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India Arie Defends Zendaya, Is 'Sad' for Giuliana Rancic

India Arie Defends Zendaya, Is 'Sad' for Giuliana Rancic

India Arie is revealing her thoughts on the Zendaya and Giuliana Rancic controversy.

The 39-year-old singer is one of Zendaya’s idols and the young star has already suggested “some people should listen to India Arie’s ‘I Am Not My Hair’ and contemplate a little before opening your mouth so quickly to judge.”

WATCH: Giuliana Rancic releases a formal video apology to Zendaya

“I wanted to jump in and defend Zendaya – but she’s doing that BEAUTIFULLY herself. VERY. WELL. DONE. It’s a powerful thing to be a TEENAGER in the public eye, and feel empowered to speak up in your own defense. STUNNING!” India started off her post.

Click inside to read India Arie’s full statement in support of Zendaya…

India Arie’s Full Blog Post About Zendaya & Giuliana Rancic

I wanted to jump in and defend Zendaya – but she’s doing that BEAUTIFULLY herself.
VERY. WELL. DONE. It’s a powerful thing to be a TEENAGER in the public eye, and feel empowered to speak up in your own defense. STUNNING!

In my opinion, Entitlement in and of itself, BLINDS people to that very entitlement … THUS allowing the behavior exhibited.

I’m not calling Giuliana Rancic a RACIST… but OF COURSE it has to do with RACE. To say it has “Nothing to do with race” .. THAT’S why people get mad.

But let’s remember HOW difficult it is for a person of Gullianna Ranci’s social context to really UNDERSTAND how we see race in this issue. How race is a pervasive ISSUE in the entertainment industries as a whole.

We need more more compassion in this world. Period

So I’m not MAD at Giuliana Rancic I’m SAD at her. I’m Sad that things LIKE THIS keep happening.

I’m sad that there’s an actual form of entertainment where people are excused to be snarky and unkind, that’s the REAL issue.

What I’m baffled by is how we put people in boxes SO easily. Calling it “Boho Chic” Doesn’t ACTUALLY make it more decent to say. “She looks like she smells like Patchouli Oil … or Weed” LOL! mmmmmm REALLY?

It’s offensive. It has a racist edge. but also it’s also just off base. WAY off base.

THIS is why people are mad.

I love you Zendaya. You’re empowerment and Self Definition is the most BEAUTIFUL THING HERE!

Continue to be self defined!

Waiting for the world outside of you to change before you can feel good about yourself is a waste of time! Time that you COULD be using to better yourself. Not easy when you’re in the public eye. not easy for most of us at ALL. BUT, doing that work MATTERS. HOW we live, is OUR choice.

Zendaya you are doing you SO, So, SO, SO, SOOOOOO Beautifullllyyyyyyyy.

You remind us that we ALL have it in us.

TO ME, Zendaya ACTUALLY looks like she smells like a BEAUTIFUL FLOWER. *Shrug* just my Opinion

From my Windowsill

India Arie

P.S. I like patchouli LOL

love to all #SoulbirdsWorldWide

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  • solargeknowles

    Indie Arie shut the f**k up, Juliana already issued an apology.

    It’s funny black people are supporting this, but then turn around a suggest Beyonce is a bad mother because she lets her 1-3 year olds hair simply be. With no bows and barrettes.

  • America’s Sweetheart

    Her hair looks like shit! Giuliana was calling a spade a punn..

  • Catherine Ross

    Wow you both are disgusting and are obviously not getting the point of the whole matter at hand. Who knows how many celebrities or just anyone in general that are in the public eye that have issued an “apology” right away before they might even realize the magnitude of what they have done. And what made you decide that all African American people should be put into a group that all think the same and act the same?? Your apparent racist comment is doing nothing at all to back up your opinion on the subject. Also if her hair looked like crap to you and whomever what makes that okay for such a racist comment to be said?! This negatively betters no one and makes no one feel better which proves to the point of it being pointless to have even been mention or for even a show to based on comments and remarks like these. Honestly where are your morals? where is your respect? Easier for you all to take the time to write some crap then to do something nice makes me sad for you.

  • MLR

    Well, Sweetheart. Would calling you ignorant also be calling “a spade a spade”? Pun.. (intended).

  • Gwin

    Julian clearly meant that she associates “patchouli oil and weed” to anyone with dreadlocks. Eek me too. …as anyone I actually met with dreadlocks was usually in the process of smoking weed or smelled like it. Sans the patchouli oil, but oddly (coincidentally?) other pals in the same group smelled like patchouli. Hmm. I honestly always thought both were like mating calls (instead of for a mate they were looking to connect with other weed smokers). Now that I’m 20+ years away from those fun times (I personally didn’t inhale btw) I still assume anyone (any race) with dreads has recently smoke weed. In my defense, please know I would instantly believe them if they said it wasn’t true, as I know it is not always. And with that in mind, I am sorry in advance dreaders (as in with dreads, not to be confused for those who live in fear) for pre-judging you.

