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These Celebs Were Invited to Jennifer Aniston's 46th Birthday Celebration

These Celebs Were Invited to Jennifer Aniston's 46th Birthday Celebration

Emily Blunt and John Krasinski greet Tobey Maguire and Jennifer Meyers while arriving for their close friend Jennifer Aniston‘s birthday celebration at the Roosevelt Hotel on Thursday (February 12) in Hollywood.

The cute couple were joined for the evening by Jimmy Kimmel, Molly McNearney, Lake Bell, Malin Akerman, Courteney Cox, Isla Fisher, Ken Marino, and Amy Adams.

The large group of friends reportedly arrived around 9 pm and wrapped up the birthday festivities around 1 am.

Jennifer turned 46 on Wednesday (February 11). Happy Belated Birthday Jennifer!

40+ pictures inside of celebs arriving for Jennifer Aniston‘s birthday party in Hollywood…

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jennifer aniston 46th birthday celebration 01
jennifer aniston 46th birthday celebration 02
jennifer aniston 46th birthday celebration 03
jennifer aniston 46th birthday celebration 04
jennifer aniston 46th birthday celebration 05
jennifer aniston 46th birthday celebration 06
jennifer aniston 46th birthday celebration 07
jennifer aniston 46th birthday celebration 08
jennifer aniston 46th birthday celebration 09
jennifer aniston 46th birthday celebration 10
jennifer aniston 46th birthday celebration 11
jennifer aniston 46th birthday celebration 12
jennifer aniston 46th birthday celebration 13
jennifer aniston 46th birthday celebration 14
jennifer aniston 46th birthday celebration 15
jennifer aniston 46th birthday celebration 16
jennifer aniston 46th birthday celebration 17
jennifer aniston 46th birthday celebration 18
jennifer aniston 46th birthday celebration 19
jennifer aniston 46th birthday celebration 20
jennifer aniston 46th birthday celebration 21
jennifer aniston 46th birthday celebration 22
jennifer aniston 46th birthday celebration 23
jennifer aniston 46th birthday celebration 24
jennifer aniston 46th birthday celebration 25
jennifer aniston 46th birthday celebration 26
jennifer aniston 46th birthday celebration 27
jennifer aniston 46th birthday celebration 28
jennifer aniston 46th birthday celebration 29
jennifer aniston 46th birthday celebration 30
jennifer aniston 46th birthday celebration 31
jennifer aniston 46th birthday celebration 32
jennifer aniston 46th birthday celebration 33
jennifer aniston 46th birthday celebration 34
jennifer aniston 46th birthday celebration 35
jennifer aniston 46th birthday celebration 36
jennifer aniston 46th birthday celebration 37
jennifer aniston 46th birthday celebration 38
jennifer aniston 46th birthday celebration 39
jennifer aniston 46th birthday celebration 40

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  • Joy B Angie

    What did I say, that my Jen will never let a ”pity party” go by. Maniston is so predictable and pathetic. Is no longer funny but sad. The walking pity party.

  • Kary

    so now she can’t make a birthday party? wtf? what’s wrong with that? your comment is so stupid

  • dalovelee

    this is more like insurance for Aniston. She wants to have these “stars” in her pocket so in the event she ever does another film that hints at an award she can bank on them voting for her. She will do whatever it takes to make sure she’s everybody’s friend.

  • carrie

    1/ She’s not nominated for Oscar.
    2/Last year She invited the same celebrities at a home party

  • The real Luke

    Fake goods are like genocide in England people are dying left right and centre in England I have over 300 names of people who’ve died it’s not a joke theres a lot of dead people I’ve seen people die in front of my eyes were going to hit back as hard as we can God Save our Souls

  • The real Luke

    For the love of God it’s like rawanda here in the UK prepare for us hitting back ive seen people die right in front of me from buying a pint of milk SOS for gods sake people are dying on mass

  • Joy B Angie

    preach on

  • Claire

    Fake Joy B Angie
    wants to say he must be invited too.

  • Joy B Angie

    Fake Joy B Angie
    wants to say he can’t breathe without Jennifer Aniston thread.
    And his party was way better.

