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Dakota Johnson Goes Nude in Sexy 'Fifty Shades of Grey' Shoot with Jamie Dornan for 'W' Magazine

Dakota Johnson Goes Nude in Sexy 'Fifty Shades of Grey' Shoot with Jamie Dornan for 'W' Magazine

Dakota Johnson bares it all in this new photo feature for the latest issue of W magazine.

The 25-year-old actress appears alongside her Fifty Shades of Grey co-star Jamie Dornan, as they were shot by their director Sam Taylor-Johnson.

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“I had to be faithful to the book,” Sam told the mag about her adaptation. “There were, if you like, manacles. But there was also room for trespassing.”

Also pictured below: Jamie and his wife Amelia Warner touching down at Tegel Airport before Dakota also arrived on Wednesday (February 11) in Berlin, Germany.

15+ pictures inside of Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson

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Photos: WENN, W Magazine
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  • Gerard Butthole

    This is the kind of garbage movie Jennifer Lopez would do. Surprised she wasn’t cast in it. But I suppose she is too old and her ghetto Puerto Rican accent is too pronounced.

  • Lee

    All critics agree these two have zero chemistry, just sayin

  • VanityInsecurity

    Can we get any more sleazy?

  • luna

    hahaha he has a wife seriously!

  • GFW

    Jamie has a bodyguard but Dakota is gone Hollywood? Too funny. Is it March yet?

  • LaCroix

    Some people will do anything for FAME’s just too much. The movie is all about SEX. Taste levels are indeed low.

  • GFW

    My guess is Jamie wants this over fast and to get back to real acting jobs working with real actors, right about now.

    And to think he has to endure a sequel. I do hope, with all sincerity, they get paid more next time. This time the budge was to create a hype (misguided completely) that this is a romance fairy tale (with a twist… which must be of the arm that’s painful) and not what it truly is an insult to abuse victims worldwide.

    I notice no real questions were ever allowed to be asked regarding its topic, wonder why?

  • GFW

    Jamie looks bored and disassociated (in character hopefully) and she looks like someone didn’t care enough to style her hair. Shameful. Truly absurd photo shoot. They have no chemistry at all. As in, at…….all.

  • GFW

    Yet since more money was socked into marketing it than filming it and paying its stars, they’ve managed to create a frenzy to see it with pre-sale of tickets.

    I wonder if Jamie regrets taking the role? He’d never admit it, but I wonder, since he’s a good actor with a fine resume (until this) if he wished he’d passed. It seems so not him, but that could have been the challenge. But then he’d that in The Fall, which is far better done, and at least, dives into the psyche of these very damaged loveless men, who by the way, never fall in love at first sight… as in, at all.

  • happy666

    You are mean…

  • Jessica

    This is a ‘behind the scenes’ shooting of a ‘rated r’ movie so all the nudity is kinda understandable. BUT hope they don’t think they can win new audiences with these photos. ’cause when I look at these, all I see is the lack of chemistry. I know he asked for it but still I feel sad for him. He and his talent deserves so much better than that.

  • happy666

    She doesnt seem very intelligent

  • FerCat

    Amelia Warner is one of those actresses who could’ve gotten a lot bigger if she invested more time in her career. She’s practically the Lily Collins archetype.

  • GFW

    18 seconds of nudity.

    Anyone going for that will be let down.

    This all has been too pumped up for all the wrong reasons. It might backfire? Who knows. They expect a $60M opening weekend.

  • texassa

    Blegh. More porn.

  • texassa


  • Fabian

    Every time I look at Dakota, all I see is Don Johnson.

  • Me1

    A fine resume? Apart from The Fall everything he’s done is pretty terrible. He’s no great actor.

  • Me1

    It’s hilarious, he took this role knowing full well what it would mean for him. He regrets nothing. He’ll make some money and in a few years he’ll be done.

  • GFW

    Nothing personal, but unless you’re him, and you’re not, how the hell do you know this?

    I’m sensing by his fear of being ‘killed’ that he regretted taking the part because if he truly was enamored by the role he’d be proud of it, not seeing that. Seeing silly evasive high school answers, when he’s an educated man. It could be the company (her) he’s keeping as she can’t put it out there very wisely herself, which I think had they NOT used these two as tool to promote the movie and kept so much a mystery it’d worked better. I predict a hot opening weekend but by March it’ll be out of the theater and on the Target checkout aisles cases next to the beef jerky, Skittles and Coke.

  • GFW

    You know what? The Fall is a really big deal. And most likely made this role so easy and laughable too.

    You know what? He’s no bad one either. But he is getting, ohm pardon the irony, exposure doing this. Maybe more will go back and watch The Fall. I loved it. I thought how they went into his mind, and why he’s doing the things he is, how he stalked her and got to read her diary then left that letter the best bit of scriptwriting ever.

  • JC

    I want that chair. Looks comfortable. I could see myself with my favorite microfleece blanket taking a nap on that thing.

  • generic name

    No chemistry there.

  • dalovelee

    well if they have two more sequels he will pretty much be associated with this role and like Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart spend the following three years after the last sequel distancing themselves from the trilogy. $$$ will be negotiated for a massive payday for the future films and then following the paths Stewart and Pattinson took he will be considered for other roles.

  • TEX

    pretty much, and if what the two want is more exposure, and to get their name out there in hopes of getting other, better roles, then it was a smart move.

  • GFW

    It may be 18 seconds but it is spread out the entire film so it seems like a whole lot more. We see more of her than him of course, his butt twice and pubic hair of both quickly, but there is enough skin/bare breasts to please those who want that but, take my word for it, it is the most sexless sex I’ve ever witnessed on film by anyone.

    Now if the French had made this film, not only would it be a real hit, not one bought by an outrageous marketing campaign, and sensual, erotic and even romantic. Not only that we would feel something throughout the film. This was the most blah story with it giving the same sensations, or lack thereof, as when reading the first book, which is what this is.

    Details are everything a things were left out that could have escalated this to truly sexy but they even kept BDSM ‘vanilla’ for the viewing audience. So glad no one got one penny of my money from seeing this.

  • GFW

    Speaking of which, where the hell is he anyway? His absence says too much for me.

  • GFW

    Not even close, trust me.

  • GFW

    While the movie was far better than the book, the ultimate put down for any author, Jamie was very good in this. Dakota too once you could cringe past the phoney opening scene.

    I don’t think any young woman, who knows they’re going to interview a billionaire dude after doing a Google search, would dress like that unless they did not want to be noticed and lacked from low self-esteem, which we are shown she does not. I don’t think any young woman would dress like that anyway at all. Or be ‘besties’ with someone so outrageous. Like does attract like. She is willing to be a sex toy from the get-go blown away by his magnetism and looks.

    Fact. Penises do not complete women and purity never fixes men. Total fantasy as predicted.

  • Guest

    Just watched it. She was really unattractive tbh. it was just not believable that someone like Jamie Dornan would physically be attracted to Dakota. Her body and face was so unattractive to me.

  • texassa

    Nude photos are the definition of porn.

  • Artofwar