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Kid Rock Disses Beyonce & Gets Attacked By Her Fans

Kid Rock Disses Beyonce & Gets Attacked By Her Fans

Kid Rock sparks some outrage by slamming Beyonce during a recent interview with Rolling Stone.

“To me, doesn’t have a f–king ‘Purple Rain,’ but she’s the biggest thing on Earth. How can you be that big without at least one ‘Sweet Home Alabama’ or ‘Old Time Rock & Roll’?” the 44-year-old singer said.

He added, “People are like, ‘Beyoncé‘s hot. Got a nice f–king ass.’ I’m like ‘Cool, I like skinny white chicks with big tits.’ Doesn’t really f–king do much for me.”

Kid Rock‘s response on Beyonce definitely did not make her fans at all happy, who took to Twitter to criticize him.

Click inside to read more responses from Beyonce’s fans…

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  • VanityInsecurity

    Here we go.. with the racist labels.

  • sydney jane

    So, why is what he says racist? I hear black guys referring to white chicks all the time, and how black guys like big butts, but white guys prefer women with big boobs. Is that racist?

  • Violet

    The man is right in regards to her music. I doubt people are going to be singing and dancing to Crazy in Love or Single Ladies years from now.

  • EatThis

    So black men who like black chicks with big butts are racist too, right?

  • niagirl

    At least one time that look was right for you. Bobby Jr. is proof of that.

  • Misha

    Oddly enough, I’ve wondered the same thing about Kid Rock supposedly being some great rock star when he’s pretty much a one hit wonder imo. Oh well…opinions opinions…who cares.

  • lOsT

    The guy has his own opinion and isn’t afraid to express it. Not everyone loves Beyonce and that’s perfectly fine.

  • Von

    Everything racist to many black people because they have inferiority complex, everythings a slight, always on the defence , looking for insult they can blame on “rascim” ,

    On a larger more violent scale the world as the same problem Muslims.

    If a black rapper said he liked his women , black, thick with big ass, no one give a shit especially white people, they wouldn’t be he’s ” he’s racist because he blah ,blah ….

    Beyonce does suck , she doesn’t have great hits or any hits ,
    Her music hasn’t last test of time, it’s manufactured crap by her record label.

    Why every song has 5 writers and producers , all she is the pretty packaging .

    She’a the one who sells her music spreading her legs on stage , parading around in dedazzled underwear ,every video & stage perforance she’s half naked shaking ass in audiences faces, telling how bootyliciuos she is …

    So now it’s racist if people judge her by the standards she sets .

  • Broadzilla

    He’s the 2015 version of Ted Nugent. What an idiot.

  • UncommonStats™

    I support Rock.. this website can share 3 tweets dissing him but honestly.. media paints a picture.

  • Cheapness Smithy

    Did she have a big butt, though? I have no idea (from a white guy who doesn’t agree with kid Rock or his aesthetic preferences)

  • Cheapness Smithy

    He used to like black women and attempted to be a legit rapper and later rap/rock star. He hung out with Run DMC and performed with Jay Z on awards shows.. Now he’s like full-on Ted Nugent. I don’t know if he’s a genuine person or just opportunistic, but it seems like he’s done well jumping trends and marketing himself to the most lucrative demographics for his abilities.

  • plez

    He’s not racist just has a stupid opinion. He’s the wrong person to be calling out Beyonce since most people question why he is still relevant given his lack of good music.

    I wish people would stop calling everyone a racist. It degrades the argument when someone really is a racist.

  • Anastatia Bagans

    Black people who scream racism as if they even know what it is logic: white bitch, white girl, cracker, snow bunny, a white girl with an ass??, white this, white that, white, white, white, white, white, white —- not racist

    Kid Rock: I like white girls with big boobs, beyonce sucks —- RACIST!!!!

  • urkel

    The thing that Jared and all the Beyoncé fans are missing is that he’s right. For someone as popular as her, she doesn’t actually have a monumental music changing song.

    I’m not saying it’s a requirement to be a star, but when looks overshadow music then I don’t find it wrong to question popularity.

  • devvv

    Kid Rock uses anyone to gain relevance. He STILL talks about Pamela Anderson so people will remember his existence. Someone who calls himself a musician should be able to recognize and applaud Beyonce for her success and talent, even if he’s not a fan. She can sing circles around anyone in the business. There might be hype around her, but she has talent to back it up. People love to bash her, but she never comments back and never says anything negative about anyone. Even if you don’t like her, she shows more class than anyone in terms of interviews and “celebrity feuds.” And everyone shaking their head and agreeing with him clearly haven’t been listening to, buying, or supporting his music or he’d be relevant enough to be reported on without dragging someone else down.