  • jane

    it looked no worse than the woman (Patricia?) who got up on stage with her hair not even combed. that was awful. this is a young woman who shouldn’t be put down for her fashion choices because it can (and usually) does impact their self-esteem. i think the look is ugly as well, but you can keep that to yourself, or just say it’s ugly without further stereotyping the look – that is where Rancic made an error. she could have said ugly, but she added the weed and oil nonsense. ugly is ugly when it’s ugly, but not because of a stereotype, just because it is.

  • FormerLamark

    So what? Her hair is really looking very stupid. It is not the matter of race. If she were white she would look the same stupid with this hairdo.

  • kellyf

    How is Zendaya’s hair supposed to make us appreciate real African American hair when what she’s got on her head is fake?

  • chris

    Please. If she doesn’t want want to be ridiculed, don’t walk the red carpet. These celebrities do the red carpets, they do the magazine profiles, they do the fashion campaigns all expecting to be sainted for how beautiful, how ground breaking, how forward thinking they are. But the moment someone says something otherwise, they’re on the hunt for a crucification. To my knowledge, the only reason why this young lady Zendaya was present at the oscars was to walk the red carpet? Not a single nomination? NO AFFILIATION WHATSOEVER WITH ANY OF THE NOMINATED FILMS THAT NIGHT?
    Transparent. She showed up to secure a spot on everyone’s best dressed list. She didn’t get that obviously, so here we are.

  • fay_jay

    Way to insert Beyonce. Can she just rest for a month of so? While I don’t think that people should talk about Beyonce’s daughter’s hair, it is a totally different conversation. This conversation is about how the dominant culture responds to our hair when we wear it in natural styles, regardless of how neat the hair is, and it also addresses cultural appropriation. The conversation about Beyonce’s daughter’s hair was, though natural, to some it didn’t seem done or kempt. I don’t know if you’ve noticed the difference due to your worship of Beyonce (I’ve notice your name in youtube conversations), but there has been a drastic difference in the way the girl’s hair has been maintained since the criticisms a few months ago.

  • fay_jay

    Most of the people there had some affiliation with the academy. Why? because they are actors. She could very well be a voting member of the academy. If only the people who were nominated came, 2/3 of the room would be empty.

    I don’t think criticism is the problem. She’s been criticized for her fashion choices on the same show before. However being criticized for you fashion choices is different from saying that she looks like she smells of weed. Giuliana probably interviewed her and knows exactly what she smelled like.

  • fay_jay

    Who said that it was “supposed to make” you or anyone else appreciate African American hair? Did you just make that up? Did you just make up an expectation about what an 18 year old’s hair was supposed to do? Why put all that on her hairstyle? I would think that she wore this hairstyle because she likes it. She did say that she wanted to show that it could be seen in a positive light, but ignorant people like Giuliana still got rasta or boho from it. Using threads and other additives in our hair to achieve certain styles is as old as antiquity. Also, no one had all this to say when Zendaya wore her pixie cut wig just a week before. All that was said was how beautiful it was.

  • America’s Sweetheart

    I see a few of you thin skinned lil treehuggers didn’t like what I had to say…Too bad..I think her hair looks like long pieces of shit hanging from her naturally bald head…I was waiting for cheetos to fall out of it..Kelly O has no room to talk..With purple hair & that ugly face of hers she needs to stfu…

  • kellyf

    Um, Zendaya did. That’s who. I didn’t make anything up. She talked about the harsh criticism of African American hair and being judged based on your hair. She even used the words “our hair is good enough”. I’m just saying I don’t get how you can encourage the celebration of your own hair while not wearing your own hair. Also, everyone has a different frame of reference for things. When I think of dreads, I think of white stoners, some might think rasta or boho, some might think Ava Duverney, who I happen to think is beautiful in them. I think it’s wildly unfair that Giuliana now carries the scarlet R for something she clearly said she didn’t mean with any race implications. Perhaps we should focus on ACTUAL race problems and Zendaya should learn to handle her feelings getting hurt like an adult… by talking her problems out personally instead of on Twitter and Instagram, which she knew would create a public mob against Giuliana and which has resulted in people saying TO HER on Instragram they hope her young son gets cancer. I don’t think I need to mention the race of people making those comments.

  • PeterPeckerPork

    celebrities always win when they get non-celebs, i.e. pedestrians beating up on each other over something a celebrity has said. Sad, you become pawns of the celebs and only giving them more PR.

  • PeterPeckerPork

    celebrities always win when they get non-celebs, i.e. pedestrians beating up on each other over something a celebrity has said. Sad, you become pawns of the celebs and only giving them more PR.

  • solargeknowles

    So your insinuating that pictures of a few moments in which Beyonce and her husband and child were moving from one plane to the next, was cause for black people to take down her parenting skills? Also there is no “drastic difference” in her hair, because their are plenty of pictures before that show her hair in all types of different hairstyles.

    Yes I mentioned Beyonce’s childs hair to this case, because for all the outrage y’all have about dreads equating to oils and weed. You should be equally appalled at how black people tore apart a black babies hair.

    I mean there were comparisons such as “North West makes blue ivy look like a crackhead” and far worse comments made by black people.

