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'Hart of Dixie' Canceled? Show Creator Seemingly Confirms It

'Hart of Dixie' Canceled? Show Creator Seemingly Confirms It

Sad news for fans of Hart of Dixie – while there has been no official confirmation yet, it seems like the show has been canceled.

Series creator Leila Gerstein sent out a series of tweets telling fans that the final episodes had started to air and that the “finale will be tremendously satisfying to all” as they prepared for this to happen.

Hart of Dixie, which stars Rachel Bilson, Jaime King, Scott Porter, and Wilson Bethel is currently in its fourth season and the finale will air on March 27.

See Scott‘s tweet confirming the news below:

Click inside to read all the tweets from Hart of Dixie’s series creator…

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  • Delores Pauldo

    Rachel didn’t support her show better . And she stop going to events to be seen. And she thought about being pregnant than having a career which she still can. You can’t stop being in the public only when you want to. Being with a guy and having a baby don’t suppose to stop you from having a career. And having fun doing things and helping her show , even if it cancelled. She should have gotten something to do beside getting pregnant too quickly. Can’t depend on people to give you something all the time. She is mom now and set an example for her child that you can work and have a child too. Nobody should sad its cancelled Rachel didn’t want it

  • Barry

    This fourth season of 10 episodes was already a gift from the CW.
    They really didn’t need to do that, knowing that the show was’nt going to syndication with that kind of order, and with the new “action packed sf/fantastic dramas” direction they took now, with Arrow or the 100.
    So this time, thank you the CW.

  • Cruizin1960

    First of all, CW moved it to the death spot of 8 PM on Fridays. Very few shows, especially those that target a younger demo, manage to survive this time frame…this demo is out for the evening on Fridays. Second, no OnDemand viewing of the CW…at least not with FiOS. It is a shame since it is such a quirky little show.

  • Judith Constantino

    I am totally upset that HOD was not renewed…I fell in love with Bluebell and all the quirky folks who live there. I will not watch the CW or its crappy shows and I will follow Wilson Bethel anywhere.

  • FashionableLena

    I’m sad. I watch a lot of dark, crime shows so Hart of Dixie was a fun, welcome retreat from those shows. I loved the small town as it reminded me of where I grew up (pop. 1500). I’m going to miss this show. I guess that I’ll have to watch the reruns on Netflix.

  • Cindy G

    Bums me out. I thought it was a fun show and absolutely loved the wardrobe!

  • Casey C

    and the ratings tanked because of how terrible S3 was. namely Joel. Joel was a horrific character, he was aggressively boring, irritating and should have been wrtten out of the show months before he was. the writers and producers have nobody to blame but themselves

  • devvv

    I love this show, but the ratings have never been through the roof. Yes, they dropped during the third season but that’s bc of the storyline. You can’t force people to watch a show they don’t like. Anyway, the ratings now aren’t too far off from the first seasons, so that argument is off. Sometimes, shows have just run their course. This season was obviously a farewell, so it’s not really shocking that it wasn’t renewed.

  • Carol

    and just where did you hear that

  • Marry Taylor

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  • Caro

    I loved Hart of Dixie in season one! It was a great show and the chemistry between Zoe and George was off the charts! The George/Zoe/Wade triangle was working too but then the show started listening to the rabid Zade fans who went nuts for Wilson Bethel and went off the rails! HOD started heading toward Zade and teased us with Zeorge but never delivered! That’s when the show lost me! If HOD had given Zeorge a real relationship, even briefly, things might have been different but instead they focused on the unrealistic and often snippy Zade pairing and the rants of the low mouthed, over the top Bethel fans while ignoring the Zeorge fans! Enjoy cancellation, Leila Gerstein, you earned it!

  • Scarlett

    It’s come to a natural end, I don’t know what else they could have possibly done without it becoming really ridiculous. It’s a shame, but they’ve told the story.

  • mouth

    Pregnant too quickly? They were together 8 years before their baby came! You are certifiable.

  • suzybel

    I think they ran out of things to write about. The show was good in season one but went downhill from there. It just became silly.

  • duddy

    That’s a shame I liked HOD, I guess that ratings sucked for it to be cancelled, shame.

  • duddy

    ITA season one was the best after that it lost its way and stories became a bit ridiculous.

  • sid

    I never knew anyone who watched this.

  • bee

    Whenever they move a show to Friday night, it is the kiss of death. They did the same with Raising Hope and it got canned.

    That really sucks….It’s hard to find a good show that is not thugs, drugs, over -the-top s.e.x, or self-absorbed 20-somethings.

    This is a sweet, silly, girly show that is just fun to watch….so, yeah…let’s cancel it….sigh….

  • Jasminko Jahić

    You are one in in a million – show wouldn’t be worth watching if they had given Zeorge (what an UGLY shippers name….) a chance! Enjoy your malice only because something didn’t went your way!!!!