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Amber Rose SLAMS Kanye West for the '30 Showers' Comment

Amber Rose SLAMS Kanye West for the '30 Showers' Comment

Amber Rose is slamming Kanye West after he said Kim Kardashian made him take 30 showers before he could touch her following his split from the model.

The 37-year-old rapper was very open in a new interview with Power 105′s The Breakfast Club and talked about Amber‘s feud with the Kardashian family.

“If Kim had dated me when I first wanted to be with her, there wouldn’t be an Amber Rose, you know what I’m saying,” Kanye said. He added, “I had to take 30 showers before I got with Kim.”

See all of Amber‘s tweets below:

Click inside to read the rest of Amber Rose’s tweets directed at Kanye…

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amber rose slams kanye west for 30 showers comment 01
amber rose slams kanye west for 30 showers comment 02
amber rose slams kanye west for 30 showers comment 03
amber rose slams kanye west for 30 showers comment 04
amber rose slams kanye west for 30 showers comment 05
amber rose slams kanye west for 30 showers comment 06
amber rose slams kanye west for 30 showers comment 07
amber rose slams kanye west for 30 showers comment 08
amber rose slams kanye west for 30 showers comment 09
amber rose slams kanye west for 30 showers comment 10
amber rose slams kanye west for 30 showers comment 11
amber rose slams kanye west for 30 showers comment 12
amber rose slams kanye west for 30 showers comment 13
amber rose slams kanye west for 30 showers comment 14
amber rose slams kanye west for 30 showers comment 15
amber rose slams kanye west for 30 showers comment 16
amber rose slams kanye west for 30 showers comment 17
amber rose slams kanye west for 30 showers comment 18
amber rose slams kanye west for 30 showers comment 19
amber rose slams kanye west for 30 showers comment 20
amber rose slams kanye west for 30 showers comment 21
amber rose slams kanye west for 30 showers comment 22
amber rose slams kanye west for 30 showers comment 23
amber rose slams kanye west for 30 showers comment 24
amber rose slams kanye west for 30 showers comment 25

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  • Alina

    Team Amber! She did love Kanye once and she respects him enough to not start talking shit about him.

  • j b

    Both are big breasts, big butt whores so I am not surprised that Kayne West was with both Amber Rose and Kim Kardashian.

  • shoes4life

    Didn’t Ray J also give KimK a golden shower?? So Dumbye need to shut his face.

  • Peapo

    Team Amber. You can bring down the entire Kartrashian empire. Do it for us, please.

  • smokeskater

    They’re all being completely childish now. Reminds me of high school, honestly.

  • Jay

    Can I just say in very interview she does they ask her about Kanye and sometimes Kim. She normally says she’s happy that she got away from Kanye but doesn’t go into detail, she leaves it there. And most of the time she compliments Kim, she says she’s beautiful, and has done well for herself etc. I think the worst think she’s ever said about Kim is that she thinks she’s ‘fake’ for crying and making a fuss one minute about a nude shoot and then going full frontal. At any point over the last few years she if she wanted the attention, she could have attacked Kim or Kanye. This is all because she thinks it is wrong for Kylie a 17 year old to be dating a 25 year old man, and worse still that the man in question left his to and child to be with an underage girl. Never thought I’d say this, but Amber seems to have claim to the higher moral ground. Who’d have thunk it? It’s strange know world were living in.

  • reness

    Please keep reminding Kanye his wife is famous for getting f–ked on camera and peed on during the process of it. Nothing is more humiliating and lowly as that. This is who Kanye settled for and raves about. A D list porn star. All of his A list pals just tolerate him but most have dicthed him. Kelly Cutrone also said he is a joke as a fashion designer.

  • reness

    And he was defending Kim’s 17 year old sister dating a 25 year old man who has a child with a stripper. Disgusting and shameful.

  • random87

    They both just need to stop there way to old for this kind bitchy fighting they are acting like school kids plus both have kids now which makes it worse

  • devvv

    Kanye and the Kardashians are mad at the wrong person. This whole feud started because Khloe is too dumb to understand what Amber was saying in the first place. She never spoke negatively about the Kardashians or Kanye until they talked about her. She said that Tyga was wrong for pursuing a relationship with an underage girl. The fact that they’re bashing Amber and bullying her shows their character. She was looking out for Kylie’s well being and they keep bringing up her past, while downplaying their own. They’re all famous bc of a sex tape, so to call someone out for being sexually active is hypocritical and just proves what happens when you spend more time getting plastic surgery than getting an education.

