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Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt Support 'Unbroken' at ASC Awards

Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt Support 'Unbroken' at ASC Awards

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt make their way through the crowd inside at the American Society of Cinematographers’ 2015 Outstanding Achievement Awards on Sunday (February 15) at the Hyatt Regency Century Plaza in Century City, Calif.

The couple was there to support Angie‘s movie Unbroken and its cinematographer, Roger Deakins.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Angelina Jolie

Also nominated for the top prize this year were the cinematographers for the films Birdman, The Imitation Game, Mr. Turner, and The Grand Budapest Hotel.

Birdman‘s Emmanuel “Chivo” Lubezki was ultimately victorious for the top award.

FYI: Angelina is wearing Saint Laurent with an Everlane top. Brad is wearing Tom Ford.

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  • busted

    Well damn Jared.. I’m totally impressed.. You got the pics before the fans did..

    Thanks so much. .Finally a new thread that is actually about them and not other people. Great they were there to support Deakins.. who should have won by the way. I guess he make is it all look to easy.

    Brad and Angie looks fabulous..

  • JPFamily

    Thank you Jared, and yay for a new thread!
    How gorgeous are these two, and so in love, awwww I just love them.

    Reposting this:
    —Video at link—

    Angelina Jolie Launches Centre to Fight Violence Against Women

    Hollywood star Angelina Jolie has launched an academic centre to combat violence against women in war zones across Europe.

    It’ll be the first of its kind and will be based at the London School of Economics.

    The Oscar-winning actress and Special Envoy for the UN High Commissioner for Refugees believes the centre, which is due to open next year, will help to boost the global campaign for women’s rights and stamp out the use of rape and sexual violence as a weapon.

    Forces TV’s Paula Middlehurst spoke to Professor Christine Chinkin, who’s part of the team heading up the new centre.

  • Caribbean

    Always SO good to see them!!!

  • Tweet Angie

    She is really in her prime. I guess hapiness does miracles.

  • Tweet Angie

    The “Africa” team in the first picture. Brad , Angie and Roger.

  • Dawne

    Love her edgy forties vibe with her hair.

  • Observer2

    Ruh, roh. Angelina is carrying a YSL black evening clutch.

    Ticky’s just found her clutch for the Oscars. LOL

  • noneyabusiness

    Absolutely 100% natural beauty!!! Beautiful woman inside and out. Dame Angelina is a true God sent!!! Chew on that shit Maniston/Ticky….

  • toastie postie


  • Tweet Angie

    LOL my thoughts exactly

  • GingerGirl

    Simply Royalty.

  • ndn

    Finally new pics!!!! Angie and Brad look great…glad that they were there to support Roger…

  • Lily

    Damn Brad’s beard looked less in tweet pic than here, i thought he trimmed a little, but obviously he didn’t, can’t wait he starts filming Big Short, he will shave it.

  • ndn

    Love that clutch…Angie has the best accessories there are…handbags and sunglasses…

  • Caribbean

    Maybe this is a sign that they will be at the Oscars.
    They do have 2 films nominated.
    Also, Unbroken is AJP’s baby, from start to finish!

  • Tweet Angie

    They never say who is going to present best picture. If I remember correctly will Smith name was not in the oscar presenters list last year. Would be great if they were invited to present BP, just in front of tickys eyes.

  • Dawne

    The winner will not be anything they would be there to support………..Birdman or Boyhood……….no way.

  • Dawne

    What with no weave, boobs hanging out or an orange tan?l Geez, you just have no taste.

  • Caribbean

    I hate to say it, but I do not think that ‘Rachel’ is on their radar as they are on hers.
    They can generate hype themselves and does need or even want her sort of publicity.
    It more for her and the blogger to generate interest that there is even a link between them.
    It would be like linking Sly Stalone to Brigette Nielson

  • Tweet Angie

    They are friends of Iñárritu.

  • Lily

    I don’t think they will go to Oscar, it is a long long show, ASC is very short, neither of their movies is going to win. Why sit thru the long ass show?

  • JPFamily

    Such a shame for Deakins, and that Angie and Unbroken have been so overlooked this awards season.