  • kellyf

    Lol are you seriously mad that she had a birthday. You need help.

  • Joy B Angie

    All you are able to say is a “pity party”.
    And to steal my moniker.

  • Claire

    Actually JA is a friend of many Celebrities.
    Why not ?

  • politicallyincorrect

    No Clooney? Really? Oh…did he jet across the pond to spend Valentine’s Day with “the one@ who didn’t appear in Egypt nor got a meeting with the Pres because the real lawyers got them released? JUST KIDDiNG! He’s probably off with Randee somewhere after seeing that un photoshopped pic of Cindy today.

  • 55vineyard

    What does that comment have to do with the story?
    Find a political site if you want to comment on that sort of stuff. TY

  • Joy B Angie

    ”Do I have my days when I thrown a little pity party for myself? Absolutely”
    Quote from Maniston. Thats why I will never stop calling her the walking pity party.

  • saint angie

    my grandmother Passing Through ,in crisis again

  • saint angie

    santa angie de todos los cielos,amén

  • Joy B Angie

    Fake Joy B Angie
    will repeat the same shifft
    because he has nothing to say else.

  • cee

    Gosh how she hates the paparazzi but has her bd party at the Roosevelt. And excuse me but these are A listers? I think not. Just another cry for attention. She is pitiful.

  • Claire

    I think it was a great party not for the stars, but for the friends
    and colleagues.

  • Claire

    Whose car is this Toyota Land Cruiser 60 ?
    An offroad legend.

  • Joy B Angie

    I’d like to have my bd party at the Roosevelt, too.

  • saint angie

    oh oh oh ASC awards,the saint ignored without pics,


  • saint angie

    Holy angie was angry in the ASC

  • saint angie

    The body language does not look good in these pictures.

    Jenna_Jordan, SF Bay Area, United States, 1 hour ago

    Doesn’t look like they’re enjoying their adult date night too me. They both look annoyed with each other.

    Deadpool, London, United Kingdom, 2 hours ago

    She makes a mockery of everything she touches and everywhere she goes it literally goes up in flames.

  • saint angie

    gossipgrl, American in Vancouver, Canada, 2 hours ago

    They don’t look very affectionate with one another. Quite the opposite, actually. I wonder if there is trouble in paradise.

  • saint angie

    OH UN HILO para mi,Amén

  • Joy B Angie

    There is no body.
    Just a skeleton.

  • cocieto

    it is pathetic to judge someone based on a list. it says a lot abt u:/

  • saint angie

    PICTURED: Firemen and paramedics arrive at Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s home in Los Angeles


    Firemen and paramedics were pictured outside the home of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie on Monday.

    It is currently not clear what happened at the gated property in Los Angeles, but the situation does appear to be resolved, as a fire engine was later pictured leaving the residence.

    A Fire Department Paramedic’s vehicle was also parked outside the property.

    It is unknown whether or not any of the Jolie-Pitt family were at the home at the time.

    Brad and Angelina were last pictured together on Sunday, when they attended the American Society of Cinematographers 29th Annual Outstanding Achievement Awards.

    The event was in support of her latest movie, Unbroken, which she directed, held at the Hyatt Regency Century Plaza.

    The 39-year-old actress and her 51-year-old husband left their six children at home and enjoyed an adult date night just the two of them.

    Unbroken star Jack O’Connell and Domhnall Gleeson and tells the story of Olympian Louis Zamperini, who spent 47 days in a raft after a near fatal plane crash in WWII.

    However, the motion picture failed to take home the top prize losing to Birdman’s Emmanuel Lubezki.

    Also nominated in the same category was The Imitation Game, Mr Turner and The Grand Budapest Hotel.

    MailOnline is awaiting comment from a spokesperson for both Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie.

  • saint angie

    pobres loons,mis pensamientos están con vosotros

  • Kathy

    WOW!!!!! I was devastated we weren’t going to get our annual report on Jennifer Aniston’s birthday activities and the guest list. Whew — what a relief.

