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Kelly Osbourne Defends Zendaya, Threatens to Quit 'Fashion Police' Over Controversy

Kelly Osbourne Defends Zendaya, Threatens to Quit 'Fashion Police' Over Controversy

Kelly Osbourne is threatening to quit Fashion Police over the comments that her co-host Giuliana Rancic made about Zendaya‘s dreadlocks at an Oscars party.

The 30-year-old fashion correspondent is livid over the way the situation is being handled after Giuliana said the young star “smells like patchouli oil… or maybe weed.”

After people on Twitter started sending Kelly mean tweets because of the controversy, she told her followers not to drag her into it all.

Kelly and Zendaya were just spotted hanging out together at a New York Fashion Week show earlier this month. See the cute photos of them together below.

Click inside to see what Kelly Osbourne tweeted about quitting the show…

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  • gradybridges

    Funny how Kelly had no problem with it on the show. Zendaya blew this comment out of proportion and cried racism where there was none. She wants attention because nobody geves a shit about her. Same with Kelly.

  • H8tersg0nnah8

    How DARE you steal my words! Yes. Kelly acts as if she was her “friend”, but friends never let their friends be disrespected over their look. And as soon as this shit got on Buzzfeed and other media Kelly was all “hey I have nothing to do with this.” If you’d watch the video, Kelly was sitting right next to Giuliana and you can see her not giving a fuq about those comments

  • namers

    She laughed, no?

  • j k

    Can she spell or type?

  • um….er

    kelly…pot meet kettle


  • j k

    If Joan were still in the show SHE’d be the one saying the weed comment and everyone would laugh/shrug it off/hate. But because Guliana said it everyone (read: 10 people) is acting crazy.

  • CLX

    Apparently she wouldn’t be dragged into school when she was younger. Kelly is being a drama queen. She loves the attention.

  • JM

    I like how Kelly is on a show where you make fun of people’s style and outfits, hair, and she even made fun of another celebrity for her weight, but all of a sudden she is little miss morals. Then quit Kelly, it’s fashion police not fashion these are all my best friends. What a stupid stupid STUPID girl.

  • IslandAscetic

    Maybe you should read Zendaya’s response again… “negative”, “awe”, “ignorant”, and a reference to “I am NOT my hair” were words that Zendaya chose… Yea, no one gives a crap about her, but they shouldn’t sit there and imply that she SHOULDN’T be at the Oscars then that she looks like she smells of weed when she simply looks gorgeous…

  • gradybridges

    and what feature films has she done? She only went to the Oscars to get noticed, not because she was nommed or was a member of the Academy. When you play the fame whore game sometimes things don’t go your way.
    And the hosts of the show say they usually love her but not this time.
    And was that even her real hair? He Instagram has her with short, short hair a month ago, longer in others. Seems like Rancic was just taken back by her hippie hair.

  • IslandAscetic

    And getting noticed is what she needs to do to get work. Arriving and looking her prettiest and getting poop slung at her is no fault of her own… though it’s funny how you can support her not belonging there and metaphorically calling her a whore… however you’d never call out those playing the mean girl role… They are faux-locs: so all the MORE reason that they probably don’t smell like weed…

    So yea… if she was playing the fame game and people didn’t like her… TRUST: they did her even more of a favor by putting their hatred and ignorance on display…

  • Lisa

    I’m black and I know that Giuliana WAS NOT being racist. She definitely was stereotyping in thinking that dreads are associated with people that smoke weed. Yes, it’s a bit upsetting but not to this level. This Z girl is overblowing this situation. And I don’t believe for a second she wrote that letter. It looks like some adults are pushing her to make this bigger than it is.

  • Lisa

    Joan knew how to make things funny and you feeling guilty because you laughed. She was a pro. Giuliani is not. However, I still say Giuliani was no way trying to be racist. Anybody that think she was should pipe down and stop being sensitive.


    Who the hell is Zendaya? SMH

  • gradybridges

    Mean girls? They critique fashion infused with comedy. No reason for her to cry about it. If you choose to be in the entertainment industry expect criticism. Do you see John Travolta crying to the press after getting destroyed for his look/actions?
    Zendaya comes from the Miley Cyrus school of acting-Disney/Nick shows in which over acting is how they do it. They create hacky actors with very bad habits.