  • sky

    I can see the root of ambers problems….she is not a warm person and she appears to have an ugly, vengeful personality. In a relationship i can see she cant deal with the right now…she has to bring up everything of the past. Girl this is not healthy and just because a man leaves u it dont mean they have all done u wrong….u r the one chasing them away, its just who u r….i give her 5 more min to turn on nick cannon.

  • Autumn Red

    No, Amber! Tell everything to make him go away!

  • The Last Word

    Get him Amber! Who does Kanye think he is?

  • cloco

    It is OK. After all this they will record a duet as with TS. LOL…

  • Divaonadime

    She respects HERSELF enough to not trash him. You look like a bigger idiot, when you diss someone you shared your bed with….However, it shouldn’t be forgotten, that this coward has a gag order on her. If he wants a fair fight, that negro needs to lift the gag order and leave the girls to “duke it out”, with everyone’s shiit from the past, up for commentary in the media (including his own!).

    #Team Amber all day!! She a h0e but she owns it…whereas that other h0e (his wife) tryina act all brand new.

  • disqus_jFAUBXqfjy

    Team Amber! The world got you. You own up to your chit. Plastic bytches be retaliating because of the sex tape, and pedophile. You told the truth

  • Divaonadime

    Take a Prozac, then come back to the land of the living….First off, it was KHLOE KATRASHIAN that brought up the past (Amber’s Stripper days). It was just that Kartrashian wasn’t ready for the onslaught of her family’s sordid history to smack her upside her head….Khloe should be more concerned about her 17 year old sister being at risk of Statutory Rape (if she ain’t already been defiled!) than getting all up in her feelings.

    P.S. You may want to take some other pills to stay focused and on point.

  • VanityInsecurity


  • DailyNightly

    My guess is the 30 showers needed had nothing to do with Amber.

  • Welly

    That funny Amber can talk about the f kartranshains anytime she wants too. Kayne thinks he knows it all. Kayne does he see in Kim any wise.

  • dalovelee

    Kanye is a piece of s**t for his comments. Those females can cat fight between themselves BUT his comment is like WHATTT? Trying to defend his skank wife who every body knows made her claim to fame by letting some dude golden shower on her and selling the sex tape…Please Amber blow this monkey fool’s cover and spill the dirt.

  • CLX

    I doubt Kayne is straight, but I will say that he and Amber looked great together. Amber really smolders. Kim always looks like she’s a little slow. Kim has all the right body parts, but she has no sex appeal at all. Now Amber, on the other hand – she looks like she actually knows what to do.

  • CLX

    Amber left him, but you know, don’t let facts get in the way. She has never slammed Kayne. Kayne has shown his true nature by cutting down a past love.

  • boohoo

    WHEN A MAN WADES INTO A GIRL FIGHT..the Katrashians are so scared , they had to run to Kanye for help….I hope he disinfected his “soon to be ex-wifes” couch before diving into the place…If Kanye didnt to take a shower then stupid him for not realizing that he was just going through a revolving door…I commend Reggie for trying to clean her up and Humphries for taking her own…but they dodged a bullet

  • boohoo

    Amber don’t waste time on kayass and kimdumbie….Kanye will get whats coming to him from the Katras

  • Dee

    Shots fired!


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  • Christopher I. Gomes

    This is all so high school and tacky… Grow up ppl… all y’all are in your 30′s!!!! #asinine #pathetic

  • Sonya

    Shut up

  • TeamBella76

    Their all annoying ! Amber less so but girl just leave those losers alone.

  • Revengefan0101

    Amber should have her own Reality Show.

  • Kathrina

    Kim Kardashian at 35 is already 98% plastic surgery botox frozen. No way she would ever be caught in a bathing suit on a beach or anything else that wasn’t set up staged, back dropped, phototshopped and airbrushed to the extream.
    Kardashian in her most delusional dreams will never look like her airbrushed and photoshopped photos she posts as real. There has never been anything real let alone ‘natural’ about Kim Kardaashian. Plastic surgeons and the airbrushing and photoshopped people deserve a ‘special effects’ award. See

  • ladylilarowe

    Good for her!

  • Guest

    I can’t wait to see the last of the Kartrashians. The most moronic and ridiculous family on the planet. Kim’s famous first words were, “Oh, baby, I think I’m going to come.” Her last words will be along the same lines. These people are so incredibly reflective that they think posing and showing your ass is an art is valid self-expression. How do such stupid people exist in the first place?

    All the brands and shows and producers and businesses that support them know that spectacle sells. But I think even these idiots can sense people can’t stand them and are ready to see the last of them.

