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Dakota Johnson & Jamie Dornan Seeking Seven Figures for 'Fifty Shades of Grey' Sequel - Report

Dakota Johnson & Jamie Dornan Seeking Seven Figures for 'Fifty Shades of Grey' Sequel - Report

After the major box office success of Fifty Shades of Grey, stars Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan are looking for a pay raise for the sequels.

According to THR, the 25-year-old actress and 32-year-old actor received $250,000 each (plus box-office bonuses) to star in the first film based on EL James‘ trilogy of novels.

They also both signed three-picture deals and will try to renegotiate for seven-figure raises for Fifty Shades Darker and Fifty Shades Freed.

“It was a very basic franchise starter deal,” a source told the mag of their contracts. “Look at Twilight and Hunger Games, and that’s where it is heading.”

Fifty Shades of Grey has grossed $528 million worldwide to-date.

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  • Curt Noydb

    The movie was a marketing success but a film flop. Based on reviews and initial interest…i doubt any sequels to this will make nothing close to initlal revenue. Like Twilight…once the mania settles down everyone later agrees….that really was stupid trash.

    Ms. Johnson better get what she can from this series…from what many say..this is the end of her career before it even began.

  • Scarlett

    It hasn’t hurt either of their careers but look at what they were paid for the first one and what it made. If they’re tied into a three picture deals, I say get as much money as possible for having to make that crap!

  • Scarlett

    Define flop. Critically yes, maybe even as viewed by some people who saw it, but the studio certainly doesn’t see a film that made over $500 million, cost a fraction of that to make and market, a flop!

  • Bismark

    Get it boys…!

    Although this might come up as greedy… Haha! Who knows?

  • FerCat

    Good for them. They took a gamble and it paid off.

  • blackcat

    Get that money!!Everyone else is making money why not them??

  • Join the conversation

    he/she defined flop, you just didn’t read it right.
    The movie was a HUGE flop when it came to the critics reviews (whether you like it or not, it’s important).
    Commercially it was a sucess, but don’t expect to have the same sucess with the sequels. A lot of people who saw this one will not be returning for the rest.
    Let’s be honest, it’s a really BAD,BAD BAD movie.
    Both actors are overrated, they should cash in with this trash, but they’re not worth a 7 figure salary, it’s insulting.

  • lshelton22

    $500 mil at the box office… both deserve to get paid in huge ways.

  • Casual Observer

    Why is it the end of Johnson’s career? Wasn’t she praised by the majority of critics for her performance in this movie compared to Dornan?

    Additionally, didn’t the Twilight actors make most of their money on the sequels–even if the movies were not critically acclaimed? I say it is a no-brainer for Dornan and Johnson to make the sequel. Who knows, there is supposedly going to be a new director and writer (hopefully author James will step back some) so it may be better than the first movie.

    And yes, the actors are worth a seven figure salary when the movie made $550 million worldwide.

  • Lilly

    They totally deserve it anyone who thinks the other two will flop is clearly not in the film business because they will generate as much PR and hype as the first one people are still curious .

  • Cruizin1960

    If you actually pay attention to the reviews, they were not about the script…or quality of acting. They were about the storyline. There were critics who griped that the movie did not go far enough…not enough porn. There were critics who saw the movie as glamorizing abuse on women. IMO, to be eligible to write a review of this film a critic should:

    1) Have read the source material and understand that it is NOT a story about sex…or even BDSM. They are merely a way to explore a damaged person.

    2) Get that much of the explicit scenes in the book would need to be toned down in order to get past the ratings board. It is extremely difficult to market an NC-17 film.

    3) Understand that this film was actually more about character development than anything else.

    I actually saw alot of reviews that praised Johnson’s performance in the film. I personally thought she did quite well. Dornan struggled some playing the version of Grey from the 1st book and it will be interesting to see how he loosens up some as the story progresses. But, in the end, this is Ana’s story.

    Are they worth a huge increase in pay? Absolutely. When a film makes this much, it is understandable that there will be renegotiations. As for the success of future films…I have not heard many complaints of people who have read the books. I would assume that the other two films will be quite successful, maybe not quite as much as the first…but sequels rarely are now….are they?

  • safari magen

    The movie was great ..they still should get a bonus for there great work,,Pay them more for what they deserve..

  • ama

    I am not surprised by this. I don’t know how they will make the 2nd movie considering the book itself was boring & repetitive and it seems the author is writing the script which I am not too happy about. But, I do feel the sequel will do just as well, because everyone who saw to first one will be just as curious to see the 2nd and 3rd installment.

  • GeminiLuver

    Good for them. I would do the sequels too for that much.

  • GeminiLuver

    Who actually are the people saying her career is ending? I really don’t see this being the end of her career. She still has to prove herself but even with the bad film reviews, her role received the most praise. The sequels will not make as much as the first film, but I still see them doing pretty well since the books have a fanbase. It may not get general audience viewers like this time around, but I don’t see them flopping big time. Who knows

  • Me1

    This isn’t comparable to Twilight. Those guys only signed for three movies, they were in an unprecedented negotiating position for the final two films. Plus, Twilight made billions. FSoG won’t.

