bashing something else to make himself better.
    “I call ‘em as I see’em. The truth hurts. And what’s your excuse, fart-face?”


  • kittenblu

    Oh thank god they told me what kind of dress she was wearing. We all know whats really important here ,dont we. Bey needs to tell Kayne to get his head outta her ass. Surgically remove Kaynes lips from Bey’s ass. Thats real respectful towards your wife Kayne.. real classy guy. Oh wait, hes a genius is’nt he?!! My Bad…..Hilarious.

  • kittenblu

    Your right, shes about good as the back street boys. They won alot of grammys too. She has song writters and handlers telling her what her next move should be, just like the backstreet boys.Beck on the other hand writes all his own stuff and can actually play 12 instruments…Im sorry how many instruments can Bey and Jay z play , combined?

  • kittenblu

    Well, that dosent put alot of faith in me about Rolling Stone anymore.

  • StubbornlyRational

    If a white person had done the same thing after Beyonce’s win, the media firestorm wouldn’t stop burning for weeks.

  • StubbornlyRational

    Jessie Jay is five times the talent and ten times the performer that Beyonce ever dreamed of being.

  • StubbornlyRational

    “one of the best rappers ever”. That’s like saying, “one of the smartest retards ever.” Look who is dumb enough to buy rap. The facts speak for themselves.

  • Jenny

    Kanye (or anyone else for that matter) is entitled to his opinion and can disagree with the outcome, but to stand up in the middle of the ceremony and try to take the light away from another artist’s achievement is arrogant, selfish, ridiculous, and rude. I have zero respect for him as a person despite his being a talented artist. I agree with others who have said that when it’s the Kanye Awards, he can decide who HE feels is “worthy” of winning. Until then, put a sock in it. I honestly feel he should be banned from future events after this being his second incident. PS. Sadly, I think the reaction we see from Jay Z and Beyoncé is because they thought he was joking. I think most people probably thought he was initially. Supposedly he was sorry after doing virtually the same thing to Taylor Swift so an intelligent person might think, oh he’s making fun of himself. After you hear his rant during the E! interview, you realize he wasn’t. Pathetic.

  • Gail Van der Linden

    Don’t care who she’s “wearing” ~ how pathetic is that? Interesting that they thought it was funny while totally dissing on Beck. No class hacks

  • Gail Van der Linden

    The award is not based on sales.

  • Guest

    i normally don’t like to comment on these silly things and immature arguments about people I don’t actually know personally. But I just can’t help it. I liked Kanyes music when he was new, before his personality came out. And I like Beyoncé still, from her first Destinys Child group in 1999. But Beck has been around a bit longer.. Maybe Beyoncé did deserve the award, I don’t watch award shows, I think celebrities make enough money, I don’t care what a any award show thinks about it. I love the music. And as far as staying relevant and in demand, I know Beck played a lot more night clubs and basement bars then Beyoncé did. I snuck into one just to see them play. Beyoncé has the notes and voice, but Beck has amazing creativity and a fan base almost as old as Beyoncé. And Kanye is a douchebag, I hate judging people, but comparing yourself to Jesus… No you are not, douchebag. Such disrespect for a musical genius who has been around before he even set foot in a studio.

  • deeceevoice

    If Kanye West were really concerned about “artistry,” he would have told Beyonce not to steal Ledisi’s moment with her lukewarm rendition of “Precious Lord” at the Grammys. If he or Beyonce had any integrity, both of them would have insisted that Ledisi perform the song.

    After all, Ledisi sang CIRCLES around Beyonce in her version for “Selma.”

    Shut up, Kanye. Sit yo’ a** down and shut up, too, Beyonce!

  • james wheeler

    You give fame and fortune to a Neanderthal and thats what you get!

  • Selma Bayram

    I can’t even stomach him or his wife, they are classless! Clueless and Dumb! He is still ghetto! She is still a slut! Nothing will change that…They are old news, so sick of seeing their faces ugh let’s move on. Beck deserved to win and he did!

  • nkiflemar

    Five stars or not, Kanye West is not the judge, jury and executioner for everyone who gets an award ahead of Beyoncé. She is an awesome artist and deserves the awards she has, but there ARE other artists who are also good in their own right and deserve them as well! Kanye is a spoiled brat and needs to get a life. He is disrespectful and by the way, Beyoncé does not need a spokesman…she can speak very well for herself. If she disagrees with something, let her speak for herself!!!

  • nkiflemar

    There is no need for all this criticism. All of these artists have talent or they would not be where they are at all! Music is heard differently by different folks. Sales are not necessarily reflect the quality of what is within. For God’s sake William Hung sold a bunch of records singing “she bangs”! Noone here is the judge panel at the Grammy’s thus you have no idea what goes into the awarding of these things. I believe everyone received their just rewards and we will see what happens next year. As for Kanye, he is disrespectful and rude and that everyone can agree on. His antics are not appreciated by 98% of the public and personally, I think he should be banned from the Grammy’s along with his female arm candy, speaking of no talent!

  • Thomas Dixon

    West is an untalented tard

  • deeceevoice

    I have no idea why you are addressing me with regard to awards. My commentary had absolutely nothing to do with any award. It was about the decision of event organizers to diss Ledisi and fingering Beyonce to sing her song instead — an outrageous choice.

    And no one who really knows African-American gospel music/spirituals would have chosen Beyonce over Ledisi to sing that song — NO ONE!

  • TEX

    they started laughing because he turned around and they realized/thought it was just a joke and him spoofing the Taylor Swift incident.Everyone was serious/looking worried up until that point.

  • TEX

    Kanye’s song was terrible I agree.. but how do you figure Beyonce and Jay Z have huge ego’s? What have they done that says that? The fact that so many people praise them is not their fault.

  • Laura

    wasnt funny the first time or now.

  • TEX

    Exactly, everyone was laughing AFTER he turned around because they figured he was spoofing himself. Who would think he would really do that again after the plunge his career took the first time around.

  • TEX

    no one thought it was funny the first time. but people making fun of themselves often is funny.

  • Laura

    I would agree if he only did what he did at the show. But the comments he made after the Grammy show that Kanye was not joking he was just being his usual disrespectful self.

  • Cyberologist

    Beyaki needs to respond to the way she stole the shine from another sista on her night in the sun by taking over the song Ledisi sung in a movie she was in… she can spin it like a top but it was a snake move….she’s full of herself..Bye Bey I’m done with your hogging the spotlight ass. You won 20 Grammys yet aced the sister out of her moment…instead of giving her a come up. I see right through you and I ain’t talkin bout your dress. #backstabber

  • Cyberologist


    it was “NOT” event organizers it was Beyaki who requested to sing the song to her buddy John Legend (he said so) and Common who are equally responsible for dissing Ledisi publicly. This is not what Dr. King’s legacy is about so they all can have several seats #hypocrites #thenewblack$

  • deeceevoice

    Bottom line, event organizers could have, and should have, said no to the notion. There’s certainly enough blame to go around.

    And the fact that apparently no one stood up for Ledisi is a damned shame.

  • Andre Thornton

    I’d love to see this punk do this to Flo Rida or Three 6 Mafia. This whinning lil f*ck boy will get stomped the fuck out back stage. His b*tch ass only mess with lil white guys with no fight in them and 18 yearold white girls. HE’S A COWARD AND A SUCKA!

  • LADY V

    I wish I was accepting a Grammy and he pulled a stunt like that with me…that MF would have gotten the beat down of his life!! No respect for others, totally missing some screws. An asshole.