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Lady Gaga's 'Sound of Music' Oscars 2015 Performance (Video)

Lady Gaga's 'Sound of Music' Oscars 2015 Performance (Video)

Lady Gaga looks gorgeous and delivers an absolutely amazing performance at the 2015 Academy Awards held at the Dolby Theatre on Sunday (February 22) in Hollywood.

The 28-year-old singer paid tribute to the classic film The Sound of Music by performing a medley of songs from the musical.

Gaga sang such songs as “The Sound of Music,” “My Favorite Things,” “Edelweiss,” “Climb Ev’ry Mountain,” and more.

After the performance, Julie Andrews stepped out for a surprise appearance and to present the next award. Such an amazing moment!

FYI: Lady Gaga is wearing Brian Atwood shoes.

Lady Gaga Performs Amazing “Sound of Music” Performance

10+ pictures inside from Lady Gaga‘s performance at the Oscars…

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lady gaga sound of music oscars performance 01
lady gaga sound of music oscars performance 02
lady gaga sound of music oscars performance 03
lady gaga sound of music oscars performance 04
lady gaga sound of music oscars performance 05
lady gaga sound of music oscars performance 06
lady gaga sound of music oscars performance 07
lady gaga sound of music oscars performance 08
lady gaga sound of music oscars performance 09
lady gaga sound of music oscars performance 10
lady gaga sound of music oscars performance 11

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  • bbm

    this was good, but all the time i was thinking about her changing wigs and stuff

  • Ivana J Jarmon

    That was a Great Performance!!!

  • Heather

    She Nailed It! I was crying like a baby I was so moved!

  • Guest

    She has librarian-or-school-teacher silver hair but this is the most normal I’ve ever seen her look.

  • susan

    That was an outstanding performance! Brava!

  • zona1234

    worst oscar performance ever.. btw that wig is just nasty.. she screams when she sings, her nose is too big and her hands are too short.. stefani is one reductive troll. she also kinda looks like snooki from jersey shore.

  • Jon M’Shulla

    Great job. Interesting choice of singer.


    GAGA The GREAT!! Gaga is not the Queen of Pop but the Queen of the Universe. Please stop with the Madonna comparisons because Madonna can not sing like that. Gaga brought down the house. Gaga you amaze me.

  • Dani

    I was shocked watching her performance. Had no clue she could sound this good. Well deserved standing ovation.

  • Me

    she really was amazing, gorgeous, such a beautiful voice and performance. so happy for her!!!!!

  • Me

    totally agree

  • Me

    you’re envious and jealous aren’t you? no standing ovation for you tonight;

  • girl, please…

    Hater alert….

  • Rose Cuentas Orenday

    Sour puss award goes to Zona 1234! Now have a Snickers!

  • Pamela Swain

    It WAS amazing. I’m impressed, Gaga. It’s hard to do that too. :) Wow!

  • Jeremy

    This performance literally floored me. I feel like Lady Gaga has spent the past few years living in this kind of ‘Performance Art’ bubble and her musical talent has gotten overshadowed by other things. But, truly, this was a genuinely spectacular vocal performance. I was not expecting anything half this excellent.

    For the emotional component, the performance of “Glory” probably takes the cake as performance of the night… but we all knew it would be moving and powerful. I think this is the performance that will have everyone talking. Lady Gaga just reintroduced herself to everyone. The “Regagaissance” has begun.

  • VanityInsecurity

    She really did look absolutely stunning & sang phenomenal. Best performance of the night for me.

  • Jan Rose

    oh and you think you are perfect!!!! And whats more what have hands got to do with a singing performance, you are a dumb ass!

  • xyz

    Sad times when a freak like her got to sing this song. More appropriate if they had chosen Carrie Underwood for that….

  • xyz

    Bad choice rather

  • xyz

    Ya, keep dreaming

  • xyz

    Well said, who cares about their ass kissing idiotic fans?