    Reposting this:
    Angelina Jolie opens war centre to help protect women from sexual violence, people still just talk about her skinny legs

    Angelina Jolie has just done something AMAZING – yesterday, alongside Cabinet Minister William Hague (with whom she co-founded the Preventing Sexual Violence Initiative in 2012) Jolie launched the openingof Britain’s first academic centre for women, peace and security.

    Operating from the London School of Economics, the goal of the centre is to boost the global campaign for women’s rights and abolish the use of sexual violence as a weapon.

    “If you were to ask me who I think this centre is for, I picture someone who is not in this room today,” Jolie said in The Guardian. “I think of a girl I met in Iraq three weeks ago. She is 13 years old, but instead of going to school, she sits on the floor in a makeshift tent.”

    The girl was captured by Isis as a sex slave, and repeatedly raped, Jolie said. “Now she may never be able to complete her education, or get married or have a family, because in her society victims of rape are shunned, and considered shameful. To my mind, what we have begun today at LSE is for that Iraqi girl and others like her.”

    How awesome.

    BUT you might not have realised that’s what she was doing yesterday, because there were a number of news outlets that vaguely glossed over this to instead focus entirely on how thin she looked.

    We get it guys, Angelina Jolie is thin. Fine, it might not look particularly healthy, but are you *really* worried about her health, or just looking for another opportunity to attack a woman’s appearance? WHEN will people STOP talking about womens’ bodies/outfits/hair/makeup INSTEAD of their actions and achievements?!

    Angelina Jolie’s weight is not news – she hasn’t looked any different for years. But you know what is news? The amazing new centre she helped create that will work to make life easier for women around the world who are beaten, raped and killed just for being women (read more about that here).

    Go Angie.

  • busted

    I don’t see them going. It wouldn’t be the first time. I know they want to support their films.. But I hope they don’t go. I don’t want to watch the show and if they go.. then I will have to watch. LOL

  • lucy

    Gorgeous, as usual. Sorry about Deakins, the man did such a brilliant job, too.

  • Observer2

    Brad’s good friends with Alejandro.

    And Norton is nominated for Birdman. Not that he’s going to win. But, he is nominated.

  • Wonderbust

    They both look great but damn brad is so hot! Angelina is one lucky lady

  • anustin

    Looking fckable…..zhit!

  • Juliana

    Ring and other hens should be screaming in the ocean seeing the two together !!!!!

  • Observer2

    He should have already won for TAOJJ.

  • lame

    yeah him & brad are pretty tight he was even @ the Teluride at the showing of 12 years a slave. There’s was a few photos of him with the cast when it showed there. They seem to be pretty good friends.

  • busted

    It is trimmed. It’s just the shadows in the picture. He beard is short.

    I like it to be honest.

  • JPFamily

    Couple of old interviews:

    Angelina Jolie – The Good Shepherd

    The Tree Of Life – Interview With Brad Pitt

    A cute one:
    Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt interview

  • toastie postie

    I had the same thought. I don’t really have an interest on who is going to win.

  • norah mackenzie

    deakins sd have won for unbroken – enough already!!


    Angelina always looks good but she has this glow about her in these pictures. Her hair and face is impeccable. Angelina and Brads fans, what’s with Woman’s Day magazine Australia reporting that Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt adopted a 2 year old baby name Moussa from Syria. The story is picking up a lot of steam online. It’s being reported that in a week Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt will announce this to be true. I am very happy for this little boy because right now he is living in a danger zone. If this is true, Angelina Jolie is the Queen of Hearts in my book.

  • 50ftQueenie

    I know it’s been said so often but they are just so beautiful it is crazy. Love his hair and his beard and Angelina…that face!

  • Anon2

    Mr. and Mrs. Pitt looked very fine, sorry to Mr. Deakins and ‘Unbroken’.
    Personally, I hope Brad and Angelina stay home from the Oscars….the whole award season has reeked of BS and plenty of it. The Jolie-Pitt family has better things to do.

  • busted

    The UNHCR already said that story was not true.. so in time people will get that it is not true.

    you can’t adopt children in War Zones and Refugee camps. Research is always a good thing before believing these kinds of stories.

  • Dawne

    I resoundingly second that……don’t want them to go……and on top of all the B.S. don’t want Ticky to think she is getting their attention on any level. I think the Academy knows they are not attending or I really don’t think they would have invited Tick again.

