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Jamie Dornan's Wife Will Not Watch 'Fifty Shades of Grey'

Jamie Dornan's Wife Will Not Watch 'Fifty Shades of Grey'

Jamie Dornan‘s wife Amelia Warner might be traveling alongside him on the Fifty Shades of Grey press tour, but that doesn’t mean she will be seeing the film.

The 32-year-old actor has revealed that his wife will not be watching the racy movie.

“She doesn’t want to watch this,” Jamie told USA Today. “She wants to support me and my work. I won’t be able to sit there myself. I am not going to put any pressure on her either way. It’s her decision. She’s well aware that it’s pretend, but it’s probably not that comfortable to watch.”

“There’s quite a long shot of my (butt). I wasn’t hugely comfortable with it when I watched it. That’s my bum. Still my bum. Wow,” Jamie added.

Click through the gallery below for pictures of Jamie and Amelia over the years…

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  • sally

    Good choice!

  • forrest gump

    she hates it being INCONTINENT.

  • Jon M’Shulla

    Let’s see the butt!

  • christopher

    I’m sorry but both these actors have been SOOOO negative about the movie. You knew what the book was about. You auditioned you read the script why act holier then thou now? like your sickened by the movie about s&M. you wanted the damn job. Every interview i see him especially he is very negative and really looks down on the role. so your uncomfortable about your “bum” being on camera,….. hmm lets join a sexual movie and then be surprised that there will be nudity in it.. i am going to the dentist tomorrow hope they don’t work on my teeth… does every celebrity have Kardashian brain these days?

  • Shenanigans

    I was about to say the same thing. Dude, what did you expect? Its a shitty book that should never have been made into a movie. You’re in it, now, show some confidence so that it translates to ticket sales for your movie.

  • Lilly

    Ugh that red jumper is so ugly she should have skipped the red carpet as well

  • vn_102

    Just one baby and she looks so washed up already, well let’s hope Jamie isn’t just like another guy in Hollyweird who traded for younger one every ten years.

  • Batman0829

    I don’t understand why is he freaking out about his butt showing. He posed nude before, up close schlong shot and all.

  • SkinnyFat

    Um, Jamie you have two more of these movies to film. You signed on, now quit whining.

  • Emma38

    She’s has nothing to worry about considering Jamie couldn’t even fake an attraction to Dakota.Jamie seems to suffer during the whole movie and the sex scenes it was like he was F…ing a cow.
    His wife would have been a better choice in the lead female role then the chemistry would have been there.

  • Jessica

    In my previous comment I said I feel sad for him. No, scratch that. I feel sad for his wife Amelia. Just because her husband signed for this ridiculous movie, she has to deal with this craziness, stupid rumors, creepy fandom. She looks like a person who don’t like attention that much so it must be disturbing for her. BTW I agree with the previous comments, Amelia has nothing to worry… I know that they are saying they’re friends now but when you see Jamie and Dakota’s covert interviews on tv you can understand they don’t get along well. Hope this promotional tour ends quickly and then they can go their home and relax and hang out with their baby till the next movie shooting.

  • suk bin

    au lieu de faire vendre son film …. il le descend …

    quel con …

  • GFW

    I seriously doubt he cares if it does well or not. And yes, he did ‘sign’ on but had no idea of how it would be marketed or filmed or how the story would pan out. I think Jamie is a young wise very mature man who might have wanted a bit more focus on how, and I’m projecting here, how this man came to be so damaged like with his role in The Fall who shows someone into bondage and control, but we know why beyond “a tough childhood”. This fluff and stuff sprinkles fairy dust glitter over a hard topic forcing the audience to settle that love cures mental illness, it does not… it is helpful beyond a doubt because these men feel everyone will abandon them. This is my opinion.

    I agree, he can’t help but wait to get back to his home, hearth, wife and life.

    Saying that, his child now has a good secure future and they do too with better roles to come if you ask me. And, for the next sequel he will make more, much, much more.

    Where did the rumor start that he and Dakota didn’t get on well? She’s a kid and it shows, so that could be annoying, but he’s a professional (clearly) so I never noticed anything like that.

  • Penny Dreadful

    Lord, I am so sick of hearing this guy. He’s pathetic.

  • Penny Dreadful

    They seem REALLY embarrassed by the choices they’ve made. And they’re signed on for 2 more movies of this garbage.

  • Giggs11

    I kind of have to agree with the other posters here. Why is he whining about this movie so much? Personally, I never thought he would make a good Christian Grey but my god man…SHUT UP! I don’t believe anyone held a gun to your head to be in this movie. A little research and you would have known what you were signing on for. I am sure you will like cashing those big fat paychecks…Speaking of paychecks I am sure you are now able to afford a stylist for your wife. She needs help in the fashion and shoe department quickly! Ugh…! What the h*ll is that red doily jumpsuit she is wearing???? Is that a tablecloth from the red room???? With blue shoes too? Some things you just can’t unsee! SMDH

  • Sarah

    Please check out this cover of Crazy in Love from Fifty Shades of Grey!!