  • suzie

    Sounds like a fun party, but where are family members and non-celebrity friends? Seems she enjoys the homogenized popular celebrities there to substantiate her status. Like “look at me, I have cool friends.” She seems kinda shallow.

  • Ethery

    Dear Jen Aniston,


    I definitely won’t spoil your goal or passion for your work. Keep up the good work when it comes your way. 0:-)

    But here are the facts, okey let us consider that you have 133,000 US solid fans at the moment. That is your movie saleability, less than 2 million US gross per movie is your worth as an actress.

    The days when you where on Friends, in 2002 the solid fans you had have 4 dependent children and 2 nephews or neices who are now grown ups, plus 2 fans from Brangelina camp who will not watch your movie. Since 2005 you lose 2 and now plus 6 equals 8 moviegoers who will not pay to see your movie.

    Moviegoers are huge younger generations who will go to see young actors or actresses not that popular as you or not embedded with publicity controversy. These people will look at you as their aunt Jennifer in a movie. PR works to sell for more than 133,000 US solid fans of yours if you carry a movie on your own.

    Film producers seem are hunting for actors or actresses within 40 million budget good ensemble films, and one of the business plans is to sell a good movie on the right schedule on studio distribution nationwide and worldwide release.

    You might consider to invest your money in residential rentals or stock exchange. Consider your movie projects as a gamble. Or you may produce movies that you don’t need to star in, that a studio could support you to distribute the good movie on nationwide or worldwide release. Example, Universal produce a 4 million budget The Boy Next Door in nationwide release but it seems Je Lo had 10 times more support than you did. This had something to do with 8 people you loss I said earlier who will not watch your movie and who will go see Je Lo instead.

    However, keep producing good films that you could star in as your expenses just like buying a luxury house, and don’t expect any return of that investment. Maybe you got lucky someday there is a gush or big return on your investment on more than a dozen try or trials. I salute your positive burning desire on your work. If you go bankrupt remember this that debts is only an idea, loans is only in our minds, you could always apply for bankruptcy as an option.

    As for the Oscars you might got fortunate someday for a nod and win if you keep on trying. Oscars are Los Angeles base people, in the Bible it is written no prophet is appreciated on their own hometown. Except for few a few include Sean Penn, Tim Robbins, Jonah Hill, Angelina Jolie, and Laura Dern.
    Since you are a Los Angeles native, I don’t know if the Oscar people value you that much as your fans outside of Los Angeles.

    The nominees are a New Yorker and from New Orleans, two Brits, and a French. They are also considering diplomacy to other nations, that only 2 are from America and certainly not from Los Angeles. I think many people love you at Sweden than in LA and I don’t understand why.

    Upon watching it a dozen times I saw you play Claire just like Vivien Leigh played Scarlet O Hara, encapsulated with the character – so really acting was not the problem. Claire is as funny as Scarlet. The difference is that Vivien took that Oscar trophy home with an insane mind, and Gone With the Wind is a 400 million budget movie from a well written book. They know you got it already that money, the attention and awards that you need from People Mag, Capri Hollywood International, and Montecito SBIFF. These are only my funny presumptions at 2015 Oscar nominating committee that you are their monster to them if you got that 2015 nod.

    These are all an opinion. As for me I will never stop supporting you. I usually do not watch a movie nowadays due to my religious principles, but I commit myself to see your movie or any creative projects you are in as an anonymous fan friend.

    I am just happy for you that you don’t need to work so hard like any average person who work 8 hours for 5 days in a week to earn a living. I just wish your boyfriend/husband could support you on your expenses till you rest in peace six feet under. I wish a Mary Pickford like hubby for you who will be there for you till death you two part. I just guess he is not a material boy (I believe he is not), and he is such a loyal friend too like JBA or me (whether you hit or miss at box office, win or lose at awards – I’m a loyal fan that’s all).

    I wish you all the best. I will always pray for you. AMEN.

  • Claire

    Young moviegoers go to the movie not to watch the film.

