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Madonna Opens Up About Getting Raped & Not Reporting the Incident

Madonna Opens Up About Getting Raped & Not Reporting the Incident

Madonna appeared on the SiriusXM’s Howard Stern Show on Wednesday (March 11), where she opened up about how she was raped when she first moved to New York City.

“I was going to a dance class and the door was locked and I needed money for the telephone, the pay phone,” the 56-year-old entertainer said. “[This man] gave it to me. He was a very friendly guy. He said, ‘Well I just live right across the street, do you want to make a phone call from my house?’”

The man brought Madonna into his building and assaulted her at knife point.

“I was told that if I wanted to press charges, [I'd have to do a] physical examination, I have to go before the court, they are going to ask you all these personal questions. You’ve already been violated…So then do you want to talk about it? Do you want to make it public? No, it’s just not worth it. It’s too humiliating,” Madonna said.

Madonna‘s thirteenth studio album Rebel Heart is available in stores and on iTunes now!

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  • lshelton22

    Getting a rapist off the street and into a jail cell where he won’t hurt other women is “not worth it”? Shut up, Madge.

  • GFW

    Wow. “All about me.” Great message she’s sending out here, huh?

  • VanityInsecurity

    just not worth it? I can’t believe that came out of her mouth.. all about women empowerment & that is what she says? what a fukn hypocrite.

  • FerCat

    Hard to fault her decision since the vast majority of rape victims felt the same at the time.

  • GFW

    But wait, this is someone who identifies with some of the rebellious civil rights hero’s of all time?

    So she basically let a rapist go, and looks dumb because she followed him, so tell me how is that in keeping of her image of power-house woman, and forerunner of all things self-empowering for women? Actually, could have used it, since she is all about her, as press, a song, and been woman enough to report the bastard. Dolt, much?

    You know, she might think saying this would bring her sympathy or empathy, but anyone ever, ever, ever raped would be appalled and angry.

    Sometimes I wish celebrities would just keep their mouths shuts. I’ve lost all respect for her, not that I had much here lately, but as an 80s Gen person, I admired her. Not anymore.

  • edie

    quelle impudeur ! elle utilise ce moment (si réel) pour faire parler d’elle.
    c’est vrai que elle est vraiment mauvaise depuis pas mal d’années en musique. et en cinéma : my god !!

  • FerCat

    I doubt she was that strong willed back then, very few are. Strength and confidence comes from experience.

    Not really a fan of hers. But I’m not going to fault her for something a lot of victims also do. At least we get to understand more about the problem.

  • Curt Noydb

    Any other woman, besides Madonna and Kris Jenner, I would beleive. This skank…no way.

  • Penny Dreadful

    Yep, that’s the story of Madge’s existence: it’s always about HER. She clearly says, “it’s too humiliating”. She was thinking only of her own pride — not getting a rapist off the street. I’m sick of this excuse.

    Furthermore, I’m sick of women playing dumb. Predators exist. It’s a horrible reality. But that’s no excuse to fall into the hands of one and later cry, “don’t blame the victim” because you didn’t use the sense God gave you. Why the f*ck would you go to a stranger’s house when he could just HAND YOU THE DIME FOR THE PHONE? Payphones cost literally a dime in the 70′s and 80′s. That should be a huge red flag to any 20-y/o with a brain: “Why is he inviting me alone to his house instead of just giving me a dime for the phone? He doesn’t have a dime? I’ll ask someone else.”

  • Michele V

    I don’t think people are bothered by the fact that she didn’t report than they are by the fact that she said, “No, it’s just not worth it.”

  • GFW

    Granted, and I get that. Who wasn’t young and dumb once? Yet since she’s spilling the beans, and, trust me this is just the tip of the iceberg, why not repent or feel bad about it?

  • carrie

    Shut up yourself! Many rape victims never go to police because they felt humiliated.The medical examens are humiliated,the procedure is humiliated.
    She was young,alone and naive in a huge town

  • carrie

    C’est pas la 1ère fois qu’elle parle de son viol
    C’est arrivé il y a plus de 30 ans et encore aujourd’hui c’est toujours aussi dur d’aller a la police pour le dénoncer.

  • Mr.Sardonicus

    Giver her a break. It was over 30 years ago and a lot of victims don’t report sexual assaults. She probably didn’t report it then because she would have been treated like the criminal,which is exactly what happens to women today.

  • Mr.Sardonicus

    She was naive.

  • Penny Dreadful

    I understand that. But it’s hard to wrap my head around that level of naivety.

  • happyeveraftergrl

    It’s a common thing for rape victims to feel humiliated. She could have worded things a little different. I’m not sure if this is all she said on the subject matter or not, I didn’t listen to the interview. So she should have said something along the lines of “It just didn’t seem worth it at the time. It was too humiliating. If I could go back…be a little braver, getting a rapist off the streets is always worth it.” Maybe it would empower some scared and humiliated rape victim listening. Instead the way it is could just make a victim think “Yea, she’s right. It’s not” If I could come forward at age five, anyone can.

  • Yasmine Xo

    I am not shaming or blaming her in any way but moral of the story: DO NOT GO INTO A STRANGER’S APARTMENT NO MATTER HOW FRIENDLY THEY SEEM

  • FerCat

    Wives and girlfriends who are raped by their partners make this calculation all the time. To her, I think she placed her career first and at the time it, was more of a he said she said situation. With general indifference to rape victims.

  • FerCat

    Putting it out there is part of it. Getting people to understand that rape is not something about someone else. But something that could be close to home, just hidden.

  • GFW

    But, from what I see here, she doesn’t even acknowledge her mistake. Granted it was before cell phones and cameras everywhere along with her wanting to get ahead with her goals, but still. Her she is, what in her 50′s and still thinking small, and hypocritical IMO of her possibly created persona as a ‘woman of today’ and mentor for young women. Appalling.

  • FerCat

    I don’t think ‘good judgement’ was ever a Madonna hallmark. :P

  • GFW

    It was there when she used it to market herself. This, too, could be used positively but she’s still too ashamed yet guilty to be mature enough, despite her advanced years, to help those she inspired. Instead she’s contributing to the problem of shame-based crimes. Granted, she should have known better, and got the “phone money” as it reads, so was truly in the wrong for following the man to use his phone. It truly should have set off alarms. After all she was ‘on the street’ so should have been more savvy by then IMO. Again, a missed opportunity to empower women lost. She’s a fool, jerk, bad influence and I’ve lost all respect for her, what little I had. Like she cares! LOL

  • lshelton22

    Get over it. It’s practically a civic duty to report a rapist SO HE DOESN’T DO IT TO ANOTHER WOMAN. Duh.

  • Dirk_Reese-Fan

    Sorry for being absent for such a looong time, Mo !
    Yup, it´s all true. I read it in her biography several years ago !

    (written by Lucy O´Brien)

    Mo-Power-ForeverrrrrrrrrrrrrForOvercomingYourTraumaticIncident, Mo!
    217, give me 5, makes 222, 168 !
    Highhhhhhhhh 6 !!!!!!