  • GFW

    I don’t know about Dakota, I think she’s thrilled to be in the spotlight despite her protests and love of farm life, or whatever she said. Now, Jamie is truly not thrilled and maybe should have found a way around that with some canned statements that suggested he wasn’t in to any of this but wanted to ‘explore’ the dark side or something. He honestly, from what I’ve read, is not truly supporting that lifestyle and was uncomfortable in its role.

    And if anyone would know its damages to a damaged soul, he would as his character in The Fall. He might, after researching for that role, realize how much of a creative license Sam is taking with this fairy tale and it appalls him, yet, it pads his pockets so he’s conflicted? Wouldn’t be a first.

  • GFW

    Why don’t they get along well? I’ve heard this several times.

    Has any of the German/Berlin reviews come in? I’m dying to read them. They must be hilarious. And all things considered, Europe is The worst place to pre-preview this film, know what I mean?

    I see my local paper (so far) does what it does when it does not like something, does not bother reviewing it. Ouch. Or it is under a couple hundred words because they have to.

  • GFW

    Emotions have a way of coming out and as a professional actor I think he knows better. So just maybe he does not want the sequel? He wants to extricate himself from it all cos it was so badly done? Embarrassing or shameful disrespect for actual hurting humans who suffer through? BDSM is not normal love. And again, there is nothing wrong with spicing up one’s sex life but to need this for release with needs to submit or be dominated, is not cool. And these folks are poorly represented from what I understand. Abuse is never love even when someone says, “Yes, please.” It has core ties to emotional neglect and some kind of child abuse.

  • GFW

    I don’t blame her for not wanting to see it. It is after all her loving tender husband in a sadistic role. And while he did do The Fall, where he plays a serial killer into bondage in need of control, it was done for a reason, because between the actors a story unfolds that explains deep core issues, which I think this masks them and he could (possibly) be upset about that? I’m projecting. I know I am. The books were irresponsibly written.

  • GFW

    I’m not. I’m proud of him. It takes some balls to do this knowing you’re supposed to be promoting it. He is not happy if you ask me.

  • GeminiLuver

    I really don’t think they hate each other. I really hope they don’t end up with crazy over the top fans obsessed with their personal lives. Also, from the film reviews I’ve read, critics said their chemistry was fine. I haven’t seen it so I can’t judge. I seems like most people are saying they have seen the movie, when they haven’t. It hasn’t even been released yet. Sounds like people are just making things up.

  • Tia

    Can’t wait to see the movie.

  • GFW

    She’s absolutely stunning. Dignified, poised, and very lovely.

  • Kris

    I won’t watch it either… :P

  • GFW

    Here’s a review…

    Think it’ll have a big opening weekend and frankly for all they’ve invested (money-wise) to make that happen they need to recoup if you ask me.

  • HG

    They don’t hate each other, both said they were very protective of each other on set and were both thrilled for two more sequels , no doubt shit load of money helps, the director said they were so easy to work with and had tons of chemistry which made her job easy EL James was her main problem according to her, their discomfort comes from not knowing what all this crazyness and fame thrown at them means , neither is used to this circus and from their interviews both like their privacy and now they have none, people should listen to the actual people from the movie and what they tell you not sleazy rag mags who make stuff up and you comment like it’s true. I think Jamie’s adorable and will give him a chance and not rip him apart.

  • sally

    Nothing but haters in the comment section here. Funny how people would say the same thing about rob and kristen. He’s not complaining he’s nervous as would anyone else when you’re naked on screen with such a large audience watching. He knew what he was getting into but now its really sinking in. As for his wife, That their business.

  • sally

    He’s always talking about how proud he is of the movie so what are you talking about? lol .

  • sally

    They seem Really nervous*

  • Ketyi Jon

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  • Penny Dreadful

    He’s contractually obligated to PROMOTE his film, not turn people off of it. I’m surprised he’s getting away with these comments. I predict a swift turn-a-around soon. As far as him not being happy — did you miss the part where HE SIGNED ON TO DO 2 MORE FILMS?

  • GFW

    But that is my point elsewhere. They have so many 50 Shades threads it’s silly.

    I think he could be, and am not sure, but he may not want to make two more films? So he’s kinda-sorta breaching his contract to promote it, by not promoting it, which might mean for him showing up and talking naturally about it and he clearly isn’t sold on the lifestyle, so he’s sabotaging?

  • mary

    cute couple

  • christopher

    I’m sorry he knew very well what kind of movie this was gonna be. He knew how it was gonna be marketed there was no secret of what this book was or what the movies would be.

  • GFW

    How did he know in advance how it would be marketed? No one can truly determine that.

    I am defaulting to his being totally turned off (after reading the trilogy –assuming here– ) but putting those words into actions which hurt his soul perhaps? I don’t know but as a star under contract his ‘voice’ about this movie is anything but positive. I am sticking to his wanting them to find someone else — or it is a master plan for more money for the next feeling cheated?

  • Red Feather Romance

    I don’t blame her… I’ve read the book (and many many others like it, hence and wouldn’t want to watch my (nonexistent) husband play a Christian Grey-esque character.

