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Spider-Man Dream Casting: Who Should Play the Marvel Superhero?

Spider-Man Dream Casting: Who Should Play the Marvel Superhero?

Now that we know Spider-Man will be joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe after years of being tied to Sony, it’s time to cast the new Spidey!

It was announced that Andrew Garfield would not be back as Peter Parker – and it has been speculated that the next Spider-Man could be Miles Morales, a Hispanic and Black teen who takes over as the superhero after Parker’s death.

News of this also sparked discussion that Spider-Man could be part of future Avengers films – since he’s part of the original group.

WHO DO YOU THINK should be cast as the new Spider-Man???

Click through to see who we think could play Spider Man!

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  • Gerard Butthole

    Michelle Rodriguez, since she is practically a man.

  • FerCat

    Well, she has more balls than any in this lot.

  • Jereomy

    Since a reboot means starting from the beginning (again) how about casting an actual teenager as Spiderman instead of someone over 25. James Franco? Only if the movie is called “Spiderman: Life In A Retirement Home.”

  • FerCat

    That was actually Dave, but you’re not wrong on most counts.


    A faux-hispanic negro like that niggy is no Peter Parker, and neither is a spaniard like Michelle Rodriguez or any of its jew-brit masters.

  • lee lee

    Laverne Cox. That will tick all the boxes.

  • Sandy McFarlane

    how do people even give this asshole thumbs up? fuck all y’all racist pricks

  • HidNid

    First of all, Michelle Rodriguez is not a spaniard, and second of all, fuck off.

  • LiiL

    Andrew Garfield or nobody.

  • Barry

    Finally some good news for Sony.

  • Dory Phore

    All of these are terrible choices. For Captain America: civil war, they should stick to a slightly older (college-aged Peter Parker).

    If they reboot Spiderman in Marvel’s Phase II, they should go with Miles Morales (to keep it fresh), in which case, we can use a young black actor.

  • Maria E. Segura

    Im surpirsed to say myself I like the 2 Spider moives made with Andrew Garfield, it was veyr different in the story and the way it was made comparing to the ones Toby Mcguire did. Peter Parker was more humble and down to earth kind of guy in the latest ones I enjoyed more the ones Andrew Garfield did So it be sad if he wont do the following ones.

  • Maria E. Segura

    You are right that person has all the features the sudio may be looking for hehe hispanic and black at the same time

  • Maria E. Segura

    Out of that list the one that have that je ne sais quai to play the part is Dylan O brien. He has something that makes him a Spider Man. Something in his face says it so. THe rest on the list not even close

  • Vine Erised

    Andrew Garfield was great, it’s the movies themselves that were the problem. That being said, if we’re starting fresh, Miles Morales is definitely the way to go.

  • Joolz

    I don’t like any of those people listed. I want Tobey Maguire back! He did a great job! I loved him as Peter Parker.

  • Greyshadoe

    Spidey is not an original Avenger!!

  • Mali

    Dylan O’ Brian !!!!!

  • cinematic

    garfield is definetely out? he could do it. i’d not mind having maquire for a spin on avengers. or o’brian if so. they still gotta move morales for a try a lil something. to stay where their comics at. whenever. they could do a young spidey. smith? and grow him older. dunno who. glover? for the voice. easy

  • anderspap

    Keep him white please. Same with Harry Potter, Frodo Baggins, Captian America, Wolverine, Batman, Super-Man,etc. No Nigors/spics/half-breed garbage playing those white characters.
    Stop with Political Correctness Hollywood! Enough is enough!

  • anderspap

    I would love for Garfield to play Spidey one more time. Maguire was great but he is close to 40 now. He is too old. Please no Nigor or spic playing the role! Keep the character white!

  • Kris

    Spiderman needsTobey Maguire back!

  • Jon M’Shulla

    No…and he shouldn’t be. However, he should be a part of Marvel and should come out to protect NYC when threats arise.

    In the Avengers? No. Fighting with them and by their side….allies? Yes.

    The FF too.

    Boycott the Fantastic Four film. Make Fox weak. Make them negotiate.

  • Jon M’Shulla

    No Miles Morales…..never. Peter Parker is Spider Man.

  • Jon M’Shulla

    Dylan O’Brien seems best. He looks just like Peter Parker. Plus…he can act.

  • JennaFG

    Cameron Monaghan please!

  • Jon M’Shulla

    Guess it is no body. They already said no. Loudly and clearly.

  • Jon M’Shulla

    Dylan can act! Plus he looks just like Peter Parker!!!

  • Jon M’Shulla


  • Jon M’Shulla


  • Jon M’Shulla

    Yes…Andrew is out. They clearly stated that in the announcement. But, it has been repeated several times by people who did not pay attention when they copied the story.

  • balegal1978

    Andrew Garfield!!! Or Dylan. Or nobody.

  • Guest

    Nobody. These films are boring. I stopped watching after I realised they were just recycling the same infantile mythology of YOU too can be a hero. Puh-lease. Shove it and get some new ideas.

  • cyclesn

    But I’ll never see him now without seeing him going, “Bark, bark like a seal.” Sad.

  • Joolz

    I don’t get it…

  • cyclesn

    Tobey Maguire + Poker Games. Type that into Google.

  • soggybiscuit

    Justin Bieber

  • Joolz

    Okay. I will.

  • KungFuMasterLarry

    Puh-lease deez nuts.

  • KungFuMasterLarry

    Did you really suggest Michael B. Jordan? Kiss my ass.

    Dylan O’Brien or bust.

  • Eduardo

    I would like an older spidey… jumping all the origin story, i think they should show some flashbacks in the first movie, like tim burton’s batman… cause everybody knows his origin story, but still, if someone doesnt, they can see it in the flashbacks… Drake Bell, Donald Glover and Nick Robinson are the best options that have been presented so far… but i would like someone slightly older, like David Tennant, or Daniel Radcliffe… or they could just use Tobey Maguire again, i absolutely adored him… probably not gonna happen, but still, i can dream…

  • Andrew Littler

    He was absolutely terrible, he was disgusting.

  • Andrew Littler

    That is why his name was Miles Morales, not Peter Parker.

  • HatingOnZack

    Bullshit, he looks like a rip off of Andrew Garfield. Let him have his shit show and shit maze runner franchise based off those shit books. I’m not being a hater but guys, this is spiderman, lets not fu*k around here. Nick Robinson would fit into the role well and could adapt well into the MCU.

  • HatingOnZack

    They all fit the general Peter Parker demo looks. Out of all of them he just looks like the most recent Parker. (Take Doug booth and mabye the guy from the fault in our stars out… they don’t play at all. And seriously The Human Torch? I think Michael B. Jordan is busy).

  • HatingOnZack

    I won’t even argue with the 15 year old girls pushing this dudes name. Because I know it’s not gonna happen LOL. Call it faith or fiege but he will never make it out of the maze bit*h. Just totally not right for the role.

  • HatingOnZack

    Disagree. Garfield did his thing, was good in bad movies, whatever moving on he’s still a world class actor. So I know they’re not going to cast a more handsome albeit shi*ttier actor to replace him. It’d be a waste of time. There gonna go more classic parker for this one… Like a Nick Robinson or Anton Yechlin. So sorry little girl but they want to make a good movie this time.

  • HatingOnZack

    Well if they go with Morales instead of Parker than you wouldn’t want some fu*king honky or cracker playing Miles right?

  • HatingOnZack

    The sooner morons stop talking about Toby, Dylan, Andrew, Douglas, and Miles the sooner will have a serious list of names.

  • JCee

    It should be Will’s Smith son Jaden as Miles Morales.