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Here's What President Obama Does When He's Alone - Watch Now!

Here's What President Obama Does When He's Alone - Watch Now!

President Barack Obama and Buzzfeed have teamed up to produce this hilarious video to promote

In the video , the 53-year-old President showed what he does when no one is around to watch him.

This included making funny faces in the mirror, using a selfie stick, saying “thanks Obama” when his cookie doesn’t fit in his milk glass, and doodling pictures of his wife, Michelle Obama. LOL.

Watch the hilarious video below! And be sure to sign up for Health Care if you are uninsured!

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  • emmafabulous

    The worst president ever, what a pillock.

  • ariels

    Likes to waste time doing these things rather then his job. Go figure. He has time to meet with Youtube Stars, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, has time for Hollywood events but doenes’t have time do be a President? Pathetic.

  • kellyf

    Does the white house not have a cleaning staff? My goodness that mirror is filthy.

  • Robyn Sanchez

    MY GOD! What is he thinking?? He isn’t human!! How dare he take 5 minutes for a little silliness and fun?? The highest stress job in the world and he has the gall to smile and show a human side. WHAT NERVE!!! (sarcasm font…in case you stuffed shirts missed it)

  • Constance

    LOL He wants the Daily Show gig. Funny. :)

  • Researchaholic

    Not to be small but…. all I could think the whole time was wow that is one dirty mirror Obama.

  • sally

    This video is adorable lol!! I wish more residents would act like humans…

  • Mike1288

    It was funny and I can appreciate that. However, he really had done nothing since healthcare. That was 5 years ago. He refuses to meet with leaders from other countries because of his schedule buy he can do this? Bill Clinton was the first president who appeared on late night tv and did the whole he is fun schtick. But Clinton also got a lot done while he was in office. Obama can not say the same.

  • ufo medium

    PT ME back on fb I’d raWell , here I am Obama – and an’t IT not funny – you will NOT get the rest ‘ buddy boy’ till YOU PICK ME UP . Now haters of me cos by GOD I got some- read that – period. haha as for comng back! lol you can all go to HELL – EATTER ANGEL 8

  • ufo medium


  • ufo medium


  • ufo medium


  • Marie Antoinette

    One of the best presidents ever. Love him.

  • IsChavezDeadYet

    Yea, we know what he does “when alone”. He spends hours cuddling up with the muslime brotherhood, his terrorist buddies in Africa. He spends hours working with his czars while they conspire to undermine our Constitution and all of our laws. He spends hours on the phone with his la raza friends reassuring them that they can dump all their sick illiterate people on our borders so that we the people will be responsible to support them. Yea, we know what he’s up to. He sucks at the job and he’s the worst POTUS of all time. Funny thing is that EVERYONE in the world knows it now.

  • Michelle

    I love it and I love him… He’s adorable. Thank God in the midst of all this ISIS BS he’s taking time out to just be himself and be a little silly, like human beings do. I wish you all the best Mr. President. You are such a delight and I know I’ll cry when your reign is up. Be safe and keep well.

  • Guest

    That awkward moment when a dignified head of state has to resort to pop culture references to get the attention of a distracted populace.

    (Me, on an entertainment blog? Never!)

    Seriously though, his intent’s in the right place. It’s just that if he doesn’t go on shows like Between Two Ferns and do things like this, no one will turn away from their video games and YouTube to pay him any attention. Blame it on Bill Gates and Steve Jobs or whoever. Not Obama’s fault.

  • ufo medium

    bright enough to pick me up “pleasent” hey try being me you wouldn’t last

  • ufo medium

    you lucky I still here?!

  • adrez

    Blame what on Bill gates or Steve Jobs? At least those guys knew how to do their jobs. Would they ever sink so low by hanging around people like the Katrashians or Kanye West or a bunch of no-name You-tube stars??
    They don’t go on vacations on tax payers dime 360 times a year or tell us that our kids have to work hard for what they want, when his own daughters go to an fancy elite private school and one of them got a job working in Hollywood as an intern for Steven Spielberg via Nepotism!

  • adrez

    He has spent a ton of time doing stupid, meaningless crap like this. He would not meet with the Israeli Priminster but has time to meet D listers like KimK and Kanye and a bunch of loser YouTube Stars??

  • Robyn Sanchez

    First… I’m pretty sure (despite the absurdity of this) Kimye are A listers. Part of the Presidents job is to be a well rounded individual. Being “up” on what’s happing in the world is essential. Second, The President doesn’t get to make decisions solely based on his wants. He actually has a staff of advisors helping to guide the ship. So who he meets with is not necessarily his decision, it’s a collaboration of well educated minds. They are not going to please everyone. Do you please everyone all the time?

  • Guest

    I believe in putting a critical eye on our political leaders. But there’s a fine line between cynicism that takes you over the edge (into the land of, “Oh, all politicians are evil and therefore I won’t vote” – disastrous) and constructive criticism. Right now, in this context, I’ll say at least Obama’s trying to connect with a younger audience. That’s partly how he won his elections, by the way. He made very smart use of social media. And didn’t he criticise Klassy Kim anyway?