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Giuliana Rancic Apologizes to Zendaya For Controversial Oscars 2015 Comments

Giuliana Rancic Apologizes to Zendaya For Controversial Oscars 2015 Comments

Giuliana Rancic took to Twitter to apologize to Zendaya over her recent comments on E!’s Fashion Police.

The 40-year-old TV personality was bashed for saying that the 18-year-old actress “smells like patchouli oil… or maybe weed” while criticizing her look at the 2015 Oscars.

“Dear @Zendaya, I’m sorry I offended you and others. I was referring to a bohemian chic look. Had NOTHING to do with race and NEVER would!!!” Giuliana wrote on Twitter.

The apology came after Zendaya wrote a long response to the controversial comments.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Giuliana Rancic’s apology?

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  • Joolz

    Not good enough. Try again! Not accepting it!

  • SaraJ

    I am so, so tired of her. She should’ve been canned years ago. She takes all the joy out of the E! shows she’s on.

  • Guest

    Is she saying that we’re being racist for presuming that She was being racist? lol. How is what she’s wearing or what her hair looks like in any way bohemian chic? That’s the biggest bs excuse if there ever was one. She’s not sorry for her comments, she’s sorry we made the correct analysis.

  • Jay

    Not really an apology. She doesn’t seem very apologetic just quick to defend/clarify her statement.

  • annalisejon

    Guiliana STFU. You werent referring to bohemian chic, you SAID her hair looks like it smells like weed, thereby following a stereotype of dreads (a popular african american hairstyle) with weed. Your a fool for that and now I give NO f’s about people making fun of her looking like a crackhead ant. Bye Guiliana!

  • Dee

    Giulianas comment was derogatory and negligent at the very least. I wouldn’t say she is a horrible person or a stone cold “racist,” but I think it is juvenile to pass off these types of comments as “a little misguided” or “comedic.” The thing about racist or homophobic or xenophobic or sexist etc comments is that most times they are not intended with malice! Usually they are thoughtless utterances; a reflection of one’s subconscious thoughts and value system. Thoughts which quite possibly are ingrained in a belief system that stems from generations of institutionalized bigotry, which is littered throughout our culture, that people try to mask with “political correctness.” I’m sure the comment was made in passing but that’s actually what worries me most

    Giuliana, Please delete your flippant Twitter apology. It’s insulting. As a general tip: Be an example for your child and reflect on your remarks and take responsibility for your racism, homophobia, xenophobia, sexism and whatever else, albeit unintended. It doesn’t make you a bad person it makes you a work in progress, whereas being in denial makes you an idiot. By the way – I’m even more disappointed as a fellow Terp

  • xyz

    Sick and tired of political corectness, tragic world we live in, its the world as we’ve made it….

  • Renee Young

    You call that an apology bitch please. Understand not all blavk woman wsnt to have fake weaves running down their backs. We love ourselves and our hair and wearing it natural is showing our true hair. Locs, fros or cut close its us. And for you to say it looks like it smells is w as y out of bounds. I’m sure uoud be upset if prople told you your boney ass needs to est some real food and put on 20 lbs. Looking like dome damn straw.

  • Joolz

    Yeah I find her really boring. I enjoy the two guys, Terrence & Jason more than her.

  • Joolz

    Yeah her apology sucked. Try again, Giuliana. She was the racist one.

  • JustMe

    Guilianna youi will never be Joan Rivers…

  • Jenny from the flop

    Giuliana is flawless! Queen of anorexica 💅

  • ♥♥♥ Tigerlily ·.¸¸.·*¨·.·.¸¸.

    Guilana, anyone with eyes can see that you’re not truly sorry.
    You’re not funny, not cute.
    But… you are definitely an ignorant azzwipe.

    So very sorry but you’ll never be Joan Rivers.

    & not for nothing. YOU look like a skinny, stung-out crack-whoore.

  • Jon M’Shulla

    Since when did accusing someone of smelling like Patchouli Oil and /or maybe weed become “racist”? That is ridiculous. The racist accusation is actually the racist comment here. False race card. I do not even like Giuliana but, give me a f*u*c(k(i*n*g* break!

  • Taylor

    Oh please! Hideous old Joan Rivers took personal joy out of relentlessly breaking down people like Lindsay Lohan and Amanda Bynes at stages when they were so unstable and troubled that their lives were literally at stake. She had no restraint – which is probably exactly why she was left out of the Oscars ‘in memorium’ segment. Pathetic that Rancic should offer up an apology when Rivers was enabled and actively encouraged to do much more damage. That being said, Fashion Police just needs to go away.

  • Jon M’Shulla

    No reason to be sorry. No racism was displayed.

  • cindy

    There are people who love to be OUTRAGED about anything.

  • Jay

    You offended an 18 year old girl, for whatever reason, at least apologise for that. This ‘apology’ hurts Giuliana.
    She could have just explained that, ‘that wasn’t her intention, and she didn’t intend it to be taken that way. But she’s sorry her comment hurt Zendaya and others, she would never purposefully do so . That she understands how it can be interpreted that way etc…
    But no, she went for the ‘I have done nothing wrong’ apology.

  • bbb126

    Didnt she have cancer?

  • JLover

    I agree…if her hair smell like shit then she is being honest..everyone is entitle to their opinion. At least she was being honest

  • JLover

    Couldnt agree more with you!

  • Goat Farmer

    Political Correctness is not a new topic friend, from the Sumerians to the Mongolians every civilization known to man has had a form of political correctness without it their would be no order.