  • Jenny from the flop

    He is right. The beyhive’s are nothing more then 14 year old ghettos who’ll drink Beyonce’s bleach for breakfast

  • Shenanigans

    so far they are….

  • Violet

    Years from now, no.

  • michelle

    People need to get over it!!!! Seriously… Get over it!! What he says doesn’t make him a racist or an asshole. Kid Rock, like each and every one of you, is entitled to his opinion! Just because some one says something that you don’t agree with does NOT make it wrong …. Its called an OPINION!!! My gosh we americans are an uptight, close minded bunch aren’t we?!?!

  • Bea

    I wish you guys would stop giving these morons a voice. Who cares what these ‘fans’ think? I agree with Kid Rock, but he just said in a very crude way.


    Kid Rock is getting slammed by a bunch of Single Ladies.

  • Misha

    So you know the futue?!

  • jared

    Look at her perform at the stevie wonder tribute and the grammys in 2010 and you’ll understand why she’s successful

  • jared

    Oh cause you’ve met all of them right ?

  • jared

    she has 20 grammys (you need some hits to get those) and she’s only 34 and she’s a singer not a songwriter so what ? you’re probably just generalizing and putting her in a box with other popstars because you don’t know her, look at her stevie wonder tribute on youtube or her grammys in 2010 and I dare you to say she’s overrated AND listen to halo from her WHICH IS A HIT THAT PEOPLE WILL CONTINUE TO SING, she doesn’t strip in this like in many other videos, you’re just saying that because you like generalizing and haven’t seen much of her performances or vocals, she has tons of number ones but you wouldn’t know because you’re too stuborned with your ignorant ideas and I can see that by the way you talk about black people.I’m white but I know what you said wasn’t right, and beyonce has class unlike kid rock ( who went to jail once) and she won’t even aknowledge his existence and she knows how to keep her opinions for herself instead of talking ill of other people on interviews that just shows how kidrock is inferior to beyonce in every way I mean just look at his face on the pic above just look at it, it tells you alot about him already and I don’t care if he makes good music or not cause as a person he’s an asshole….

  • jared

    How about halo ? Hunh


    I dont understand Stevie Wonder’s grossy expression when he greets her. What the hell was she doing there?

  • jared

    They’re not racist but what they’re saying should not be said and they should keep it to themselves, same thing goes for kidrock

  • LaCroix

    It’s just one person’s opinion .. pathetic fans can’t cope with someone not liking their idol.. big deal.. you don’t have to label them as a racist because of his preference on what he finds attractive. what is this world coming to.

  • AeeJay

    well said!

  • Violet

    No, I know iconic music and hers ain’t it.

  • yordanos gebermaskil

    Relax everyone…he has dated a lot of black chicks the mother of his son is also a black woman…he just doesn’t like beyonce


    No. But its a generalization.


    Eat that

  • Melissa B

    This is the USA we have double standards

  • Melissa B

    Who cares it’s his opinion not everyone likes Beyoncé boo frickin hoo


    Its not about the country. Many people from many places contradict themselves.
    The sad part of globalization hehe

  • serah

    But Beyonce has most fans compared to the number he has or he will ever have.

  • serah

    who really cares if not everyone loves Beyonce soo long as she stays on the top and has fine cash!LOL!

  • serah

    Well said Jared!

  • serah

    HAHAHAHHA Shock on you! they already have and will forever will ohh and did you hear that the song won a grammy? Wheather you want it or not Beyonce is here to stay so SUCK IT UP!

  • serah

    All her songs are very iconic.Shes a true talent.

  • Last Blonde In LA


  • Violet

    The Grammy’s are well deserved and I hope she’s around for years to come but Kid Rock is right.

  • Violet

    Talented yes, iconic no.

  • Misha

    You think very highly of your opinion Violet…an admirable trait I suppose.

  • Penny Dreadful

    Like a lot of people he’s probably just sick and f*cking tired of her being shoved in our faces every day of every year without a break. And the cult that surrounds her is repulsive. It’s “the Beygency” this and “Queen Bey” that. And even the first lady of the United States — who should have better things to do with her time — tweets and Instagrams about her too. It’s just too much. Kid Rock just went about expressing his frustration in the wrong way.

  • Violet

    Thank you.

  • Cheapness Smithy