  • Sandy McFarlane

    “cried racism where there was none” ???? hunny your white ass clearly missed the entire point of this

  • IslandAscetic

    There’s a fine line between comedy and bullying… Typically, the good comedians don’t need resort to stereotypes to make humor. And she didn’t cry about it… but, but if that’s how you read the response, then that is out of my control.

    Zendaya’s response was classy as much as Giuliana Rancic’s most recent apology. Sure, white’s don’t see commenting on someone’s hair as being a “racial” thing… However, we DO live in a country where it IS still “revolutionary” and “Un-American” for black people to wear their hair in it’s natural state… A country where TOO many blacks feel the need to conform and try their best to appease the comfort of others (generally whites).

    Just be fortunate that you won’t have a daughter who asks you to either chemically alter her hair so that she won’t be picked on at school… It’s a feeling that you do not want.

  • Ki

    I am no fan of Kelly Osbourne’s but if you look at the video, Kelly is clearly uncomfortable when the comment is made. She didn’t laugh.

  • disqus_Vf4fNFMOQf

    TEAM GIULIANA ALL THE WAY !!!!!!!!!!!!! Please please please quit Kelly – I have been hoping you would – i can barely stand to look at your old lady hair and ugly T-shirt tops – You are the worst fashion representative i have ever seen !!! See if Zendaya has a job for you !!

  • Nani

    came to say this, you stole my workds J. K.

  • lolme

    blown up. This girl was lucky to get her name mentioned. This is not racism….Joan has said much worse and kelly has laughed at that. Geeez people make fun of hair all the time. Now it is racist if you are black?

  • Vy Nguyen

    Kelly is such a wanker. Like she has anywhere else to go if she does quit FP.

  • Mike1288

    I wish people would understand the difference between ignorant and racist. This comment is ignorant. I think the situation is blown a little out of proportion. Besides it is not even her hair and she is not a representative for the culture that locs usually are apart of. She isn’t rasatafrian, it’s a trend she is trying to rock. The better question is why is that show even on. It’s stupider than the red carpet itself.

  • Lola

    you are white

  • Nani

    the one who should quit is Rancic, probably E! needs to give her a couple of weeks or months off, first Maria and now Zendaya.

  • disqus_Vf4fNFMOQf

    Is that even Zendaya’s real hair ?!?!? Or extensions ?

  • ann

    It really does not matter if she is a celebrity or not. The point is that she basically said that people who have dreadlocks stink and referenced it to this 18y/o girl. If she did not like the hair style it’s fine,but she should have known where to end her comments. This was not a joke, or about fashion, just a hateful comment.


    nahh… just a joke like hundreds they make… nothing on that show cant be taken too serious… cmon! That Zendaya wants publicity… yup!

  • mic

    So, now that Joan is not on the show anymore the other hosts have to be careful not to insult anyone? Would Joan have ever apologized? I remember many times being so shocked at the things that would come out of Joan’s mouth and that she could get away with it! People need to lighten up, or they might as well cancel the show now.

  • deadre

    yes, h8ters, grady took the words right out of my mouth too and said it much better. there was no racial tinge to this on the show last night, julianna is not a racist, kelly found the whole thing funny and now wants to throw julianna under the bus? Why is the term ‘racist’ thrown around and damaging so many people who have no racist agenda whatsoever? Shame on Kelly. Just shame on her. And shame on Zendaya. Nothing racist in Julianna’s comment.

  • Anastatia Bagans

    The good comedians? Really?Because every black comedian resorts to stereotypes, especially when it comes to poking fun at white people. ALL comedians stereotype, that’s why it’s f*cking funny. Get over yourself. Just because your community has issues with “hair” doesn’t mean nobody can’t make a comment about it or poke fun at it and it’s perticurlarly pathetic to cry racism over it.


    If Kelly wants to quit so badly over this controversy I say let her. Oh and she should learn how to spell. It’s embarrassing.

