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Madonna: 'Gay Rights Are Way More Advanced Than Women's Rights'

Madonna: 'Gay Rights Are Way More Advanced Than Women's Rights'

Madonna opens up for an interview in the latest issue of Out magazine, on newsstands March 17.

Here’s what the 56-year-old superstar had to share with the mag:

On wishing gay males would ask her out: “I didn’t feel like straight men understood me. They just wanted to have sex with me. Gay men understood me, and I felt comfortable around them. There was only that one problem, which is that they didn’t want to have sex with me! So…conundrum! I was like, ‘How am I ever going to get a date? Maybe if I cut my hair and I lose a lot of weight, someone will mistake me for a guy and ask me out.”

On gay rights being ahead of women’s rights: “Gay rights are way more advanced than women’s rights. People are a lot more open-minded to the gay community than they are to women, period… It’s moved along for the gay community, for the African-American community, but women are still just trading on their ass. To me, the last great frontier is women…. Women are still the most marginalized group. You’re still categorized—you’re still either a virgin or a whore. If you’re a certain age, you’re not allowed to express your sexuality, be single, or date younger men.”

On relating to Joan of Arc: “I can relate—sometimes I’m getting burned at the stake metaphorically.”

Madonna‘s thirteenth studio album Rebel Heart is available in stores and on iTunes now!

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  • Utope

    Love her or hate her she’s right. Women are still the most marginalized group in the world. It’s sad that often women will stand up for other marginalized groups but few really stand up for women.

  • VanityInsecurity


  • sydney jane

    Gee, I didn’t see a lot white women marching at Selma, or Ferguson. I don’t remember seeing any in all the pictures I saw of all the marches during the civil rights movement. Plus, for Madonna to compare the struggles of blacks in this country, who were fighting for the most basic of rights, to a woman not being able to date a younger man…that’s just beyond belief. And, in all this talk about equal pay, who do you think gets paid more? White women or African Americans? Ask Oprah whether she’s discriminated more because of her race or sex.


    Because females already rule more than men behind the scenes. Not sure in Hollyweird but at least in western countries.

  • devvv

    She really shouldn’t speak on other minority groups. She wants to date younger men and not be judged. To compare that to what is happening to African Americans and the LGBT community is actually insulting. Trans women and men and African Americans are being killed for simply walking down the street. Gay couples can’t get married in all states. The LGBT and Black communities want to be treated as humans and she wants to parade around half naked and date college aged boys…How self absorbed can you be?

  • smmy33

    how are women marginalized in the western countries.

    especially when they are the majority population .

    And please no fake statistics about them making less on the dollar.

    This is so transparent and becoming a another fake issue to try to get the unbearably incompetent and corrupt Hillary Clinton elected.

    So now the media and liberals have moved from rascim and black victimhood they’ve flogged to get Obama elected and re-elected and keep him from scrutiny to women just before Clinton run.

  • smmy33

    And what exactly should they be marching in Ferguson

    Your fake civil right issue.
    “Can’t a black man beat up and cop and try to kill him with his own gun and then try to over power him without getting killed” march .

    Sit down & take couple seats with your victimhood mentality, have Madonna sit her ass down next to you.

    Blacks and liberals women don’t know who loves seeing themselves as victims more.

    Really Oprah , the most over paid heifer to ever grace our TV, she was making like 200 million a year for her stupid talk show.

    And who do you think gave her the rating and made her relevant, white women, she would be nothing without her viewers which 25 years she was on averge 65 % white women.


    Oh, and I think Hollyweird is ruled by jews who at the same time were created by a bunch of hos.

  • Jon M’Shulla


    50% of America hates gays. In some parts of the world 80% hate gays.

    Only 25% of America hates women.

  • Brinley

    This is a bit rich coming from a woman who has traded on her behind her whole life.

  • TheHanyo

    She’s really ignoring intersectionality. So a rich, white suburban woman is more oppressed than a gay black person? Or what about transgender people?

  • Penny Dreadful

    This narcissistic bitch is just talking about HERSELF. She doesn’t give a crap about women. Her entire diatribe about “women being marginalized” is a description of HERSELF.

  • Anastatia Bagans

    Oh shut the f*ck up with your liberal crap. Women get killed and raped for ACTUALLY walking down the street far more than any black or any other race. What race of woman is attacked the most? White women. You’ll never hear the media calling THAT a hate crime. They’re FAR more black men that rape white women. What the f*ck do you have say about that? Oh I’m sorry…white women aren’t black, or trans, or gay, or some “poor me” excuse society has labeled acceptable to feel pity over. What exactly is “happening” to black people? Acting violently and are surprised when their actions have consequences? Please f*cking tell me.