  • Ethery


    I like Just Jared now, US weekly web site keep on deleting this comment on their comment blog.
    When I wrote this about the anonymous Oscar voter voiced out her opinion regarding calling Cake artless.
    I wrote:

    For me as a fan, I will repeat this again.
    AMONG THE 5 CONTENDERS, 3 of them are insane. The roles of Juli M, Pike, and Jen A. Perhaps due to frontal lobe brain malfunction related to vehicular accident Claire should be hedonist, lascivious, annoying, manipulative, poor impulse control, with emotional outburst, easily angered but halfway grounded for she was still on denial that she could function well or due to insanity she don’t know she is sick or she don’t know that she was crazy, when a person do not know that she was crazy- she was crazy, or people should see Claire not insane though inside her she is, sedated, medicated, in physical and emotional pain, hallucinating, paranoid, suicidal, depressed, isolating, lonely, disheveled, poor hygiene, antisocial personality disorder – a pathological liar and steals without conscience.

    Probably with Bipolar Disorder to Psychosis non-otherwise specified, Organic Brain Syndrome secondary to vehicular accident, Schizoaffective Disorder to Major Depression with Substance Abuse/Alcohol addiction diagnosis. Discomfort due to physical chronic pain. Poor self image due to change of body image related to vehicular accident.

    Layered with COMPLEX MULTIDIMENSIONAL SENSORY PERCEPTION AND EXPRESSION. CLAIRE IS THE MOST COMPLICATED REALISTIC ROLE among contenders for best actress or for actors female or male to play in 2014.

    To play Claire you need to manifest all of that, a Vivien Leigh’s character in 4 weeks duration of Claire’s life in year 2014 at Los Angeles, California, for Vivien Leigh is a beautiful schizophrenic who suffered loss on her miscarriage. The difference is that Claire also experienced trauma due to a car accident while Vivien Leigh as an actress was not able to play herself in a movie.

    It is capturing up close and personal a pampered rich 40 year old plus Los Angeles native inside her bedroom, house, car, and a romantic interlude with a widower of the object of her hallucinations.

    I saw Cake multiple times, searching for flaws on Claire’s character, for I encounter these mentally ill people already more than 6 thousand times including those insane homeless people laying on streets. I have met some same personalities as Claire in real life. The film is truthful to our real world.

    If you watched Jennifer Aniston in Cake, she brought Claire to a cinematic life, something that Vivien Leigh was not able to produce on a widescreen, the awareness of the latter’s insanity.

    On the other hand, Claire borrowed the finely chiseled flawless skin complexion of arms and legs from Jennifer Aniston, to bring the attractive Vivien Leigh back to life on a big screen.

    Aside from the psychological trauma and non-stop physical excruciating body pain, there is a convoluted emotions of anger towards the cause of her pain, the constant denial of her loss, the inability to move on with her life as she was not able to fully expressed her grieving process yet, she managed to slow down through booze, pills, and changed her structured environment thru avoidance of those things which could hurt her.

    It is amazing how Jennifer Aniston made Claire a funny character. It is her best performance from the start of the movie till the end. Example of this is the look on her face on the cardboard of Cake, she seems in another space.

    She performed Claire’s character close to perfection. As in nobody could ever play this character well except her so she should had been nominated at the Oscar. She could play Claire on her sleep because it is not an acting to her to play a rich Los Angeles 40 + year old native. Maybe most of the time she could be playing herself in Cake.

    This is the movie that brought her trophy from People Mag, from Capri Hollywood Film Festival, and a Montecito SBIFF, and she got nominated for the first time in 27 years to 3 major award giving bodies namely GG, CC, and SAG.

    More than 133,000 solid fans in the United States supported her film Cake despite of mixed reviews. If a lesser actress played Claire, the movie would not have appeared on magazines as a relevant topic about a woman suffering from chronic pain. It also would fall short to garner publicity and nominations from any award giving bodies at the entertainment industry.

    I do understand why majority of people didn’t get it to appreciate the art of Cake the movie. They missed the whole point watching it in human philosophy & arts standpoint. Who would like to see a movie about how do you spend your credit card? Who wants to see a runaway unemployed girl? A suicidal depressed insane scarred bitchy wife suffering in chronic pain. Who wants to see a not so graceful Claire limping? These are mixed in the film like Patrick T had seen what I saw on my environment.

