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Academy Responds to Joan Rivers' In Memoriam Oscars 2015 Snub

Academy Responds to Joan Rivers' In Memoriam Oscars 2015 Snub

Fans became outraged when they noticed the legendary Joan Rivers was left out of the In Memoriam tribute from the 2015 Academy Awards held at the Dolby Theatre on Sunday (February 22) in Hollywood.

While Joan, who passed away at the age of 81 last year, was mostly known for her work in standup and television, she was considered an integral part of award show red carpets throughout her career.

Joan Rivers is among the many worthy artists and filmmakers we were unfortunately unable to feature in the In Memoriam segment of this year’s Oscar show,” a rep for the Academy told THR. “She is, however, included in our In Memoriam gallery on”

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  • onehunnit

    I don’t get it they couldn’t add an extra second for her picture to flash up on the screen? Let’s be real her and Robin Williams were the 2 biggest losses last year

  • Sandy McFarlane

    who cares………

  • Travis

    For years she ridiculed and insulted anyone who set foot on the red carpet. Not a surprise at all that she was omitted.

  • mandyz

    OMG I know I wasn’t the only one that realized Robin Williams wasn’t in the Memorium. I was shocked, truly shocked and disappointed. Joan deserved to be there too, it’s not the same spirit in the red carpet anymore because of Joan’s loss to be very honest and nobody can match Joan’s comedic chops, she was one of a kind.

  • Guest

    Robin Williams was included in the In Memoriam montage? If he hadn’t been, there would be much more of an uproar.

  • GFW

    I disagree. That was her ‘persona’ what she was famous for, and frankly, she was often right. This woman was a pioneer. This is shameful.

    Who pressed humanity out of us humans? Or, let’s say, the humans who ran this show?

  • Wayne Zeidenstein

    Sorry she deserved to be included.

  • Mrs.K

    She is probably throwing them all middle fingers wherever she is now. At least people are talking about her again and she would of loved that!

  • mandyz

    I know but it was like I blinked my eyes and he was gone, he was on for like a nanosecond. I didn’t like the Memorium overall

  • villedeville

    That was true for everyone mentioned in In Memorium, each one had one nano second screen flash, (except for Joan Rivers, who wasn’t mentioned at all). Maybe they’re saving time so the awardees will have more time to thank their wives/husbands, live-in partners, children, mothers, fathers and dogs(?!) Come to think of it, why does anyone have to thank all those relatives who have nothing to do at all with the movie?

  • j k

    Actually, you could tell that his banner was on screen for much longer than the “less important” people.

  • jrpieces

    All she did was insult people and what they wore so i am glad they didn’t show her. she is total disgrace

  • Roberta Liford

    You’re a disgrace for commenting on something you don’t seem to know anything about. She was a COMEDIAN. Do you know what a comedian does? That was her persona or schtick, so to speak. Ever hear of Don Rickles? He was known for insulting people.

  • Roberta Liford

    There’s no excuse. There were at least a dozen memorium tributes to people most of us never heard of or care about, such as agents, executives, etc., who would only be known in their circle. But Joan Rivers?
    Wow — that was an egregious omission, I must say.

  • Edward Gerald

    Joan Rivers is the one who started that show Fashion Police where they cut the stars to shreds, Kelly Osborn who is a nobody says all these bad things about the stars’ shoes, clothes, makeup, hair, jewelry, they pick them apart and who are these people? NO ONE. So the stars finally got fed up and set out a statement the morning of the Oscars saying do not ask us who we are wearing, ask us some real questions and they would not let Guliana Ransick on the red carpet. None of them from Fashion Police were allowed anywhere near the stars so this is a big statement from women in Hollywood they are sick of nobodys criticizing them. Who is Khloe K. to be taking trash about what movie stars are wearing?

  • PeterPeckerPork

    Hollywood’s ego is very sensitive so they left her out, that was wrong and petty .

  • plez

    Joan Rivers was a pioneer for TV not for the movies. She was the first female to host a late night talk show (On TV) and she was the first to make the red carpet fashion an event (On TV). The Oscars are about the movies. She probably will be included in the Emmy program for 2015. As Joan herself would say “Get over it. It was just a tv show.”

  • TheHighForester

    Joan Rivers made a career of insulting and vilifying the members of the Academy. Surely no one expected them to honor her for that.

  • TheHighForester

    Travis is absolutely correct. The Academy showed Joan Rivers more respect than she ever showed them.

  • TheHighForester

    It is a pathetic “comedian” who can only insult and demean.

  • tyrone

    She was an insulting big mouth not an actress.

  • tyrone

    They are two bigmouths that crawled out from under the same rock.

  • Michael Minnock

    I couldn’t agree more that this was a blatant snub. Joan was a fixture on the red carpet for 20 years in addition to her many other contributions to the entertainment industry . She is the reason that more than half of the people even watch the Oscar awards. We do see they make time for many of the faces of people who we don’t even know, but they were valued by the motion picture industry. Would it have been so difficult to add Joan to that screen for a few seconds. This proves yet again that the people who matter, in fact don’t ! Joan was also omitted for the grammy memoriam even on a day she won and now this. Its time for people to get their heads out of their asses and make some decisions that make sense..Bad move, time to boycott the awards I think and the movies, money seems to be all they understand..