  • 50ftQueenie

    Women’s Day is such a nasty rag. I wouldn’t believe anything they write. Until it comes from Brad or Angelina’s own mouth take it with a grain of salt. If they can get married twice and she can undergo major surgery without anyone finding out, it’s hard to believe that they wouldn’t be able to keep an adoption secret from women’s day.

  • 50ftQueenie

    I agree that they wouldn’t have invited manny if the JPs were going. They don’t want her tabloid stalker garbage dumped on their red carpet.

  • Susan

    Don’t the previous winner present the Award.

  • Susan

    Why not they did it before.

  • 50ftQueenie

    Their stock has gone up and her’s has crashed

  • Observer2

    Yes they did and the CCA’s tried it this year and Brad sat it out.

    They knew what they were doing and Brad and Angelina weren’t playing.

  • Observer2

    Refugee children CAN NOT be adopted.

    And Brad and Angelina couldn’t adopt in Syria if the child was orphaned. They’re not Muslim.

  • JPFamily

    Anon2 – I’m with you hoping the J-Ps skip Oscars this time around.
    They are way better than this year’s line-up.
    Luke Setser ‏@KentwoodWarrior 1 hr
    If you haven’t seen #Unbroken I’d recommend you do. It’s a very powerful and inspirational true story

    Monica Ortega ‏@monicagoesshow 3 hrs
    Just saw the #movie #unbroken! What an amazing inspiration film! All about the attitude. “If I can take it I can make it”

    ‘Birdman,’ ‘Unbroken’ Lead MPSE Golden Reel Awards

    The 62nd Motion Picture Sound Editors Golden Reel Awards recognized features including “Birdman,” “Big Hero 6,” “Unbroken” and “Get on Up” at Sunday night’s ceremony at the Bonaventure Hotel in Los Angeles.

    “Birdman” took the sound editing music award, while James Brown biopic “Get On Up” received the musical feature sound editing award. “Unbroken” won for dialogue/ADR, while “American Sniper” won for FX/Foley. “Big Hero 6″ took the sound and music editing award for feature animation.

    Best Sound Editing in Feature Film: Dialogue/ADR

    SUPERVISING SOUND EDITORS: Becky Sullivan, MPSE, Andrew DeCristofaro, MPSE
    DIALOGUE / ADR EDITORS: Laura Atkinson, Glynna Grimala
    ADR EDITOR: Lauren Hadaway

  • busted

    Maybe people can stop posting that silly story

    UNHCR dismisses reports Jolie, Pitt to adopt a Syrian refugee in Turkey

    The office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) dismissed media reports suggesting Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are planning to expand their family by adopting a two-year-old Syrian boy named Moussa from a refugee camp in Turkey.

    “There has been no attempt” from the couple to adopt a Syrian child from a refugee camp in Turkey, an official from the UNHCR office in Turkey told Hürriyet Daily News.

    “There is no truth to these reports,” the official said, over the Hollywood Gossip story that claimed the couple, who are already parents to six children, wanted to adopt two-year-old Moussa, who is living in a refugee camp in Turkey.

    Jolie, a special envoy for the UNHCR, is continuing her efforts to defend the rights of all children suffering from the Syrian crisis, and she is focused on this mission at the moment, said the official.


    Yes, I agree with you and that makes sense.

  • Juliana

    HaHaHaHaHaHa…. I had not seen it!!!

    10 Talking Points From This Morning’s Oscar Nominations

    5. JENNIFER ANISTON CAN’T BUY THE NOMINATION. Going into today, Aniston was considered a strong contender for Best Actress for her work in Cake. Huh? WTF is Cake you
    might ask? It’s a movie that hasn’t been released yet, and that barely
    anyone has seen. But, Aniston and her PR firm were working the
    campaign trail like gangbusters, gladhanding and stuffing screeners in
    the hands of every voting member they could find. Money can buy a great
    marketing effort, but it can’t buy everything, as evidenced by Marion
    Cotillard taking the final Best Actress slot for her work in Two Days, One Night.
    Everyone else in that category (Felicity Jones, Rosamund Pike,
    Julianne Moore, Reese Witherspoon) seemed to be locks. Don’t be too
    sad, Jennifer. Even if nominated, you still would have lost to Moore.