  • Guest

    This is a very good example of how a show that rips people apart on their looks alone is NOT something anyone should endorse or watch. I have never watched the show & won’t ever.. actually since Rivers died the show should have just ended.

  • julia

    WOW it was a stupid joke but why racist? dreads can be easily associated to weed or patchouli… when I saw her I remember Pocahontas and that’s not racist or mean, it’s just an association. I understand the girl felt offended but I remember she went to the show (with Joan!) and EVERYONE treated her with love and respect, now that they make a joke she’s offended? it’s too much I think… and Kelly? come on, breathe! you ALWAYS laugh! specially with Joan jokes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • VanityInsecurity

    Ripping people apart on their looks or fashion is pretty idiotic imo. And this is the only thing it leads to.. only because people have become so incredibly touchy over everything…

    But saying “I feel like she smells like pachouli oil” isn’t racist.

  • J Silver

    Guliana was making a sarcastic joke about how Zendaya’s look was like a hippie or bohemian, ala Patchouli Oil and weed. IT WASN’T RACISTS WHAT SO EVER!!! It was a bad joke about her Hippie Flower child look/1960′s fashion that she wore to the awards. People are very under-educated in this country! NO RACISM in calling a look from a certain time period in this counties history with a sarcastic joke! That is what fashion police does they make fun of EVERYONE!

  • IslandAscetic

    Yes, “good comedians”. Even the black ones that need to resort to stereotypes are questionable. Not all comedians stereotype… The irony behind whites poking jokes at our “hair complex” is that they were the originators of it… No one is crying “racism”, but we ARE saying “cultural insensitivity” and “ignorant”.

  • CatWhisperer

    Holy Sheet, lady dude (there, covered both genders), what the heck do entertainers do…WORK HARD TO GET NOTICED.

  • J Silver

    You don’t get that the show is a sarcastic comedy fashion show and no one get off easy. You don’t understand the point that Guliana made.. She made a bad sarcastic joke about a 1960′s fashion LOOK of Zendaya ,a hippie like outfit etc. Nothing racist! Bad joke, but NOT Raciest..They lay into everyone badly on that show!

  • IslandAscetic

    Umm… I actually didn’t understand why the crowd pretty much went “ew” and “oh” when they introduced Zendaya. I also didn’t quite understand exactly why Guliana and Kathy started to imply that Zendaya shouldn’t even be there in the first place… When it’s not their place to say who goes…

    You should try to follow along though: I said from my first comment that it wasn’t racist… (go up please…) However, it was culturally insensitive.

  • J Silver

    She was making a bad joke about Zendeya’s 1960′s hippie chick look and NOTHING ELSE! NO RACISM!

  • J Silver

    Hon they lay into everyone! You are making more of this then is actually there! They are mean and hard on most people! You can’t see the sarcasm…and that is this issue here!

  • IslandAscetic

    I saw the sarcasm… though the intention was that she didn’t deserve to be there. This you know.

  • IslandAscetic

    You won’t see the wrong that was done, but fortunately Guliana did.

  • badmoodpixie

    ugh, it was not at all a “1960′s hippie chick” look, and you can be sure no one on that show thought it was, so please do not play ignorant. they were stereotyping people with dreadlocs. i’m sure no one was actually intending racism, but it was certainly insensitive and definitely offensive.

  • badmoodpixie

    you don’t think she’d be capable of writing that letter? it seems pretty age typical to me, not incredibly well-written, but gets the point across.

  • J Silver

    Did you watch EVERYTHING they said on Fashion Police?…The show is satire and they bash EVERYONE! Nothing was racist here. It was a dumb joke that was not funny…I watch Fashion Police a lot and they talk smack about EVERYONE…always making jokes about how the stars all look, using bad metaphors to make their points on the fashion the stars are wearing.

  • Jenny from the flop

    Someone please get Ursula off fashion police. Ps can someone give me zandya’s number I need to buy some weed

  • nemo

    oh, Kelly isn’t very smart, isn’t she?


    Oh no… The girl knew she was going to be criticized and prepared the whole thing.