  • xyz

    u have a suck, dear

  • xyz

    Cretin alert

  • xyz

    Have u looked in the mirror lately?

  • LC

    Get over yourself zona..

  • jane

    it took this long for me to realize she could actually sing. the costumes really detract from her true talent. i thought the performance was just amazing. her voice was incredible.

  • god

    you are a fucking idiot, go back umderground troll..

  • Nick Greeley

    Oh, look, the wild Madonna fan has appeared. It’s not Gaga’s fault that Madge can’t sing for shit.

  • la__la

    Me too!!! I was like “this is playback, she doesn’t sing like this” she was really amazing!!!

  • jessica408

    Uh no. I doubt you even watched the performance.

  • Pooch15

    I’ve known for a long time she could sing. What a shame she normally has to make such a spectacle to get noticed. Maybe now people can take her seriously.

  • jessica408

    Yet people talk about Gaga fans trolling. Madonna fans aren’t any better. Your comment history says it all.

  • ugh

    some say she was lipsyncing to a pre-recorded track, is that true?? this performance does give me a Beyonce lip-synching at the obama inauguration vibe..

  • Maria E. Segura

    Where did u hear that I hope not cause it will be catastrophic if the media knows that it be a super let down.

  • neil adlington

    I think the consensus is few saw this coming and she blew everyone away. I am not a fan but I appreciate her career choices and knew she was a talented lady but this…. wow.

  • Maria E. Segura

    I have to agree with most of the commenters here. Lady Gaga stole the night with taht performance. I was amazed when she started singing she had a very similar voice to Julie Andrews.
    She really sounded beautiful. She nailed it. and the reason for standing ovation from all the audience. She deserved it. I cried it and was very touched by it. She even wore a very decent formal gown. Even when she was at the red carpet, her dress was different and had some twist to it but still manage it to make it elegant, not outrageous or crazy liek her former red carpet dresses.
    This shows everyone that when she wnats to look normal she can succeed. Lately she is dressing more normal than her extravagants outfits we used to know her for,
    She really has a great voice but she is always overshadowed by this freak persona she portrays in her extravagant performances at concerts.

  • neil adlington

    Nope, she is the real deal. Look at her earlier stuff on Youtube ( I did last night) and you’ll see that she definitely has the chops, the art and the talent.

  • ugh

    some are saying in twitter that they know people in production and that she was differently lip-synching..i don’t know ,I hope it’s not true tho.

  • ugh

    no doubt gaga can sing but so does beyonce..

  • Bryan D

    People compare her to Madonna, which I disagree with that. But I believe her closest comparison is Elton John. Elton is one of the greatest singers of ALL time and he did the same crazy stuff that Gaga has done in the past. She got people’s attention, now she has their admiration. Gaga will be around for a while just like Elton John has!

  • Bueno

    I re-discovered her last night. It blew me away. It looked so effortless and graceful and strong. Beautiful work, looking forward to more!

  • Maria E. Segura

    I also thought they use playback with Julie Andrews voice cause darn they both sound so similar!!

  • SA

    madonna may not be able to sing like that but the music she makes is miles ahead and better than what gaga can make. gaga is more like a celine dion now.

  • saad rock

    That was a Great Performance Ever !!!
    I Can’t Believe Gaga’s Voice !!!! SLAAAAAAAAAY

  • saad rock

    Great Voice <3

  • suzybel

    Lady Gaga looked outstanding, and sang unbelievable. I had no idea. Best part of the Oscars!

  • Kpilk

    I’m not a Gaga fan, but last night I was truly impressed with her beautiful singing. Who knew she could sound so classy and amazing? She looked exceptionally gorgeous and I was so admittedly in awe. She didn’t do anything stupid and she made great tribute to Julie Andrews. I was impressed. All I can say is, I want to see more of last night and less gimmick. If she can sing like an angel, then she can be in theatre too. She did a great job. She may just have a new fan.

  • Patty

    WOW!!! Awesome performance

  • Guest

    Huge shock.