  • Me1

    Give Dakota a pay rise, but Dornan doesn’t deserve it. He lacks charisma on screen and his was possibly the worst attempt at an American accent I’ve seen on film recently. Embarrassing.

  • chloe

    I feel like this should almost be a non-story. Of course they should get a pay raise. They have the power to negotiate now… The movie did amazingly well and there’s no way they’ll be able to recast either role now without a huge fiasco. And I don’t blame them. If I’m going to be trussed up and whipped for all of America to see, I better be getting paid… and WELL.

  • elizabeth

    It won’t make billions because its rated R. Teens can’t see FSoG like they could Hunger Games and Twilight. This is twilight fan fiction but it isn’t tailored to 16 yr olds who have made Hunger Games what it is. This made a lot of money for a rated R film. Very much a box office success.

  • Casual Observer

    Great post. I do believe that the fans of this movie will come out in droves just to see how the story plays out on screen. Dornan does need to loosen-up and actually put as much “skin” in the game as Johnson is–if you know what I’m getting at. ;) After all, this story really is a fantasy for women.

  • elizabeth

    I think Jamie will be better in the 2nd movies. He didn’t get a lot of time to prepare for this one as Charlie Hunnam bailed out just a few weeks before filming and rehearse time was to begin. He is usually very good. The fall, a show he’s in, is amazing. Also, Taylor Johnson was a bad choice for director. It had no well thoughtout plan. The writing, Kelly isn’t coming back for the second script. Thank god. It was a terrible adaption. She’s already said she won’t be back for pt 2. Considering the awful adaption writing, some of those scenes just didn’t make sense. The dialogue was changed. They didn’t write 50s playful side at all, to show his charisma. Jamie can’t act, what they don’t put in the script?!? You know? Most of his charismatic scenes in the book, most weren’t even put in this movie. They handled Christians family scenes horribly as well. I think both Jamie and Dakota did the best they could, considering what they were handed.

  • darkeclipse1

    they both deserve a pay raise.

  • elizabeth

    Jamie is a good actor. If you watch the Fall, an Irish show he is in, he is good. People forget he got the role very late as well, as Charlie backed out just weeks before rehearsing started. I do believe he will be way better in part 2. also, the adaption was terrible. Kelly who wrote the first one has already said she wasn’t asked to come back for Fifty Shades Darker. I think Taylor Johnson needs replaced as well, I think many scenes just lacked planning. The writing, it didn’t show Christian well. THERE ARE MANY CHARISMATIC SCENES in 50 Shades. They were barely put into the movie. Jamie can’t act playful if its not in the script you know?! There are copies of the script on the internet now. And in every scene, his direction comes off stoic and not charismatic. Cold. Aloof. He can’t bring out what isn’t there. I personally think he did the best he could for what he was given in terms of writing. I believe with a fresh director and scriptwriter, part 2 will be better. But I feel this because ive seen him in other roles. He’s usually very great at playing dark characters.

  • Rose Ryan

    I don’t think you need to read the books in order to critique the film. The film should stand alone on it’s acting, script, direction etc; it’s a different entity. If the script isn’t strong enough for people to get a feel for the characters, that’s on the screenwriter.
    As for Dornan, I don’t think that he was all in on the film ( in his head). He’s said several times that he didn’t think what they did was sexy and he is uncomfortable with the type of lifestyle that Christian Grey had. He apparently wasn’t a seasoned enough actor to overcome his own bias, but perhaps he’s since learned enough to do a better job next time.
    As for Charlie Hunnam, he was right to bail. You can’t come off a show like his and get your head into something like 50 shades that quickly. They were in a hurry to get the film done and get the money rolling in. There really wasn’t any other reason for them to hurry the film.
    They both will certainly get huge pay raises, which I’m sure they knew would be the case if the film was successful; there was never any doubt about it. They both will get the same raise, just like the Twilight trio. Maybe not the same amount that the Twilight actors got, but Johnson won’t get MORE than Dornan, they both are the lead actors.
    The fact is that they could have put anyone in the leads ( as long as they were reasonably good looking) and the fans of the books would have come out in droves to see it. For the record, studios care more about the MONEY than reviews. They’ll take a boatload of box office receipts any day over sweeping positive reviews.

  • Nouvel610

    What about the people that say they hated the books, but still went to see the film to hate-watch? They obviously hated the film, before even seeing it based on their opinions of the book. I remember reading reviews on IMDB and some people said they read the books and never saw the movie, but still hated the film. Huh? Critics like this shouldn’t even count because they were going to be bias from the start. If a person saw the movie, and just hated it because they thought it was bad, that’s fair game.

  • Hitchslapped

    Let’s just hope they both die so those movies come to a quick end

  • Join the conversation

    I can’t shake off Paul Spector. Everytime I see him I see Paul Spector.