    I think you would have a totally different opinion if you were famous and suddenly became an unwilling target of her relentless ‘persona’!

  • jack_sprat2

    Amen. Were I they, I might’ve been tempted to film a liquid ‘tribute’ to her headstone, with my back to the camera.

  • GFW

    Seriously? What about all the SNL skits? Any comic out there who makes their career in comedy? I could name names but you have to get this? C’mon, one second to flash her photo out of respect for her passing? No excuse is good enough.

  • higgs merino

    No Lizabeth Scott in memoriam…..Shameful.

  • Ezra B. Glaser

    I kind of agree. All she did was say terrible things about people. Like Elizabeth Taylor and her weight. As if Joan Rivers ever had anything like the talent Liz did!

  • Ezra B. Glaser

    Not a very good comedian though!

  • Mary Linda Corson-Haynes

    He was included

  • Merry

    Joan Rivers was not associated with any big screen movies or the Academy. She was primary associated with TV. She should be mentioned at the Grammys, which is for television greats.

  • katya

    Whether or not she was your favorite, should have had nothing to do with it. Many of those people were unknowns to the public.. and she had a huge following. she also was part of the Oscars. Unreal. Disappointing, and unfair.

  • Ladyd712

    Just would like to know why they included so many people that no one knows. Do they realize that it become long and boring. Like it or not, we want to see the pictures of those we recognize and miss. So tired of the Oscars becoming so politically correct that it isn’t fun anymore. By the way Neil Patrick Harris was awful as Host. His jokes bombed and he was awkward and stiff.Ellen was so much better.

  • poker54

    There is no excuse because no one liked her rather anyone wants to admit it or not.

  • poker54

    She was still rude and obnoxious and don’t use the excuse she was a comedian because she acted that way her entire life. Why don’t you grow up, if that is possible and stop whining.

  • JEN

    Oscars has zero credibility

  • holly wood dood

    HOGWASH!!!—-instead, they named some executives and PR people who 99.9% of America has never heard of—-ridiculous

  • Susan

    Wrong, wrong, wrong. Go over to and see exactly what she did back in the 70′s and 80′s. She had an amazing career.
    It’s just that after her husband killed himself, she kind of lost her way for a while.

  • Susan

    True, but she also was in a number of movies and even directed one. She is as much a part of Academy lore as most of the bean counters sitting behind a desk. Maybe more so.

  • mitchforman

    Am I the only one who noticed that Phillip Seymour Hoffman was omitted as well? He was the greatest actor we lost last year by far. The ‘Academy’ has nothing academic about it; they awarded ‘best picture’ to a pretentious movie about nothing, while entirely shunning the best film of the year ‘Foxcatcher’. It’s devolved to a disgraceful organization centered on commercial success – instead of the art of film-making…

  • Bruce_in_PD

    Ahem. The Oscars are about MOVIE stars and the people who put those movies together– NOT about a silly snark-fest purveyor who had nothing to DO with movies. Even the example that the Rivers-fest are putting up for a reason she should have been memorialized relates to her opinion on TELEVISION (the Red Carpet “interviews”.) Sorry. You MIGHT be able to put together an argument for an Emmy memorial, but not for the Oscars.


    There’s a huge difference in using insult humor to give someone a gentle ribbing and using it to just be mean. Joan crossed over that line years ago.

    When she appeared on the Sullivan show doing standup comedy in the ’60′s, she was a ‘pioneer’ because she launched a successful career in a male-dominated field, but that was 50 years ago.

    Having said all that, yes ‘The Academy’ is notorious for its’ long list of snubs. Her career was mainly in television. The movies and TV have an ongoing rivalry since the earliest days of TV.

    If the television award shows were to give her a similar snub, I think that would be more of a narrow minded, deliberate omission.

  • Enuffis2Much

    Snubs don’t happen for no reason. It WAS a snub . It was meant to hurt. It was done out of hate.

  • Ralph Fredericksen

    Obscure, to the general public, editors and hair-stylists included, but not Joan? Egregious!

  • Jumpin Jack Flash

    They showed numerous people from behind the scenes that no one ever heard of. Joan should of been front and center. And what about Taylor Negron? Give the respect where it is due.

  • Dan

    Joan Rivers wasn’t much of a movie star, she was more known for television. If she was left out of the Emmy’s, that would be an insult. I don’t think the Oscars was really wrong here, they only have so much time for the segment and movies were not a big component of her career. I know the Red Carpet was a big deal and she put that on the map but that’s not directly a part of Hollywood, that’s still more a television thing.

  • jrpieces

    Big difference from being funny and being plain MEAN..which she was

  • Steve

    Dubious at best: “Fans became outraged”. Why is ego getting in the way?

  • ama

    What exactly did she contribute to the movie industry for her to be recognized? Not to mention she was not like by many celebs. So I am not surprised.

  • MissBunny

    What a snub. She was not just a comedienne and a fashionista especially on the REd Carpet. She was also a wonderful actress. I had the pleasure of seeing her on stage in her life story. The entire audience stood up at the end. She was an Icon. Hey they honored Glen Campbell with a song—wasn’t he a singer???////