  • Larina

    I don’t understand, what is he saying? Was he expecting to
    be cast in this highly sexualized role and not be seen naked??? I understand his wife’s decision to not see the movie, putting myself in her place, I also wouldn’t want to see my husband naked and kissing and touching some other woman, though, of course it’s all make belive and not actually true but still, I get where she’s coming from.

    What I don’t get though is why is Jaime Dornan continuisly
    sounding and coming out as very uncomfortable about playing this role, he doesn’t seem confident enough, he seems troubled and as most of you said a bit negative about it also. So why did he want then auditioning for the movie? Does he just want the boost of fame and popularity but not be linked to the movie at all? Well, that seems kind of hipocrytical. I get that he’s married now and of course has to be careful about how he acts out of set with his costars but he was married and with a pregnant wife when he wanted the role also so he should have known better. I feel bad about this, I don’t want to see the other next movies with him seeming uncomfortable playing Christian, like someone is forcing him to.

    I am not a huge fan of the books but I did read them and
    found the story interesting, I was excited to see who will be cast and I kept an open mind about the leads because no one will ever achieve the ideal image we build in our imagination of Ana and Christian. I think they look good together, Dakota and Jaime but I hope it’s not true about them not liking each other and not having chemistry, I guess I’ll have to watch the movie to be sure.

  • GFW

    What he’s saying is, “I really hated taking a whip and hitting someone fiercely hard and am ashamed of it but got paid well and this might help further my career as long as I don’t get typecast.” if you ask me. That said, that is what I heard the hardest scene to watch. It is what is missing that I hear hurts it. No true exhibiting of release through his mastery of sex, if you read between the lines.

    The Washington Post said it was better than the book, which of course is the worst putdown to the book one can say. They said Dakota is fairly decent pulling off the ingenue part well enough. They give it 2 stars ending the review with this, “In the end, there’s nothing here we haven’t seen before. But there’s also nothing as agonizingly awkward as James’s prose.” Ouch.

    Re: Your part about Jamie? I think it is a protest of some kind with a way to say he is so not into this kind of thing and might not want the sequel or, if so, wants a lot more money than he got for this. It isn’t a stretch acting-wise as he’s far better (I’m assuming) in The Fall, which was a British series that took place in Ireland so he could be himself, accent and all (not that he’s a sadistic serial killer into premeditated killing, stalking and control, but at least –and I can’t say this enough– there is a serious and dark backstory that gets flushed out (for both detective and killer) for why he’s doing this, which makes you feel for the guy, but still repelled. Might sneak in an see this as I’m seeing The Kingsmen this weekend but, shh, tell no one, and report back after?

  • Tia

    It wont change my mind I am still going to watch it. One review is nothing i have seen many good reviews also. Too much negativity.

  • GFW

    No one is trying to change anyone’s mind. They have invested more than, it looks that way at least, at marketing this for a year, for it to fail.

    See it, who cares? This floats your boat, go with that flow. But the enormous, and let’s face it as here at Just Jared we can see how strongly it’s been promoted, force of publicity for it many will go just to see what the hype is about? Is that what film-makers and storytellers really want? Or content over style? Apparently Sam’s style (the director) has helped the film be better than the book, and trust me, that is an awful thing to say. It is.

  • GFW

    Besides, who wants to watch their man go down (even if simulated) on another woman, actress or not?

    She seems like a pretty together woman. I support her not wanting to see it. So what does she do at these premiers? Head back to the hotel suite and play with baby? Wonderful. She’s beautiful. He is so proud, very lucky, and knows it.

  • GFW

    And I have to add no one wakes up one day a dom or sub. And no one wakes up one day relieved of that need either.

  • GFW

    Or, wait for it, how MUCH it would be marketed? I think he felt it a ‘ground breaking’ film introducing bondage and control into the mainstream but this, much like how this unknown author got her deals, she used people like this promoting tour is using the suggestion of something, from what I hear, just isn’t there: sex. Lifetime Channel sex. Nicolas Sparks film sex.

    I think it gets its R rate from the awful whipping scene as violence against women, which for some could be considered obscene and offensive. But, but, but this wouldn’t be the first movie to show that either.

  • Need To See

    Is this movie going to be a sex video? I have seen it already here and I dont want my kids to watch this movie… so sad…

  • plazmaorb

    Actors do it for the money, they dont complain about the pay, but they complain about how bad the movie was.. just nothing but wh0rez when it comes down to it

  • Charles Bronsons Mom

    Lots and lots of people won’t be watching it. Ever.


    in all fairness and honesty, I am sure a lot of actors turned down the role, as being too much even for a long career or just scared of the character. I have not seen the movie, I am against this kind of turtorous violence in in life, but read as much, this actor, however is terrified, u see it terror on his face and like they say, two more sequels, I just think that he might even seek help to deal not just with revelations of his body parts which is upset about, but he knew ahead of time, however, he was not really prepared for the worlds reaction against the nature of the film, not his actors abilities, . I hope that he does not paralyze himself into depression and as many of u said, he should stand by the movie he made even for camera sake and deal with the personal aspect of this film in private, away from the media and keep a healthy mental state.