  • Anastatia Bagans

    Honestly, how simple minded are you bafoons? Women are constantly shamed and it’s acceptable in popular culture. The PERCEPTION of women has not changed which results in inequality through various mediums. THIS is what she’s talking about. There are communities, like the black and gays, that are getting heard far more than any woman is, far more than any raped woman has, far more than any military woman who serves her country only to get gang raped by her fellow soldiers have, far more than the educated woman who still can’t break through because nobody wants to see a woman do it has. This is just in our country alone…women all over the WORLD, from Iran to Mexico, are treated even more brutally. If this was Viola Davis saying this, you’d all praise her, even though she still got rich off of a white created medium and still has more money than any poor white people living in some hick town, but hey, it would be okay because she’s black and “poor blacks have it so hard” lol..absolutely ridiclous.

  • devvv

    Alrighr, first of all, don’t tell me to “shut the f*ck up” when your entire response is a load of prejudiced BS and your commenting on a freaking gossip site. You might need to calm down. Now, I’m not sure if you’re aware of this, but white women can be (and are gay, trans, etc.) and nearly 80% of trans women and 50% of trans men have been raped. Where in my initial comment did I mention rape as a non serious problem? Where did Madonna mention rape? What is happening to the black community AND LGBT community is what has ALWAYS happened. Being treated as second class citizens. Yes, violence has a consequence. However, those who commit mass shootings, bombings, etc. are more likely to be white. These people (the ones with the harsher and more violent crimes) are also more likely to be taken into police custody ALIVE than an African American or a Trans person who has done nothing. If that seems fair to you or anyone else, there’s clearly something else that need be addressed. No one wants you to pity them, people want equality. (Btw, I think you might want to look into real rape statistics, not whatever they tell you on Fox News…you might be surprised!) Have a nice day!

  • Cummbottom

    Another profound moment from Madonna. Reason for response trying gain. Publicity whom affluent living High life. Without strife Madonna abandon Michigan always. Externals whom owns abundence real estate. Madonna naive believe false conceived lies. Madonna saying LGBTQ rights advance. Empire state were Madonna a resident. LGBTQ and minorities continue experience disparity. And gentrification which horrible situation. Does Madonan actually care or dare. Advocate no why whom getting endorsements? Madonna greed of vanity lost former. Star ask Madonna whom donated. Your charities I know the scrutiny. What darling Madonna says fans. React to my interest as Vogue and Mawali. Scams whom invented Vogue dancing. NYC Black balling culture whom Lip stick.

    Sissies whom zommies of Madonna. The devoid voice of LGBTQ rights! Making LGBTQ community uptight no delight. Madonna not obligated speak of social. Issues no command rich celebrity. Whom Lulu gotten acclaim attending. University of Michigan ask Madonna. Contribute education for the deprived. Keelp dreaming LGBTQ realtors revert. Madonna why crew associated brings. Sales no LGBTQ able pay cash. While majority face evictions wave. Gentrification what cities. Madonna NYC,Long Beach,Chicago,L.A and San Francisco. Madonna doesn;t care owns 4 homes Bay area. i’m harassing Madonna no exposing. Lies and greed inquire to whom?

    Bailey House,S.F Bears,Community Access Inc,S.F AIDS Housing Alliance,Openhousesf,Ruth Ellis center,Housingworksny and NYC Food bank. Forgotten NYC AIDS Memorial Madonna is fake. Mistake to continue mention LGBTQ. You never done anything for us! It was circles of Blu men. Whom? Madonna Bruce Weber and Herb Ritts (1952-2002). Bought you into knowledge forget. HIV/AIDS were a society facing issues. No Madonna non profits of LGBTQ. Gotten awaken to scams you.Use and discard yes try. Censor the media you can’t stop. Truth Madonna going open home. Hamptons NY what about needs. Minorities and LGBTQ not obligated why. Speak of matter gather record sales. Enough when use people you fail! Women rights Madonna deficient upon. Discussing the topic whom gave. You the voice not by choice! Defence when your local LGBTQ. Needs donations to continue operation. Suggest whom to rescue Madonna. Nice try alibis Jon Bon Jove assist. Housing for lower income families. George Michael paid housing many LGBTQ. LightHouse LGBTQ center Hayward,CA. Respect assisted needs of community closed. 2014 Madonna never offer help!

    Families don’t go there. Madonna only talk for attention. Friend of gentrification especially NYC. Ratio of LGBTQ HIV/AIDS cause imbalance. Madonna could advocate for change no. Why endorsements of pleasure. Milions pockete Microsoft paid Madonna. $15 million for Ray of Light song recommend. Madonna find yourself refuse. To allow to use LGBTQ Ms.Liar!