  • txn81ve

    For a 40 year old woman to be criticizing an 18 year old for her hair is not only deplorable but down right rude. She knew darn well what she was doing and YES, it was racist and meant to be that way. I don’t see very many caucasians who wear locks, not to say they don’t. To stereotype a particular race is wrong but to include a respectabe young lady like that is inexcusable. Amazing how the 18 year old showed more class than this 40 year old woman who not too long ago was fighting to be on God’s green earth! Why not make better use of the chance you have been given? One Joan Rivers was enough! We don’t need nor do we want another mean spirited fashion critic! Next time, think before you open your mouth Giuliana!

  • lurker2015

    I saw the show I got the reference. Maybe some people need to be less uber sensitive or looking for things that aren’t there.

    Please people here bash other 18 year olds and younger all the time, Jenners, Bieber when he was a minor etc.

    And Guiliana also said in almost the same breath that most of the time Zendaya looks stunning and is a trend setter just she was having an off night. Sorry but the nature of being a critic is seen as mean spirited if you don’t agree with the criticism.

    And sorry as weaves go that was a pretty sad looking one given the occasion.

  • lurker2015

    As if Joan Rivers was the only one. Read much?

    And please Lindsay Lohan would be in jail serving the time if she was anyone else so she will continue to get slammed.

  • lurker2015

    False race card. I like that term.

  • lurker2015

    Sorry but when it comes to fashion everyone is fair game by every one. Are you saying Andre Leon Talley is the only one who can say girl that weave is “dreadful”? And I am sure Andre would say that and worse.

  • Pam Civitillo

    I would worry about being skin over bones before worrying about someone smelling like patchouli

  • jane

    Guiliana = a sinking ship

  • person

    I just think the whole fashion police thing has gotten so mean and dumb. IT was funny when Joan was doing it, because Joan had class and she was actually funny and would say thing that meant something. Now, to see Guiliana and Kelly feeling like they have the authority to just sit there and bash other people’s looks is just weird. Kelly is so weird looking and G is clearly too thin. And yet they sit there and say how the people dressed by professionals should have worn differ net shoes and hairstyles– how weird. IT makes them look petty and mean.

  • kelly

    Oh geez. Here we go again. When did everyone start taking everything so seriously?! First the Sean Penn thing now this. It was a joke. Guliana is an idiot in general but I don’t really find anything offensive about this. She’s poking fun at hippies. It’s Fashion Police – they insult everyone.

  • Karen Clark

    Oh puhleese! Girl is rocking dreads, so the description fits. You think all rastas are black?

  • Julie

    Someone should say to Guiuliana that she looked like a 40 year old prom queen …. that bought her dress at K mart ….

  • jamswithjam

    bohemian chic is better than guiliana’s bulimia chic.

  • shoes4life

    Guiliana need to address her own issues with her weight before she go popping off about someone else.

  • kellyf

    I’m curious what you think it meant when she said “I’m sorry I offended you.”

  • SunnyAutumnn

    When Giuliana named their son Duke, after that racist KKK leader in Louisiana, that pretty much confirmed to me that she is a closeted racist. She has some serious issues.

  • z-west

    Meh- give blacks folks some free tissue.

  • Anon2

    Yeah, well that 40 year old woman would not do that to woman her own age because time has a way of making one give no f*s to a person who would to this to a young person or one of color. I would have smiled, looked Giuliana up and down slowly with my eyes (you all know how it is done) and offered the witch a breath mint. Said, what is that smell? It smells like someone just vomited.

  • z-west

    You mean like a crackhead hood rat? Isnt crack also popular among african Americans?

  • Maddie

    Guiliana’s comment was most definitely rooted in negative racial stereotypes. Would she have said the same thing a few weeks ago when Kylie Jenner was wearing dreads? I doubt it.

    I applaud Zendaya for putting herself out there and speaking out in the way she did. Very brave for such a young lady like herself to do.

  • Atlanta Girl

    I have several friends with dreads and they all smell like weed (bc they smoke it a lot) and patchouli. And they are white. So…?

  • Taylor

    To me, there’s something very toxic about a 80 year old woman so insecure about her looks that she mutilated her face into a Scream mask, making a living out of exploiting the flaws of girls young enough to be her great grand daughter. Maybe if she was actually funny, or even wrote her own material it would have been tolerable. Everyone is up and arms about her being snubbed at the Oscars. Did it ever occur to anybody that maybe people in the industry just aren’t really missing her? It’s their night after all. Look how she treated her writers at Fashion Police during the well publicized writers strike. She was always keen on dishing it, but she could NEVER take it. How many petty twitter wars and vendettas was she involved in every time someone made a remark about HER? She was just greedy and incredibly pushy and that’s pretty much where her talents ended.

  • Megan

    It was clearly meant as a racist slur against this young woman and we all know it. Kylie Jenner wore the same hairstyle but this witch didn’t say she stanked of drugs and oil did she. Rancic made a racist comment point blank.

  • greenacres1

    I am so tired of her milking the cancer thing. She had the same cancer I did, ductal carcinoma in situ. It is not life threatening, invasive, nor does it require chemo. It is considered a “pre-cancer”. Not to say it wasn’t scarey but I am outraged every time she calls herself a cancer survivior. Also that is not why she is anorexic looking.

  • annalisejon

    no like a crackhead ant, she looks like an ant.

  • ledis gazic

    Hi, Sorry, but what is a Terp?

  • Rosie

    Megan… stanked???

  • Rosie

    That’s not a Bohemian Chic hair style.

  • Rosie

    I agree Cindy. I am outraged because they are outraged.