    I like the romantic drama theme and the slow paced changed of scenes simplicity of the film about real people. I found Claire more beautiful than Rachel Green, Claire gives me a lasting impression of likeability more than Jen A herself. Jen A without make up highlights or not tan but on her creamy skin complexion is the Claire persona who stands as Claire, not a Rachel Green.

    For me, Cake is the best 8 million dollar film of 2014. I respect Rachel Morrison’s innovative resourceful work as DP. So do with other crew of the film. You will notice that the script brings justice to the authenticity of every role players, that every words uttered on each character should be as truthful as to what is happening in a real world. Like we are having a normal conversation.

    It is not fair at times when we rate these movies like Nissan Leaf – 2 stars, and Tesla – 5 stars base on the tag price of the car. An anonymous Oscar voter call this terrible movie because its cheap about the decline of moral values in our society. lol. :-)

    It is like telling my work of art poor because it is simply on black and white rectangle. There is more to the art of less.

    I think Jennifer Aniston studied this character, in the same manner Vivien Leigh studied Scarlet O Hara. When they were into their characters they lived it at the moment as if they were encapsulated with Claire’s character or Scarlet.

    I’m seeing Jen play Claire just like Vivien Leigh played Scarlet O Hara, enclosed with the character’s persona – so really her great performance in the most complicated 2014 role was not the problem. Claire is as funny as Scarlet.

    The main differences are that Claire kicked her father as if Claire also karate the majority of same age group Oscar nominating committee in personal level, that Scarlet is a sweet feminine darling to the minds of the Oscar people, Vivien on her 1st nomination took that Oscar trophy home with an insane mind, and Gone With the Wind is a 400 million budget movie from a well written book.

    It takes 400 million budget to produce Gone with the Wind, while Cake is only worth 8 million. To produce Cake with 400 million budget will not bring fair execution to the uniqueness of the film to tell a story about a relatable romance between Roy and Claire between a French fries (you got it). The more expensive budget will fail to express the genuine lovely moments between Claire and the innocent motherless child of Roy who asked her, “What is wrong with your face?”

    Cake is the by product from the Midas touch of a talented artistic marketer who call herself not smart in a smart class of 4 years at performing arts school, who call herself not a college graduate dyslexic among college graduates who served her as their queen bee producer, who said, “It takes a village…” or a lot of people to make Cake. Though the risk is that it seems apparent right now that it would probably take a quarter century to break even with the investment in producing Cake.

    I think Jennifer A is not crying over this Oscar snub.

    When they make this movie she was simply doing what she loves to do. While other rich people spends on a jet plane, she pays out on film making for she consider this as coming in the moment of intense pleasure. This is what she says in her sincere interview that she is doing it for fun. The by product of her passion for being an actress is Cake.

    Her fans are the ones who are desperate over a spilled organic cashew milk from the Oscars.

    I am content and very happy right now to believe,

    that without the nominating committee,

    without the voters,


    As for the Oscars she might got fortunate someday for a nod and win if she kept on trying. Oscars are Los Angeles base people, in the Bible it is written no prophet is appreciated on their own hometown. Except for a few favorite members of the Oscar family, like Sean Penn, Tim Robbins, Jonah Hill, Tom Hanks, Angelina Jolie, and Laura Dern.

    Since Jen is a Los Angeles native playing Rachel Green for a decade and seems got already everything that she needs, the money, the attention and accolades as an accomplished actress, I don’t know if the Oscar people value her that much as her fans outside of Los Angeles.

    The nominees are a New Yorker and from New Orleans, two Brits, and a French. They are also considering diplomacy to other nations, that only 2 are from America and certainly not from Los Angeles. I think many people love her at Sweden than in LA and I don’t understand why.

    Jennifer Aniston deserved an award for this. Since Cake became Cake due to her flawless stunt of natural performance that many actresses wanted to achieved – TO PERFORM THE MOST COMPLICATED REALISTIC ROLE IN 2014, but could not come as close and as perfect as she did.


  • Ethery

    Here is a review of Cake from Brian Viner:
    Cake won’t be everyone’s cup of tea.