  • Cummbottom

    Concur Madonna is facade expected. Neglected media attention only. Brings topics gain publicity ask. Ms.Sexy what is resolution to solutions? Madonna far removed from
    any oppression. Children attend private edcuational institutions whom? Pretentious with glare of aristocracy
    Madonna. Let’s go back to 20th century. Antics bought fame acclaim. Only lame believe Madonna against. Standards of society why living good life. Without stife ignored Michigan never. Once Pride shows nor donations
    your. Wise on the scams of LGBTQ celebrities. Myself advocate fair housing employment. Were bringing justice to are cost. Madonna posed with Ed Lee mayor of San Francisco. Whom against fair housing face. Reelection 2015 ideal advocate Madonna. Whom GLAAD awards NYC 2013 excluded. LGBTQ media and non profits false.
    Assurance given you my name. You bring success vanity
    of using. Madonna afraid of Gwen,Pink,Gaga and Fegrie.

  • John Neff

    i am 23 old boy looking for a rich woman to date seriously

  • rusty

    Madonna is suffering a major case of victim mentality. I call it “feminism”. Let’s look
    - she can’t date younger men, but plenty of other women can. Who says so? Who knows – but it must be true…
    - only gay men understand Madonnas, not straight men, because all straight men want to have sex with her. Firstly, I have no interest in sleeping with madonna. Secondly, she’s dreaming if she believes there’s such an obvious divide between straight and gay men. There are women called “fag hags”. They hang around gay men as there’s no commitment. Sound familiar madonna?
    - women are held back, because people make generalisations about them, like “all men want to have sex with Maonna”.. Oops, wrong generalisation. That was a feminist generalisation about men.
    - women really have it worse because my newspaper said so. Oooookayyyyy.
    This woman is going through a midlife crisis. She’s talking bullshit. She’s being very sexist. She should listen to herself. Maybe if she found a 20 year old straight man, she’d stop with this pathetic attitude. Madonna is a victim of her own mind.

  • rusty

    For sure, but it goes with the territory. Equality for (anything other than everyone)” is code for “I only give a shit about myself”, it’s not just Madonna. Same applies to any minority who ignore every other minority. We’re in the age of “me’”

  • rusty

    People like you only call for women’s issues because you are a woman. You are as bad as the rest. You wouldn’t know egalitarianism if it hit you in the face. You don’t give a damn about anyone but yourself.

  • rusty

    If you tell someone enough they are a victim, they start to believe it. It’s a negative feedback loop.
    Unfortunately, anyone can cite examples to prove anything. If I told you that Cadillac dealers with red hair were discriminated against, I’m sure someone could cite evidence to prove that.
    There are laws to stop discrimination. Either call out a discriminator, or shut up with ‘statistics’,
    I called out Madonna for being discriminatory… What did you do!

  • rusty

    [duplicate post]

  • rusty

    Listen to yourself! You have a victim mentality. You are entitled because of your gender? Get over yourself. Feminism has done you no favours. Start seeing yourself as a person rather than a gender… You’ll be much happier for it.

  • rusty

    She has worked her butt off. Any implications of laziness is bullshit.
    Victim mentality, yes. Lazy? No.

  • rusty

    what a crock! You’re as bad as she is. Victim mentality and “I only give a damn about me” all the way!!

  • rusty

    Wtf? Seriously? I oppose feminism because it’s a sexist movement based on deceit… But women ruling? Look at the 1% wealthiest. Speaks volumes.
    Before the feminists respond, the wives of the top1% don’t give a damn about anyone else either… Now, that’s equality!!

  • Anastatia Bagans

    I think I’m entitled because of my gender? What the f*ck are you even talking about? You keep spewing the same nonsense over and over again because of your lack of any educated counter argument. Who are you to tell me anything? I have a ‘Victim mentality’ but I grew up dirt poor and now I’m in Columbia university with a 4.0 GPA and about to graduate with honors and awards, taking seven classes and working a pretty damn good job, starting my own business and living VERY well for myself because I worked 3x as hard as all my other poor friends in my old neighborhood. Please shut the f*ck up. You have no idea about what you’re talking about, know the difference between victimization and general observations. Who are you to tell ME what I experience/know living in a world being a woman? Lmao. You have your own issues with women and the fact that you can’t see anything past your own blinded views is your own close minded problem.

  • Dirk_Reese-Fan

    Sorry for being absent for such a looong time, Mo !
    Mo, there are even heterosexual men, that understand you, that respect
    you, that love your intellect, your soul & your body !
    Mo-Power-ForeverrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrToMo´sCreativityICan´tSayNo, yo !
    217, give me 5, makes 222, 168 !
    Highhhhhhhhh 6 !!!!!!