  • Cruizin1960

    Have you been to see these movies…Hunger Games and Twilight? When I have gone to see them, the theater was not full of 16 yr olds, but adults. As for comparing the two on box office – Hunger Games opened in a better month (late March) and in more theatres. That being said, Fifty Shades is still earning box office. Lifetime Gross for Hunger Games was $691,247,768 (hardly a billion) and, to date, FSOG is at $528,763,950. FSOG also holds the record for biggest February opening EVER — any rating. Do not belittle this film please.

  • Cruizin1960

    First of all, if you knew the source material you would know that this was not supposed to be sexy…it was not about sex. THAT is what the critics got wrong. Sure they could have put anyone in the roles and fans of the books would have come out to see it…but if the wrong people were in the roles, they would not support #2 and #3. Johnson did a wonderful job playing Ana.

  • elizabeth

    HAVE YOU read the marketing research on those franchises? Lol Even the books are scholastic brand so that in itself means it was targeted for tweens/teenagers. It isn’t my fault the average adult reads on a teenage level. They are marketed to the average age of 17. Suzanne Collins herself even said this in interviews. Parents, “ADULTS” ALSO predominately take their teens to movies such as those, but they can’t take them to 50 Shades. Well they can, but most won’t obviously because of the subject material lol.. If your taking your 16 year old to see Fifty Shades, question the parenting skills. COMPLETELY different age targets and that does make a difference. In terms of DVD sales and merchandise, these things are targeted to children/teenagers as well. Comparing 50 to either of those franchises, makes no sense as both are targeted to completely different groups in terms of age. I’m not belitting anything, I’m a fan of Jamie Dornan and the books, I’m not a fan of the movie script, they did a poor job adapting Christian as a character, but hopefully 50 Shades Darker is better as Kelly Lynch (the screenwriter) won’t be returning. You can find copies of the 50 shades script online now. His direction was terrible. (Jamie’s). He was told to play the character cold, almost always. Terrible adaption.

  • Gina

    I agree … Dornan and Johnson deserves every dollar, especially Dornan … Just to stand and work the horrible script and direction. It was a bad adaptation, with horrible dialogues … They did pretty well considering the base had to work ..

  • Gina

    The sequels need a new director and screenwriter. James should stay away and let them do their job, maybe be better for films and actors

  • elizabeth

    I cut him (Jamie) slack when I went to the internet to look at the script, you can find online copies pretty easily now that its been out for a month. He wasn’t given any real type of direction for the Christian character. Its almost like they didn’t even read the book? LOL No wonder EL James was reportedly unhappy when this adaption. Taylor Johnson said EL was very difficult to work with. But if you look at the online script, they basically changed Christian. They only brought out his “Cold side.” To where the whole point of the books was, “50 SHADES.” Taylor Johnson (director) and Kelly (writer), both deserve to be fired, honestly, they do. I don’t blame EL James for being difficult. She created those characters and to see them being so dramatically changed… Horrible.

  • Nouvel610

    What a horrible thing to say. People that say things like this should worry about their own future.

  • Nouvel610

    It true though. Twilight and Hunger Games have repeat viewers because they are easier to get into. It doesn’t work that way with Rated R films. Rated R films make bank but PG and PG 13 films always make more because kids and tweens will go to see the movies over and over again.

  • Hitchslapped

    I AM worried about my own future. A future where garbage like this first makes hundreds of millions as a book and then hundreds of millions in movie form. I’m not even worried about the bdsm stuff, that’s fine by me, I’m worried about the fact that millions of people are reading or watching this atrociously written story and thinking it’s well made. It is not and people should be deeply sad that it’s part of pop culture.

  • Nouvel610

    You should be worried about your future if you are going to wish someone dies because you dislike a book. The books are really bad, but that’s such a lame excuse to say such cruel things.

  • Cruizin1960

    That’s the books — not the movies. The movies were marketed to more than tweens. Just saying that the success of the films is really not that much different.

  • SubSumeYou

    LOL The Happy Days syndrome

  • coppersam

    Good for them for going after it, but I am willing to bet whoever cuts the check will regret it later. Yes, this one had huge box office (economic) success, but that’s because of the buzz and excitement. It bombed with critics, and i would expect that the sequels will not bring in nearly this much money now that people know what to expect. That pay raise is going to take a nice chunk out of the diminishing returns for the future films.

  • coppersam

    Dude, don’t be a dick just because you are on the Internet.

  • Marko Gordo

    The movie was great

  • Hitchslapped

    I’ve said similar things about other topics in real life and everyone has the right to be insulted just as I have the right to not really care. This stuff is made for idiots lacking in taste. You simply can’t deny that there are thousands of people without whom the world would be a much better place.

    (Yes, yes… and I am one of them. Touchè! )

  • Carminsolos

    Nothing TRASHY about this movie or franchise. The movie nor books have that much sex except maybe the honeymoon part. I’m sick of the false anti fem media meme. No abuse or non cons unless you count the abuse on him by creepy old woman.

    They should be proud of themselves for pulling in such big box office numbers. Both are new and only ones carrying the movie. Shailene woodleys I put pee on my face and don’t shower is what is disgusting. Yuck. A realistic look at love and sex oh no the conservatives are freaking out.