    It stars Jennifer Aniston, screamingly against type, as Claire Bennett, an angry, pain-racked woman, scarred physically and emotionally by an accident that we know was devastating yet about which, until the final few minutes, we are told very little.

    The film, set in Los Angeles, starts in perhaps the most Southern Californian setting imaginable: a therapy group.

    Not ten words of dialogue have passed before the dreaded ‘closure’ gets an airing, from a counsellor (played by Felicity Huffman) leading a discussion about Nina (Anna Kendrick), a former member of the group who has recently killed herself by jumping off a flyover.


    Claire is invited to contribute, but, more into blood-letting than hand-wringing, she upsets everyone by speaking too candidly about Nina’s suicide. When she gets home there is a voicemail message asking her to find another group, on account of her ‘anger issues’.

    In her house, Claire winces and grimaces her way through the ordinary motions of everyday life, and I confess that I winced with her, partly out of empathy (if you’ve ever suffered back pain, you’ll watch this film with eyes narrowed and teeth gritted), but also in weary anticipation of what I thought was about to unfold: rehabilitation, restoration, redemption.

    But I was wrong. Cake, written by Patrick Tobin and directed by Daniel Barnz, does not follow a predictable course. Claire starts angry and stays angry.

    Her chronic pain does not ease. She alienates her physiotherapist as she has her psychotherapist, and we learn that in her deep unhappiness she has also pushed away her decent, concerned husband. Her sex life is confined to loveless trysts with the Mexican handyman.


    Jennifer Aniston attends the 21st Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards at The Shrine Auditorium last month

    Meanwhile, she is addicted to painkillers, which she buys in industrial quantities in Tijuana, then smuggles back across the border.

    She is driven there by her loyal Mexican housekeeper, Silvana (a terrific performance by Adriana Barraza), and always lies flat in the passenger seat, though that doesn’t stop her issuing directions.

    The metaphor is clear; she can’t see where her life is heading either yet is desperate for some measure of control. By tiny increments things get better.

    Haunted by visions of Nina, Claire connives a visit to the dead woman’s house, and gradually befriends her widower (Sam Worthington), whose fury with his wife for committing suicide does not stop him tenderly visiting her grave.

    Cake has much to say about grief, and on the whole says it with intelligence and insight.

    Why Cake? Well, a lavishly iced chocolate cake comes to symbolise Claire’s realisation that life contains pleasures even for those in desperate, debilitating pain. In its downbeat way, this is an optimistic film.

    As for the very particular pain of not getting the Academy Award nomination that Aniston must surely have thought was in the bag, who knows how long that took to ease?

    I think she probably should have been in the Best Actress running this weekend.

    It was a brave choice of role and she rises to it brilliantly, using her timing as one of the better comic actresses of her generation not just to deliver some decidedly caustic wit, but also to convey, with real sensitivity, the tragedy of Claire’s situation.

    As Claire is haunted by Nina, so, with Friends running on an endless global loop and plenty of average big-screen rom-coms behind her, is Aniston in a way still haunted by Rachel Green, the TV role that made her famous.

    With this performance, even more than Aniston’s other departures from type (such as The Good Girl, 2002), Rachel has retreated just a little further into the ether

    from UK BRIAN-Viner reviews Cake 4 out of 5 stars

  • Joy B Angie

    Thanks, Ethery, for this review.
    Jen is so selfless in this movie !
    But Directors work could be better, I think.
    There are many strong moments in this story
    but he didn’t use this great material.
    May be I’m wrong.

  • Joy B Angie

    The movie is still a flop. Go Jen

  • Joy B Angie

    You can’t create even a moniker,
    so shut up,
    fake jba. .

  • Claire

    We love Jen no matter what.

  • Claire

    It’s a very good review.
    Thanks, Ethery.

  • Joy B Angie

    Im taking bets to see if Chelsea Handler first guest will be Maniston.I have always said Maniston is so predictable .

  • Claire

    Hey fake joy b angie,
    you must support Jolie in the MENTAL HOSPITAL.
    As a fan.