    Kanye West is really a very stupid person, on par with his family-in-law. He needs to thank Amber Rose for helping him get a bit of coverage this week, since he didn’t have to go to the trouble of pulling another award hijacking stunt or . Because, gee, his clothes and music just ain’t doing it. His comment about the little sister’s boyfriend getting in early was vomit inducing. Can child services check out what’s happening with Kylie Jenner already? The kid is being exploited.

    Trashy, stupid, and ridiculous people without a single brain cell among the whole lot of them.

    Amber Rose is also trashy but she at least has a weird consistency and authenticity to her.

  • norah mackenzie

    whether u like amber or not gotta say that she has said the right thing – she is not pretending to be anything than what she is for good or for bad. for kim k to think that she is a reality star because of her ‘talent’ is not true at all – it was because of her tape no more no less.

  • norah mackenzie

    kanye thinks that he is something special but sadly he like his wife all live in delusionville. what kind of person does the same thing to beck like what he did to taylor swift? what sort of parent allows his own child to look tired and upset in photos – what sort of person will allow his own wife to dress so badly or for kanye to think that he is a great fashion designer – with that horrible body suit collection which no one will ever wear

  • GFW

    People think you can judge the quality of a couple by the love they share and number of years they spent together. But I think the love that they show one another shows even more when they break up in a civilized manner.

    Manners maketh the lady. She’s no lady.

  • Get Real

    How hypocritical on that last one. Who’s the one doing the bullying while she herself is F’d up? She’s doing interviews about Kylie, and tweeting about Khloe and Kanye, none of them are any of her business.
    Kanye’s right — we never would have heard of her if he had gotten with Kim when he wanted. I don’t care about any of these people, but a woman spending this much time slamming an ex from YEARS ago and that ex’s family needs to get a life.
    Women like this make all women look weak, vindictive, and insecure. She needs to be someone on her own without a man or a whole family to keep her in the news.

  • Get Real

    it’s none of her business. She is nobody without bringing up Kanye and the Kardashians. If she really didn’t want to talk about them, she’d say she refuses to do an interview if there are questions like that.
    She’s passive aggressive and weak. Never thought someone could make the Kardashians look better.

  • Get Real

    yeah, right — it’s none of her damned business who Kylie is dating adn she couldn’t care less about her well-being. It’s just a way to keep her name in the news. Look — we’re all talking about her. She’s a nobody unless she mentions a Kardashian or Kanye. Try finding one mention of her anywhere that doesn’t mention them.

  • devvv

    It’s crazy that people are actually mad at her for calling a pedophile out. If it’s none of her business who her best friend’s ex is dating, than it’s none of the Kardashian’s business that she was with Kanye before Kim was. Click on her name and read all of the articles that have nothing to do with Kanye or his new trashy family.

  • boohoo

    you mean he had to clean ricardos poop from his schlong before dipping into the infested couch he married?

  • Izzy Made

    Get Real, you’re taking this way too personally. Are you even real? Is that you Kim Kardashian?

  • OutstandingWorldCitizen

    Did you listen to the interview? She was asked you idiot. You need to calm your ass down and stop praising people who don’t give a darn about you. Nothing Amber said was wrong.

  • OutstandingWorldCitizen

    You are clearly a pedophile because you’re up and down this post supporting grown men f8cking a child.

  • Rocker

    I don’t care Amber Rose and neither should you. She’s beyond a bottom feeder who has zero relevance in the world, other than being the thick bitch who Kanye carted around for a while….She is not famous, doesn’t deserve to be famous, and isn’t even very hot.

  • Homer

    But Amber’s butt and face is real. Kim has had too many behind injections and she’s plastic from head to toe.

  • Homer

    Amber’s vengeful? Lol. Did you see Kim and Kanye’s hating during the Grammys on Beck? Ask Shirley Manson and a some other true artists who’s taking the ” bitter pill?” Kim’s a plastic surgery butt injected nightmare who’s made a living off of imitating people who’re naturally prettier and more talented than she’ll ever be. Her plastic surgery addicted family run a close second.

  • Homer

    Lmbo. What is Kim famous for besides the Ray J xtapes , being a train tunnel to every train coming through, and most recently hating on Beck or anyone with more talent and natural beauty. Oh that’s right, she’s famous for getting loads of behind injections, lying about it, and then paying media outlets to promote every plastic surgery procedure she’s had. ( I bet Damon Thomas, Kim’s first husband who paid for her first of many boottay injections, is relieved he’s FAR AWAY from Kartrashian drama).

  • Get Real

    Really? A pedophile? You have just insulted all kids abused by real pedophiles. Have you seen Kylie Jenner? She’s not an innocent child.