  • Terry Ramsey Haskins

    when Kylie Jenner wore dreads Giulliana said HER hair was edgy. she made no comment on how it might have smelt.

  • fay_jay

    Nothing in my statement suggests that people should criticize Beyonce’s parenting skills. My statement is that this discussion is apples and Beyonce’s is oranges. The drastic difference that I spoke of in Blue’s hair may not be the number of styles, but the time put into styling her hair. She still wears natural styles, but it appears that her hair has more moisture than before. Anyway, I’m not trying to defend what other people have said, but that’s a discussion that has nothing to do with this one.

  • fay_jay

    For the record, faux locs are when you use either thread or weave and wrap it around the hair (if hair is short weave) to make the hair look like it’s locked. Locs are pretty much permanent and would take longer than the time she has to get ready for the Oscars to actually form. Even if she were to use her own hair ins some cases it would be consider “faux” because her hair is made to look like locs, when it isn’t locked.

    Again, nothing in her statement is equal to making others “appreciate African American hair.” NOTHING… But it’s not that hard. Even if it’s not her hair, which it is mostly her hair with extensions because her hair is long, it is styled in a style that people of African decent have been wearing since antiquity with or without weave or threads. She never said anything about “real” hair, but that the look of our hair, how it comes out of our head is good enough. Again, nobody said “faux” pixie cut when she wore the short wig. Though that was all fake, if she had said that she wanted to show how beautiful short hair could be, nobody would say but it’s not your hair…I find it ironic that when she wore a wig, everybody called the hair a “pixie cut,” but when she wears her own hair out with extensions, it’s “faux locs.”

  • kellyf

    Ok, well I don’t know anything about a pixie cut, I don’t follow her that closely, but I think where most people are having a hard time, is that while it’s fine that African Americans have been wearing locs for a long time, almost every race of people wears them now. When I think of them, I think of white stoners, but that’s probably just a result of living near Austin. My point is that I, and I think a lot of others, don’t associate them just with black people so the implication that people with locs are all weed smokers doesn’t seem racist. A little ignorant and too broad a generalization, absolutely, but not racist. I’m sorry if it’s an association that offends some African Americans, but why don’t we have ANY allowance for intent anymore? At what point do we say, that joke was in poor taste, but I get that you didn’t mean it against the black race. Everyone (and I don’t mean only African Americans) are just right on the edge of their seats waiting for someone to say something that could even remotely be considered offensive to someone somewhere and as soon as we hear it, we grab our pitchforks and get to the work of ruining people’s reputations. More people, myself included, should be looking in the mirror today instead of at Giuliana Rancic.

  • jane

    i have no idea what patchouli oil even is :-(

  • MLR

    Don’t play that card. This is about race.

  • solargeknowles

    Yeah, you can tell how much moisturized her hair is by zoomed in paparazzi photos from afar. It might not be her hair texture at all, k. I see right through you, sis.

    I don’t see it as apples and oranges, due to the fact that black people say about Blue’s hair the exact same thing Guiliana said about Zendaya’s hair. If you can’t see the hypocrisy, then that is very unfortunate.

  • fay_jay

    Yes, the people who were commenting on Blue’s hair thought it looked dry. And not all shots that have ever been taken of her were taken from afar. Stop reaching. Also, we’ve seen her in similar hairstyles, but detangled and not dry. Deduction skills would suggest that her hair texture was not the issue that people were having.

    People said the same thing about Blue Ivy’s hair as they did Zendaya’s? They said that Blue Ivy stinks because of her hair? I missed those comments. If Giuliana’s comments were that Zendaya’s hair wasn’t neat or dry, while still problematic, that would be an equivalent to what was being said about Blue Ivy’s hair. Giuliana’s comment was about how this afrocentric hair style, regardless of how it is done, has a certain cultural relevance. If you don’t see that, it’s because you are too busy basking in Beyonce’s glow to be honest.

  • Jon M’Shulla


    Fools with mouths.

    Fools with smelly rats nests.

    Fools who watch E.

    Fools who like Disney stars.

    Fools who cry racism.

    Fools who need a cheeseburger.


  • FormerLamark

    What card? Her hairdo is really ugly. Just look at the hole on her head! How is that looking? Maybe, if she has a better hairdresser…

  • FormerLamark

    I hasn’t seen that, but that Kylie Jenner is NOT white, toooooo!!! Armenian people have Asian origin ( East-Anatolia, Caucasusian : Asia-Europe border). So, she is not full white and probably she also looked very stupid with this hairdo. Many times Jamaican people also look stupid with this, and those white people who wear this, look even much more stupid!!!

  • Diane Thompson

    This is about the dumbest conversation I have ever heard. I wear my hair in locs; I am 55 years old and I don’t smoke weed nor do I know what patchouli oil is! I love my hair and should be able to wear it without anyone else judging it. If it’s not on your head, mind your own business. And I was at the forefront of the movement to make natural, African hair legal in American work places. Yeah…(something else you ignorant asses probably don’t know) we had to go to court, to wear our natural hair in the workplace. So those of you who don’t know our history or even care to lift yourselves from an ignorant place, go stfu!