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Sharon Osbourne Addresses Kelly's Threats to Quit 'Fashion Police' Over Zendaya Controversy

Sharon Osbourne Addresses Kelly's Threats to Quit 'Fashion Police' Over Zendaya Controversy

Sharon Osbourne is addressing her daughter Kelly‘s tweets that said she is considering quitting Fashion Police after the controversy between Giuliana Rancic and Zendaya.

“I think that her apology was very sincere…We all make mistakes on TV. I put my foot in my mouth so many times. She fessed up…She owned it…I shouldn’t talk for Kelly. She’s a 30-year-old woman, but at the time that the show was aired, people were saying that it was Kelly and Giuliana,” Sharon said on The Talk on Wednesday (February 25).

“So Kelly was getting a lot of hate tweets and it was badly reported on social media…she just said, ‘Hey, not me, don’t pull me into this.’ Zendaya is a friend of Kelly‘s and she never would condone that. We all make mistakes. She’s learned from hers. Now, maybe now I’ll learn from mine,” she added. Watch below…

Sharon Osbourne Addresses Kelly’s Threats to Quit ‘Fashion Police’

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  • j k

    this only happened yesterday and I’m already sick of it

  • kellyf

    What happened was Kelly threw Giuliana completely under the bus, because she said, it wasn’t me, I don’t condone racism, which says that she thinks Giuliana is racist. If I were Giuliana, I would literally never speak to her again.

  • colbertfan

    Kelly would be better off not to speak with Giuliana again now that we have a glimpse of the prejudice hidden in Mrs. Rancic’s heart, be it against dreadlocks wearers in general, people of African descent, or hippies. But Zendaya has accepted her apology and Giuliana says she has learned from her mistake, so let’s make like Idina and let it go.

  • kellyf

    She said she didn’t mean to imply anything about race, but you’re going to go on believing she’s prejudiced no matter what. She couldn’t possibly have just made a joke in poor taste without realizing it could be taken the wrong way. Your comment says much more about your prejudice than about any prejudice she has.

  • Teenie Katz

    The comment wasn’t racist…it was referring to hippie girls with dreads who follow the Grateful Dead…smelling of Patchouli and weed. I think the problem is most social media users and Zedaya herself are probably to young to know this.

  • james

    The comment wasn’t even racist. Offensive, sure, but not racist. They’re making it too big of a deal when it’s not.

  • Anastatia Bagans

    Why the f*ck is everything seen as racist nowadays?? F*ck off, there was nothing racist whatsoever, these people don’t even know what true racism is, the way it used to be back then. Bunch of f*cking cry babies.

  • devvv

    People can have subconscious feelings and prejudices which sometimes come out. Just because she said she didn’t mean it to have anything to do with race, that doesn’t mean that she doesn’t harbor some sort of prejudices. Giuliana, who has amde borderline offensive comments on natural hair and PoC before is probably an example of this…

  • Revengefan0101

    There’s a Blind on Blind Gossip about this situation.

  • Dee

    I don’t think that remark was as terrible as the remarks made about Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban (my idols) and Nashville. What a terrible show Fashion Police I. They make their rude remarks about stars that have made it in show business. Look at the three of them judging others, they are pathetic.

  • kellyf

    I don’t doubt that people have subconscious prejudices. But when someone says they didn’t mean for it to be about race, and that they don’t condone that, assuming that person is probably still deep down prejudice is exactly what is wrong with all of us. No one gets the benefit of the doubt, and we love a good public enemy. When someone says they’re sorry, they’re sorry, and when they said they didn’t mean it about race, they didn’t mean it about race. We are the most unforgiving people.

  • Marianne Steinmetz

    I agree. In all honesty the show is based on being offensive…did somebody just wake up and Kelly?

  • kellyf

    I read that too, and it doesn’t surprise me at all that that’s the kind of person Kelly is. It’s pretty evident how quickly she’ll kick someone when they’re done just by the tweets she sent out.

  • Marianne Steinmetz

    I think this whole thing was meant to manipulate people into caring about FP. I am sure since our dear Joan passed things are not the same…ratings? Never watching the show again. Guiliana isn’t a racist and Kelly is a joke. Over it all.

  • kellyf

    I’ve thought the same thing. Zendaya supposedly has an album coming out soon, so win/win for everyone involved. Almost sounds a little too convenient.

  • Jon M’Shulla

    List of Losers:

    Guiliana Rancic

    Kelly Osbourne

    Sharon Osbourne



    Dread and wig wearers

    Blacks who scream the Race Card


    Disney stars

    Fashion Police

    The fans of the above…..