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Kelly Osbourne Quits 'Fashion Police' After Zendaya Controversy

Kelly Osbourne Quits 'Fashion Police' After Zendaya Controversy

Kelly Osbourne has decided to quit Fashion Police, according to TMZ.

Sources revealed that the 30-year-old fashion correspondent was already having issues with the show before Guilana Rancic‘s comments about Zendaya looking like she smelled of “patchouli oil and weed” sparked a major controversy.

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Even though Kelly threatened to leave the show last week if the situation didn’t get handled, it still comes as a surprise since Zendaya accepted Guliana‘s apology.

“I WILL NOT BE DRAGED INTO THIS! The situation is being rectified like ADULTS by both parties. I hope you can leave it to them & do the same,” she previously tweeted.

UPDATE: The news was confirmed with a statement from E! Entertainment.

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  • RunyonBoy

    Good riddance…

  • gradybridges

    This coming from the girl who called XTina fat. The show will not miss her and there will be dozens lined up to take her place. What else is Kelly going to do? When she isn’t on tv every week people will forget about her. dumb move.

  • Jenny from the flop

    Was thinking the same thing!

  • Jenny from the flop

    Giuliana should never have said sorry, if this octopus was leaving anyway! Buy Ursula!

  • Kary

    Sorry but Christina called her fat too when she was on that Mtv show about her family, the only thing Kelly said was “now who’s the fat” like it was a karma thing for being mean with her in the past

  • Jay

    I hate people who do this. How did this become about her??!?!?
    She is the only one who mentioned her name, and delivered that silly ultimatum that no-one payed attention to. Zendaya and Giuliana have moved on but she’s still going on about this.

  • gradybridges

    still did it.

  • peppermintulip

    Great news. They should consider replacing her with a real stylist so there’s at least two on the show.

  • carrie

    good luck! ( because she has no talent or fashion style) sadly Khloe Kardashian will replace her

  • Chimira Wilrich

    LOL… By Ursula..

  • etc.

    They should just cancel the show. Everyone on it is trying too hard to be Joan Rivers.

  • Bwest

    he truth is that Joan Rivers Fashion police was Katie tried, but it’s not real funny, Joan was improvising genius, and his comments were hilarious. She offended many celebrities was sour, I forgave anyone, and everyone saw it as a comedian. Kelly was waiting only an excuse to leave, I could see that she understood the lack of humor and disagreed with the rudeness.JulianaRancic? Please always was unnecessary! And was in the FP because he wants to equal the Ryan s. on many other programs. But, be criticizing sets having a giant head like hers is a joke! The woman can wear gold, always look like a giant lollipop! And speaking of lollipop Zandaya for your dreadlooks? Nobody deserves, Juliana! The program ended with Joan …

  • Casey C

    Being cynical Im wondering if she quit or if she were let go/forced to leave because of her tweets and throwing her weight around like it mattered if she quit the show or not. I think GR was totally out of line and Kelly stood up to that but i can see how to a network it’d look just like she wasn’t supporting her show or her producers and they’d not like that. I get a feeling this wasn’t her decision but they’re letting her front that it is

  • Ash

    Woo Hoo!!! Thank you Lord Jesus!

  • 0glosoli

    Didn’t she call a healthy sized woman (Christina Aguilera) a “fat b*tch” with no provocation at all? I don’t care if they have their issues from before (and, to be honest, Kelly called Christina all sorts of nasty names in the past, she’s not an innocent victim by any means), she still used her public platform on the show to fat-shame a healthy woman.

    And for years Joan made all kinds of nasty, offensive jokes about other women’s bodies, and Kelly just laughed along.

    Now she’s acting all offended – as if she stood on a higher moral ground- and throws her co-worker of years under the bus at the first chance she gets. At least Giuliana recognized her mistake and apologized, that alone makes her a bigger person than Kelly.

    Kelly is a coward and a disloyal hypocrite. Hopefully now she will disappear from the public light, one more tacky reality show “star” we’ll be able to forget about.

  • Sharon Crawford Storck

    The wrong one left. This is just a get out of jail free card for Kelly, She is smart to get out before the show has been competely destroyed by others. I hope G will follow suit and leave before they destroy everything she has worked so hard to accomplish. KG is the absolute DOWNFALL of FP. the WORST decision E has ever made.. I refuse to watch the new line up it’s not funny, KG has NEVER been FUNNY, she is just insulting and hurtful. the show has become nothing but mean and hateful. comments. its not about fashion it’s about destroying others. I feel sorry for Melissa to see the show her mom loved destroyed by others who suffer from a complete lack of class and couth . If G is smart she will get out , and get out now.

  • piste_five


  • Jon M’Shulla

    You dragged yourself in biatch!

    You quit in humiliation because, you were caught lying!!!

    Giuliana: Eat a friggin cheeseburger and have a damn baby already!

    Zendaya: You are a lying no body.

    Wigs and dreads are skanky and smelly. They are just gross.

    No racism was displayed.

    E is for loser by losers.

    Disney pumps out has been, no bodies with attitude!

    Shut up all you vile tramps! You all make the Z List look fabulous!

    Celebs are scum!

  • j k

    lol maybe thats why she’s still fat (kelly), holding all kinds of grudges on people who made fun of her in her super fat punk phase

  • reidh

    Giuliana is on adderall.

  • dan21

    Some sites are reporting that Kelly was given an ultimatum–she could quit or else they’d fire her. Whatever. The wrong person left the show. Rancic is not funny and she doesn’t have much of a fashion sense.

    Joan Rivers made Fashion Police the success that it was. Another part of the fun was how Joan, George and Kelly interacted. With the three of them gone, there’s no reason to watch FP anymore. .

  • JM

    GOOD! FINALLY! BYE FELICIA! Lets get someone on the show who doesn’t say “OH I LOVE THIS DRESS” on the red carpet and then trashes them later or wont say something about a dress because her “best friend” is wearing it. SO LONG!

  • lurker2015

    Hmmm was this a Ktrash conspiracy?

  • JLover

    oh gr8 final Ursela do something good by quitting! I dont get whats her problem, the show always says things in that context..Not a huge fan of Gulina but she should not have apologized…

  • Ashley

    That’s actually great news. I have no idea why she’s there since she’s not fashionable.

  • nemo

    well, hopefully she wont be replaced by one of the K’s. they are tacky, and i’m sick of them.

  • Bea

    Kelly seems surprisingly immature for someone that’s 30 yrs old. Who ‘threatens’ to leave a show? I won’t watch that trashy show anyways so I don’t personally care.

  • The Enchanted Boudoir

    Bye Felicia

  • The Enchanted Boudoir

    right! During the episode she said nothing to protect Z and now she is clearly over reacting or taking advantage from this situation to leave a show that maybe was planning to get rid of her anyway.